CommitteesInvitationandFinal ProgramInternational SymposiumonUniversity of KasselUltra HighPerformanceConcreteSeptember 13 - 15, 2004Kassel, GermanyScientific committeeProf. Michael Schmidt,University of Kassel, D (chairman)Prof. Ekkehard Fehling,University of Kassel, D (vice-chairman)Prof. Joost C. Walraven,Delft University of Technology, NL (vice-chairman)Prof. Paul Acker,Lafarge Company, FProf. Peter Bartos,University of Paisley, GBProf. Ignasi Casanova,Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, EProf. Manfred Curbach,Dresden University of Technology, DProf. Robert Day,University of Calgary, CAProf. Frank Dehn,University of Leipzig, DProf. Harald S. Müller,Karlsruhe University of Technology, DProf. Peter Schießl,München University of Technology, DProf. Ulrich Schneider,Vienna University of Technology, AProf. Karen Scrivener,École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CHProf. Surendra P. Shah,Northwestern University, USAProf. Man-Chung Tang,T. Y. Lin International, USAProf. Nguyen Tue,University of Leipzig, DProf. Gerd Thielen,German Cement Work Association, DOrganizing committeeSymposium’s Secretary:Mr. Carsten GeisenhanslükeSupported by:Chairman of the Organizing Committee:Mr. Walter SchreiberFehling & Jungmann, Structural and Material Consulting Engineers, Kassel, DUniversity of Kassel:Prof. Ekkehard Fehling (vice-chairman)Prof. Michael SchmidtMrs. Elvira BerndtMr. Torsten LeutbecherMr. Roland BornemannDr. Bernhard MiddendorfMrs. Ute MüllerMrs. Claudia RebmannMrs. Nadine SonntagMr. Thomas TeichmannContactMr. Carsten GeisenhanslükeUniversity of KasselDepartment of Structural Materials, FB14Mönchebergstrasse 734125 Kassel, 49 561 804 2601 49 561 804 [email protected] Symposium onUltra High Performance ConcreteSeptember 13 - 15, 2004, Kassel, GermanyThe development of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)with its high compressive strength of more than 200 MPa and itsimproved durability marks a quantum leap in concrete technology.This high performance material offers a variety of interestingapplications. It allows the construction of sustainable andeconomic buildings with an extraordinary slim design. Its highstrength and ductility makes it the ultimate building material e.g.for bridge decks, storage halls, thin-wall shell structures andhighly-loaded columns.Beside its improved strength properties, its outstanding resistanceagainst all kinds of corrosion is an additional milestone on the waytowards no-maintenance constructions.The very special properties of UHPC distinguishes it remarkablyfrom normal and high performance concrete. For completeutilisation of its advanced properties special know-how isnecessary for its production, construction and design.Worldwide this material is under thorough investigation. Severalapplications were already been built. One of the first precast UHPCbridges in the world will be built in Kassel in this year. The bridge isdesigned as a foot and bike bridge with a total length of 150 m. Thisis one of the reasons to held the conference in Kassel.More than 75 experts from all over the world will present theirscientific and practical experiences with the new and outstandingmaterial. They will give a broad overview of all aspects of the rawmaterials, the micro- and macro-structure, the mechanicalbehaviour, the durability as well as of construction and designprocedures appropriate for this material.The conference will promote the exchange of scientific andpractical experiences and the common usage of this new andoutstanding building material.We are pleased to welcome you at the University of Kassel!Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. M. SchmidtProf. Dr.-Ing. E. Fehling3

