Anet A8 3D PrinterInstallation Guide

A8 assembly parts list 1

A8 assembly parts list 2

A8 assembly parts list 3

A8 assembly parts list 4

A8 assembly parts list 5

A8 assembly parts list 6Please check printer parts quantity when you receive it.

Name of each printer part

Assembly Step 1Please be aware the screw holes is inred circlesStep 1

Assembly Step 2Please be aware the screwholes is in black circlesStep 2

Assembly Step 3Step 3

Assembly Step 4Step 2Step 3

Assembly Step 5

Assembly Step 6Threaded rod 400mm

Assembly Step 7Y Guide rod 380mm

Assembly Step 84Attention:Leave vacancy between belt fixationclamp and hot bed fixed plate for belt positioning.jeweils 2 Klemmen übereinander, dassder Riemen dazwischen kannLater with belt

Assembly Step 9Before AssemblyAfter AssemblyAttention: Please diagonally tighten the screws when all are in there place

Assembly Step 9Attention: Belt is for X&Y axis transmitting. Cut the lengthyou need to each transmission shaft. The belt is 1.5m in totaland 10-20cm left after installation.

Assembly Step 10Attention: Hot bed screws should be in the bottom, andwing nuts will keep the height of hot bed level as well asfirming the hotbed.

Assembly Step 11Attention: This hole is for Z axis guide rod positioning8M2* 12 SchraubeM3* 30 Schraube22

Assembly Step 12X-EndstopperX-Endstopper nicht vergessen!Z axis Guide rod:380mmM2* 12 Schraube2

Assembly Step 13

Assembly Step 14Attention: loose thejackscrew of elasticcoupling to place Tlead screw to thebottom, then tightenthe jackscrew.T lead screw 345mm

Assembly Step 15Attention: Please keep A&B at the same level during Xrods installation. Knock the guide rods with a hammerslightly if it’s hard to pla e.X axis Guide rod 436mmNach der Montage derFührungsstangen dierückseitigenGewindestifteanziehen.

Assembly Step 16aBefore disassemblyAfter disassemblyAfter disassemblyLoose M4*6 screws first,then separate extruderfrom L black aluminumparts, remember tokeep the screws.

Assembly Step 16bReplace M3*20screws with M3*45screwsM3*45 screw holesa

Assembly Step 17

Assembly Step 18M3*20Teilebezeichnung und benötigte AnzahlPos.BezeichnungZ-Achsen-Motor linksLeft Z axis nut supportM3x20 ImbusschraubeAnzahl

Assembly Step 19Attention: Belt is for X,Y axis transmitting. The length of belt is.5 i total. Nor ally there’ll e -20cm left after installation.

Assembly Step 19M3 Nut

Assembly Step 20Attention: Install M4*6 screw. Tighten M6 Screwon the throat with spanner till extruder is notloose.

Assembly Step 21Eventuell muss die weiße Lüfterführungetwas nachgefeilt bzw. minimal dieAufsteckung gekürzt werden, damit derLüfter sich ohne Einschränkungen weiterdrehen kann.

Assembly Step 22Reihenfolge:4x Schraube durchRahmen, Hülse,Leiterplatte, Mutter,dann Abdeckplatte, Mutter

Assembly Step 23Attention This is the wiring diagram of power supply. 1, 2, 3 seperately represent the lineof fire (brown),Zero line (blue), ground wire (yellow). 4,5, 6 represent negative pole (black)(-);7,8,9 represent the positive pole (red) ( ).To avoid danger , please assure theinstallation is correct .

Assembly Step 24Red circles stand for the powerscrew holesPower Supply

Assembly Step 25MicroSD-Slot oben!Mainboard

Assembly Step 26Attention: Please connect the electronics wire to each components correspondingly.

Assembly Step 27

Anet A8 3D Printer Installation Guide. A8 assembly parts list 1. A8 assembly parts list 2. A8 assembly parts list 3. A8 assembly parts list 4. A8 assembly parts list 5. A8 assembly parts list