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Study #3308August 2015 5300225 PagesWine PackagingUS Industry Study with Forecasts for 2019 & 2024Table of ContentsExecutive SummaryMarket EnvironmenTGeneral.4Macroeconomic Outlook.5Demographic & Household Trends.9Consumer Income & Spending.13Retail Sales.16Alcoholic BeverageIndustry Overview.20Wine Industry Overview.23Supply & Demand.24Bulk Wine.28Product Trends.30Packaging Industry Overview.32Paper.35Plastic.36Metal.37Glass & Wood.38Environmental & Regulatory Issues.39CLOSURESCompany ProfilesGeneral.83Natural Corks.86Full Natural Corks.89Technical Corks.90Synthetic Corks.93Aluminum Screw Caps.96Other Wine Closures.99Plastic. 100Dispensing. 101Other Plastic. 101All Other. 102ZORK. 102Glass Stoppers. 103Crowns. 103Flexible Lids. 103Amcor Limited. 153Ardagh Group . . 157Avery Dennison. 159Ball Corporation. 161CCL Industries. 163Corticeira Amorim SGPS. 165Encore Glass. 167Enoplastic SpA. 168EnVino . 170Environmental PackagingTechnologies. 171Exal Group. 172Gallo (E&J) Winery. 173G3 Enterprises. 174Guala Closures. 177Hoover Container Solutions. 179International Paper. 180Janson Industrie. 182Liqui-Box Corporation. 183Maverick Enterprises. 184Multi-Color Corporation. 186Oeneo SA. 188Owens-Illinois Group. 189Plastipak Holdings. 191PPi Technologies. 193Saverglass sas. 194Scholle Corporation. 196Silgan Holdings. 198Silva (MA) Cortiças. 199Snyder Industries. 201Tapp Label. 202Tetra Laval International. 204TricorBraun Incorporated. 206UPM-Kymmene Corporation. 208Vine Valley Ventures. 210Vinventions LLC. 211Vitro SAB. 214Additional Companiesin Wine Packaging.216-225OTHER WINE PACKAGINGGeneral.43Foreign Trade.46Pricing .49World Market.52General. 105Accessories. 106Labels. 108Capsules. 113Boxes & Carriers. 117Wire Hoods. 118Bulk Packaging. 119Intermediate Bulk Containers. 120Flexitanks. 122Drums. 124CONTAINERSINDUSTRY STRUCTUREOVERVIEWGeneral.55Glass Bottles.58Bag-in-Box Packaging.62Plastic Bottles.65Aseptic Cartons.68Other Containers.71Pouches.73Aluminum Cans.75Cups & Goblets.77Kegs .78All Other.81General. 125Market Share. 128Glass Bottles. 129Non-Glass Wine Containers. 132Closures. 134Wine Packaging Accessories. 137Acquisitions & Divestitures. 139Competitive Strategies. 143Manufacturing. 144Marketing & Distribution. 146Cooperative Agreements. 149Click here to purchase onlinePage Order now, click here!

Study #3308August 2015 5300225 PagesWine PackagingUS Industry Study with Forecasts for 2019 & 2024List of TablesCLOSURESExecutive Summary1 Summary Table.3Market EnvironmenT1 Macroeconomic Indicators.92 Population & Households.133 Personal ConsumptionExpenditures.164 Retail Sales.205 Alcoholic BeverageSupply & Demand.236 Wine Supply & Demand.277 Bulk Wine Supply & Demand.298 Wine Production byContainer Size.319 Packaging Supply & Demand.35OVERVIEW1 Wine Packaging Demandby Type.452 US Foreign Trade inWine Packaging.493 Selected Prices forWine Packaging.521 Wine Closure Demand by Type.852 Natural Cork Closure Demandin Wine Packaging.893 Synthetic Cork Closure Demandin Wine Packaging.964 Aluminum Screw Cap Demandin Wine Packaging.995 Other Wine ClosureDemand by Type. 100OTHER WINE PACKAGING1 Other Wine PackagingDemand by Type. 1062 Wine Packaging AccessoryDemand by Type. 1073 Label Demand inWine Packaging. 1134 Capsule Demand inWine Packaging. 1165 Box & Carrier Demandin Wine Packaging. 1186 Wire Hood Demandin Wine Packaging. 1197 Wine Bulk PackagingDemand by Type. 120INDUSTRY STRUCTURECONTAINERS1 Wine Container Demandby Type.572 Glass Bottle Demandin Wine Packaging.613 Bag-in-Box Demandin Wine Packaging.654 Plastic Bottle Demandin Wine Packaging.685 Aseptic Carton Demandin Wine Packaging.716 Other Wine ContainerDemand by Type.721 US Wine Packaging Salesby Company, 2014. 1272 Selected Acquisitions& Divestitures. 1423 Selected CooperativeAgreements. 151Click here to purchase onlinePage List of ChartsMARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Wine Production by ContainerSize, 2004-2024.32OVERVIEW1 Wine Packaging Demandby Type, 2014.46CONTAINERS1 Wine Container Demandby Type, 2014.58CLOSURES1 Wine Closure Demandby Type, 2014.86OTHER WINE PACKAGING1 Wine Packaging AccessoryDemand by Type, 2014. 108INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Wine PackagingMarket Share, 2014. 1292 US Glass Wine BottleMarket Share, 2014. 1323 US Non-Glass Wine ContainerMarket Share, 2014. 1334 US Wine ClosureMarket Share, 2014. 1365 US Wine Packaging AccessoryMarket Share, 2014. 139Order now, click here!

