Travel InsuranceProduct Disclosure StatementEffective 29 September 2021For a quote or to find out more:1300 728 insurer of this product is Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ZAIL),ABN 13 000 296 640, AFS Licence Number 232507.

Table of ContentsProduct Disclosure Statement (PDS)3-82Why Choose Australia Post Travel insurance?3How To Buy3The Purpose of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)3Cooling-of Period4Contact Us45Cruise CoverThe Cover6Benefits Tables6-9Policy Inclusions and choices10-1210Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip10Areas of Travel11Excess ChoicesSchengen VisaCancellation CoverExtending Your JourneyOptions To Vary CoverLuggageIncrease Your Rental Car Insurance Excess Cover Activities Included In Your CoverMotorcycle/Moped RidingSnow Skiing, Snowboarding And SnowmobilingTravel and HealthExisting Medical ConditionsPregnancyHealth of other people impacting Your travel(non-traveller)24 Hour Emergency AssistanceClaimsInformation To Know Before You BuyWho Is The Insurer?Who Is Travel Insurance Partners?Who Is Australia Post?When And How Are Benefits Provided?Duty to take reasonable care not to make amisrepresentationThe Amount You Pay For This InsuranceHow Various Factors Affect The Amount PayableHow A Claim Settlement Is CalculatedPolicy WordingWords With Special MeaningPolicy ConditionsThe BenefitsGeneral ExclusionsGeneral InformationThe Financial Claims SchemeAdditional Policy InformationChange Of Terms And ConditionsGeneral Insurance Code Of PracticeCancelling Your Policy and RefundsYour PrivacyComplaints and Disputes Resolution ProcessFinancial Services Guide Statement (FSGS)2 Product Disclosure -87Why Choose Australia PostTravel insurance?Australia Post delivers great value travel insuranceyou can depend on. We have plans to cover yourinternational or domestic trip and for frequenttravellers, we have an annual multi-trip option.When you’re overseas, if you fall ill or become injured,it can be expensive. This policy includes access to our24 hour emergency assistance team who can take careof hospital payments and monitor your care.Travelling can be an amazing experience, but if theunexpected occurs, you can depend on Australia PostTravel Insurance.How To Buy Buy travel insurance online Or call 1300 728 015 to purchase a policy over thephone (available 7 days).The Purpose Of The ProductDisclosure Statement (PDS)The PDS provides information to help you understandthis travel insurance policy, compare cover and makean informed decision about whether to buy a policy.Please read the PDS carefully to ensure it providesthe cover you need. If you have any questions pleasecontact us.The PDS details; the plans and benefits – read these together with theoptions to vary cover; the Cruise cover required if You are booking amulti-night cruise; requirements if You have an Existing MedicalCondition or are pregnant; obligations in relation to Your duty to takereasonable care not to make a misrepresentation; definitions of ‘words with special meaning’ wherethey are used in the policy; and what is and isn’t covered.When you purchase a policy, keep a copy of this PDSand the Certificate of Insurance we’ll give you in a safeplace for future reference.To find out more: call 1300 728 015 3

Cooling-of PeriodCruise CoverYou can cancel or change Your policy at any timebefore You leave Home. If You cancel this policy forany reason within the cooling-off period which is within21 days of the date of purchase, We will give You Yourmoney back.Will you be travelling for 2 or more nights on a cruise?Our cooling-off period ensures a refund of the entirepremium unless You have already made a claim underthe policy or departed on Your Journey.If You wish to cancel Your policy and receive a fullrefund, please contact the providing entity within thecooling-off period.If Your cruise is overseas or outside Australian CoastalWaters, to be insured for claims relating to a cancelledcruise, cruise travel or that occur while on a cruise, Youmust tell Us You are doing a cruise and pay an extrapremium to have cover. Cruise Cover will then be shownon Your Certificate of Insurance.If You do not tell Us about Your cruise, claims in anyway related to Your multi-night cruise, and multi-nightcruise travel or that arise while on a multi-night cruiseare specifically excluded by this policy.Contact UsWhen don’t I need to add Cruise Cover?Customer Service not travelling on a cruise;You don’t need to add cruise cover if You are:1300 728 015 on a cruise for only one night;[email protected] only taking a ferry trip;Australia Post Travel Insurance, c/o Travel InsurancePartners, PO Box 168 North Sydney NSW 2060 are cruising in Australia (e.g. on the Murray River) or inAustralian coastal waters (e.g. a Kimberley Cruise); orClaims1300 728 015 are sailing. (Note: Sailing is not covered inInternational .auAustralia Post Travel Insurance, c/o Travel InsurancePartners, PO Box 168 North Sydney NSW 2060Existing Medical Conditions1300 728 .auAustralia Post Travel Insurance, c/o Travel InsurancePartners, PO Box 168 North Sydney NSW 206024 Hour Emergency AssistanceSee page 31.4 Product Disclosure StatementTo find out more: call 1300 728 015 5

