Welcome and thank you for choosing CILInsuranceCIL Insurance was formed in 1962 to cater for the needs of thecaravan industry. Since then, CIL Insurance has grown to be aspecialist Recreational Vehicle (RV) insurer.This Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is an importantdocument that tells you information you need to know aboutyour policy. It is really important to read it carefully before youdecide whether or not our cover is right for you.By choosing CIL you can: Make a claim 24/7 by calling 1800 112 481 or online Write to us at GPO Box 1831, Brisbane QLD 4001The information in this PDS is current at the date itwas prepared. From time to time, we may update someof the information in this PDS that is not materiallyadverse to you without notifying you. Please contact usfor a free copy of any of these updates. Other changeswill be made by a Supplementary Product DisclosureStatement (SPDS) which we will give to you.Who is the insurer?AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807, AFS Licence No. 230859,trading as CIL Insurance is the insurer and issuer of this PDS.About the authorised representative or distributorIf an authorised representative or distributor of ours arrangesthis policy: they will be acting with our authority and be our authorisedrepresentative or distributor, not your agent, in all mattersconcerning this insurance; they will receive a commission; and neither the authorised representative, distributor nor any of itsrelated companies guarantees the benefits payable under thecontract.PDS preparation date 3/12/20202

Key information about CIL SecureTMCaravan InsuranceType of InsuranceThis policy provides comprehensive cover for loss or damage toyour caravan.We offer two types of cover - Australia wide cover and On-siteonly cover. The cover you have chosen will be shown on yourschedule.Note: You can also insure a camper trailer, 5th wheeler, slideon, trailer, horsefloat or tiny house on wheels. In this case, yourcaravan means the camper trailer, 5th wheeler, slide on, trailer,horsefloat or tiny house on wheels shown on your schedule.What we coverAccidental loss or damage to your caravan caused by anincident during the period of insurance. Examples of incidentsinclude, hail, storm (including cyclone), fire, theft and collision.We also cover your legal liability to pay compensation for deathor bodily injury to other people, or loss or damage to theirproperty caused by the use of your caravan.Exclusion for new policiesWe do not insure you for bushfire, storm, flood ortsunami in the first 72 hours of your policy. Very limitedexceptions apply. For full details see page 25 in section3 ‘Things we don’t cover’.What we payThe most we will pay for any one incident is the amount insuredfor your caravan as shown on your schedule, unless we sayotherwise in your policy.We will also pay: up to 20 million for all claims from any one incident forlegal liability covered by this policy including all associatedlegal costs; up to the limits outlined under the relevant Additional andOptional covers.This is a summary only. Like all policies, there areconditions, limits and exclusions that apply so you needto read your policy for full details.Additional covers that come with your policyThere are some additional covers that come with your policy forno extra cost. See section 5 ‘Additional covers that come withyour policy’ on page 37 for more information.3

Optional covers you can pay extra forThere are some optional covers that you have to pay extra for.If an optional cover applies to your policy it is shown on yourschedule. See section 6 ‘Optional covers you can pay extrafor’ on page 47 for more information. Optional covers are notavailable if you insure a trailer or horsefloat.Summary of coverWhat we cover depends on the type of cover you have chosenand whether you are insuring a caravan, camper trailer, 5thwheeler, slide on, trailer, horsefloat or tiny house on wheels.Read your policy for full details.Limits, conditions and exclusions apply. Please read your PDSfor full details.What we coverAustraliawideOn-siteonlyPageAccidental loss ordamage34Legal liability34Additional covers (these are covers that come withyour policy)What we dation – if yourcaravan is not your usualhome*38Temporaryaccommodation – if yourcaravan is your usualhome*38After claim expenses*39Emergency repairs39Removal of debris39New caravan after a totalloss for caravans lessthan 2 years old40Towing and storage costs41Tools and spare parts41Returning your caravanor contents to you42

Additional covers (continued)What we coverAustraliawideOn-siteonlyPageIncluded contents cover*43Included annexe cover*43Motor burnout*44Your liability undermaritime law45Veterinary expenses*45Horsefloat hire cover(only applies if you haveinsured a horsefloat)46* Does not apply to trailers or horsefloats.Optional covers (these are covers that you payextra for)What we coverAustraliawideOn-siteonlyPageAnnexe cover48Increased contents cover(not available if youhave insured a trailer orhorsefloat)48Hire use cover49Transporting your caravan(excluding towing) cover505