Technical ProgramTimetableSunday,Sep. 12Technical ProgramMonday, September 13Monday,Sep. 13Tuesday,Sep. 14Wednesday,Sep. 159:00to10:30OpeningCeremonySessionB1, C1SessionD1, E110:30to11:00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break11:00to12:30Session A1SessionB2, C2SessionD2, E212:30to14:00LunchLunchLunch14:00to15:30Session A2SessionB3, C3SessionD315:30to16:00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break16:00to18:0020:00WelcomeReception /RegistrationSession A3SessionB4, C4ConferencedinnerCulturaleventThursday,Sep. 16 Sunday,Sep. 19PostConferenceTour(Berlin orHeidelberg)ClosingCeremonyWelcome Reception on SundayWe would like to invite you with sparkling wine and lightrefreshments on September, 12th 2004 at 06.00 p.m. It takes placein our "Gießhaus" at the University of Kassel. The registration forthe Symposium will start at 04.00 p.m.409.00 - 10.30Opening CeremonyM. Schmidt, E. FehlingR.-D. PostlepPresident of the University of KasselN. WitteStadtbaurat of Kassel CityHigh strength materials – past, present and futureM.-C. TangSan Francisco, USASession A111.00 - 12.30History and ExperiencesChairman:S. AhmadFarmington Hills, USAP. AckerSt. Quentin Fallavier, FP. BuitelaarHöjbjerg, DKProf. E. Fehling, Kassel, D100 years of ACI activities in concreteSession A214.00 - 16.00Recent ApplicationsChairman:F.-J. UlmCambridge, USAProf. M. Schmidt, Kassel, DThe next generation of US-Highway Bridge Girders:From UHPC materials to High Performance StructuresZ. Hajar, A. SimonD. Lecointre, J. PetitjeanBagneux, FN.Kaptijn, J.BlomTilburg, NLDesign and Construction of the world first Ultra-HighPerformance Concrete road bridgesU. Maeder, I. LallemantGamboa, J. Chaignon,J.-P. LombardZürich, CHA. MöllerAalborg, DKE. Fehling, K. Bunje,M. Schmidt, W. SchreiberKassel, DDuctal Technology: a Large Spectrum of Properties, aWide Range of ApplicationsUltra High Performance Concrete: Developments andApplications during 25 yearsA new bridge deck for the Kaag bridges: The first CRC(Compact Reinforced Composite) application in civilinfrastructureCeracem, a new high performance concrete:characterizations and applicationsUltra High Performance grouts for offshoreconstructionsHybrid Bridge Construction with UHPC in Kassel:Design and ConstructionSession A316.30 - 17.45Regulations and RecommendationsChairman:J. ResplendinoLyon, FM. Schmidt, U. WiensKassel, Berlin, DProf. M. Curbach, Dresden, DFirst French recommendations for Ultra-HighPerformance Concretes and examples of applicationState of the Art Report on UHPC materials and designof the German Committee for Structural Concrete(DAfStb)5Technical ProgramTuesday, September 14Session B109.00 - 10.30Binders and FillersChairman:L. Elfgren, J.-E. Jonasson,V. RoninLulea, SN. B. SinghGorakhpur, INDJ. F. MartirenaHernándezSanta Clara, CM. Shekarchizadeh,A. H. Iranmanesh,I. Talebinejad, A. BassamTehran, IRC. Vellmer, M. Gehrke,B. MiddendorfKassel, DProf. R. Trettin, Siegen, DEMC Cements for Ultra High Performance ConcretesSession B211.00 - 12.30Silica Fume and AdditivesChairman:A. Korpa, R. TrettinSiegen, DProf. N. B. Singh, Gorakhpur, INDThe use of synthetic colloidal silica dispersions formaking HPC and UHPC systems, preliminarycomparison results between colloidal silica dispersionsand silica fumes (SF)Role of Silica fume Concrete in Concrete TechnologyK. JayakumarCoimbatore, INDI. TerzijskiBrno, CZR Hela, J. ZachBrno, CZT. Kowald, R. TrettinSiegen, DHighly reactive ß-Dicalcium silicate for Ultra-HighPerformance ConcreteLime-pozzolan Binder as a very fine mineral admixturein concreteOptimizing mix proportions of Normal WeightReactive Powder Concrete with Strengths of 200-350MPaSeeing at the nanoscale: reaction of pozzolanic andcementitous materials in UHPCCompatibility of Components of High and Ultra HighPerformance ConcreteUtilization of chemical admixtures in HPC concretesInfluence of surface-modified Carbon Nanotubes onUltra-High Performance ConcreteSession B314.00 - 15.30Fillers and AggregatesChairman:J. Ma, M. Orgass, N. V.Tue, F. Dehn, D. SchmidtLeipzig, DP. Rougeau B. BorysEpernon, FH.-W. RöthKöln, DP. Haleerattanawattana,E. LimsuwanBangkok, THC. Geisenhanslüke,M. Schmidt, E. SchneiderKassel, Baden-Baden, DProf. K. van Breugel, Delft, NLComparative Investigations on Ultra-High PerformanceConcrete with and without Coarse AggregatesUltra High Performance Concrete with ultrafineparticles other than silica fumeProduction of Calcium Carbonate based fine fillers forUHPCStrength-based gradation of coarse aggregate for ultrahigh-strength concreteInvestigations on UHPC with fly ash and quartz fines6