The Cover - International PlansBenefts TableThis is only a summary of the benefits provided. Pleaseread the PDS carefully to understand what this policycovers. Importantly, please note that conditions,exclusions, limits and sub-limits ive PlanInternationalBasic Plan1Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses(including emergency repatriation/evacuation)Yes Unlimited# Unlimited#2*Additional ExpensesYes Unlimited Unlimited3*Amendment or CancellationYesCover chosen -4*Luggage and Personal Effects 12,000-Item limit for a camera or video camera 4,000Item limit for laptop or tablet computer 3,000Yes 1,000-Item limit for an artificial limb, removable dental appliance,dentures or medical device e.g. hearing aids, CPAP machine 1,000-Item limit for any other item 1,000-Item limit for a phone5Travel DocumentsYes 5,000-6*Delayed Luggage AllowanceYes 1,100-7MoneyNo 250-8Rental Car Insurance ExcessNo 3,000-9*Travel DelayNo 2,000-10Resumption of JourneyYes 3,000-11Special EventsYes 5,000-12*Hospital IncidentalsNo 5,000-13*Loss of IncomeNo 10,000 -14*DisabilityNo 25,000 10,000 15*Accidental DeathNo 25,000 10,00016Personal LiabilityNo 5,000,000 5,000,000Single Trip or AnnualMulti-TripSingle Trip or AnnualMulti-TripCruise Cover see page 5.#Plan TypesCover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illnessor injury.*Sub-limits apply.6 Product Disclosure Statement Cover chosen applies per policy, see page 11. Maximum liability collectively for Sections 13, 14 and 15 is 25,000 on the International Comprehensive Plan.To find out more: call 1300 728 015 7

The Cover - Domestic PlanBenefts TableThis is only a summary of the benefits provided. Pleaseread the PDS carefully to understand what this policycovers. Importantly, please note that conditions,exclusions, limits and sub-limits apply.BeneftsExcessApplies?Domestic Plan2*Additional ExpensesYes 10,0003*Amendment or CancellationYes 10,0004*Luggage and Personal Effects 6,000Item limit for a camera or video camera 3,500Item limit for laptop or tablet computer 3,000Item limit for a phone, smart watch or a drone (with orwithout a camera)YesItem limit for an artificial limb, removable dental appliance,dentures or medical device e.g. hearing aids, CPAPmachine 1,000 1,000Item limit for any other item 1,0005Travel DocumentsYes 4,0008Rental Car Insurance ExcessNo 3,0009*Travel DelayNo 1,00014*DisabilityNo 10,000 15*Accidental DeathNo 10,000 16Personal LiabilityNo 5,000,000Plan TypesSingle Trip or Annual Multi-Trip*Sub-limits apply. Cover chosen applies per policy, see page 11. Maximum liability collectively for Sections 14 and 15 is 10,000 on the Domestic Plan.8 Product Disclosure StatementTo find out more: call 1300 728 015 9