What todoWe understand that experiencing lossor damage or having a claim madeagainst you can be stressfulHere’s what to do:Step 1Make sure everyone is safe.For emergencies, call 000.Step 2Try to prevent further loss, damage or liability(e.g. move your caravan off the road and put onyour hazard lights).Step 3Report the incident to the police.If someone is injured or has stolen, attemptedto steal or maliciously damaged your caravan,call the police as soon as possible and recordthe time, date, report number and the name ofthe recording officer.Step 4Where possible, collect details of all drivers,passengers and witnesses including theirfull names, addresses and contact numbers.If another vehicle is involved, record itsregistration number and the driver’s name andaddress. Do not admit fault to anyone.Step 5Contact us as soon as possible by calling1800 112 481 or online.You will need to arrange a quote for repairs.If you cannot tow your caravan, you need toarrange for towing to your nearest repairerwhere a quote can be prepared.When you contact us, describe details of theincident to assist with lodging your claim. If thedamage was caused by another person, provideus their name and address and their vehicle’sregistration number.6

Contents1.Important things to know upfront 92.What we cover – the basics 173.Things we don’t cover 234.What we cover – the details 335.Additional covers come with your policy 376.Optional covers you can pay extra for 477.Making a claim 518.How we settle claims – some examples 619.Important things to know – our contract with you 6710. What to do if you have a complaint and other importantinformation 7111. Words with special meanings 75In this PDS you will be referred to the SecureTM CaravanInsurance Additional Information Guide. This guide isavailable at and contains furtherinformation about premiums, excesses and discounts.Please contact us for a free copy.Some words in this policy have special meanings. Mostof the words with special meanings are defined insection 11 ‘Words with special meanings’ on page 75.7

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1IMPORTANT THINGS TOKNOW UPFRONTBefore we get into the specifics of your policythere are important things to know upfront.This includes: information about your contract with us; information about your cooling off period; your responsibilities and when you need tocontact us; and information about the excesses that applyto your claim.9

Our agreement with youIf you buy this product from us, your contract of insurance ismade up of your schedule, this PDS and any SPDS that wehave given you.Cooling off periodYou can contact us to return the policy within 30 days from thestart date of your policy (including on renewal).This is called the cooling off period. As long as you have notmade a claim during this period, we will refund in full the moneyyou paid for your policy (including GST if applicable), but youwill not have any cover under the policy.Alternatively, you can cancel your policy at any time while youare insured. When you do this, unless we tell you otherwise,you will have cover up until the date and time of cancellation.For more information see ‘What happens with cancellations’ onpage 70.There are limits to what we will pay andsome things we don’t coverLike every insurance policy, there are exclusions, conditions andlimits that apply to your policy. There are some things we don’tcover whatever the circumstances, these are found in section3 ‘Things we don’t cover’ on pages 23 to 32. There are alsospecific things we don’t cover explained in sections 4 to 6 onpages 33 to 50 which are particular to the cover provided underyour policy.In this PDS we useandicons to help describewhat’s covered and what’s not covered.Extra SupportSometimes your circumstances might mean you need additionalsupport or assistance in dealing with us. This could be dueto your physical or mental health, family or financial situationor cultural background. If you are comfortable, you can tellus about your situation and we will work with you to arrangesupport.10

