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TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction To RightFax.3Objectives.3Accessing RightFax.4Incoming Faxes via Email.5RightFax Connect Utility.6Inbound Faxes in RightFax Connect Utility. 7RightFax Connect Utility Symbols.8Searching in RightFax Connect Utility.9Outbound Faxes in RightFax Connect Utility. 10Forward and Route Faxes in RightFax Connect Utility. 12Outbound Faxes in Outlook. 13Outbound Faxes in Office. 14Outbound Faxes in Task Bar. 15Help and Support Options. 160RowanUniversity p.2INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

Introduction to RightFaxThe RightFax system is a network solution for creating, sending, receiving, andmanaging faxes from your desktop computer. Users can retrieve incoming faxesdirectly from the RightFax system.This manual covers information about RightFax within Outlook and RightFaxConnect Utility.ObjectivesBy the end of this manual the user will be able to:1. Access Rightfax2. Receive a fax from Email3. Access RightFax Connect Utility4. Receive a fax from RightFax Connect Utility5. Search for a fax in RightFax Connect Utility6. Send out a fax in RightFax Connect Utility7. Send out a fax through Outlook8. Fax from a Microsoft Office Menu9. Fax from the Task Bar Tray10. Use Help Optionsp.30RowanUniversityINFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

ACCESSING RIGHTFAXThere are multiple ways to access the RightFax software. Incoming and outgoing faxes can beaccessed by email and through the RightFax Connect Utility application. There is a link to RightFaxin your system tray area in your task bar. Outgoing faxes can be sent using the print menu in yourexisting office program.Print Ignore,u[;JCleanUp,.XNew New s Faxl s Junk Email Items "' a fax StatusRightFaxNewX Ql Delete Reply,.v, 1:::C.e:,:.:, IEOUTBOUND FAX VIA EMAIL[:} AllAppsDocumentsWebApp '11111 oii:.(i:)./ Search the webCie-I RIGHTFAX INSYSTEM TRAY0RowanUniversity p.4INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGYRightFax FaxUtilPRightfax FaxUtil- See webresultsPrightfax faxutil webPrightfax faxutil 10.6d' OpenPrightfaxfaxut il iconCo RunasadministratorPrightfax faxutil clientPrightfax faxutil manualPrightfaxfaxut il statusApp[]Openfilelocation Unpinfromtaskbar-e::l Pint o Start@Uninstall,P rightfax faxutil downloadPrightfaxfaxut il instructions,P RightfaxFaxUtilRIGHTFAX CONNECT UTILITYReadyMicrosoft XPS DocumentWriterReadyIOneNote for Windows 1O RightFaxFax Printer Sendl O OneNote lb Snagit 2020IBest match·IMicrosoft Print to PDF More "' RightFax FaxUtil.ReadyAdd-InTell me moreReady(DFax.e:,0OneNotefor Windows10eVl9} .e:i9 Open Text RightFax Out lookR.atPrinterDeleteCreate a new message with fax capability.All:1 Send a fax [;]Copies: I 1Ready ReadyReadyAdd Printer.Print to FileOUTBOUND FAX VIAMICROSOFT OFFICE