Policy inclusions and choicesSingle Trip or Annual Multi-TripYou can choose a policy to cover one Single Trip or,if You are a frequent traveller, rather than buying aSingle Trip policy each time You travel, You may wantto buy an Annual Multi-Trip policy.With Our Annual Multi-Trip policy You can select fromthe available choices, a Journey duration to suit Yourneeds and be covered for an unlimited number ofJourneys up to the maximum Journey duration chosen.For Your Journey to be covered by the Annual Multi-Trippolicy, Your destination must be more than 250kilometres from Home or, if less than that, Your tripmust include at least one night paid accommodationbooked with an accommodation supplier or provider(including a hotel, Bed & Breakfast (B&B), servicedapartment or peer to peer service such as Airbnb).Areas of TravelWhere You travel will influence Your premium.Single Trip: You will need to choose the maindestination based on where You will spend the mosttime on Your Journey.Annual Multi-Trip: You will need to choose the areawhich will cover all of Your trips for the year.Note: If 20% or more of any Journey will be spent in theAmericas or Africa, You must nominate the areaincluding these countries as the main destination.What about a cruise? In Australia (e.g. on the Murray River) or in Australiancoastal waters (e.g. a Kimberley Cruise) – Pleasechoose or enter “Australia” From a port in Australia to another port or ports inAustralia without any stopover at a port outsideof Australia (e.g. a ‘Sampler Cruise’, a cruise fromSydney to Brisbane) - these cruises go outside ofAustralian Coastal Waters – Please choose or enter“Domestic Cruising”.10 Product Disclosure Statement Overseas (e.g. a European river cruise, Caribbeancruise or a cruise from Hong Kong to Sydney) or froma port in Australia to another port or ports outsideAustralia (e.g. Sydney/Singapore) – Please choose orenter the main area or destination/country based onwhere You will spend the most time on Your trip.Choose An ExcessWhen travelling internationally You can choose theexcess. The higher the excess chosen, the lower thepremium. The excess will be shown on Your Certificateof Insurance and only applies in the event of a claim.When You make a claim arising from the one event, anexcess (if applicable) will only be applied once.Schengen VisaOur International Comprehensive Plan provides unlimited benefit for expenses which might arisein connection with repatriation for medical reasons,urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospitaltreatment and up to 30,000EUR for overseas funeralexpenses or repatriation of Your remains.CancellationThe International Comprehensive Plan does notautomatically include cancellation cover however, Youcan add the amount of cancellation cover that suitsYou. Select an amount from the options available atthe time of applying for cover.The level of cancellation cover You choose will influenceYour premium. Typically people look to choose anamount that will cover all prepaid travel tickets, hotels,tours or other travel related expenses for all travellerson the policy.The level of cover You choose will be the total amountof cover available under Section 3: Amendment orCancellation, on a per policy basis and will be shown onYour Certificate of Insurance.There is no cancellation cover on the InternationalBasic Plan.To find out more: call 1300 728 015 11

Extending Your JourneyIf You are travelling and wish to be insured for longerthan the original period shown on Your originalCertificate of Insurance, You need to purchase a newpolicy by calling or emailing Travel Insurance Partnersprior to the expiry date. It is not an extension of theprevious policy. Your Certificate of Insurance will beadjusted with the new dates.Please note: Should a medical condition present itself before thenew policy is issued, it may be considered an ExistingMedical Condition under a new policy. Therefore itmay not be covered by the new policy. Purchasing alonger duration up front may avoid this risk.Options to vary coverLuggage and Personal EfectsIt is Your responsibility to provide Us with evidenceto support Your claim for an item. This is ‘proofof ownership’. We will accept the original or a copy of a purchasereceipt, invoice and/or bank statement showingthe purchase, the date of the purchase and theamount paid. We may consider valuation certificates (issuedprior to the Relevant Time), ATM receipts andwarranty cards with accompanying bank statementof purchases. Restrictions on the duration of the new policy mayapply. For example, the maximum overall period forWorldwide cover is 12 months in total. We will not accept photographs, packaging orinstruction manuals as proof of ownership. If You can’t return Home on Your original date due toan unforeseeable circumstance outside Your control,the policy will automatically extend. See policycondition 9. Free Extension Of Insurance on page46 for details. Don’t check in Your Valuables – keep them with Youas they’re not covered by Us when checked-in withthe Transport Provider (unless security regulationsmeant You were forced to check them in).Safety of Your belongings and limits to the cover Items left Unattended in any motor vehicle (forexample, a car, campervan or motorhome) ortowed land vehicle during daylight hours are notcovered, unless they are stored in the ConcealedStorage Compartment of the locked motor vehicleor towed land vehicle and forced entry was gained.A limit of 500 per item and a maximum of 2,000 intotal applies. Don’t leave items Unattended in ANY motor vehicle ortowed land vehicle overnight, as they’re not covered. Don’t walk away from or leave Your belongingsUnattended in a Public Place. They’re not coveredby Us. Report any loss or theft to the police within 7 daysof when You first become aware of the incident, as apolice report is required so We can validate that theincident occurred. Also, Your belongings may havebeen handed in and may be recovered or the policemay have a chance to follow up an alleged crime. Additionally, We require the relevant report fromthe related party. For example, an Airline PropertyIrregularity Report (PIR) is also required if Your itemswere lost or stolen when travelling with an airline.12 Product Disclosure StatementTo find out more: call 1300 728 015 13