Your responsibilities take steps to prevent loss or damage, for example:– for a registered caravan, move your caravan away fromrising flood waters;– when the caravan is not attached to a vehicle, fit a couplinglock and secure the wheels;– when the caravan is attached to an unattended vehicle,keep that vehicle locked;– lock all doors and windows when your caravan isunattended;– do not leave contents in an unsecured annexe;– for a registered caravan, keep your caravan in a safe androadworthy condition (e.g. replace worn out tyres, worn outbrakes and defective lights). See section 3 ‘Things we don’tcover’ on pages 23 to 32 for exclusions that may apply;– keep your caravan structurally sound, watertight, secureand well maintained (e.g. maintain seals, fix leaks, removemould, repair paint problems, major rust, corrosion,cracking and blistering, repair major scratches or dents, fixmechanical and electrical problems); follow all the terms, conditions and responsibilities set out inyour policy; provide honest and complete information for any claim,statement or document supplied to us; do not behave in a way that is abusive, dangerous, hostile,improper or threatening when engaging with us and ourservice providers.Not meeting your responsibilitiesYour policy may not provide cover if you have not met yourresponsibilities and it may lead us to reduce or refuse to payyour claim and/or cancel your policy.When you need to contact usDuring the period of insurance you must tell us as soon aspossible if: you or anyone who is likely to tow your caravan has theirdriver licence cancelled, suspended, disqualified or restricted; you or any person who is likely to tow your caravan has beencharged with or convicted of, a criminal act or offence; you have had another insurer cancel or decline an insurancepolicy, impose specific conditions on a policy or refuse aclaim; any details on your schedule are no longer accurate andcomplete, including but not limited to your caravan (see page18) or the address where you keep your caravan;11

When you need to contact us cont. the disclosed drivers who tow your caravan change; there are any changes to the physical condition of yourcaravan; you plan to, or have, added accessories or modifications toyour caravan (see page 18); you no longer plan to use your caravan for private use only(see ‘Private use’ page 80).If you have not told us about any of the above matters havingoccurred in any other period of insurance when you held thispolicy with us, you must also tell us as soon as possible.What we will do when you contact usWhen you tell us about any of the above matters an additionalexcess, additional premium or special condition may be appliedto your policy. In some cases, it may lead us to reduce or refuseto pay a claim or it may mean we can no longer insure you andwe will cancel your policy.If you do not contact usIf you do not contact us when you need to you may not becovered under your policy and it may lead us to reduce orrefuse to pay a claim and/or cancel your policy.How to contact usCall us on 1800 112 481.If your contact details changeYou must keep your contact details, including your Australianmobile number, postal address and email address up to date. Ifwe do not have up to date contact details you might not receiveyour important policy documents which could impact whetheryou have cover in place.When you replace your caravanIf you replace your caravan with another caravan, we willinsure the replacement caravan, up to its market value on thesame terms and for the same type of cover as the replacedcaravan as if a reference to ‘your caravan’ in this PDS is to yourreplacement caravan.Cover is provided from the date you bought the replacementcaravan until you contact us to insure your replacement caravan,up to a maximum of 14 days.We do not provide any cover under this policy for a replacementcaravan outside the cover stated in this section ‘When youreplace your caravan’.12

Special conditionsWe may apply special conditions on your policy that mightexclude, restrict or extend cover. For example, we may requireadditional security because of the high value of your caravanor because your on-site caravan is going to be unoccupied.Any imposed conditions will be listed on your schedule. It isimportant that you read your schedule carefully.What is the No Claim Bonus?A No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount off your premium as areward for your good insurance history. On each renewal, yourdiscount will increase provided you haven’t made any claimsthat affect your NCB. If you are eligible your NCB will keepincreasing until you reach the maximum discount level. YourNCB is shown on your schedule.Refer to the SecureTM Caravan Insurance AdditionalInformation Guide for more information about discounts.13

Excesses that apply to your claimWhat is an excess?An excess is the amount you pay towards the cost of your claimfor each incident covered by your policy. The total excess youare required to pay is determined by the circumstances of yourclaim. You might have to pay more than one type of excess. Theamount and types of excesses are shown on your schedule.The different types of excesses are:Excess TypeBasic excessThis excess applies to all claims unless yourpolicy states no excess applies to your claim.Transportation This excess applies if the ‘transportingexcessyour caravan’ option is shown in yourschedule and where your caravan is beingtransported by road (excluding where yourcaravan is being towed), rail or sea atthe time of the incident. This excess is inaddition to all other excesses that apply.Age excess(drivers oftowing vehicleaged 16-20years old)This excess applies if a driver aged 16 to20 years old was towing, using or in chargeof your caravan at the time of the incident.This excess also applies to learner driversaged 16 to 20 years old. This excess is inaddition to all other excesses that apply.Age excess(drivers oftowing vehicleaged 21-24years old)This excess applies if a driver aged 21 to24 years old was towing, using or in chargeof your caravan at the time of the incident.This excess also applies to learner driversaged 21 to 24 years old. This excess is inaddition to all other excesses that apply.Hire useexcessThis excess increases the basic excess ifyou have the ‘Hire use cover’ option shownon your schedule. The total basic excess isshown on your schedule.UnderwritingexcessThis excess may be imposed based on adriver’s history, the claims history or type ofcaravan. If an underwriting excess appliesto your policy it will be shown on yourschedule. This excess is in addition to allother excesses that apply.Off-roadexcessThis excess applies when your caravan isdamaged whilst being towed on any beachor any dirt or unsealed road. This excess isin addition to all other excesses that apply.14