INCOMING FAXES VIA EMAILWhen a fax has been received by RightFax, a notification should appear in the designated emailinbox.\0 [] N NJISABILLING Inbox NJISABILLING OutlookS.nd/ R eF leFolderconsults fteReply R Forward More·Email Items e;:. Reptr&DeleteRn pond,,favoritesg To Manotger Tum E-mailClf:anUp-SnrchCumntMailbox t - / Crute QuickStep1PCurrentMa,I Sent ItemslnboxDeletedltmu 598,, [email protected]:28AMDraftsPaula Coppinger -a JiRules O ote ,,.,rCJAddressBookUp T FilterEmail IIIllUnrud/Categorize.,,FollowiiiStoreR '""'""".""'IL PDF·I I Rept-,, Rept-,,AII Forwa1d8 Weter-r1owdertral ineb ruks fromthismMS.19e.RightfaxE-mailGateway7 pa9e folllor NJISAADMINISTRATIVEl rom ha1 arrived [Tel.7pa9tlollforNJISAADMINISTRATIVEfrom ha1arnved XA fax has arrived from remote ID".Alollha1a d!rom remote lO '"Alaxha,arrrvedfromremote lOSent ItemsDeleted ltmu 5980Rightf ax E·mail Gateway [email protected] Rightfax E-mail GatewayInt.ox -Q Tell me what you want lo doV,ewA fax has arrived from remote ID " .JunkEmailOutboxJunkE·MailRSSF Syn.clnue:s5/26/ 2D2D8:23:31 AM Transmission Record Receivedfrom remote ID ""Unique 10: NJISECC02FC6C30"Elapsedtime:4minutes,3seconds .Usedchannel 1 on server "RlGHTFAXAPPOl".ANI: "TA: ,TEL:1856r' Synclssue:slAOC:0, 0,0 Search Fold ived: 1· 7 DelegateID: ,, NJISA BILLINGDraftsSent ItemsDeletedltmuJunk EmailSearch FoldffiOnline[] -INBOUND FAX VIA EMAILIncoming faxes can be found in your inbox by selecting the designated email inbox for RightFaxin Outlook. Follow these steps to view inbound faxes in Outlook:1. Select the inbox or folder that has been established for RightFax incoming faxes.2. Select the email notification to see fax details.3. If the fax is able to be retrieved from the email notification, or as an attachment, open thefax from the email. For the example above, the fax has been sent in PDF format and can beopened the same way a standard email with a PDF attached can.4. If you cannot access the fax directly from the email notification, open the RightFax ConnectUtility to access your fax.If you need to have an inbox created for this step, or have a fax line converted to RightFax, pleasecontact Rowan Support at or ES& TECHNOLOGY

RIGHTFAX CONNECT UTILITYIn the RightFax Connect Utility application, incoming faxes can be accessed and viewed. If a faxhas been received via email but the email was deleted, the fax can still be accessed via the RightFaxConnect Utility application. In addition, faxes can be sent through the RightFax Connect r ]RightFaxFaxUtilAppSearchthe webRightFaxFaxUtilpRightfaxFaxUtil- Seeweb results prightfaxfaxutilweb prightfaxfaxutil10.6 o' Openprightfaxfaxutilicon Co Runas administratorprightfaxfaxutilclient prightfaxfaxutilmanual prightfaxfaxutilstatus prightfaxfaxutildownload prightfaxfaxutilinstructions App[] Openfilelocation Unpinfromtaskbar.,;::iPinto StartlfillUninstallf) RightfaxFaxUtilRIGHTFAX CONNECT UTILITY HOME SCREENOpen RightFax Connect Utility on your computer through either the start menu, desktop shortcut,the task bar, or applications folder.0RowanUniversity p.6INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

INBOUND FAXES IN RFC UTILITY Alle-RightFaxFaxUtilFilt: Fu:l ist 2oolsR19htf,x1pp(llIX.·"Rightfaxapp01 [RO ANADS\ l·.···tliAIIK,Km9 En.;.ii {10 RightfaxappOI[ROWANADS\IllliAJIV""", I Q.l io l !!ll 'llll l.i l , o,.1r-]To/Fn:m/FleIii M1inB Ht:lp]F,xturber/fo . lP e,,.Adv shI······· -. WonflowsII Otht:rUsers ·····i!i!! WorkflowsI - OtherUsers8·····Main l·······B Trash Ofur:slisted1 1····· INBOUND FAXES VIA RIGHTFAX UTILITYorkflowsInbound faxes can be accessed in the utility program by selecting the designated location withinthe application. Follow these steps to view inbound faxes in RightFax Connect Utility:1. Select the All folder to see the current faxes.2. If the All folder is not visible, select the sign next to the user folder. The All foldershould now be visible.3. To open the fax, double-click on the fax title.4. To make the fax appear darker, select the Tools menu, select Gray Scale, then select 16Shades.5. You can now Print, Email, or Save the fax. These options are found in the File menu.p.70RowanUniversityINFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