Study #3308August 2015 5300225 PagesWine PackagingUS Industry Study with Forecasts for 2019 & 2024Growth will be supported by continued favorable gains in domestic wine consumption and production,and by changing alcoholic beverage preferences of younger consumers in favor of wine.US demand to rise 4.4%annually through 2019Demand for wine packaging in the US isprojected to increase 4.4 percentannually to 3.0 billion in 2019. Growthwill be supported by continued favorablegains in domestic wine consumption andproduction. In addition, advances will bespurred by increasing disposablepersonal incomes and changing alcoholic beverage preferences occurringwith younger consumers. These changes include the preference for wine overbeer among millennials and a largershare of millennials consuming wine ona daily basis than that in other agegroups. Opportunities for related packaging will benefit from its key role inmarketing since it is the packaging thatcreates an initial impression of the wineand also has the ability to enhance theperception of the wine’s quality.Alternative wine packagingto outpace glass bottlesGlass bottles, the long-time traditionalwine container, will continue to dominatethe container mix in value and volumeterms. However, competition is increasing from a growing variety of alternativepackage formats and sizes offeringgreater economy or convenience. Thefastest gains for containers will beoutside the dominant 750-milliliter size,including both smaller- and larger-sizedofferings. While most of these alternativecontainers have not captured substantialvolume, they have become more promi-US Wine Packaging Demand, 2019Containers( 3 billion)ClosuresOther Packagingnent in recent years and are valued bysmaller wineries seeking to make theirproducts stand out on retail shelves thattypically feature a sea of glass bottlesand boxed wines. Robust advances willoccur for single-serving containeroptions such as plastic bottles, asepticcartons, aluminum cans, and cups andgoblets as these containers boast theadvantage of enabling wine to be takento or sold in places that typically prohibitglass containers. Bag-in-box packagingwill experience above average growthdue to its lower cost per unit of volumeand greater adoption of the format for1.5- and 3-liter premium offerings,thereby changing the image of “boxedwine” as being inferior in quality tobottled wines.Closures to benefit from awidening array of typesWine closure opportunities will be drivenby rising packaged wine production, withchanges in the container mix necessitating a widening array of closure types.This trend will fuel strong opportunitiesfor aluminum and plastic screw caps andplastic dispensing closures. Thoughcontinuing to face intensified competitionfrom alternative closures, cork demandwill be sustained by the entrenchedposition of glass bottles in the wineindustry and the cost-competitivenessand improved performance of technicalcorks. Cork demand will also benefitfrom the stronger cultural preference forcorks in the US than in other countries.Copyright 2015 The Freedonia Group, Inc.Click here to purchase onlinePage Order now, click here!