Excess TypeInexperienceddriver excessThis excess applies if an inexperienceddriver was towing, using or in charge of yourcaravan at the time of the incident. Thisexcess is in addition to all other excessesthat apply.Note: An inexperienced driver is someonewho is 25 years or over and has not helda driver licence specific to the vehicletype that is towing the caravan for at leastthe past 2 consecutive years prior to theincident. It includes learner drivers 25 yearsor over.For example: if your caravan has been damaged in twoseparate incidents, then you have to make 2 claimsand pay the excesses that apply for each claim. If twoseparate sides of your caravan are damaged in thesame incident, you make 1 claim and pay the excessesin relation to 1 claim only.Refer to the SecureTM Caravan Insurance AdditionalInformation Guide for more information about excesses.How to pay your excessYou can choose from the following options to pay yourexcess(es): you can pay the excess(es) directly to us before we finaliseyour claim; the excess(es) can be deducted from the amount we pay youunder your claim (if any); in some instances, the excess(es) can be paid to theappointed repairer or supplier; or in some instances, the excess(es) can be deducted from theamount we pay to another person for loss or damage to theirproperty.We will not cover any legal or other costs that arise because ofany delay in paying the excess.15

When your excess will be waivedYou pay the excess but if:1You or the drivertowing your caravandidn’t cause theaccident (thismeans the otherdriver was entirelyat-fault). You maybe able to showthis by providing apolice report, expertreports, a statementfrom a witness orphotographs. 2Yousupplytheat-faultdriver’snameandaddress 3You supplythe at-faultvehicle’sregistrationnumber You don’tpay anexcessIf 1, 2 and 3 are there, you don’t pay an excess. If ANY aremissing, you will need to pay an excess.Note: If you cannot supply the at-fault driver’s name, addressand vehicle registration number it means we will not be able towaive your excess. It does not otherwise impact the cover underyour policy or your ability to make a claim.16

2WHAT WE COVER – THEBASICSThis section describes the basics of: what we cover and do not cover as yourcaravan; what we cover and do not cover as yourcontents and the limits that apply; what we cover as your annexe; who we cover.17

What we cover as your caravanWecoverYour caravan as described on your schedule.It includes the following that are fitted to yourcaravan that you have told us about and are shownon your schedule: accessories; and modifications.Your caravan also includes: any of its fixtures and fittings other than thoselisted under the definition of contents; standard equipment fitted by the originalmanufacturer for the particular make and modelof caravan; manufacturer supplied tools and spare parts; gas cylinder(s); for On-site only cover: tropical and free standingroofs and garden sheds located on the site ofthe insured unregistered on-site caravan.Note: When you have insured your camper trailer,5th wheeler, slide on, trailer, horsefloat or tinyhouse on wheels, ‘your caravan’ means the campertrailer, 5th wheeler, slide on, trailer, horsefloat ortiny house on wheels shown on your schedule.Wedon’tcoverYour caravan does not include: a motorised caravan; a motorhome or a converted bus; a semi-trailer; your annexe; anything defined as contents.What are accessories?An accessory is an addition to your caravan which doesnot enhance the performance or change the structureof the caravan e.g. bike racks or tropical roofs.What are modifications?Modifications are alterations made to the manufacturer’sstandard body, suspension, wheels or paintwork of yourcaravan which may affect its performance, value, safetyor appearance e.g. wheelchair access, raising the drawbar.18