RFC UTILITYIn the RightFax Connect Utility application faxes can be sorted, viewed, and searched.Show25vfaxes I '-I .I I ti I Ii I '123 4 5Date/nme6 7Fax catagories 1 - 6: ITo/ From/RleIFaxNumber/E-m. IPages/Bytes IStatus7777Faxflags: sent iiJ received, .· printed, IMI convertedtotext (OCR), ti convertedto PDF, D or sent or receivedfaxforwardedto another RightFax user. In addition,flags can indicatethe certifieddeliverymessage, SMS message,& Emailed' · Fax routedto email.Status indicators:0 preparingfor transmission, transmitted, D not transmitteddueto error;will be retried,0 not transmitteddocumenttype:due to error;will not be retried.1. Indicates if the document was sent or received. Inboundfaxes are shown with a yellow down arrow and outboundfaxes are shown with a green up arrow.2. Indicates if the document was viewed.3. Indicates if the document was printed.4. Indicates if the document was OCRed.5. Indicates if the document has a PDF attached.6. Indicates if the document is Certified, Secure, or Email.7. The categories listed below can be used to sort faxesusing specific criteria. To change the criteria, right clickon the category and select a different option listed. Tosee more options, select the triangle at the end of the list.7Sa e Contents Print Items.The Fax Flags image is owned by RightFax. Indicateswhetherthis documentwas sent or received Indicateswhetheror not this documenthas beenviewed Indicateswhetheror not this documenthas been printed Indicateswhetheror not this documenthas been OCRed Indicateswhetheror not this documenthas a PDF Indicatestype of document(Certified, Secureor E-mail) Date/Time To/ From/File FaxNumber/E-maiVID Pages/ Bytes Status Billing Data1 BillingData2 UniqueID Owner Comment Folder Handle(hex) Numberof TX/RXRecords BinaryFileAttachmentBytes FolderID LastHistoryChange Gateway Fax HasTX/RXNotes Requesting a PDF Datafor newerversions Company Messagefrom Transport DID/ DNISpletion Time0RowanUniversity p.8INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY.I

RFC UTILITY SEARCH File Faxelp All R,ghtfaxappOI.8·IIf,tN FaxK,ng, Enca (100)Rightfaxopp01(ROWANADS\1aj AII d·oUser}1 I, ,i Forwardto Fa) Routeto'-'e1Kiitonfirrnal ,nI rm.Q I Phonebook Options O esR hAdvancedSearch.v faxesShow 25, ,,(i) 0. -. omb1ne SplitX-l)jiJ .,, 1J l!J -,-Oa- e /Tirne To- /from/-- fie-- fax- turber--/- E,n-.-. P-age,/8)!es St- atu- , ------ -/lvxo,,ri---- M llt- er--- --llli Main TrashIII - . WorkflowsIii Other Users 0 faxeslistedUTILITY SEARCH OPTIONSIf you have trouble locating a fax, you can search for the fax in the RightFax Connect Utility.1. In RightFax Connect Utility select the Tools menu, then the Search option.2. Or you can hold down the control key on the keyboard (command key for a mac), andtap the F key. This will bring up the same search bar in the RightFax Connect Utility.3. A search box will appear and you can type in anything that might help locate thefax. This includes the sender name, office name, title of the fax, or other identifyinginformation. Any faxes that meet the search criteria will appear.4. There is also an Advanced Search option on the home screen. This is another way todo an extensive search using a combination of criteria you set.XkAdvancedSearchFier mdWOO lk,w@Received andSentf;21MyOY«lfaKetFolderIAIIDOtherUsers andGroups @ Noner;;;; prirtconciionQ AJusers towhichl haveDeiverya ininifflatoro, dele9aleaccessQ 1:21Wab"lgforcooveision01nWMfsionQ Recovedoo,o s, oo,viewcon iion330 r .0 Emai0SMS0Cer tifledDeivery0Serdno0 K0Failedwitherrorconatim0 Emxconciion-wi reby0W.nl0tobesent1:21Queuedforsencing0 Hek:lfofpreviewE2]WMngforatt.dvneot0A tteob::lnst.WsGroups:0Stall DateandTime5/26/20201Wl00AMOEodD ea,.m,,.5126/20201159:59PM0 Pm,g0Que,edla ru,.0 0CRi'lproges:0 Que,edla OCR0Needs.,o,o01nvaidatioo0 0.,ic.,1:21Thermalrecord C,noelp.90RowanUniversityINFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