If You are unable to provide Us with a copy ofthe relevant report, You must provide Us with areasonable explanation and details of the timeand place You made the report, including theircontact details. Check out these words with special meaningmentioned above and in Words with special meaningpages 38-43.“Valuables” means articles made of or containinggold, silver or precious metals; binoculars; jewellery;mobile phones; photographic, audio, video, tabletcomputer, computer and electrical equipment ofany kind (including but not limited to devices suchas drones, computer games, portable navigationequipment or media); precious stones; smart phones;telescopes and watches.“Unattended” means not on Your person or withinYour sight and reach.“Concealed Storage Compartment” means a boot,glove box, enclosed centre console, or concealedcargo area.“Public Place” means any place the public hasaccess to, including but not limited to airports, busterminals, buses, cruise ships, planes, stations, taxis,trains, wharves and beaches, galleries, hostels,hotels, hotel foyers and grounds, museums, privatecar parks, public toilets, shops, streets, restaurantsand general access areas.Luggage item limits automatically included in YourcoverDepending on the plan You choose, We providecover for any one item, set or pair of items (includingattached and unattached accessories), up to thefollowing limits, after taking into account reasonabledepreciation. See Section 4: Luggage and PersonalEffects for depreciation rates and an example of how aclaim is worked nPhone 1,000 1,000Smart watch 1,000 1,000Camera 4,000 3,500Video camera 4,000 3,500Drone (with orwithout camera) 1,000 1,000Laptop computer 3,000 3,000Tablet computer 3,000 3,000Artificial limb 1,000 1,000Dentures (full or partial) 1,000 1,000Removable dental appliance 1,000 1,000Medical device 1,000 1,000Increase luggage item limits*Jewellery 1,000 1,000You may be able to increase the item limit by payingan additional premium. Please ask us for a quote.Watch 1,000 1,000Any other item 1,000 1,000Receipts or valuations (less than 24 months old) mustbe available if requested by Us.The following are examples of items considered as oneitem for the purpose of this insurance (an item limitwill apply): Camera, lenses, tripods and camera accessories(attached or not) Smart phone and cover/case Matched or unmatched set of golf clubs, golf bagand buggy Necklace and pendant Charm bracelet and charms14 Product Disclosure Statement*There is no luggage cover on the InternationalBasic Plan.Increase Your Rental Car Insurance Excess Cover Hiring a car whilst away and not wanting to pay alarge excess if You have an accident? Our InternationalComprehensive and Domestic Plans automaticallycover a Rental Car insurance excess of 3,000. If thatis not enough cover, You can increase this amount bypaying an additional premium. There is no Rental Car insurance excess cover on theInternational Basic Plan.To find out more: call 1300 728 015 15

Activities Included In Your CoverSnow Skiing, Snowboarding And SnowmobilingWe know that not all travellers enjoy the same activitieswhilst travelling so We have a comprehensive list ofactivities which are covered while You are on Your Journey.Claims involving participation by You (during theJourney) in snow skiing, snowboarding or snowmobilingare specifically excluded from this policy.Our plans automatically include:If You wish to be covered for these activities duringYour Journey, You must pay an extra premium. To geta quote please visit orcall 1300 728 015. Abseiling Kayaking Archery Paragliding Ballooning Parasailing Bungy Jumping Skydiving Flying Fox Snorkelling Horse Riding White Water Rafting Jet Boating Working Holidays Jet SkiingEven if You pay the extra premium, You will only becovered if: You are skiing or snowboarding On-Piste; You are not racing; and You are not participating in a Professional capacity.Your participation in any of the activities listed issubject to the terms of cover and in particular GeneralExclusions 22-25 on page 75 and Section 16 PersonalLiability exclusions 3 and 4 on page 71.Motorcycle/Moped RidingClaims involving participation by You (during theJourney) in motorcycling or moped riding for anypurpose are specifically excluded from this policy.If You wish to be covered for this activity during YourJourney and be able to hire a motorcycle (including amoped) as the driver or a passenger, You must pay anextra premium. To get a quote please visit or call 1300 728 015.Even if You pay the extra premium, You will only becovered if: the engine capacity is 250cc or less; while in control of a motorcycle or moped You holda valid Australian motorcycle rider’s licence orAustralian motor vehicle driver’s licence; while You are a passenger the driver holds a validlicence for riding that vehicle; You are wearing a helmet; You are not participating in a Professional capacity; You are not racing; and You are not participating in motocross.Note: No cover will apply under Section 16 PersonalLiability. This means You are responsible to pay costsassociated with damage to the motorcycle, moped orproperty or injury to another person.16 Product Disclosure StatementTo find out more: call 1300 728 015 17