What we cover as your contentsWecoverContents means any of the following items thatyou either own or are legally responsible for: removable furniture, furnishings, carpets, floorrugs; portable household electrical appliances; clothing and personal belongings; cash, smart cards, phone cards, documents ableto be cashed or traded, vouchers, tickets ormoney orders; sporting equipment; personal computers, electronic tablets, laptopsand any equipment that is part of or belongs tothem; standard purchased software (but not data ofany kind or custom written software); commercially produced audio and video media,and computer and game console software; photographic equipment; watches, pieces of jewellery; items made of or containing gold or silver; binoculars; bicycles; fishing equipment.Wedon’tcoverContents does not include: any item that is included in the definition of yourcaravan or your annexe; livestock, fish, birds, animals of any kind; lawns, hedges, trees, shrubs, plants; unregistered or unlicensed firearms; motor vehicles, motorcycles, motorised scooters,trail bikes, mini bikes, trailers, horsefloats or anyequipment that is part of or belonging to any ofthese; aircraft, watercraft or any equipment that is partof or belongs to either of these; drones; personal transportation vehicles; skis, surfboards, stand up paddle boards,surf-skis or wind-surfers, surf-mats, surfingequipment or diving equipment, or anyaccessories for surfing and diving equipment; any pictures, works of art, antiques, curios, furs,collections of stamps, medals, coins or othercollectables;19

What we cover as your contents cont.Wedon’tcover(cont.) manuscripts, deeds or other documents; precious metals, uncut or unset gems andstones; bullion; musical instruments; tents; mobile phones, CB radios or satellite phones; food and beverage (other than that covered in‘After claim expenses’ on page 39); contents kept in a trailer or horsefloat; contents that you do not own or are not legallyresponsible for.The most we will pay for all contentsThe most we will pay for loss or damage in any one incidentto all contents is 1,000 in total if you only have the ‘Includedcontents cover’.There are also fixed limits that apply to certain contents items.These limits are set out in the table below:Item or type of itemLimits for any one incidentCash, smart cards, phonecards, documents able to becashed or traded, vouchers,tickets or money ordersLimited to 200 in totalBicyclesLimited to 1,000 in totalFishing equipmentLimited to 500 in totalWatches, pieces of jewellery,items made of or containinggold or silver, binoculars andphotographic equipmentLimited to 2,000 in total(when the ‘Included contentscover’ plus optional ‘Increasedcontents cover’ shown onyour schedule is above thisamount).All other contents items ortypes of items.Limited to 3,000 for eachcontents item or type of item(when the ‘Included contentscover’ plus optional ‘Increasedcontents cover’ shown onyour schedule is above thisamount).You can choose to increase your contents cover bypurchasing the optional ‘Increased contents cover’ onpage 48, but the limits in the table above will still apply.20

What we cover as your annexeYour annexe means the structure designed to be attachedto your caravan for the purpose of providing additionalaccommodation.We provide limited cover for your annexe underAdditional cover ‘Included annexe cover’, see page 43.You can buy extra cover for your annexe by choosingto purchase the optional cover ‘Annexe cover’, seepage 48. We will only provide the optional cover foryour annexe if you ask us and you pay the additionalpremium. If you select this cover it will be shown onyour schedule.Who we coverWe cover you or anyone you authorise to tow your caravan,subject to the conditions and exclusions of your policy.21

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3THINGS WE DON’T COVERThere are some things we don’t cover underyour policy and we want to be upfront aboutthis.Remember, there are also specific things wedon’t cover in sections 4 to 6, see pages 33to 50.23