OUTGOING FAXES IN RFC UTILITYFileTools Help0XFax InformationMainCoverSheetNotes Machmeots MoreOptionsToName:Phonebook.Fax Number:AddEntry.Use cover :Company:D Use smartresumeD CreatePDFimageD Use cheapratesD Delaysend1047:00AMCity/Stale:5/ 8/2020Alt. eivedPages:FAX A DOCUMENT FROM RIGHTFAX CONNECT UTILITYYou can fax a document from RightFax Connect Utility, and include a cover sheet.1. In RightFax Connect Utility select the New Fax button or under the File menu on the left cornerof the window, select the New Fax option.2. Enter the outgoing fax number into the prompt and any important information in thecorresponding fields.3. If you are using a cover sheet, make sure the Use Cover Sheet box is checked.4. If you would like the fax held for preview before it is sent, check the box Hold for preview. If thefax is held, you will need to right-click on the fax and select Status and then Release to send thefax when you are ready.0RowanUniversity p.10INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

OUTGOING FAXES IN RFC UTILITYXFaxInformationMain Cover SheetNotes AttachmentsMoreOptionsNotes to be Placedon theCoverSheetor in SMSMessage(160bytes)TextLimitCurrentnumberof textlines: 1Numberof lines whichwillfit on thecoversheet: 21Comments foryourRecordsXFaxInformationer SheetNotes Mact.nerts MoreOptioosDescriptionNativePages/Bytes.COVER SHEET AND ATTACHMENTSYou can add information to the cover sheet and add attachments.1. Add information in the Cover Sheet Notes tab that you wish to appear on the cover sheet.2. Find the document on your computer you would like to fax using the paperclip icon in theAttachments tab.3. Select Send.p.11 0 RowanUniversityINFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

FORWARD FAXES AND ROUTE TO USERFax List Tools HelpNew Fax )eleteAlIView PrintOCRRightfaxapp0l: King, Erica [100]Forwardto User Forwardto Fax Routeto UserKiXFaxInformationMainHistory Combine Split ConfirmationCover SheetNotes Attachments More OptionsToOptionsName:0Phonebook.Fax Number:Use cover sheetD Holdfor previewD Use smartresumeAddEntry.D CreatePDFimageUsecertifieddeliveryD Use cheapratesVoiceNumber:ODelay sendCompany:10:47:00AMCity/5tale:5/ 8/2020Alt. FaxNumber:AccountingAccount'---------'[ Lookup»Matter:JSentReceivedPages:FORWARD OR ROUTE A FAXYou can forward and reroute a fax document from RightFax Connect Utility. Forward sends the faxto the user and keeps a copy. Route sends a copy and deletes your copy when complete.1. In the toolbar select the Forward to User or Route to User button to send a fax to anotheruser.2. Enter the outgoing fax number into the prompt and any important information in thecorresponding fields.3. If you are using a cover sheet, make sure the Use Cover Sheet box is checked.4. Add information in the Cover Sheet Notes tab that you wish to appear on the cover sheet.5. Select Send.6. If you are routing to another RightFax user in your network, a box will appear listing users. Findthe user you would like to route the fax to, and double click on their name to select that user.If routing the fax to more than one user, keep double clicking on users until they are all added.Select OK to send.0RowanUniversity p.12INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

