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Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial ShipmentTable of Content1.2.Introduction . 221.1Purpose of the Document .231.2General Topics for the Simplification List .231.3System Conversion Sequence .251.4The Simplification List SAP S/4HANA release 2020 Initial Shipment Stack – this document.26Cross Topics . 282.1ABAPTWL - Visualization of SAP Business Workflow Metadata.282.2ABAP4TWL - Removal of Tagging Framework .292.3ABAP4TWL - Removal LT Check ATC Adapter.302.4ABAP4TWL - Removal of ILM Store Monitoring GUI.312.5ABAP4TWL - Removal of Drag and Relate Workplace Plugin.312.6ABAP4TWL - Removal of Package SCMO .322.7ABAP4TWL - Removal of ByDesign Config Framework Services .332.8ABAPTWL - No support for non simplified system flavour .332.9S4TWL - SAP Patient Management (IS-H) is not available in SAP S/4HANA.342.10ABAPTWL - Cleanup of orphaned objects .352.11ABAPTWL - SSCR license key procedure is no longer supported.362.12S4TWL - Removal of Business Application Accelerator .372.13ABAPTWL - VM Container not supported .392.14ABAPTWL - AS Java not available .392.15ABAPTWL - Dual Stack not supported.402.16ABAPTWL - Instances without ICM not supported .412.17ABAPTWL - Removal of OSS1 (Logon to SAP Service Marketplace) .412.18ABAPTWL - End of Support for Pool Tables .422.19S4TWL - FIORI APPLICATIONS FOR SUITE ON HANA ON-PREMISE .452.20S4TWL - SAP S/4HANA AND SAP BUSINESS WAREHOUSE CONTENT .472.21S4TWL - Social Intelligence .492.22S4TWL - Custom Fields .492.23S4TWL - Side Panel functionality in SAP S/4HANA (on-premise) .502.24S4TWL - Changed Interfaces.54Page 2

Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial Shipment3.2.25S4TWL - SAP Support Desk ( -Messages) .562.26S4TWL - Changes in Process Observer.572.27S4TWL - BI Extractors in SAP S/4HANA .592.28S4TWL - MRS Enhancements for Material Master .632.29S4TWL - Business User Management.642.30S4TWL - Generic Check for SAP S/4HANA Conversion and Upgrade .712.31S4TWL - Removal of Add-On CTS PLUG .732.32S4TWL - Removal of obsolete Data Modeler (SD11) content .742.33S4TWL - New Default Security Settings for SAP S/4HANA.752.34S4TWL - OUTPUT MANAGEMENT.762.35S4TWL - SAP HANA LIVE REPORTING.792.36S4TWL - ENTERPRISE SEARCH .802.37S4TWL - Duplicate request entries in Output Management .812.38S4TWL - Ariba Network Integration.822.39S4TWL - INTERNET PRICING AND CONFIGURATOR (SAP IPC) .852.40S4TWL - JOB SCHEDULING .872.41S4TWL - LEGACY SYSTEM MIGRATION WORKBENCH .89Master Data . 953.1S4TWL - MDM 3.0 integration.953.2S4TWL - SRM Product Master .963.3S4TWL - Logistics Batch Management .973.4S4TWL - Product catalog .993.5S4TWL - Object Identifier Type Code .1013.6S4TWL: Business partner data exchange between SAP CRM and S/4HANA .1013.7S4TWL - HANA-based Analytics for Master Data Governance .1053.8S4TWL - Business Partner BUT000/Header Level Time Dependency .1063.9S4TWL - BADI ADDRESS SEARCH (Duplicate Check) is Not Supported in SAP S/4HANA.1083.10S4TWL - Business Partner Hierarchy Not Available .1093.11S4TWL - MDG in Lama.1103.12S4TWL - Migration of Business Partner Data specific to GST India .1113.13S4TWL - MDG MDC in Lama .1133.14S4TWL - Batch Input for Customer Master/Supplier Master .1143.15S4TWL - API RFC CVI EI INBOUND MAIN is obsolete .1153.16S4TWL - Business Partner Approach .116Page 3

Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial Shipment4.5.3.17S4TWL - Reduction of Redundant Business Partner Data Storage in the 'BUTADRSEARC .1213.18S4TWL - Simplified Product Master Tables Related to OMSR Transaction .1223.19S4TWL - Material Number Field Length Extension .1243.20S4TWL - Simplification of copy/reference handling .1313.21S4TWL - Foreign Trade fields in Material Master .1343.22S4TWL - MRP fields in Material Master .1353.23S4TWL - Material Type SERV .138Commercial Project Management. 1424.1S4TWL - CPM - Rate Card .1424.2S4TWL - Interface of SAP CPM with SAP Cloud for Customer.1424.3S4TWL - Fiori Apps of SAP Commercial Project Management.1434.4S4TWL - Launchpads of Gantt Chart and Commercial Project Inception.1444.5S4TWL - Workbooks in Project Cost and Revenue Planning .1454.6S4TWL - CPM - Forecast from financial plan versions .1474.7S4TWL - CPM - Personal Activity List.148Commodity Management . 1495.1S4TWL - CM: Simplified Market Data .1495.2S4TWL - CM: Simplified CPE Activation .1505.3S4TWL - CM: CPE Simplified Formula Assembly & Formula Evaluation.1515.4S4TWL - CM: CPE Simplification of Routines & Rules.1525.5S4TWL - CM: CPE Simplified Data Model.1525.6S4TWL - Simplified Commodity Curves .1535.7S4TWL - Simplified DCS Access .1545.8S4TWL - Simplification in Position Reporting for Financial Transactions .1545.9S4TWL - Simplified Data Flow of logistics data for Risk Reporting Database.1565.10S4TWL - Position Reporting on versioned pricing data .1575.11S4TWL - Hedge Management for logistics transactions .1585.12S4TWL - Position Reports delivered by Agricultural Contract Management .1595.13S4TWL - Risk Determination and Pricing for MM Contracts not supported yet .1605.14S4TWL - Unification of supported technologies in analytical data provisioning.1625.15S4TWL - Risk Determination on a schedule line level.1635.16S4TWL - Simplification of DCS based Market Data Handling for Fin Transactions.1645.17S4TWL - Deprecation of Non DCS based Market Data for Financial Transactions .1655.18S4TWL - Deprecation of functions using Non DCS based Market Data .166Page 4

Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial Shipment5.19S4TWL - Simplified Data Model/Master Data .1675.20S4TWL – Contract Processing Monitor & Logistical Options w/ GTM not supported .1695.21S4TWL - Mark-to-Market & Profit-and-Loss Reporting for logistics transactions.1695.22S4TWL - Mark-to-Market & Profit-and-Loss Reporting for Derivatives .1715.23S4TWL - Mark to Market Accounting Changes .1725.24S4TWL – Integration of Pricing and Payment Events in GTM with Commodity Mngmt. .173Customer Service. 1756.6.1S4TWL - PH Sample iView.1756.2S4TWL - Customer Interaction Center (CIC) .176Enterprise Controlling . 1777.7.1S4TWL - Usage of long Material Number in EC-CS.177Financials – General . 1798.8.1S4TWL - DATA MODEL CHANGES IN FIN .1798.2S4TWL - REPLACED TRANSACTION CODES AND PROGRAMS IN FIN .1868.3S4TWL - Plan data is not migrated to SAP S/4HANA.188Financials - Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable . 1939.9.110.S4TWL - Integration with FSCM Biller Direct (FI-AR) .193Financials - Asset Accounting . 19510.1S4TWL - DATA STRUCTURE CHANGES IN ASSET ACCOUNTING .19510.2S4TWL - ASSET ACCOUNTING.19710.3S4TWL - INTEGRATION TO LEASE ACCOUNTING ENGINE (LAE) .21410.4S4TWL - JOINT VENTURE ACCOUNTING (JVA) .21510.5S4TWL - SELECTED BUSINESS FUNCTIONS IN FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (FI-GL ANDFI-AA) 21611.Financials - Cash Management . 22011.1S4TWL - CASH MANAGEMENT - GENERAL.22011.2S4TWL - CASH MANAGEMENT - Bank Accounts .22711.3S4TWL - CASH MANAGEMENT - Memo Record.23412.Financials – Controlling . 23712.1S4TWL - Reference and Simulation Costing.23712.2S4TWL - Summarization Hierarchies in Controlling .23812.3S4TWL - Technical Changes in Material Ledger with Actual Costing.24012.4S4TWL - TECHNICAL CHANGES IN CONTROLLING .247Page 5

Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial Shipment12.5S4TWL - PROFIT AND LOSS PLANNING AND PROFIT CENTER PLANNING.24912.6S4TWL - ACTIVITY-BASED COSTING .25312.7S4TWL - GENERAL COST OBJECTS AND COST OBJECT HIERARCHIES .25612.8S4TWL - TRANSFER PRICES/ PARALLEL DELTA VERSIONS.25912.9S4TWL - ALE SCENARIOS .26212.10S4TWL - COST ELEMENTS.26312.11S4TWL - Reporting/Analytics in Controlling.26612.12S4TWL - Profitability Analysis .27013.Financials - General Ledger . 27513.1S4TWL - GENERAL LEDGER .27513.2S4TWL - SAP HANA ODP ON HANA CALC VIEW-BASED REPORTING .27713.3S4TWL - Closing Cockpit with S/4 HANA OP.27813.4S4TWL - Currencies in Universal Journal .27913.5S4TWL - Manual Accruals (Accrual Engine) .28413.6S4TWL - Amount Field Length Extension.28613.7S4TWL - Removal of D/C Indicator from Editing Options .29514.Financials - International Trade . 29614.1S4TWL - Material classification with commodity codes.29614.2S4TWL - Personal Data in Provider of Information .29714.3S4TWL - Determination of default values in Intrastat reporting .29914.4S4TWL - Company code address data in provider of information .30215.Financials - Treasury and Risk Management. 30315.1S4TWL - Drilldown Reporting in Treasury and Risk Management .30315.2S4TWL - Master Agreements .30415.3S4TWL - Offers .30515.4S4TWL - Simulation in Transaction Management.30615.5S4TWL - Quantity Ledger Always Active for Money Market Transactions .30615.6S4TWL - Several Kinds of Financial Objects Disabled .30815.7S4TWL - Allocation of FX Transactions to Financial Documents and Cash Management.31015.8S4TWL - Correspondence Functionality .31115.9S4TWL - Interest Rate and Yield Curve Functionality .31215.10S4TWL - Accrual/Deferral of Expenses and Revenues .31415.11S4TWL - Credit Risk Analyzer Link to Cash Management .31615.12S4TWL - Exposure Management 1.0 .318Page 6

Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial Shipment15.1316.S4TWL - Drawable Bonds .319Financials – Miscellaneous . 32116.1S4TWL - Credit Management .32116.2S4TWL - Technical Changes in Material Ledger .32516.3S4TWL - Real Estate Classic .32716.4S4TWL - SAP Data Aging for SAP S/4HANA Finance .32816.5S4TWL - Conversion to S/4HANA Material Ledger and Actual Costing .33016.6S4TWL - Differentiation Category Dependent FS Datasets Not Available in S/4HANA.33716.7S4TWL - Product Design Cost Estimate.34017.Human Resources . 34317.1S4TWL - General HCM Approach within SAP S/4HANA .34317.2S4TWL - Conversion of Employees to Business Partners .34517.3S4TWL - SAP Learning Solution .34617.4S4TWL - SAP E-Recruiting.34817.5S4TWL - Java-Based ESS and MSS.34918.Logistics – General . 35118.1S4TWL - Advanced Track & Trace.35118.2S4TWL - Season Field Length Extension.35219.Logistics – AB. 35419.120.Logistics – ATP . 37920.121.S4TWL - Agency Business .354S4TWL - New advanced ATP in SAP S/4HANA – Table VBBS .379Logistics - Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) . 38121.1S4TWL - Deprecation of EHS Data Series and Amounts .38121.2S4TWL - Deprecation of 'Inspect Safety Control' Fiori app.38221.3S4TWL - Deprecation of 'Retrieve Safety Information' Fiori app .38321.4S4TWL - Simplification of Authorizations in Incident Management .38421.5S4TWL - Removal of EHS Home Screens .38621.6S4TWL - Specification Workbench Adjustments.38721.7S4TWL - Simplification of Incident Management workflows.38821.8S4TWL - Changed data model for listed substances .39021.9S4TWL - Changed data model for Occupational Exposure Limits.39121.10S4TWL - Removal of task und document tab pages on incidents.393Page 7

Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial Shipment21.11S4TWL - Changed process for risk identification.39521.12S4TWL - Industrial Hygiene and EC interfaces .39721.13S4TWL - Renovation of EHS authorization concept .39921.14S4TWL - Changed data model for Job Steps .40221.15S4TWL - Adjustments needed due to changed data model for Compliance Requirement .40421.16S4TWL - Deprecation of action templates in control master.40521.17S4TWL - Simplification of Risk Assessment Lifecycle .40621.18S4TWL - Renovation of task management .40821.19S4TWL - Deprecation of Mapping Workbench in Foundation of EHS.41221.20S4TWL - Renovation of Investigation Lifecycle Workflow .41321.21S4TWL - Occupational Health .41421.22S4TWL - Waste Management .41621.23S4TWL - Simplification in Incident Management and Risk Assessment .41721.24S4TWL - Removal of EHS workflows for requesting controls, impacts, agents .42021.25S4TWL - Responsible person for Planned Maintenance at EHS locations .42121.26S4TWL - Remote Integration Scenarios with EHS Health and Safety Management .42321.27S4TWL - Conversion relevant changes in EHS .42422.Logistics – GT . 42622.1S4TWL - Global Trade Management.42622.2S4TWL - Invoice Forecasting Worklist not available in SAP S/4HANA .42823.Logistics - Management of Change . 43023.124.S4TWL - Simplifications in Management of Change .430Logistics - MM-IM. 43424.1S4TWL - FMP in S4HANA .43424.2S4TWL - Blocked customer or supplier in Inventory Management .43524.3S4TWL - Document Flow Consistency for Goods Receipt to Inbound Delivery .43824.4S4TWL - Change in default IDoc inbound processing with message type DESADV .44224.5S4TWL - DATA MODEL IN INVENTORY MANAGEMENT (MM-IM) .44424.6S4TWL - AVAILABILITY OF TRANSACTIONS IN MM-IM .45424.7S4TWL - Material Ledger Obligatory for Material Valuation .45524.8S4TWL - Material Valuation - Statistical moving average price.45824.9S4TWL - Performance optimizations within Material Document Processing - lock beh .46224.10S4TWL - Material Valuation Data Model Simplification in S/4HANA 1610 and Higher .46824.11S4TWL - Goods movements without exclusive locking by material valuation.469Page 8

Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial Shipment24.1225.S4TWL - CWM in SAP S/4HANA .471Logistics – PM . 47825.1S4TWL - Object List Number Field Length Extension.47825.2S4TWL - LIS in EAM .47925.3S4TWL - Download Data in MS Access out of List .48125.4S4TWL - Scheduling of Maintenance Plan .48225.5S4TWL - Mobile Asset Management (MAM) .48325.6S4TWL - Batch Input for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) .48425.7S4TWL - Changes In List Reports For Order and Notification .48525.8S4TWL - WebDynpro Application for Maintenance Planner ( EhP4) .48625.9S4TWL - Enterprise Search in EAM .48725.10S4TWL - SAP Graphics in EAM Transactions .48826.Logistics – PLM. 49026.1S4TWL - Engineering Desktop (EDesk) .49026.2S4TWL - DMS - STEP Support .49126.3S4TWL - DMS [email protected] .49226.4S4TWL - Variant Configuration .

14.2 S4TWL - Personal Data in Provider of Information . 17.4 S4TWL - SAP E-Recruiting . 21.12 S4TWL - Industrial Hygiene and EC interfaces .397 21.13 S4TWL -