MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016PASTOR’S PAGEPAGE 1by Pastor Scott [email protected] long-range planning builds on God-given hope that is1) responsible and realistic, (2) courageous and compassionate,Dear Friends of the Risen, Living Messiah,and (3) prayerful and powerful.In the church, long-range planning takes seriously that the GodWE JOURNEY TOGETHER IN FAITH ON A of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses goes before His people asMISSION given by our Lord. This mission isa cloud by day and a fire by night--leading them through thisbigger than any of us alone; and even biggerpresent wilderness toward the future He has prepared for Histhan all of us put together. That is because people. Long-range planning takes seriously the open tomb andrisen Lord of the Easter faith.when we gather around God's Word and the--Kennon CallahanSacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper we are our Lord's Church. And, theLord's Church includes Saints Mary and Mary Magdalene, Sts. Peter and Paul, Sts. Augustine andFrancis, and that party crasher Martin Luther. Their mission from God is now our mission from God.THINK OF THAT! We are members of the Body of Christ on earth here and now (see 1 Corinthians 12). As our Lord's Churchnow we can claim all the majesty, mystery, and wisdom of our Lord's work handed downthrough the ages. This is our time.THE QUOTE ABOVE FROM KEN CALLAHAN demonstrates why I have always appreciated hisguidance to congregations like ours who are working on Long-Range Planning. Looking toour future as a congregation is all about looking to our God who is the Lord of the future. Inthe brief 26 year history of MLC our Lord has bestowed wondrous and gracious gifts upon us.Those gifts are given by God to be used in the mission God has entrusted to us asMessiah Lutheran Church.WHAT IS OUR LORD CALLING US TO DO in the coming year and in the coming decade?Certainly God intends that we keep gathering in worship around His Word and His meal forus. Certainly God intends that we nurture our children in the faith that gives abundant andeternal life. Certainly we are called to continue in missions that are caring for so many soulslocally and globally. Hopefully all these well-established callings will blossom with newcreative insights and renewed efforts.God intends that we nurture our children inWHAT WILL OUR LORD 'MAKE NEW' USING US IN THE DAYS AHEAD? Let's pray forthe faith that gives abundant and eternal life.God's guidance. Let's listen to each other. Let's decide together what new ventures God intends for MLC. Then, let's step boldly and confidently into the future knowing this: Our Lord will lead us through this presentwilderness into His future.BAPTISMS and AFFIRMATION of BAPTISMS are signs of new life bestowed by the work of the Holy Spirit among us thesedays. We closed the month of April celebrating the Baptism of Henry Alexander Waddell, and celebrating four new households entering MLC by Affirmation of Baptism. Eight disciples have been studying for almost two years preparing to affirmtheir faith on Pentecost Day (May 15) which will be Confirmation Day. Preparations for more Baptisms in the weeks aheadare underway. Thanks be to God that our Lord who makes all things new is active in the life of MLC now.MAY SERVICES OF WORSHIPLBW Lutheran Book of Worship WOW With One VoiceELW Evangelical Lutheran Worship LS Lord’s SupperSundays at 8:30 AMSundays at 11:00 AMMay 1Chicago Folk w/LSMay 1WOV Service of Word/PrayerMay 8LBW Setting 2May 8Now the Feast w/LSMay 15LBW Setting 2 w/LSMay 15 LBW Setting 2 w/LSMay 22Now the Feast w/LSMay 22 Contemporary Service w/LSMay 29Hymn Sing w/LSMay 29 Hymn Sing w/LS

MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016PAGE 2Baptisms Josie Lynn McGeorge, daughter of Dustin and AliciaMcGeorge was baptized March 27th. Her baptismal sponsorsare Michelle Refer, Forrest King and Chris Refer. Henry Alexander Waddell son of Derek and Heidi Wadell wasbaptized on April 24th. His baptismal sponsors are Matt and Melissa Atteberry.Deaths Claire StrandDirector of OutreachContact Claire Strand ifyou would like toannounce significanttransitions in the life ofour community of faith,birth, death, Baptism,graduation, Confirmation,job change, relocation,engagement,Marriage or any other lifepassage you would liketo announced and it willbe included!THIS MONTHPANTRY ITEMSToiletriesBonnie Webb, wife of Richard Webb passed away on April 4th.Marriages Lorraine Burke and Jonathan Roberts were married on April 16th in Chicago.Graduates Rachel Long Connor Campbell Elizabeth Joens Claire Davis Ryan Jobman Walter Seitz Justin Walker Kyle West Adriana ZarazuaPlease help fill the Graduate Baskets!It’s nearly graduation time and we have 9 students graduating from high school this year!Please help us wish them well on their new adventures by filling the laundry baskets in thehallway with anything that can be helpful in their new life. Items may include towels, paper, detergent, gift cards, snacks, or anything else you think would be useful! Baskets will be present-ed to the graduates with a special blessing on May 8th. Congrats to college grads, too!MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT :KITCHEN PROJECTThank you Messiah Lutheran for yourgenerous support of EscuelaBenito Montoya in Honduras duringLent, the Mini Handmade Market,and through memorials given inKIT MINISTRYInk PensBlue or Black(no gel)This photo shoes the proposed location of the kitchen at ES Benito Montoya.memory of Gerard DeJong.We reached the required amount to beginconstructing the kitchen and ground isbroken!CONNECT FACEBOOK“Lunches-for-Learning”Mixing cement for the foundation work of the kitchen.

MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016PAGE 3Music Camp June 6 - 10Music Camp is next month! Register now!Children grades K-9th are welcome to enjoythis week of music, drama, arts & crafts, recreation in the mornings. Bring a sack lunch andbe ready for a fun afternoon of bowling, swimming, roller skating, etc. We will be learningthe musical “Lord, Use Me: the Adventures ofFrancis”. The musical explores how FrancisLois GraffDirector of MusicMinistrieswelcomed being used for God’s purposes andhow, through God’s guidance, we can also beinstruments of peace in our world today.The Camp is scheduled for June 6 – 10, withpresentations at both worship services on June 12. Cost is 95 (family plans and scholarshipsMusic Camp 2016Lord, Use Me:the Adventures ofFrancisCampJune 6 - 10Monday - Friday9 a.m. - 4 p.m.Dress RehearsalSaturday, June 119 a.m.PresentationSunday, June 128:30 and 11 a.m.available). Invite your friends! Information and register online at orpick up a form at the Welcome Center. Questions or to help (always welcome!), contact LoisGraff at [email protected] at MessiahAleksandra ‘Sasha’ Kasman will be performing on Sunday, May 22 for the next Music at Messiah concert. Sasha is a 20-year-old Russian-born pianist and student of internationally renowned pianist and teacher Yakov Kasman. Sasha has won awards at the VII International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz, Arthur Fraser International PianoCompetition, PianoArts North American Competition, NFMC National Collegiate Piano Competition, High Point University Inaugural Piano Competition and IKIF MacKenzie InternationalCompetition in New York. She has given solo recitals in USA, France, Ukraine, Russia and Japan.She has performed as a soloist with the Alabama Symphony, LaGrange Symphony, SAU Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine.The program will include works by Bach, Mozart, Taneyev and Medtner. Music at Messiahsponsorships are available. You may pick one up at the Welcome Center or ask in the churchoffice. More information online at Singing with the MLC ChoirSing with the MLC Choir on Sunday mornings! Rehearsals are held before the service when the choir sings. This is a great chance to ‘try out’the choir. Summer schedule will begin on June 5th?For more information, contact Lois Graff.If you missed the“I USED TO PLAY” WORKSHOPheld on April 28th, but areinterested in reacquainting yourselfwith your musical instrument,please contact Larry Frakes or callthe church office.

MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016SENIOR HIGH YOUTHSue Doubleday [email protected] 4Carwash & Sprit Day @ IHOP (April 3) 500 was raised! Thank you!Live & Silent Auction (April 23)131 Items were donated by members ofMessiah along with local area businesses. We couldn’t have done it without youall! And for those who came to the auction, 3770.00 was raised. Dylan Irvin wasthe auctioneer, and did a fantastic job asdid all the youth involved.UPCOMING SENIOR YOUTH EVENTSSr. Youth Meetings: May 1, 8, 22 at 6pm in Youth RoomMay 11: Sr Youth Wednesday Nite Café Spaghetti Dinner (last fundraiser before we head off to Germany!)May 18: 6pm Germany Parent Information MeetingJune 4: All Sr Youth and Families invited to the Doubleday’s lake house inKelso, TN. There is a sign-up sheet in the Welcome Center. Enjoy fishing,canoeing, hiking and most of all, fellowship with your teenager .JUNIOR/T WEEN YOUTHSarah Walker [email protected] - JUNIOR YOUTHMay 1st @ NOON - Help serve hot dogs for school aged childrenduring the congregational meeting and led activities.May 15 @ 5:00 p.m. - Regular MeetingJune 4 - Jr. Youth & Families invited to Doubleday’s lake house.See details in Sr. Youth info above.MAY - TWEEN YOUTHMay 8th - Regular Meeting from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.MUSIC CAMP IS JUNE 6 - 12 “LORD, USE ME”Parents / Teens please sign up online early for planning purposes.JR –TWEEN EVENTS* Regular Meeting ScheduleJUNIORS Grades 6– 81st & 3rd Sundays at 5 p.m.TWEENS Grades 3 –5Meet 2nd SundaysAt 5 p.m.*unless otherwise posted

MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016PAGE 5Community Yard SaleTo : Messiah Lutheran ChurchPlease allow me to try and express the appreci-Sat. May 7, 20168:00 am - Noonation of my family and I for all the years of prayers,tears, beers, meals, visits, cards, gifts and LORDonly knows the huge amount of support y’all havegiven to my beloved Bonnie and her family. I knowthat I have probably missed thanking some of youpersonally for all you have done. I don’t know if Icould suffer this loss without the love and support ofMLC and my family for I do love that girl so, asmany of you also do. Please forgive any oversight Imay have committed for I am truly grateful to youall.THANKS BE TO GOD!Richard Webb and FamilyMay Mom’s Book Club“Paint Night atPinot’s Palette”All ladies, please join us as wepaint at Pinot’s Palette! Wewill be painting “ Unconditional Love” (shown).Tuesday, May 17, 2016,7-9 p.m. (cost 35)Pinot’s Palette 8 Parade St., Ste 102, Huntsville (located in Village of Providence).POC: Janell Zesinger: Please register online prior tothe class to book your seats, using this /100215Proceeds to Support Messiah’sComforters & Altar Guild MinistriesSale Items & Volunteers NeededDrop Off Items Wed Eve - FridayChair: Paulette McNamaraInfo at: www. Hunger for theHouse of the HarvestFood PantryLogo created by Taylor BurtonRunners, Walkers, Helpers Wanted!5K and 1 mile Fun Run to help feed local families in need! Allrunners will receive a t-shirt!May 14th, 20165K @ 9am and Fun Run @ 10:30amSparkman Middle School to the Huntsville Dragwaytrack and back.Info: ssiah and Thrivent Financial are official sponsorsof this inaugural event.Dinner Theatre AuditionsMessiah will present a dinner theater melodrama in August.An audition will be mid-to-late May. All welcome! Please contact TerryFrakes for any questions or indicate your interest online seen on “Rocket City”Register online:

MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016FELLOWSHIPCouncil Rep: Cheryl Rydbom fellowship [email protected]’s Book Club has one last meeting scheduled before summer, andyou don’t even have to read a book! They are going to “Paint, Drink, andHave Fun” at Pinot’s Palette on May 17. Contact Beth Gloe or Janell Zesinger as reservations are required (more info on page 8).Mark Zesinger and Pete Woods are organizing a Men’s Group! The firstmeeting will be on Thursday, April 28 at 6:30 pm at Old Black Bear toplan and discuss the purpose of the group. If you can’t make that meeting, look for further opportunities or contact the leaders.Additional ongoing groups include: Wednesday Night Café (contact Doroty Seitz), Foodies (contact Meredith Kilby or Dana Burton), Bridge Club(contact the Stasiak’s), and the Owls (contact Jan Murphy).COFFEE VOLUNTEERS *STILL* NEEDED!PAGE 6CHURCHCOUNCILExecutive CommitteePresident: Pastor Scott [email protected] President: Mary Ann [email protected]: Devonee [email protected]: Jeanette [email protected] you to everyone who signed up to help with coffee setup andcleanup as part of the Stewardship survey. However, we are still in needof more volunteers. We’re working towards having volunteers registeredas part of Messiah’s Sign Up Genius, but until then, please contact CherylRydbom if you can help.Worship and Music: Larry Frakesworship music [email protected] AND VOLUNTEEROutreach: Jay Ruffoutreach [email protected] Sign Up CentralVisit PAGHETTI NIGHT!May 11, Wednesday Nite CafeMessiah Sr. Youth will onceagain be back in the kitchen tocook spaghetti for the Germany trip fundraiser!Council RepresentativesStewardship: Heather Neelystewardship [email protected] and Youth: Dick Azzameducation [email protected]: Cheryl Rydbomfellowship [email protected]: Bob Gustafsonproperty [email protected]: Lee Smithfinance [email protected] Representative: Danie Blueyouth [email protected] CAFÉ9:45 a.m. (Fellowship Hall)“The Wired Word”A Christian, current events based curriculum. Updated weeklyCo-led by Meredith Kilby, Gary Heideman & Bruce 2016Volume 28, Issue 5The Messenger is a monthly publication published by Messiah Lutheran Church. Material forpublication may be forwarded tobethglo[email protected]. The deadline for the nextmonth’s issue is May 22nd.

MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016PAGE 7Three new households werereceived into Messiah Membershipon April 24th. WELCOME!Meet the Oltmans FamilyGeoff and Jennifer Oltmans, Madelyn, Hadley.Geoff loves old computers and works for Ad-tran. Jennifer is a full-time mom and enjoysgardening, baking and knitting. Maddy lovesdinosaurs and Hadley loves coloring.Geoff & Jennifer Oltmans, Hadley, MaddyMeet the Zomkoski Family!Paul and Anita Zomkowski, Lyla, Henry, Ellliott,Rose. Paul enjoys woodworking. Anita loves artand reading. Lyla loves gymnastics and girlscouts. Henry loves Legos. Elliott loves construction vehicles. Rose loves napping andeating.Paul and Anita Zomkoski (holding Rose)Elliot, Henry, LylaA happy scene of fellowshipduring the New Members Reception April 24th.Meet JudyJudy Maslanka- Judy is also called “GrandmaMushy.” She enjoys gardening, sewing, andcrafts. She is the mother of Christine Ryan.Judy Maslanka

MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016PAGE 8COUNCIL NOTESJeanette Beamer, [email protected] Council approved the repair of the Parish Halland hallway carpet for 1,600 using Thrivent ChoiceDollars upon written confirmation from our ThriventChoice representatives.Keith Johnson, Director of Novus Way (includes Lutheranch) will be giving a 20 minute presentation ontheir work at the May 12th meeting. The good news isthat they broke ground for the building of Lutheranch.May Temple Talks include: May 1st Mary Ann on the next steps in theLong Range Planning Process. May 8th Dick Azzam on What’s your Witness? May 15th Meredith Kilby God’s People, ReachingOut in the age of information.Andrew and Kristin Gipner are the MLC VotingMembers to SE Synod Assembly in Birmingham, May 17-29, 2016.Above: The Wheelchair Ramp Team of Messiah Lutheran Church had anothersuccessful ramp building day on March 26. This ongoing ministry of MessiahLutheran Church is conducted in partnership with CASA of Madison County to build fully functional and safe ramps for those in need.Mikayla Mast will serve as an intern in communications at MLC during May, June and July.Left: The Mom’s Bible Study packedbags for the Weekend Food Program.Below: Ben Stanger digs in to his“Uncle Buck” pancake while Sr, JustinWalker observes.Above: Messiah Senior Youth participating in the EasterBreakfast. Below: Katie Spence, Heather Neely, KatelanAzzam and Heather Pedersen reconnect at the Eastermorning breakfast.See more pictures by visiting www.mlutheran.orgAbove: Sonja Pederson is all smiles holding grandson , HenryAlexander Waddell.or by liking Messiah’s Public & Youth FB Pages.