OUTBOUND FAXES IN OUTLOOK ' FileSend/ Receive Folder tmNew NewEmail ItemsT IgnoreViewT!;eodQ TellX fX CleanUpFaxDelete Reply Re: Junka fax StatusI::JLr-.ubjectI ddressing CoverSheet: SendingOptioos AdvancedOptionsDeleteIToSearc Senda fax All0)NamecCreatea new message with fax capability.,---lib-Open Text RightFaxOutlookI.fl.Add-In - iCompany I.!:l' IcC:--- ::JVoicenumberAdd recipientL J 1 188 : ---, S"bjectISendingOptions AdvancedOptionsEricaKingEl fax Addressingres Fromc-D FinemodeDocumentOptionsTransmissionOptionsD FmemodeD Hold for previewICover Sheet Options Advanced Options ID UsecoversheetINamec-ID Useform:ID UsesmartresumeVD Delay senduntil:Faxnumber--- :JVoicenumberAdd library document.IIJConversion Bias:--- :JCompany fax numberIlviVSelect a dale ISEND A FAX FROM OUTLOOKIf you have the option installed, you can send outgoing faxes from Outlook.1. If your document needs to be scanned prior to sending, open up your scanning program andscan your document. Save the scanned document to your computer.2. Select Send a Fax from the toolbar in Outlook.3. Enter the receiver’s name and company and select the To button to enter the recipient in the faxaddressing section of the email at the bottom.4. Fill out the subject in the email subject field and add any attachments you would like to fax.5. If you need a cover sheet included make sure you check the Use Cover Sheet box and includethe information you need in the cover sheet tab.6. Choose your sending options. Hold for preview will preview the message before sending.Smart Resume will pick up where the message left off if sending gets interrupted by networkconnection issues.p.13 0 RowanUniversity7. Select the Send button, as you would normally send an email.INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

OUTBOUND FAXES IN OFFICEXFax Information - KINGE(#100) on Server rightfaxapp01Main Cover SheetNotes ,AttachmentsMoreOptionsTo--------------------Print Name:Copies: '-11: ,1Fax Number: Phonebook.AddEntry.r r W.--------10ptionsI P"Use cover sheetr Holdforpreviewr Use smartresumer CreatePDFimageJr Use cheapratesr Delaysendj10:44.12AMCity/5 late:OneNote for Windows10.:.JI 512,,2020 .:1Alt. FaxNumber:ReadyAccounting----------------- Fax Microsoft Print to PDF Microsoft XPS Document Writer ( 'Account:ReadyMatter:Lookup»Sent(' Re1,e1·edPages: 1---ReadyReadyOneNote for Windows 10Ready RightFaxFax Printer Send To OneNote 16 Snagit 2020ReadyReady iSendIICancelRIGHTFAX PROMPTReadyAdd Printer.Print to FileFAX USING PRINTYou can fax a Microsoft Office Document right from the document using the Print function.After completing your document select Print.In the Print menu choose RightFax Fax Printer.Select Print.Enter the outgoing fax number, name, and any important information in the correspondingfields.5. If you are using a cover sheet, make sure the Use Cover Sheet box is checked.6. Add information in the Cover Sheet Notes tab that you wish to appear on the cover sheet.7. Select Send. p.14INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