Travel And HealthWhat Is An Existing Medical Condition?Do You Have An Existing Medical Condition?“Existing Medical Condition” means a disease, illness,medical or dental condition or physical defect that, atthe Relevant Time, meets any one of the following:Claims which in any way relate to, or are exacerbatedby, an Existing Medical Condition or related newinfections are specifically excluded from this policyunless Your Existing Medical Condition is approvedby Us.What does this mean?If You have an Existing Medical Condition and forexample take medication to keep that conditionin check, it doesn’t mean You can’t purchasetravel insurance.It does however mean that You should tell Us about allYour Existing Medical Conditions including anything forwhich medication is prescribed so We can completean online health assessment and, if We approve, offerYou cover.If You choose to declare some conditions and notothers or choose not to declare any conditions, You runthe risk of a claim being denied. If You need to make aclaim We’ll check the medical health information withYour usual medical practitioner. See Existing MedicalConditions for more information.Assessing Your HealthSo We can assess the risk, We may also require You toanswer some questions about Your general health aswell as completing an online health assessment at thetime of applying for this travel insurance.Existing Medical Conditions(Of You or Your travelling companion)Cover for claims which in any way relate to, or areexacerbated by, an Existing Medical Condition orrelated new infections are specifically excluded fromthis policy. However, We may separately providecover for an Existing Medical Condition. If such coveris applied for and approved, an extra premiummay apply.a) Has required an emergency department visit,hospitalisation or day surgery procedure within thelast 12 months.b) Requires:(i) prescription medication from a qualifiedmedical practitioner;(ii) regular review or check-ups;(iii) ongoing medication for treatment or risk factorcontrol; or(iv) consultation with a specialist.c) Has:(i) been medically documented involving thebrain, circulatory system, heart, kidneys, liver,respiratory system or cancer; or(ii) required surgery involving the abdomen, back,brain, joints or spine that required at least anovernight stay in hospital.d) Is:(i) chronic or ongoing (whether chronic orotherwise) and medically documented;(ii) under investigation;(iii) pending diagnosis; or(iv) pending test results.“Relevant Time” in respect of:a) Single Trip policies means the time of issue ofthe policy.b) Annual Multi-Trip policies means the first time atwhich any part of the relevant trip is paid for orthe time at which the policy is issued, whicheveroccurs last.If You are unsure whether You have an Existing MedicalCondition, please contact us.18 Product Disclosure StatementTo find out more: call 1300 728 015 19

Getting Cover For Existing Medical ConditionsThere are 3 categories of Existing Medical Conditions: Conditions which cannot be covered Conditions We automatically include Conditions We need to assessPlease review each of the categories to determinewhich category applies.Existing Medical Conditions which cannot becoveredThis policy does not provide cover for claims which inany way relate to, or are exacerbated by: conditions involving drug or alcohol dependency; travel booked or undertaken against the advice ofany medical practitioner; routine or cosmetic medical or dental treatmentor surgery during the Journey, even if Your ExistingMedical Condition has been approved; conditions for which You are travelling to seek advice,treatment or review or to participate in a clinical trial.Medical conditions that are undiagnosed orawaiting specialist opinionWe are unable to offer cover for medical conditionsYou were aware of, or a person in Your circumstancesreasonably should have been aware of, or arising fromsigns or symptoms* that You were aware of or a personin Your circumstances reasonably should have beenaware of, at or before the Relevant Time, and for whichat that time: You had not yet sought a medical opinion regardingthe cause; You were currently under investigation to define adiagnosis; or You were awaiting specialist opinion.You will still be eligible for the other benefits providedby the policy but You may not apply for cover for anyExisting Medical Conditions. There will be no cover forclaims which in any way relate to, or are exacerbatedby, any Existing Medical Condition or any conditionwhere the points listed above apply.20 Product Disclosure StatementIf You receive a diagnosis before You depart on YourJourney, You may be able to complete a healthassessment and, if approved, add Existing MedicalCondition cover to Your policy by paying Us therequired premium.*Examples of signs or symptoms include, but are notlimited to, chest pain, shortness of breath, pain ordiscomfort in any part of Your body, persistent coughor unexplained bleeding.Existing Medical Conditions We AutomaticallyIncludeWe automatically include the Existing MedicalConditions listed in the table following provided: all Your Existing Medical Conditions are on this list; You have not been hospitalised or required treatmentby a medical practitioner in the last 12 months forany of the listed conditions; You are not under investigation for any of the listedconditions; You are not awaiting investigation, surgery,treatment or procedures for any of the listedconditions; and Your conditions satisfy the criteria in the tablefollowing.All time frames are measured in relation to theRelevant Time, unless specified otherwise.ConditionCriteriaAcneNo additional criteria.ADHDNo additional lergyIn the last 6 months, You haven’t requiredtreatment by a medical practitioner forthis condition.You have no known respiratory conditions (e.g.Asthma).To find out more: call 1300 728 015 21

