A Step-by-StepGuide toBinary Options

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Top Reasons toTrade Binary OptionsTop Reasons to Trade Binary OptionsBinary options, which are also knownreturn on investment, or ROI, regardlessas two-way options, are amongof the amount of your investment. There’sthe easiest and most convenientalso no spread, so identical prices are givenoptions to trade. To maximize the benefitsfor put options and call options.of trading binary options, you should usethe Cedar Finance Binary Options tradingYou can access the platform from abso-platform. With this platform, you’ll earnlutely anywhere. You just need a computerprofits more quickly and enjoy expiry ratesand an Internet connection. The softwareof up to one month. If you prefer shortis available 24 hours a day and seven daysexpiry rates, you can take advantage of aa period that’s as short as 60 seconds.No other trading platform offers a tradingIncredibly, you can earn amazing profitsperiod that’s quite so trading binary options even when theWith binary options trading, you can takeare involved, so you can trade at any timeadvantage of the fact that returns areof the day or is in decline. Dozens of marketsalways fixed. You’ll always get the sameTo summarize, the top benefits of binary options include: 60-second options are available You only need a small initialinvestment There’s a fixed risk involved You can actually profit fromvolatility in the market You will enjoy 24/7 access There are no spreads Remarkably high returns arepossible3

Binary Options: A HistoryBinary Options: A oomedCash-or-nothing options were first per-binarymitted by the Securities and Exchangeoptions have been available sinceCommission, or SEC, in 2008. The initialthe early part of the 20th century. Finan-request to allow these options was madecial investment firms and banks haveby the Options Clearing Corporation. Sinceoffered them for decades. There were many2008, binary options have been traded onearly proponents of binary options, andthe American Stock Exchange as Euro-the Rothschild family is just one example.peancash-or-nothingbinaryoptions.They are also traded on the Chicago BoardThe main reason that binary options haveof Exchange, or CBOE. Binary options areexploded in popularity has to do with thestandardized, which means that they canInternet. It’s easier than ever to trackbe traded on stock exchanges with contin-financial markets in order to engage inuous quotations. It also means that theyeffective binary options trading. Thesecan be traded with ease online throughdays, many hedge funds revolve aroundtrading platforms like Cedar Finance.binary options and use them to earn millions of dollars per year. With that inmind, it’s clear that binary options aren’tgoing away any time soon.4

How to Execute a Classic Tradewith Binary OptionsHow to Execute a Classic Tradewith Binary OptionsExecuting a classic binary options trade through your Cedar Finance account is easy.Just follow these steps:11If you already have an account, just log into it.2If you don’t have an account,create one and log into it.3Deposit funds into your account.2344564Select an Asset and specify an Expiry time.5Choose your position. You can choose a call position, which means that you expect the priceto go up, or a put position, which means that you expect the price to drop.6Enter the total amount that you’d like to invest.5

How to Execute a Classic Tradewith Binary Options7Click on the “Apply” button to complete the transaction. You’ll have three seconds to changeyour mind, and your entry price will be held until the three seconds are up.7Please keep in mind that your trade will be executed if you don’t click “Cancel” beforethe three-second period expires, so make sure that you are comfortable with your tradebefore clicking “Apply.”6

AdvancedBinary Trading ToolsAdvanced Binary Trading ToolsCedar Finance is a robust ols. This section highlights these toolsInto ensure that you can make the mostvarietyof them. The three tools are: Rolloverof basic tools, it offers three advancedand Double-Up.RollOver ToolThis tool is extremely popular, and it’seasy to see why. It basically allows you toextend your position into the next expiryperiod. Why would you want to do that?If you’re out of the money and your optionis about to expire, it could prove to be quiteuseful.If you’d like to put the Rollover featureto work, keep these points in mind:RollOver Your trading position has to be outof the money. By using the Rollover feature,you are agreeing to add 30 percentto your total investment. You can only use the Rollover toolif the subsequent expiry period isn’tthe last one of the trading day forthe asset in question. You’re only allowed to usethe Rollover option a single timeduring any given session, and youcan only use it once per asset.You can actually use this tool if youhave two trades on the same assetand they’re both out of the money.In that case, the Rollover option canbe used on both trades at the sametime.7

Double Up ToolThis is a relatively new feature, and it’salready immensely popular. It essentiallyallows you to open a new position froma new price. The new rate is the currentrate, so you agree to release the originalprice that was offered when you originallyexecuted the trade. The best time to usethis tool is when you expect the expiry rateto maintain the same course from yourinitial trade.Activating the Double Up tool is easy. Justclick on the button that is labeled “x2,”which is located on the sidebar. Doing thiswill automatically double your investment.Double Up8

An Overviewof One-Touch TradingAn Overview of One-Touch TradingThis unique feature lets you trade in investment units of the entry rate. As a result,you can enjoy payout rates of anywhere from 300 percent to 700 percent. This feature is available for daily, weekly and monthly options.It’s easier to explain this feature withKeep in mind that rates vary, and returnsan example. If you choose a 100 weeklyvary as well. You can quickly check theoption with a return rate of 350 percent,going rates by looking at the One-Touchand the goal is touched one time duringoptions. You can quickly repurchase thethe week at 17:00 Greenwich Mean Time,same investment by clicking on “Buyyou’ll receive a return of 450. You canMore.” You will have to confirm thisalso buy it in five units, which would equalaction, and you will also receive a confir-a total investment of 5,000 and a possiblemation email.return of 4,500.Executing One-Touch TradesExecuting a one-touch trade is easy:1Click over to the One-Touch Trading section to initiate one-touch trading mode.19