Study #3308August 2015 5300225 PagesWine PackagingUS Industry Study with Forecasts for 2019 & 2024Sample Text,Table & Chartother wine packagingTABLE IV-3BAG-IN-BOX DEMAND IN WINE PACKAGINGItem2004 2009 2014 2019 2024Wine Container Demand (mil )% bag-in-box910 1239 1580 1945 242012.0 14.2 16.6 18.8 20.9Wine Bag-in-Box Demand (mil )Boxes & Carriers5-literDemand for boxes and carriers for wine packaging is projected3-litertoclimb 5.6 percent per year to 50 million in 2019. Growth will be aided4-literby favorable prospects for 187-ml wine bottles. Included here are set-upOtherboxes and paperboard carriers and folding cartons. Set-up boxes, whichare also known as rigid boxes, are lidded, preassembled, non-collapsible /unitboxes. In wine applications, set-up boxes serve as gift boxes and theplain paperboard of the box is typically covered by more aestheticallyWine Bag-in-Box Demand (mil units)appealing printed or decorative paper. These boxes are generally made5-literin sizes that hold one, two, or three wine bottles. Corrugated boxes 3-literarewidely used for the shipping of 9-liter cases for 750-ml wine bottles4-literbutare excluded from the scope of this ard carriers and folding cartons serve as secondary packaging for multipacks of single-serving wine containers. For example,paperboard carriers are widely used to unitize retail 4-packs of 187-mlwine bottles. The punch-out handles offer convenience for carrying thebottles and the carriers contain ample surface area for quality graphics,thereby adding to the shelf appeal of the wine in these containers. Carriers are used with plastic and glass packages of 187-ml bottles. Foldingcartons are used as secondary packaging for 4-packs of wine packaged inaluminum cans and aseptic cartons and offer similar benefits to those ofcarriers, such as carrying convenience and good 31.34 1.42 051742164570331881552761Source: The Freedonia Group, Inc.Continuing rapid gains for plastic 187-ml bottles and other singleserving wine containers will bode well for related paperboard carrier andfolding carton demand. Opportunities for these smaller containers willbe aided by advantages of portability, convenience, and shatter resisCHART VII-2tance, with the latter enabling them to be sold in or taken to sites thatprohibit glass bottles due to concerns about breakage. Taller handledUS GLASS WINE BOTTLE MARKET SHARE, 2014paperboard carriers and wood boxes also have a niche presence for gift( 1.3 billion)packaging of wine. Leading suppliers of paperboard beverage carriersCopyright 2015 The Freedonia Group, Inc.117Others23.3%Click here to purchase onlinePage samplechartM %GalloOrder now, click here!

Study #3308August 2015 5300225 PagesWine PackagingUS Industry Study with Forecasts for 2019 & 2024Sample Profile &Table, & StudyCoverageTABLE V-1WINE CLOSURE DEMAND BY TYPE(million dollars)Item2004 2009 2014 2019 2024Total Wine Packaging Demand% closures1426 1866 2390 2960 369017.0 15.8 16.0 16.4 16.7Wine Closure DemandNatural CorksSynthetic CorksAluminum Screw CapsOther Closures242180351017cents/unitWine Closure Demand (mil units)COMPANY PROFILES295 383 485sample150 195 230758085table406095304875615270901401159.6 10.5 11.1 11.6 12.32520 2798 3465 4165 4990Source: The Freedonia Group, Inc.Snyder Industries Incorporated6940 O Street, Suite 100Lincoln, NE fileKey Products: stainless steel portable containers, plastic bulk barrels,Annual Sales: 160 million (estimated)Employment: 770 (estimated)bulk bins, totes, and double-wall insulated binsSnyder Industries specializes in the manufacture of plastic andsteel bulk storage, processing, and transportation tank systems. TheCompany also provides custom rotational molding design and engineering services for large durable plastic products. Snyder Industriesis owned by Leonard Green & Partners LP (Los Angeles, California), aprivate equity group.The Company is active in the US wine packaging industry throughthe Bonar Plastics division (West Chicago, Illinois), which producesvarious wine packaging via its WINE MASTER product line. Specific products from the division include WINETAINER stainless steelportable containers, MONSTERCOMBO bulk bins, BULK BARRELplastic bulk barrels, VERSA-TOTES totes, and double-wall insulatedbins.The Bonar Plastics division’s WINETAINER stainless steel portable containers have lifting and stacking lugs, sloped bottoms, and areavailable in capacities from 130 to 790 gallons. These containers alsofeature food-grade interior weld finishes, thermowells for temperaturemonitoring, and dimpled heat transfer surfaces to facilitate targetedCopyright 2015 The Freedonia Group, Inc.Wine Packaging is a Freedoniastudy that presents historicaldemand data (2004, 2009, 2014)plus forecasts (2019, 2024) bycontainer, closure and otherpackaging accessory. The studyalso considers market environment factors, details the industrystructure, evaluates companymarket share and profiles 36 USindustry competitors.201Click here to purchase onlinePage STUDYCOVERAGEOrder now, click here!