Technical ProgramTuesday, September 14Technical ProgramTuesday, September 14Technical ProgramWednesday, September 15Session B416.00 - 18.00Material Modelling and PredictionSession C314.00 - 15.30Design Specific Material AspectsSession D109.00 - 10.30Processing and Early Age BehaviourChairman:K. van Breugel, Ye GuangDelft, NLJ. Adolphs, A. SchreiberHofheim, DH. Taghaddos,F. Mahmoodzadeh,A. Pourmoghaddam,M. ShekarchizadehTehran, IRK. DrollWiesbaden, DU. Stark; A. MüllerWeimar, DC. Geisenhanslüke,M. SchmidtKassel, DT. Teichmann, M. SchmidtKassel, DProf. D. Heinz, München, DAnalyses of hydration processes and microstructuraldevelopment of UHPC through numerical simulationMicrostructural Characterisation of Ultra-HighPerformance ConcretePrediction of Compressive Strength Behaviour in RPCwith applying an Adaptive Network-Based FuzzyInterface SystemProf. H. S. Müller, Karlsruhe, DStatic and fatigue bending tests of UHPCChairman:J. Schubert, O. Mazanec,I. SchachingerBaden-Baden, München,Hannover, DT. Teichmann,U. GoldbachKassel, DS. Staquet,B. EspionBrussels, BH. Ito, I. Maruyama,R. SatoHiroshima, JB. PiscaerKöln, DProf. R. Day, Calgary, CDNEffect of Mixing und Placement Methods on Fresh andHardened Ultra High Strength ConcreteInfluence of Additions of Ultra High PerformanceConcretes – Grain Size OptimizationParticle Size and Shape – an important factor forPacking DensityModelling and Calculation of High Density Packing ofCement and Fillers in UHPCChairman:E. S. Lappa, C.R. Braam,J. C. WalravenDelft, NLS. Ortlepp, M. CurbachDresden, DK. Holschemacher,F. Dehn, S. Klotz,D. WeißeLeipzig, DT. StielCardiff, Kassel, UK, DL. Kraft,L. HermanssonUppsala, SInfluence of Particle Packing on Structure, Strengthand Durability of UHPCSession C416.00 - 18.00Design and ConstructionFibre ReinforcementSession C109.00 - 10.30Design Specific Material AspectsProf. J. Hegger, Aachen, DTextile reinforced ultra high performance concreteChairman:E. Fehling, K. BunjeKassel, DN. V. Tue, H. SchneiderLeipzig, DJ. Hegger, D. TuchlinskiAachen, DK.-H. Reineck,S. GreinerStuttgart, DK. Holschemacher,D. Weiße, S. KlotzLeipzig, DProf. A. Muttoni, Lausanne, CHDesign relevant properties of fixed Ultra HighPerformance ConcreteBearing Capacity of Short Columns made of UHPCconfined by a Steel TubeBond Anchorage Behavior and Shear Bearing Capacityof Ultra High Performance Concrete BeamsTests on ultra-high performance fibre reinforcedconcrete for designing hot-water tanks and UHPFRCshellsBond of Reinforcement in Ultra High StrengthConcreteChairman:L. Lohaus,S. AndersHannover, DY. Klug, M. OrgassLeipzig, DG. Güvensoy, A. Ilki,F. Bayramov,M. A. TaºdemirIstanbul, TRA. Si-Larbi, E. Ferrier,P. HamelinLyon, FR. Bornemann, S. G. FaberKassel, DDr. F. Dehn, Leipzig, DEffects of polymer- and fibre modifications on theductility, fracture properties and micro-crackdevelopment of ultra-high performance concreteFibre Reinforced Ultra-High Strength ConcretesSession C211.00 - 12.30Design Specific Material AspectsChairman:W. Brameshuber,T. Brockmann,B. BanholzerAachen, DM. Teutsch, J. GrunertBraunschweig, DJ. Jungwirth, A. MuttoniLausanne, CHJ. Aronoff; A. Katz;Y. FrostigHaifa, ILB. Freytag, J. Juhart,L. Sparowitz,E. BaumgartnerGraz, Spittal, ASession D211.00 - 12.30Prof. N. V. Tue, Leipzig, DStructural response of hybrid “UHPFRC-concretemembers under bendingLoading Capacity and Behaviour of Ultra HighPerformance Concrete Structural Elements subject toShear and Punching LoadsStress state optimization in steel-concrete compositeelementsPush-Out Tests on Headed Studs embedded in UHPCSession D314.00 - 15.30DurabilityChairman:K. Habel, E. Denarié, E.Brühwiler, Lausanne, CHK. Bunje,E. FehlingKassel, DJ. Brauns, K. RocensRiga, LVJ. Hegger, S. Rauscher,C. Goralski, Aachen, DT. Leutbecher, E. FehlingKassel, DChairman:G. Herold, H. S. MüllerKarlsruhe, DL. AyStockholm, SD. Heinz, F. Dehn,L. UrbonasMunich, DD. Heinz, H.