An Overviewof One-Touch Trading2Select the assets that you’d like to monitor.3Select the number of units that you’d like to buy.4Click on the “Apply” button.5Buy the option again by clicking “Buy More”. Accept the trade to confirm your request.60-Second TradingThe 60-Second Trading tool is unique to Cedar Finance. It allows you to enjoy the shortestoptions that are available today. Using this feature is no different than using the classic trading mode. You select the asset of your choice and specify an investment amount.From there, you choose a call position or a put position, and then you click the “Start”button. When you click that button, you initiate a 60-second trade for that asset.When you open and close your position, you’ll receive an email confirmation.10

An Overviewof One-Touch TradingNo other trading platform offers 60-secondYou should give it a try at least once. Liketrading, so it’s one of the things that makesmost traders, you’re sure to enjoy theCedar Finance stand out from the crowd.edge that it gives you while trading binaryTaking advantage of this feature is easy.options.!11

Option Builder:The BasicsOption Builder: The BasicsTOptiono be the savviest binary optionsBy putting the Option Builder tool to worktrader possible, you should makefor you, you can make the most of theeffective use of the Cedar Financetrading strategies that have worked forBuilderfeature.Thisfeatureyou in the past. You can update these set-lets you completely customize the waytings easily, so you can make the necessaryyou trade. Select precise expiry timeschanges as your strategy evolves. By hav-to get the exact results that you these settings in place, you’ll be ableChoose the risk-reward ratio of yourto trade more quickly and effectively, andchoice. Along the way, monitor your time-you’ll reduce the risk of making carelesstables and risk management situation tomistakes too.ensure the highest yield possible.12

Open Platform:The BasicsOpen Platform: The BasicsCedar Finance offers some of the most useful charts in the binary options world.If you’d like to expand upon those basic charts, you should try OptionPro.This feature lets you access advanced charts for every available asset. You can useit to check out historical trends for any given asset. If you use technical analysis whiletrading binary options, this feature is absolutely priceless.A robust array of features is available withranging from 15 minutes to five hours.Open Platform. Zoom in or out quickly toWith this kind of detailed information atget a feel for the big picture, or view theyour fingertips, making effective trades ishistory by selecting the “History” but-a breeze.ton, which is in the bottom-left corner ofthe screen. View charts with increments13

Assets TypesMy AccountAsset TypesThere is an extensive array of assets available through the Cedar Finance platform.They include foreign exchange currencies, stocks, indices and commodities. There are toomany assets to list them all here, but you can check out a complete list by visiting theCedar Finance Asset Index.My AcountUsing Your Trade PortfolioIt’s easy to view your Cedar Finance portfolio. To start, click on “My Account,”As you use the Cedar Finance platform, youwill develop a history. Your trade historycould come in handy in some instances,and you can access it by viewing your portfolio. The information that’s included inyour portfolio includes: execution date asset namewhich is on the top, right-hand part ofthe interface. From there, click on the“My Investments” link, which will be onthe left side of the screen. Your portfolio investment ID numberwill immediately appear. By checking your expiry rateportfolio regularly, you can stay on top of expiry date typehow you are faring with binary optionstrading. payout.14

My AcountAdding Funds to Your Accountthe “Deposit” button at the bottomof the screen. Your funds should be availa-You can’t trade binary options on Cedarble instantly, so you can start trading rightFinance without funding your account.away.Luckily, it’s a snap to add funds to youraccount. At the top, right-hand side ofYou can also wire funds to add moneythe screen, you will see a button that saysto your Cedar Finance account. The big-“Deposit”. Click on that button to proceedgest drawback is that it can take up to fivewith funding your days for the funds to becomeavailable. To ensure that everything goesWhen you’re in the deposit section, yousmoothly, you should contact your Cedarwill be asked to choose a payment method.Finance account manager after requestingCredit cards are the easiest and mostthe wire transfer. That way, you can restpopular options. To use one, just enterassured that your funds will be creditedthe credit card number, expiration dateto your account as quickly as possible.and other required information. Click on15

My AcountWithdrawing FundsFrom there, click on the “WithdrawalRequest” button. You will then have toAfter achieving a lot of success on Cedarchoose the withdrawal method. The fast-Finance, you’re going to want to withdrawest way is to have them added to a creditmoney too. It’s just as easy to withdrawcard. If you choose to have the funds wired,funds as it is to add them. Start by navi-you’ll have to wait for a few business days.gating over to the “My Account” section.16

Cedar Finance:An OverviewCedar Finance: An OverviewCedar Finance is a binary options trading platform that makes it easy to trade onyour favorite market. This platform is designed to provide traders with the mostinformation possible to increase the odds of successful trades. Cutting-edge trad-ing technology simplifies the process of trading binary options and makes it easier to earnexcellent profits.Cedar Finance was founded in 2011, and itintuitive features that enhance the binaryis already one of the most popular binaryoptions trading experience.options trading platforms on the Internet.It was designed by traders, so it includes17

Advanced Binary Trading Tools Cedar Finance is a robust binary options trading platform. In addition to offering a variety of basic tools, it offersthree advanced tools. This section highlights these tools to ensure that you can make the most of them. The three tools are: Rollover and Double-up. Advanced Binary Trading Tools RollOver ToolFile Size: 1MB