MESSIAH MESSENGER - MAY 2016PAGE 9May2016SunMon18:30am Worship:Chicago Folk w/LS9:45am Sunday School11am Worship:WOV Service of Word/Prayer12pm CongregationalMeeting w/Elections28:30am Worship:WedThuFriSat3456710am Comforters5:30pm StephenMinistry Class @First BaptistBaily EricksonAlexis, ChristianNoon—JR YOUTH8TueDave & Judee Erwin1099:45am Sunday School11am Worship:Now the Feast w/LS12:15 InstrumentalEnsemble5 - 6 pm TWEENSMOTHER’S DAY15ConfirmationSundayJim & Chris Fossum168:30am Worship:237pm Mom’s BookClub @ Pinot’sPaletteJay GibsonPat Gilliland29(SE Synod concludes)8:30am Worship:Hymn Sing w/LS9:45am Sunday School11am Worship:Hymn Sing w/LS24Lois GraffMelanie & GarenGrashotMeeting1920Rhonda Gaede &Glen Long217pm KitMinistryAndrew & KristinGipner276pm Bible Study6:30pm Notabella7:30pm Adult Choir31307pm Council26Jennifer Gregory149am OutrunHunger 5K & 1 MileFun RunChris & Beth GloeSamantha & Amalia25Shirley Forbes7:30 pm Bridge ClubEugene & Edith Frye5:30pm Dinner6pm Children’s Choirs6pm Bible Study6:30 Sr. Youth(Germany)Parent Info Meeting6:30pm Notabella7:30pm Adult Choir10am ComfortersNow the Feast w/LS9:45am Sunday SchoolLAST DAY Pre - 12th11am Worship:Contemporary Servicew/LS12:15 InstrumentalEnsemble4pm Music @ Messiah:Aleksanrda Kasman6 pm SR YOUTHBonnie & Jeff FlowersAnna13125pm Confirmation- 5:30pm Youth SpaghettiFundraiser Dinner6pm Children’s Choirs6pm Bible Study6:30pm Notabella7:30pm Adult Choir1810am ComfortersGary Garrison22Randall FieldsLarry & Terry Frakes178:30am Worship:LBW Setting 2 w/LS9:45am Sunday School11am Worship:LBW Setting 2 w/LS5 pm JR YOUTH6 pm SR YOUTHRonald & PatriciaEsteppe1110am ComfortersLBW Setting 28-12pmCommunityRummage Sale5pm Confirmation5:30pm Dinner6pm Children’s Choirs6pm Bible Study6:30pm Notabella7:30pm Adult ChoirToni GregoryIan & Heidi GoebelWalker28Southeast SynodAssemblySoutheast SynodAssemblyMark & PatriciaGrimesJosephMitch GrimesPRE-K through Grade 12 ParentsLast Day Sunday School - May 22MEMORIAL DAYOfficeMusic Camp - June 6 -10ClosedVacation Bible School - July 11-15Rally Day / Start of Sunday School &Robin GrubisBlessing of Backpacks - Aug 7Jack & DebbieGulden**Member names listed each day of the month denote prayer familiesLOOKING AHEAD June 4 Jr & Sr Youth and Families invited to Doubleday Cabin July 11 - 15 - Vacation Bible School “Barnyard Roundup” June 6-10 Music Camp. Presentations June 12Aug 7 “Rally Day” & Backpack Blessing June 13 - 25 Sr. Youth Odyssey to Germany

Messiah Lutheran Church7740 Highway 72 WestMadison, Alabama 35758Return Service RequestedNon-ProfitOrganizationUS PostagePAIDHuntsville, ALPermit No. 454Messiah Lutheran Church (ELCA) is located at 7740 Highway 72 West, just east of Hughes Road. Sunday Services of Worshipare at 8:30 am and 11:00 am. Sunday School is at 9:45 am. A nursery attendant is provided. All are welcome. Our website Church office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, staffed by our Office Managers. ThePastor is Rev. Scott Peterson. The Church telephone is (256) 721-0041. Email: [email protected] monthly newsletter and calendar for Messiah Lutheran Church (ELCA) Madison, AlabamaMESSIAH LUTHERANMay 2016Volume 28, Issue 5INSIDE THIS ISSUE1Pastor’s Page Services of Worship2Life Passages Outreach3Music Notes4Youth News5News Flashes / Webb Thank You6Birthdays/ Fellowship / News7New Members8Council Notes / Month in Pictures9May Calendar / Looking Ahead10Contact InformationContact InformationMessiah Lutheran Church7740 Highway 72 West Madison, AL 35758Phone: (256) 721-0041Office Hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Monday – FridayStaffRev. Scott Peterson . . .PastorDevonee Woods, Meredith Kilby . . Office ManagersClaire Strand . Director of Outreach MinistriesLois Graff . . .Director of Music MinistriesSue Doubleday .Senior Youth DirectorSarah Walker . .T weens/Jr Youth DirectorRandall Fields . . . . Choir DirectorMeredith Kilby Communications & Media CoordinatorJudy Sylvester . . Nursery Attendant

May 05, 2016 · Parents / Teens please sign up online early for planning purposes. Carwash & Sprit Day @ IHOP (April 3) 500 was raised! Thank you! Live & Silent Auction (April 23) 131 Items were donated by members of Messiah along with local area business-es. We couldn’t have done it without you all! And