-M. LudwigMunich, DF. DehnLeipzig, DProf. W. Brameshuber, Aachen, DInvestigation on the Durability of Ultra High StrengthConcreteCuring tests on ultra high strength plain and steelfibrous cement based compositesFire Resistance of Ultra High Performance Concrete(UHPC) – Testing of Laboratory Samples and Columnsunder LoadStructural Behaviour of UHPC under Tensile Stressand Biaxial Loading7Research into high-strength concrete at high rates ofloadingUltra High Strength Concrete under ConcentratedLoadingEffect of the Casting Direction on the MechanicalProperties of CARDIFRCDeformation Characteristics in various CalciumAluminate Cement Admixtures investigated usingthree different MethodsBending design of steel-fibre-strengthened UHPCStructural Behavior of Tension Members in UHPCThe Behaviour of Very High Strength ReinforcedConcrete Structures with CFRP Reinforcing BarsThe use of UHPC in composites – Ideas andrealisationsLaboratory of materials and constructions,University of Kassel8Influence of the precasting process on the materialproperties of fibre reinforced UHPCEarly-age autogenous shrinkage development of UHPCincorporating very fine fly ash or metakaolin inreplacement of silica fumeExpansive behaviour of high-strength expansiveconcrete and its induced stressCross Fertilisations from the Refractory IndustryMechanical Behaviour of Ultra High Performance SteelFibre Reinforced Concretes under Cyclic LoadingConditionFlexural behaviour of Ultra High PerformanceConcrete reinforced with mixed short fibers and CFRPrebarsUHPC with steel and non-corroding high strengthpolymer fibres under static and cyclic loadingHeat Treatment and the Risk of DEF DelayedEttringite Formation in UHPCTemperature Behaviour of Ultra High-PerformanceConcrete (UHPC) - A Micro Analytical Reflect9

Technical ProgramWednesday, September 15Session E109.00 - 10.30ApplicationsChairman:B. Middleton, R. Day,L. Cowe FallsCalgary, CDNJ. KaufmannDübendorf, CHC. Vogt, B. Lagerblad,T. Hugo-PerssonStockholm, SX. Pu, C. Wan, Y. Wang,H. Pu, C. WangChongqing, ChinaP. RackyKassel, DProf. J. C. Walraven, Delft, NLDurability and Mechanical Properties of HighPerformance Concrete for Ultra-Thin WhitetoppingPavementsSession E211.00 - 12.30ApplicationsChairman:E. Fehling, M. Schmidt,N. V. Tue, K. Bunje,T. TeichmannKassel, DS. S. Gaharwar, S. Kumar,R. Kumar, M.V.B. RaoNew Delhi, INDN. V. Tue, H. Schneider,G. SchenkLeipzig, DA. LichtenfelsKeltern, DG. Zimmermann,T. Teichmann,M. GrohmannKassel, DProf. F.-J. Ulm, Cambridge, USAUltra High Performance Composite Bridge above theFulda in Kassel – Accompanying Investigations asBasis for the required Agreement of the Authorities –16.00 - 17.15Closing CeremonyJ. C. WalravenDelft, NLM. Schmidt, E. FehlingKassel, DDevelopment of special mortars for an application incentrifugal casting processOptimization of UHPC for selective stabilization ofdeep boreholesSocial ProgramAccompanying Persons ProgramHotel AccommodationSocial ProgramHotel Accommodation" Welcome reception (September 12, 2004)" Conference dinner (September 13, 2004)" Cultural event (September 14, 2004)" Guided city tours" Fulda boat tripThe participants can book rooms at preferential rates in severalhotels located in Kassel. To get a complete hotel list please visit oursymposium’s website ( Compressible Material and Its PreparationAccompanying persons programCost-effectiveness and sustainability of UHPCAccompanying persons are invited to the opening and closingsessions of the Symposium, the Welcome reception on Sundayevening, the Dinner on Monday evening and a cultural event onTuesday evening.Also, various sightseeing tours will be organized in and aroundKassel.Sunday,Sep. 12Tuesday,Sep. 14Wednesday,Sep. 159:00 OpeningCeremony andWelcomeA Visionary Approach for the Health Monitoring ofUltra High Performance Concrete Bridges in IndianConditionsApplication of UHPC Tubes as Building MembersMonday,Sep. 13MorningHillside ParkWilhelmshöhe(Museum CastleWilhelmshöhe;Sightseeing inMuseum Tour Boat trip onthe Park with(Neue Galerie, the Fulda riverfamousOrangerie) (incl. Coffee) fountain; Coffeebreak)SightseeingTour in KasselUltra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete forshellsMembrane Concrete Grid ShellsAfternoonDesigning with ultra high strength concrete: basics,potential and perspectiveVisions in UHPCWill the tower of Babylon come true?Closing CeremonyWelcomeReceptionLa StradaCourtyard by ickKurfuerst Wilhelm I.Stadthotel KasselChassallaVarta Hotel