More control,choice, and ease.All within reach.Simplify your experience with the next generationof technology-enabled legal solutions for corporatelegal departments and law firms.eDiscovery, Litigation, and InvestigationsContract Analytics & Lifecycle Management

Your world is complex.We make it simpler.Our client-focused ecosystem and experience empowerscorporate legal departments and law firms to harnessthe technologies and services that power eDiscovery andcontract analytics.Our comprehensive portfolioof technology-enabledlegal solutions integratesproprietary tools andautomated workflows withmarket-leading software formore control, choice, and easeto simplify the complexities ofyour eDiscovery and contractanalytics data challenges.Cimplifi 2

Multi-platform integration made easier.The best technologies made better.A more empowered experience made possible.INFRASTRUCTURE-FREEWith no investment, licensing, or maintenancerequired, you can scale and customize your techstack without limits.FLEXIBLE, EXPERT SUPPORTEngage with us on your terms: self-service, supporton demand, or a fully managed solution.CURATED TECHNOLOGIESAccess an expansive ecosystem with a curatedsuite of the most powerful industry tools.TRANSPARENCY AND VISIBILITYReal-time metrics and actionable intelligencedeliver information and insight across teams,tools, contracts, and cases.SIMPLIFIED, AUTOMATED WORKFLOWSProprietary tools streamline and integrate administration, processes, and reporting—across users,tools, and projects.ANALYTICS & AIAdvanced analytics, proprietary workflows, andproven expertise converge to distill complexity anddrive precision.Cimplifi 3

An industry-first convergence ofeDiscovery and contract analytics.For more than two decades, clients have relied on Cimplifi for the expertise and ingenuity tosolve complex eDiscovery challenges, bring innovative solutions, and deliver intelligence andinsight to help them manage risk, control costs, and get more done, more effectively, with lesseffort and stress.Cimplifi has leveraged this experience organizing and analyzing large volumes of complexdata to pioneer the next generation of legal solutions with an expanded suite of capabilitiesin contract analytics and lifecycle management. Now you can seamlessly manage data andstreamline multiple use-cases across your entire legal portfolio, including M&A and regulatoryinvestigations.Cimplifi 4Cimplifi 4

eDISCOVERY, LITIGATION & INVESTIGATIONSFrom litigation readiness to technology-assisted review, Cimplifi offers you timetested expertise with customizable technology and end-to-end services to meet anydiscovery need. Forensics & Collections: our experts employ best practices, powerful tools, and a tailoredapproach to collect, analyze, and preserve complex and sensitive data to ensure integrity anddefensibility. Processing & Hosting: we offer multiple hosting options through Relativity, Nuix, and DISCO,enhanced with proprietary workflows and automation tools to deliver insight into your data withspeed and efficiency. Data Reduction & Analytics: we employ AI, machine learning, and early case assessment (ECA)tools to enhance our expertise to deliver a defensible, cost-effective approach to finding the datathat matters. Managed Review: flexible and customizable services bring together market-leadingtechnologies, proprietary workflows, analytics and AI, and expert project management to reducevolume and costs, while increasing speed and precision for high quality deliverables and betteroutcomes.CONTRACT ANALYTICS & LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENTCimplifi is the only partner with a combination of analytics expertise and handson experience designing and implementing AI-powered technology solutions—going beyond insights and automation to ensure you not only get the benefit of theanalytics, but also get the most out of your technology investment. Contract Analytics: we leverage proven processes and methodologies with seasoned expertise,custom analytics, and tailored AI models to find and extract critical information, develop aneffective validation process, and deliver a cost-effective, timely, and high-quality contractanalysis. Contract Lifecycle Management: our expert-led advisory and implementation solutions bridgelegal, technology, and the AI gap to distill complexity, deliver intelligence, and simplify your CLMsystem, bringing a new level of transparency, insight, and control to your contract process.Cimplifi 5

We've got your back.Our professional services team joins forces with yours to deliverproject management, ingenuity, and expertise for an experiencethat is simply better. Our clients love working with us because we’rehighly responsive, always reliable, and are relentless in our pursuitof creative solutions to the most complex challenges.EXPERIENCED, PROACTIVEPROJECT MANAGEMENTCUSTOMIZED ONBOARDING,IMPLEMENTATION, AND TRAININGTIME-TESTED PROCESSES,WORKFLOWS, AND BEST PRACTICESTRANSPARENT, INSIGHTFULREPORTING AND METRICSDEEP BENCH OF LEGAL,TECHNICAL, AND SUBJECTMATTER EXPERTSCimplifi 6

Work the way thatworks best for you.With tailored engagement models and simplifiedpricing agreements, there’s no one way to workwith us and many ways of doing business.FLEXIBLE, TAILORED SERVICE MODELSManage eDiscovery and contract analytics in-house for aself-directed experience, with the ability to bring on expertsupport on demand as volume and complexity increase orresources get stretched. Or, turn to our team fora full-service, end-to-end managed solution.TRANSPARENT, PREDICTABLE PRICINGChoose the simplified, predictable fee structure of a subscriptionmodel, pay as you go with all-inclusive pricing, or combine thetwo for a hybrid billing solution.SCALABLE, AGILE APPROACHWith no commitment or investment required, you can leverageas much or as little of our platform and services as needed andadjust as your needs change.Cimplifi 7

With Cimplifi, an easy, empowering experience is more within reach.Let us show you how we can alleviatethe burden, risk, and cost for eDiscoveryand contract analytics. Get in [email protected] 833.215.2667cimplifi.comWe’re serious about security.The security of your data and safeguarding of your information is ofparamount importance, and we are committed to the highest standards across our enterprise. We employ strict internal protocols,controls and monitoring, and have been vetted by the most rigorouscorporations and independent third-party auditors.Cimplifi is among the few eDiscovery companies to achieve ISO27001 status, as well as certification and compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and ITAR regulations. We maintain operations at only Tier IV orhigher data centers with SOC audits, and mandate that cloud hosting partners maintain their own ISO and SOC status. Our securityprotocols reflect best practices and are always evolving to addressnew threats, regulatory changes, technology updates, and clientrequirements, for complete confidence and peace of mind.

eDiscovery, Litigation, and Investigations Contract Analytics & Lifecycle Management More control, choice, and ease. All within reach. Simplify your experience with the next generation of technology-enabled legal