OUTBOUND FAXES USING TASK BAR ICON0 9}(i: /;.'IIIIIIL."-Oi':iie -IMain CoverSheetNotes Machments MoreOptionsTo------------------- Phonebook.Name:1DptionsI Use coversheetVoiceNumber:r Holdforpreviewr Use smartresumer CreatePDFimageJr Use cheapratesCompany:r DelaysendFax Number: AddEntry.r Usecertifieddelivery TASK BAR ICONXFax Information - KINGE(#100) on Serverrightfaxapp0111 :4412AMCity/Stale:I 512,12020 unt:Matter:(." SentLookup »1 Rer,e1·edPages:i-i ---SendIICancelRIGHTFAX PROMPTIf your system is configured accordingly, outgoing faxes can be sent by using the RightFax icon inyour system tray area in your task bar.1. In the task bar select the RightFax icon button.2. Enter the outgoing fax number into the prompt and any important information in thecorresponding fields.3. If you are using a cover sheet, make sure the Use Cover Sheet box is checked.4. Add information in the Cover Sheet Notes tab that you wish to appear on the cover sheet.5. Find the document on your computer in the Attachments tab.6. Select Send.p.15 0 RowanUniversityINFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

RIGHTFAX HELP OPTIONSIf you have trouble using Rightfax, the RightFax Connect Utility has a very useful help menu.0f-RightFax- Getting started C(D fil eX * eI C:/Program%20files%20(x86)/ RightfaX/Shared%20files/ English/Help p.htmopentext· IRightFax·QearchII ContentsIGettingstartedIIIIIX --Getting startedSendingfaxesCompletingthefax informationViewingthefax listViewingand handlingsentand receRightFaxFaxUtilis the centralWindows-basedmailboxfromwhereyou manageyour faxesandthosefor whomyou act as a delegate.The left paneshowstheavailablefolders, the right panethe faxeswithinthe selectedfolder, with flagsshowingthe action takenon the fax, and the statusindicatorsshowingthe currentstatusof the fax.Creatingandusingphonebooks] Fax flags: il sent ii received, printed, !:lil convertedto text (OCR), '!:I convertedto PDF, or lit sent or receivedfax forwardedto anotherrJCreatingsignatures,librarydocume JRightFaxuser.In addition, flagscan indicatethe documenttype: I certifieddeliverymessage, SMSmessage, 0 Emailed, Fax routed to email.IIICreatingover1ayforms0 D 0DefiningmailboxpreferencesStatus indicators: beingprocessedfor transmission, transmitted,not transmitteddue to error; will be retried, not transmitteddue to error;will not be retried.Youcan forcethe serverto retrysendingfaxeswith a yellowor red status.See Sendingfaxes. elegateaccessmessages,see Fax statusand errormessagesINote If youforgetyour RightFaxpassword,contactyourfax administratorto assigna newone.Tochangeyour password,see Changingyour onvertto fax form.0 Showing the most current list of faxesSending faxesViewing the fax list RIGHTFAX CONNECT UTILITY HELP MENUTo get to the RightFax Connect Utility help menu, select Help, then Contents. The topics offeredare listed on the left side menu. There are articles on common topics. Once you select a topic,the article appears with articles on related topics listed underneath. In addition to the help menu,OpenText, the developer of RightFax, owns The Fax Guys, an organization offering tutorial videos forthe RightFax system. To get to The Fax Guys tutorials, follow these steps: to your computer’s modern internet browser.Enter in the browser address bar.On the website menu bar select RightFax University.At the top of the website place your cursor over Videos and select a video on the topic you arelooking for, or use the search box provided to you.5. Any videos on the topic will load in a list and you can watch the video free of charge.Support options for RightFax: If you are unable to get notifications, retrieve or send your fax fromeither email or the RightFax Utility application, or have any issues while accessing RightFax or theUtility Application, Contact RightFax support at 1-800-540-7292. If you are having difficulty withdocument management, please contact Rowan Support at or 856-256-4400.0RowanUniversity p.16INFORMATIONRESOURCES& TECHNOLOGY

May 26, 2020 · Send out a fax in RightFax Connect Utility 7. Send out a fax through Outlook 8. Fax from a Microsoft Office Menu 9. Fax from the Task Bar Tray 10. Use Help Options 0 RowanUniversity INFORMATION RESOURCES & TECHNOLOGY . p.4 ACCESSING RIGHTFAX There are multiple ways to access the Right