Ear GrommetsYou don’t have an ear infection.EpilepsyYou don’t have an underlying medical condition(e.g. previous head trauma, Brain Tumouror Stroke).Gastric RefluxYour Gastric Reflux doesn’t relate to anunderlying diagnosis (e.g. Hernia/Gastric Ulcer).You have not previously been required to cancelor curtail Your travel plans due to Your Anxiety.GoitreNo additional criteria.You are less than 60 years of age when Youpurchase the policy.Graves’DiseaseNo additional criteria.In the last 12 months, You haven’t had anAsthma exacerbation requiring treatment by amedical practitioner.GoutNo additional criteria.Hiatus HerniaNo additional criteria.You have been a non-smoker for at least thelast 18 months.HipReplacementThe procedure was performed more than 12months ago and less than 10 years ago.You don’t need prescribed oxygen outside ofa hospital.KneeReplacementYou don’t have a chronic lung condition ordisease (whether chronic or otherwise) includingChronic Bronchitis, Chronic ObstructivePulmonary Disease (COPD), Emphysema orPulmonary Fibrosis.ShoulderReplacementYou haven’t had any post-operativecomplications related to that surgery. Postoperative complications include joint dislocationand infection.Bell’s PalsyNo additional criteria.BunionsNo additional criteria.You don’t have a known heart orcardiovascular condition.Carpal TunnelSyndromeNo additional criteria.Hypercholesterolaemia(HighCholesterol)You don’t have a known heart orcardiovascular condition.CataractsIn the last 90 days, You haven’t had anoperation for this condition.Hypertension(High BloodPressure)AnxietyYou have not been diagnosed with Depressionin the last 3 years.In the last 12 months, Your prescribedmedication hasn’t changed.You are not currently waiting to see amental health clinician (e.g. psychologistor psychiatrist).AsthmaGlaucomaHipResurfacingYour Hypertension is stable and managed byYour medical practitioner.You have no ongoing complications ofthis condition.CoeliacDiseaseNo additional criteria.CongenitalBlindnessNo additional criteria.CongenitalDeafnessNo additional criteria.DepressionYou have not been hospitalised for thiscondition in the last 2 years.In the last 12 months, Your prescribedmedication hasn’t changed.You are not currently waiting to see amental health clinician (e.g. psychologistor psychiatrist).You don’t have Diabetes (Type I or Type II).In the last 12 months, Your prescribed bloodpressure medication hasn’t changed.You aren’t suffering symptoms of Hypertension.You aren’t having investigations related toblood pressure.MigraineNo additional criteria.Peptic UlcerIn the last 12 months, the Peptic/Gastric Ulcerhas been stable.Gastric UlcerPlantarFasciitisNo additional criteria.Raynaud’sDiseaseNo additional criteria.You have not previously been required tocancel or curtail Your travel plans due toYour Depression.22 Product Disclosure StatementTo find out more: call 1300 728 015 23

Skin CancerYour Skin Cancer isn’t a Melanoma.What does this mean?Your Skin Cancer does not require any follow uptreatment e.g. chemotherapy, radiotherapy orfurther excision.For example, if You have COPD and are diagnosed witha respiratory infection, Your claim will not be coveredbecause We consider the respiratory infection tocomplicate and be a complication of the underlyingExisting Medical Condition, COPD.StenosingTenosynovitis(TriggerFinger)No additional criteria.Cardiovascular DiseaseUrinaryIncontinenceNo additional criteria.UnderactiveThyroidThe cause of Your Underactive/OveractiveThyroid wasn’t a tumour.You haven’t had chemotherapy or radiotherapyfor this condition.OveractiveThyroidExisting Medical Conditions We Need to assessIf Your condition: does not meet the criteria

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