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Home Indexes List of Page NumbersIntroductionPractical Information forSinging the PsalmsSingers must proclaim the verses with clarity so that the textis understood and its meaning is clear. A cantor can easilymake use of rubato to emphasize specific words; a choir,however, will have to spend time on coordination to achievethe same effect.Accompaniments and Choral ArrangementsThese musical settings are written to be accompanied bykeyboard and/or guitar. While some guitar chords reflecta harmony different from the notated keyboard/choralharmony, the chords and keyboard part are compatible andfunction well together. Some chords have been bracketed—these may be omitted by the guitarist when playing alone.Whoever sings the psalm verses plays a vital role in the assembly’s participation at this point in the Liturgy of the Word.Liturgy PreparationAssistanceBreaking Bread Digital Music LibraryWith subscriptions now as low as 599/year, this digitalresource offers access to all of the songs found in BreakingBread, Today’s Missal and Music Issue — providing oneconvenient location to download and share music. Includesover 900 MP3 recordings, more than 850 keyboard andguitar accompaniments, over 700 solo instrument accompaniments, 570 choral settings from Choral Praise, psalmsand Gospel Acclamations from Respond & Acclaim and subscription.Choral arrangements with descants are provided for allResponsorial Psalms and Gospel Acclamations.Again this year we are happy to provide the guide for fingerstyle guitar accompaniments for the Gospel Acclamations.See pages 162-163.Psalm Responses and Gospel AcclamationsAll Psalm Responses and Gospel Acclamations offered inRespond & Acclaim match those found in Today’s Missal,Heritage Missal, Breaking Bread and most of the Englishportion of Unidos en Cristo/United in Christ. Some Englishand all Spanish responses and acclamations are available inthe OCP resource Responde y Aclama.Go to for more information.Today’s LiturgyThis quarterly magazine is designed to assist in yourpreparation of the liturgy. You’ll find seasonal musicsuggestions and advice from composers and liturgicalexperts.Psalm and Gospel VersesPsalm verses are designed to be sung by a cantor or a vocalensemble. They are not intended for use by the assembly.If it is not practical for the verses to be sung, they maybe spoken while the accompaniment is played softly as abackground to the spoken word. At the end of each verse, theassembly sings the response.Go to to subscribe.Liturgy.comThis revolutionary music planning website allows you tocreate and share outlines for every Sunday and holy day ofthe liturgical year. It also contains song suggestions, readingsynopses and advice on a variety of liturgical subjects. Plus,the planners are entirely customizable to suit the needs ofyour parish.Gospel verses are sung in the same manner as the psalmverses. It should be noted that according to the GeneralInstruction of the Roman Missal, if the Gospel Acclamationor Verse before the Gospel is not sung, it may be omittedaltogether (GIRM 63c).Go to to start your free trial today!On the Singing of Chant VersesThe first preparation for singing the verses is done withoutthe music—they should be read, understood, and allowed toemanate from a place of prayer in the hearts of the singers.ONE LICENSECopyright permissions have never been easier to obtain! Thissite gives you access to assembly downloads for the Respond& Acclaim responses, as well as thousands of today’s mostpopular songs.The verse settings are chant tones which by their very natureflow in long, lyrical lines. While the tones do not drawattention to themselves, these verses should come across asan important part of the whole, not just as “filler” until thenext repetition of the response, and should be sung in a waythat reflects the character of the individual response.Go to and sign up today!Respond & Acclaim IndexesScriptural, alphabetical, and ritual indexes for Responsorial Psalms are provided beginning on page 166 for easyreference. You’ll find a c ommon (seasonal) psalm index onpage 167. While as a rule the designated psalm of the day isto be used, common (seasonal) psalms are provided by theChurch as options. This is so that the assembly may repeata psalm over several celebrations in the same season andtherefore participate more readily (Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass 89, GIRM 61). Additional indexes, including those for Gospel Acclamations, will be available online.In cases where the number of phrases in a psalm verseis not consistent throughout the psalm, dashed lines inparentheses are shown. In order to maintain the properharmonic progression, the accompaniment may still beplayed under the dashed lines even though there is nosung text. The cantor would then resume singing at the nextappropriate phrase. Choose a tempo that will not disrupt theflow of the music.3