GuideCategory*****Room rate per night Location ofsingle/doubleHotel78 / 90 (w.b.)149 / 49 (w.b.)2**48 / 66 (w.b.)3*******79 / 104 (i.b.)51 / 71 (i.b.)82 / 112 (o.b.)60 / 87 (i.b.)57 / 77 (i.b.)52 / 72 (i.b.)69 / 87 (i.b.)standard77 / 97 (i.b.)comfort62 / 79 (i.b.)49 / 67 (i.b.)4581167*Mercure Hessenland**Schweizer HofDeutscher Hof*1011(w.b. breakfast not included)(i.b. breakfast included)The locations of the hotels offering special rates are shown on theenclosed citymap. The University and location of Symposium ismarked with a red dot.12310Post-Conference Tours (September 16 - 19)86511792Post-Conference Tours to Heidelberg or Berlin can be booked byfilling-in the enclosed registration form. To get more informationsplease visit our symposium’s website(

InformationsRegistrationCommercial exhibitionRegistrationParticipation to the Symposium and the excursionsorganized for accompanying persons may be registered byfilling-in the enclosed Symposium Registration Form,according to the instructions therein, and sending it by faxor mail with payment, directly to the conference office.beforeAugust 1, 2004afterAugust 1, 2004Delegate 380,- 410,-Lecturer 280,- 280,-Accompanying person 130,- 150,-Cancellations: before August 31: 75% refund; after August 31: no refundThese fees include, for delegates and lecturers:! Attendance to Opening and Closing Ceremonies! Attendance to the Symposium Technical Sessions! Two coffee-breaks per day(September 13-15)! Welcome reception on Sunday, September 12! Conference Dinner on Monday, September 13! Cultural event on Tuesday, September 14! One copy of the Symposium ProceedingsKassel and its UniversityThe city of KasselA commercial exhibition for products, services and projects isorganized during the Symposium. There are stands of variable sizesavailable. Companies and organizations interested in participatingmay contact the Symposium’s Secretary for reservation beforeAugust 1, 2004.LanguageThe Symposium’s language is English.To get to KasselBy plane:! to Frankfurt or Hannover Airport(from there about 1.5 hrs by train)By train:ICE-train station Kassel-WilhelmshoeheHourly trains from:! Hannover (airport)! Berlin! Frankfurt (airport)! MunichFrom ICE station to the venue:! Tram line 1 or 2 Stop Holländischer Platz/UniversitätBy car:! Autobahn A7 - Exit Kassel-Nord! follow Dresdener Strasse to Zentrum/town centre! At Crossing Dresdener Strasse - Ysenburgstrasse turn right! Behind Fulda river bridge turn left! Behind Buildings of University turn right twice towardsparking spacesKassel is situated in the very heart of Germany. It is offering fast andeasy access by the ICE-train or motorway. Visitors who appreciatenature, love the arts and want to relive history will get their money'sworth in this town, with its host of internationally famous arttreasures, historic monuments, and cultural and educationalinstitutions. Kassel is the town of the famous Documenta exhibitionof modern art.Kassel is an ideal venue for conferences and congresses - its centrallocation, the excellent facilities, the efficiency of its hotels and itsfringe amenities such as Wilhelmshöhe, the biggest hillside park inEurope formed in the 17th century, and the Kurhessen ThermalBaths, the Casino and the Palace. Add to these the museums, StateTheatre, pedestrian precincts and shopping malls.The campus of theUniversity of KasselPPLocation ofSymposiumThe “Herkules” and the“Lions Castle” The town’s landmarksof Kassel in the biggesthillside park of EuropeTram 1 or 2StopHollaendischer Platz1314More ww.uni-kassel.de15

The forthcoming UHPC bridge in KasselThe Symposium is supported and co-sponsored by:fédération internationale du béton (fib)American Concrete Institute (aci)Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein e.V. (dbv)Deutscher Ausschuss für Stahlbeton im DIN (DAfStb)University of KasselDepartment of Structural Materials, FB14Mr. Carsten GeisenhanslükeMönchebergstrasse 734125 KasselGermanyTel: 49 561 804 2601Fax: 49 561 804 2662Email:[email protected]:

Prof.Dr.-Ing.habil.M.Schmidt Prof.Dr.-Ing.E.Fehling Beside its improved strength properties, its outstanding resistance against all kinds of corrosion is an additional m