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Rapid10 Quick Ship Pricing Shown COM/Grade 10 or Group 3 (or base a650 TM Lounge Chair 1,074 / 1,165Sistema Lounge System 1,380 / 1,879Circa TM Lounge System 1,515 / 1,738Montara650 Rocker 1,643 / 1,734Swathmore Lounge Seating 1,796 / 2,201Chord ConferenceSeating 1,378 / 1,488Sidewalk TMLounge Seating 1,843 / 2,202Coupe TM Lounge Seating 1,845 / 2,223Bix TM Lounge Chair 1,896 / 2,142Topo Lounge Seating 1,931 / 2,154Passerelle TMLounge Seating 1,964 / 2,253SW 1 ConferenceSeating 2,399 / 2,667Lox TM Chair 1,417 / 1,469Massaud ConferenceSeating 1,771 / 2,106Bindu ConferenceSeating 1,803 / 2,071Bob Chair 2,301 / 2,479GuestChairsJoel TM Lounge Chair 2,415 / 2,728Millbrae TM ContractLounge Seating 2,535 / 2,781Lagunitas Lounge System 2,575 / 3,031Thoughtful TMLounge Seating 2,634 / 3,039Davos TM Lounge Chair 2,674 / 3,145Enea TM Lottus TM Chair 424**Montara650 Chair 631**Enea Stacking Chair 665**CH88 Chair 872**Wishbone TM Chair CH24 1,035SW 1 Lounge Seating 2,684 / 2,952Visalia TMLounge Seating 2,713 / 3,048Hosu Lounge Seating 2,746 / 3,250Bob TM Lounge Chair 2,812 / 3,080Millbrae LifestyleLounge Seating 2,981 / 3,485Elbow TM Chair CH20 1,075 / 1,110Kathryn TM Chair 1,186 / 1,231Capa TM Chair 1,377 / 1,555Switch TM Chair 1,435 / 1,570Bindu Chair 1,508 / 1,776Switch TM Lounge Seating 3,039 / 3,447Bix Lounge System 3,045 / 3,452Ladderback Chair CH44 3,278/ 4,432Airport TM Chair CH401 4,015 / 4,704Await TM Lounge System 4,081 / 4,652Wrapp TM Chair 1,511 / 1,646LessThanFive TM Chair 2,004Enea Lottus Sled Stool 620**Enea Café Post Stool 731**Enea Café Wood Stool 734**Enea Bar Stool 744**CH53 Stool 805Montara650 Stool 872**Enea Lottus Post Stool 1,198**Last Minute Stool 1,365 / 1,415Lox Stool 1,556 / 1,605Switch Stool 1,558 / 1,670StoolsEvaneau Lounge Seating 4,158 / 4,695Massaud LoungeSeating 4,287 / 4,694Wing TM Chair CH445 8,999 / 10,401Oculus TM Chair CH468 9,164 / 10,595Shell TM Chair CH07 4,590 / 4,667Paddle TM Chair CH25 5,851CH100 SeriesLounge Seating 8,959 / 9,422* Product specifications shown may not reflect prices listed.** Pricing for base without upholstery.

Rapid10 Quick Ship Pricing Shown COM/Grade 10 or Group 3 (or base equivalent)*BenchesCafé TablesDavos Bench 957 / 1,113Ripple TM Bench 1,073 / 1,274SidewalkLounge Seating 1,139 / 1,273Sistema Lounge System 1,139 / 1,417Lagunitas Lounge System 1,442 / 1,638Au Lait Table 892Ballet Table 1,142Montara650 Table 1,293Enea Table 1,333Enea Lottus Table 1,342Bix Side Table 641Lagunitas Personal Table 753Free Stand 768Passerelle Table 1,145Enea Table 1,173Montara650 Table 1,203Bix Table 1,286Await Table 1,304Sebastopol TM Table 1,487Enea Lottus Table 1,550CG 1 Table 1,640Diekman Table 1,720Lagunitas Table 1,818Sidewalk Table 1,842Bob Table 1,881Denizen Tablet Table 2,436OccasionalTablesAwait Lounge System 1,685 / 1,886Bix Lounge System 1,904 / 2,106Circa Lounge System 1,934 / 2,202Passerelle Lounge Seating 2,394 / 2,669Exponents Bench 2,823 / 2,952Together Bench 3,433 / 3,792Millbrae ContractLounge Seating 2,039 / 2,195Visalia Lounge Seating 2,111 / 2,446TablesList Pricing Shown Grade 3 Laminate (or base equivalent)*Collaboration& ConferenceTablesBallet Table 1,060Bix Table 1,320Lagunitas Table 1,881Bob Table 2,004E-Table 2 2,022Circa Table 1,953Millbrae Table 1,965SW 1 Occasional Table 2,165Switch Table 2,283Train Table 2,182SW 1 Conference Table 2,238Reunion TM Table 3,045Potrero415 Table 3,426HostTM Table 5,164CH008 Coffee Table 2,532Holy Day TM Table 2,600Trees Table 2,777CH108 Coffee Table 6,693Denizen Table 5,172CH327 Dining Table 7,781* Product specifications shown may not reflect prices listed.

Rapid10 Quick Ship oorStarting List Pricing Shown Grade 1 Laminate (or base equivalent)*Starting List Pricing Shown Painted*Credenzas &CabinetsSeatingExponents Bench 2,739Exponents Credenza 2,957Exponents Cart 3,964Exponents Moby 4,505Denizen Credenza 5,931Denizen StorageTowers & Wardrobes 6,235Host Storage 8,260EMU TM Round TM Seating 455***EMU Ivy TM Chair 553***EMU Pattern TM Seating 605**EMU Lyze TM Seating 664***EMU Heaven TM Seating 697**EMU Round Stool 713**EMU Heaven Stool 880EMU Terramare TM Chair 951**EMU Re-Trouvé TM Pouf 956EMU Ivy Pouf 1,203EMU Re-Trouvé Chair 1,477EMU Ivy Lounge Seating 3,429EMU TerramareLounge Seating 4,618EMU Pattern Table 978EMU Lyze Table 1,186EMU Ivy Table 2,111CartsAccessoriesList Pricing Shown Grade 1 Laminate (or base equivalent)*UtilitiesTablesPowerPod 205Tabletop Power& Data Solutions 309EMU Round Table 649EMU Terramare Table 957Exponents Lectern 3,820Exponents Whiteboard& Mobile Display 4,056EMU Heaven Table 1,822EMU Kira TM Table 2,271EMU Heaven Vase 1,945EMU Re-Trouvé Vase 2,496Whiteboards& PodiumsRugsAccessoriesArzu Modern Collection 1,279* Product specifications shown may not reflect prices listed.** Individual unit price shown. Sold in packs of 2.***Individual unit price shown. Sold in packs of 4.

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Enea Stacking Chair 665** Wishbone TM Chair CH24 1,035 Elbow TM Chair CH20 1,075 / 1,110 Kathryn TM Chair 1,186 / 1,231 Wrapp TM Chair 1,511 / 1,646 LessThanFive TM Chair 2,004 Switch TM Chair 1,435 / 1,570 Capa TM Chair 1,377 / 1,555 Montara650 Chair 631** Bindu