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Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Immaculate Conception ofthe Blessed Virgin MaryPatronal Feastday of the United States of AmericaDecember 8Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 98:1, 2–3ab, 3cd – 4 (689)Response: (Organ/SATB)Optional Descantdiv.SingEmto the LordAmaHeFnew song,forVerses: (Cantor or SATB)Emhas done marG7hehas done marEVIAmto the Lord!vel ous deeds.EWSingDm71. Sing to the L ORD aHis right hand has won victory for2. The LORD has made his salvationHe has remembered his kindness and his3. All the ends of the earth haveSing joyfully to the L ORD , all youPRnew song,him,known:faithfulnessseenlands;Em/DC1. For he has done wondrousHis holy2. In the sight of the nations he has revealed hisToward the house of3. The salvation by ourBreak into song; sing8deeds;arm.justice.Israel.God.praise.Cvel ous deeds.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, cont. (2)Gospel Acclamation: See Luke 1:28Acclamation: (Organ/SATB) No. VOptional DescantCAlleVerse: (Cantor)AmHail,ia,FGluia,alleluAm Am/G Fmaj7alEm/BAmleluEm/GMaria,alCEmleDmia,alFmaj7full of grace, blessed,]blessedLordisFmaj7areyouamongMusic: Owen Alstott, 1977, 1990, OCP. All rights reserved.9E sus4withEyou;G sus4Gwomen.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Nativity of the Lord (Christmas):At the Vigil MassDecember 24Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 89:4–5, 16 – 17, 27, 29 (13)Response: (Organ/SATB)Optional Descantdiv.ForeverIIBmwillwillBm/AsingtheVerses: (Cantor or SATB)Dáá1. I have made a covenantForever will I confirm2. Blessed the people who know theAt your name they rejoice3. He shall say of me, “YouForever I will maintain mykind -PR&##? # # áá##Gœœwithyourjoyallarenessœœá᜜? ## á᜜&singoftheLord.GAsus4ADtheLord.good nessEVIForAerEWDev1. I have sworn toDa - vidgenAnd establish your throne for all2. In the light of your countenance, O LORD,And through your justice theyarerock,3. My God, theAnd my covenant xmystandsœœofA/C # chosen one,terityshout;day,father,him, D servant:ations.walk.alted.savior.”firm.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Nativity of the Lord (Christmas): At the Vigil Mass, cont. (2)Gospel Acclamation:Acclamation: (Organ/SATB) No. VIIOptional DescantleDAlluia,G/BA sus4luia,leVerse: (Cantor)ToAluGalBmor rowia,Dadd9lelualDtheDSavia,oflealwickedness of the earth will be de stroyed:BmiorleG/BA sus 4PROrgantheleEVIBmalluia.A7/CDluia.EWAlthe world willA sus4reignoAverMusic: Owen Alstott, 1977, 1990, OCP. All rights reserved.17us.A