You are not covered under any section of this policyfor damage, loss, cost or legal liability that is causedby or arises from or involves:Actions or movements of the seaany action or movements of the sea.Agreements you enter intoany agreement or contract you, or someone you authorised totow or be in charge of your caravan, enter into accepting liability,but we will provide cover if the legal liability would have existedwithout that agreement or contract.Alcohol, drugs, medicationan incident occurring when your caravan is being towed by, or isin the charge of, anyone who: was under the influence of, or had their judgement affectedby, any alcohol, drug or medication; had more than the legal limit for alcohol or drugs in theirbreath, blood, saliva or urine as shown by analysis; refused to take a test for alcohol, drugs or medication.But we will pay a claim: for you (but not the driver or person in charge of your carand/or caravan) if your car and/or caravan was stolen; if it can be demonstrated that the above alcohol/drugs/medication intake was not a contributing factor in the incident.Animals animals of any kind that you own or are in your custody orcontrol, but we will cover veterinary expenses (see page 45); actions of animals of any kind that you do not own (includinginsects, moths, termites, vermin, birds or bats) but we willcover impact damage by an animal you do not own.Application of heatloss or damage to property occasioned by it undergoing anyprocess involving the application of heat.Asbestosasbestos, asbestos fibres or derivatives of asbestos of any kind.Biological, chemical, other pollutant or contaminant any actual or threatened use, existence or release of anybiological, bacterial, viral, germ, chemical or poisonoussubstance, pollutant or contaminant; any looting or rioting following the actual or threatenedrelease of any biological, bacterial, viral, germ, chemical orpoisonous substance, pollutant or contaminant; any action taken by a public authority to prevent, limit orremedy the actual or threatened release of any biological,bacterial, viral, germ, chemical or poisonous substance,pollutant or contaminant.24

You are not covered under any section of this policyfor damage, loss, cost or legal liability that is causedby or arises from or involves:Bushfires, storms, floods, tsunamis in the first 72 hours ofcoverany loss or damage caused by a bushfire, storm, flood ortsunami in the first 72 hours of cover. But we will cover theseincidents if this policy began on the same day: you bought your caravan; that another policy covering your caravan expired orcancelled, but not when you cancelled the policy prior toits expiry date, and only up to the value covered under theexpired or cancelled policy (any increase in value will not becovered for these events for the first 72 hours specified).Business use or carrying goods for trade purposesyour caravan while it is being used for business purposesincluding in connection with: an occupation or business; carrying goods for trade purposes; a caravan hire business (but we will provide cover to theextent available under the optional cover ‘Hire use cover’ if itis shown on your schedule); any caravan or motor trade.Communicable diseaseany loss, damage, claim, cost, expense, legal liability or othersum, directly or indirectly arising out of, or attributable to, aCommunicable Disease or the fear or threat (whether actual orperceived) of a Communicable Disease.Condition of caravan, annexe or contents any mould, mildew, rot, wear and tear, gradual deterioration,corrosion, rusting, depreciation, lack of maintenance, fading,rising damp, action of light, atmospheric or climatic conditions,such as but not limited to:– wear and tear of flooring, furniture, fixtures or fittings;– worn out tyres, brakes and defective lights. mechanical, structural, gas, electrical or electronic breakdown,failure or breakage; your caravan if it was damaged, unsafe or un-roadworthy atthe time of the incident.Confiscation or repossessionlegal confiscation or repossession of your caravan or its contents.25

You are not covered under any section of this policyfor damage, loss, cost or legal liability that is causedby or arises from or involves:Dangerous goodsyour caravan being used to illegally store or transport: substances that pollute or contaminate; dangerous or hazardous goods.Deliberate damage to a reservoir or damdeliberate or malicious damage to, or destruction of, a reservoiror dam, or any looting or rioting following such an incident.Destruction or repossession of your caravanany person or organisation who lawfully confiscates, destroys ortakes possession of your caravan.Electrical fault or gas leakan electrical fault in the wiring or gas leak in your caravan, wherethe electrical wiring or gas fittings were installed or previouslyrepaired by an unlicensed or unqualified person.Erecting, dismantling, modifying or repairing your annexeerecting, dismantling, modifying or repairing your annexe.Escape of waterwater escaping from a shower recess, shower base or aninadequate drainage system.Extra costs or other losses following an incident coveredby your policyextra costs or losses (financial and non-financial loss) followingan incident covered by your policy, including but not limited to: loss of income or wages; the value of your caravan or annexe (including its trade-in orresale value) is less after being repaired; cleaning costs but we will cover cleaning costs under‘Caravan legal liability’ (see page 34); costs, including the cost of your time, to prove your loss orto help us with your claim (e.g. phone calls, postage) unlessstated otherwise in your policy; medical expenses; cost of hiring appliances after you suffer loss or damage; professional, expert, legal, co

Insurance CIL Insurance was formed in 1962 to cater for the needs of the caravan industry. Since then, CIL Insurance has grown to be a specialist Recreational Vehicle (RV) insurer. This Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is an important document that