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INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESS LEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERSRelated StudiesWorld Corrugated BoxesThis study analyzes the world corrugated boxindustry. It presents historical demand data (2004,2009 and 2014) and forecasts (2019 and 2024) byraw material (e.g., containerboard, adhesives, inks,waxes), market (e.g., food and beverage, nonfoodnondurables), world region and major country. Thestudy also considers market environment factors,details industry structure, evaluates company marketshare and profiles industry players.#3339.November 2015. 6400Active & Intelligent PackagingUS demand for active and intelligent packaging isforecast to grow 7.3 percent annually to 4.0 billion in2019. Intelligent packaging such as time-temperaturemonitors and smartphone-enabled interactive labelsand tags will be the fastest growing segment, increasing at a double-digit annual rate. This study analyzesthe 2.8 billion US active and intelligent packagingindustry, with forecasts for 2019 and 2024 by productand market. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market shareand profiles industry players.#3338.October 2015. 5300Converted Flexible PackagingUS demand for converted flexible packaging will rise3.3 percent annually to 20.7 billion in 2019. Poucheswill experience above average gains, benefiting fromthe increased prevalence of value-added features.The nonfood packaging market will slightly outpacethe dominant food packaging segment. This studyanalyzes the 17.5 billion US converted flexible packaging industry, with forecasts for 2019 and 2024 bymaterial, product, and market. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates companymarket share and profiles industry players.#3333.October 2015. 5500Beverage ContainersUS beverage container demand will rise 1.9 percentyearly to 283 billion units in 2019, valued at 31.5billion. Plastic will remain the dominant and fastestgrowing material, supported by increased consumption of bottled water, which will become the leadingbeverage container market by 2019. However, growthin plastic bottles will slow due to environmentalconcerns. This study analyzes the 258 billion unitUS beverage container industry, with forecasts for2019 and 2024 by material and market. The studyalso evaluates company market share and profilesindustry players.About The Freedonia GroupThe Freedonia Group, Inc., is a leading international industry market research companythat provides its clients with information and analysis needed to make informed strategic decisions for their businesses. Studies help clients identify business opportunities,develop strategies, make investment decisions and evaluate opportunities and threats.Freedonia research is designed to deliver unbiased views and reliable outlooks to assistclients in making the right decisions. Freedonia capitalizes on the resources of its proprietary in-house research team of experienced economists, professional analysts, industryresearchers and editorial groups. Freedonia covers a diverse group of industries throughout the United States and other world markets. Industries analyzed by Freedonia include:Automotive & Transport Chemicals Construction & Building Products Consumer Goods Energy & Petroleum Industrial Components Healthcare & LifeSciences Machinery & Equipment Metals, Minerals & Glass Packaging Plastics &Other Polymers Security Services Textiles & Nonwovens Water TreatmentClick here to learn more about FreedoniaFreedonia Custom ResearchFreedonia Custom Research delivers the same high quality, thorough and unbiased assessment of an industry or market as an industry study. Since the research initiative is basedupon a company’s specific needs, companies harness Freedonia’s research capabilities andresources to answer unique questions. When you leverage the results of a Freedonia Custom Research engagement, you are able to obtain important answers to specific questionsand issues associated with: mergers and acquisitions, new product launches/development,geographic expansion, entry into new markets, strategic business planning, and investmentand funding decisions.Freedonia Custom Research is ideal for companies seeking to make a strategic differencein the status quo and focus on future business growth. Working side by side with clients,Freedonia’s team is able to define a research project that is custom-tailored to answerspecific questions and provide the basis from which a company can make informed business decisions.Click here to learn more about Custom Research#3297.June 2015. 5300World Caps & ClosuresWorld cap and closure demand will rise 5.6 percentyearly to 58 billion in 2019. The Asia/Pacific and Africa/Mideast markets will grow the fastest, while NorthAmerica will remain a leading outlet. The beveragemarket will be driven by bottled water. In wine bottles,the shift toward metal screw caps and plastic stoppers will continue. This study analyzes the 44.3 billion world cap and closure industry, with forecasts for2019 and 2024 by material, market, world region, andfor 18 countries. The study also evaluates companymarket share and profiles industry participants.Click here for complete title listClick here to visit 2015. 6500Page 8The Freedonia Group, Inc. 767 Beta Drive Cleveland, OH 44143-2326 USA Website: www.freedoniagroup.comTel US: 800.927.5900 or 1 440.684.9600 Fax: 1 440.646.0484 Email: [email protected]

boxes. In wine applications, set-up boxes serve as gift boxes and the . in sizes that hold one, two, or three wine bottles. Corrugated boxes are widely used for the shipping of 9-liter cases for 750-ml wine bottles but are excluded from the scope of this study. . bulk bins, totes, and double-wall