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Nativity of the Lord (Christmas):At the Mass during the NightDecember 25Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 96:1–2, 2 – 3, 11–12, 13 (14)Response: (Organ/SATB)Optional DescantTo(D)FdayisToday(Em7) (A)Gm7 VIVerses: (Cantor or SATB)is1. Sing to the LORDSing toaf2. Announce his salvation, dayAmong3. Let the heavens be glad and the earthLet the plains be joyful and all that4. They shall exult before the L ORD , forHe shall rule the worldPRtheatheterallreishewith(D)F(Em/A)Gm/C1. Sing to the LORD, allBless2. Tell his glory amongwonHis3. Let the sea and what fills itThen shall all the trees of the forest4. For he comes to ruleAnd the peoples withnew song;LORD ;day.peoples,joice;in (D)F(A7)C7EWCapo 3:div.theLord.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Nativity of the Lord (Christmas): At the Mass during the Night, cont. (2)Gospel Acclamation: Luke 2:10–11Acclamation: (Organ/SATB) No. VIIOptional DescantAlleDleia,G/BA ia.A7/CDluia.leDEVIDpro claimtoyougoodPROrganGdayluGVerse: orus,Christ3Music: Owen Alstott, 1977, 1990, OCP. All rights reserved.19tojoy:A sus4DtheLord.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Nativity of the Lord (Christmas):At the Mass at DawnDecember 25Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 97:1, 6, 11–12 (15)Response: (Organ/SATB)Optional Descantlightwill shineDAonwill shinethisday:Gmaj7 ustice,just;just,DG1. Let the manyAnd all peoples2. And gladness, for the upAnd give thanks to fly20forAA1. The LORD is king; let the earthThe heavens proclaim2. Light dawns forBe glad in the LORD ,isDVerses: (Cantor or SATB)DLordLordEVI*When guitar plays alone, omit "tacet."theEWAisbornus.Dforus.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Nativity of the Lord (Christmas): At the Mass at Dawn, cont. (2)Gospel Acclamation: Luke 2:14Acclamation: (Organ/SATB) No. VIIOptional DescantDAlleVerse: (Cantor)Dluia,G/BA sus4luia,AleluGalGGlory to God in theDpeaceia,alDadd9leluDia,leG/Balhighest,Aand rthose on whom hisrests.Music: Owen Alstott, 1977, 1990, OCP. All rights reserved.21

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersThe Nativity of the Lord (Christmas):At the Mass during the DayDecember 25Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 98:1, 2–3, 3 – 4, 5 – 6 (16)Response: (Organ/SATB)div.Optional Descant(G) (A7)(D)F *tacet BC7All(D)Fthe ends of the earththe ends of the earth*When guitar plays alone, omit “tacet.”(Bm)Dm(G)B(Em)Gm(G)Bhaveseen the sav ingpowEVIVerses: (Cantor or SATB)(Bm)Dmhave seen(A)C1. Sing to the LORDHis right hand has won victorysalva2. The LORD has made hisHe has remembered his kindness and3. All the ends of the earthSing joyfully to the LORD, all4. Sing praise to the L ORD withWith trumpets and the sound ofPRourafortionhishaveyouthethenew 1. For he has doneHis2. In the sight of the nations he hasToward the3. The salvationBreak into4. With the harp andSing joyfully before the(A)Cwonhore D.God.(A7)C7EWCapo 3:Aller(D)FofGod.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersTHE NATIVITY OF THE LORD (CHRISTMAS): AT THE MASS DURING THE DAY, cont. (2)Gospel Acclamation:Acclamation: (Organ/SATB) No. VIOptional ia.A sus 4 A7lealluDia.EWAlluVerse: (Cantor)AGEVIGA holy day has dawnedPROrganupDdorethe Lord.onus.GFor today aDgreatlightCome, you nations, and aEm7has come upMusic: Owen Alstott, 1977, 1990, OCP. All rights reserved.23Aonthe earth.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersSixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeFebruary 13Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 1:1–2, 3, 4 & 6 (78)Response: (Organ/SATB)Optional DescantBless ed those whoBlessedinA/EEB7AB7aretheywhohopeinVerses: (Cantor or SATB)E2theG mEVIC mthe Lord.fol1. Blessed the man whoNor walks in the wayBut delights in the law of2. He is likeThat yields its fruit in(3. Not so the wicked,For the LORD watches over the way ofPRLord.EWEhopelowsoftheaduenottheA1. The counselNor sits in the companyAnd meditates on his law2. Planted nearAnd whose leavesWhatever3. They are like chaff which the windBut the way of olent,night.water,fade.prospers.way.vanishes.E

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersSixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, cont. (2)Gospel Acclamation: Luke 6:23abAcclamation: (Organ/SATB) No. VOptional DescantleCAlleluia,FGluia,Verse: (Cantor)luAm Am/G Fmaj7AmRejoice and bealFleluia,CalEmia,glad;leDmalGyour reward will bePROrganleCEVIFalleEWAlgreat inheaven.Music: Owen Alstott, 1977, 1990, OCP. All rights reserved.41luia.GCluia.

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersPalm Sunday of the Passion of the LordApril 10Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 22:8–9, 17–18, 19 – 20, 23 – 24 (38)Response: (Organ/SATB)Optional DescantOMy(Bm)Dm(Bm)Dm(Em)GmGod,myGod,God.(D) (F m7) (Em7)FAm7 Gm7(Em7)Gm7myGod,mywhy have youGod,aban(F m)AmEVIVerses: (Cantor or SATB)(Bm)DmmyEWCapo 3:God,PR1. All who see“He relied on the L ORD; let him2. Indeed, many dogsThey have pierced my hands and3. They divide my garmentsBut you, O LORD , be4. I will proclaim your name to“You who fear theReLORD,verescoff at me;liver him,round me,feet;mong them,far from me;brethren;praise him;him,medesurmyanotmy(F )A(Em/G)Gm/B1. They mock me with parted lips, theyLet him rescue him,2. A pack of evildoers closesI can count3. And for my vestureO my help,has4. In the midst of the assemblyAll you descendants of Jacob, give gloAll ttowilltoofheads:loves him.”on me;bones.lots.aid me.praise you:him;Israel!”(Bm)Dmdonedme?

Home Indexes List of Page NumbersPalm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, cont. (2)Gospel Acclamation: Philippians 2:8–9Acclamation: (Organ/SATB) No. IX-aOptional DescantPraise you, Lord,Praise toCAm(Cantor)bedient7to3causethe pointDPRBeKingofendEmofthis,glory!G sus4Gglory!lessof death,evCGodlygreatGAmDGAmandbe stowed onhimthe name whichisBmexboveMusic: Owen Alstott, 1977, 1990, OCP. All rights reserved.65en death onedaltevEma cross.EmD sus4aDCmaj7EVIFD7Csus Christ,JeCmaj7Christ be came oEmEmGyou, LordVerse:(SATB)D7ofEWEmGKinghimEm’ry name.

Home Indexes List of Page Numbers33rd Sunday in Ordinary TimeNovember 13Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 98:5–6, 7– 8, 9 (159)Response: (Organ/SATB)Optional DescantLordDGcomes tocomesB7with jusEmAmruleearththeVerses: (Cantor or SATB)EmGAmPR1. Sing praise to the LORD with theWith trumpets and the sound of the2. Let the sea and what fills itLet the rivers clap their3. Before the LORD , for heHe will rule the world withreD1. With the harp andSing joyfully before the2. The world and those whoThe mountains shout with3. For he comes toAnd theAm7 D7with hewith154song.LORD .it;;equity.tice.Gtice.

Home Indexes List of Page Numbers33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, cont. (2)Gospel Acclamation: Luke 21:28Acclamation: (Organ/SATB) No. VOptional DescantleCAlleluia,FGluia,Verse: (Cantor)luAm Am/G Fmaj7alAmStand erect and raise yourluleia,CalEmheadsleDmia,FalleGsus4because your redemptionPROrganleEVIFalEWAlMusic: Owen Alstott, 1977, 1990, OCP. All rights reserved.155isatluia.GCluia.Ghand.

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keyboard and/or guitar. While some guitar chords reflect a harmony different from the notated keyboard/choral . make use of rubato to emphasize specific words; a choir, however, will have to spend time on coordination to achieve . more than 850 keyboard and guitar