Education Reopening PlanTesting SectionSeptember 2020Version 1 – August 20, 2020


INTRODUCTIONIt is difficult to comprehend how much our world has changed since March of 2020. The COVID19 pandemic has impacted our students, their families, our staff and our schools in ways manyof us have yet to fully understand. During these unprecedented times, we must reflect on theend of the 2019-20 school year to learn from our decisions to help inform our actions for the yearahead.There is no doubt that the 2020-21 school year will provide its own set of unique challenges. Itis our goal to utilize this document to prepare our staff, students, families and partner countiesand school districts for the wide variety of situations that we may face in the year ahead.This document was developed through the collective efforts of Upstate Cerebral Palsy staff,including key program administrators, and staff representing the Nursing, Clinical, Therapeutic,Information Systems, Security and Maintenance Departments. Feedback on the initial draft ofthis document was obtained from key community stakeholders, including: partner school districtsuperintendents, school district CPSE/CSE chairpersons, representatives from the local CountyDepartment of Health, the Agency Medical Director, parents with children in our program, agencystaff and members of the Upstate Cerebral Palsy Board of Directors. Feedback from these keycommunity stakeholders is integrated into the final version of this document. Upstate CerebralPalsy sincerely thanks each person who played a role in the development of this document.It is anticipated that this document will be updated, as additional guidance is provided by theCenters for Disease Control (CDC), the New York State Department of Health (DOH), the NewYork State Education Department (NYSED), and our Local Health Department as our collectiveunderstanding of the COVID-19 virus evolves.It is Upstate Cerebral Palsy's goal to utilize this document, with its included safety procedures,to keep our students, and staff, as safe as possible as we reopen our programs. If we eachaccept our role and responsibility to implement the practices set forth, we will be able to achieveour goal to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, and to create an environment where ourstudents can achieve their greatest level of independence.August 20, 20202

PROGRAM OVERVIEWUPSTATE CEREBRAL PALSYUpstate Cerebral Palsy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing innovative programs andservices that support people and create opportunities to fulfill life choices one person at a time,through everyday miracles. The breadth of the agency’s programs extends from servingnewborns, early childhood, school age and adults, and focuses on services to support individualswith intellectual disabilities as well as those with mental and behavioral health needs. Theorganization is dedicated to “Empowering People Through Exceptional Opportunities."NEW DISCOVERIES LEARNING CENTERUpstate Cerebral Palsy’s New Discoveries Learning Center is a New York State Department ofEducation approved 4410 preschool program. Preschool programming is provided in anintegrated setting where children, ages three to five years, with various developmental delayshave the opportunity to learn in classrooms with their typically developing peers. In addition tobeing approved by the New York State Educational Department (NYSED), these programs arealso licensed with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).We educate approximately 200 students in our special education preschool program across sixlocations. Upstate Cerebral Palsy owns and operates its own preschool facilities in Rome andUtica, and leases space from the Oneida, Sauquoit, and Westmoreland School Districts. Inaddition, space is leased from the Apple Tree Daycare Center in Whitesboro, New York. Itshould be noted that Upstate Cerebral Palsy will work with the Oneida, Sauquoit, andWestmoreland School Districts to ensure that our staff are abiding by policies and proceduresset forth by our partner school districts. It should also be noted that not all portions of our partnerschools’ plans will be appropriate for our student body, and in those cases, Upstate CerebralPalsy will follow this document.The New Discoveries Learning Center is dedicated to the education and development of allchildren. Students at different developmental levels work and learn together in an inclusivesetting at each site. Curriculum and instruction are based on developmental levels of thechildren. We are a play-based program that provides a nurturing environment for the childrenfocused on making learning fun, engaging and exciting. Current class size approvals are fornine students with disabilities, one Certified Teacher, three aides and up to nine typicallydeveloping peers with one daycare head of group (9:1:3:9:1).August 20, 20203

TRADEWINDS EDUCATION CENTERThe Tradewinds Education Center of Upstate Cerebral Palsy is an approved New York StateDepartment of Education 853 school and Children’s Residential Program (CRP). We educateapproximately 200 students in our school program across three locations: Rome, Utica, andChadwicks. Of the 200 students that attend the Tradewinds program, 72 live with us; 36 on theUtica Campus and 36 on the Rome Campus.Tradewinds exclusively educates students with cognitive disabilities. Over 80% of the studentsenrolled have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many of our students have additionalco-occurring communication, medical, psychiatric, dietary, and physical disabilities/needs. Themajority of students are referred to our program due to behavior and learning challengesexhibited in a less restrictive environment.Tradewinds schools focus on teaching meaningful skills to assist every student to move to thenext level of independence academically, socially, behaviorally and vocationally. We offer twodifferent class size ratios depending on the level of supports needed and the age of the student.At our Utica and Rome sites, the class size is six students, one Certified Teacher, and 3.5 aidesand assistants (6:1:3.5) and at our Chadwicks site the class size is six students, one CertifiedTeacher, and three aides and assistants (6:1:3). In addition to classroom instruction, studentsat each of our sites also have the opportunity to engage in specialty classes, such as art, musicand adaptive physical education.August 20, 20204

HEALTH AND SAFETYAny interaction with the general public carries an inherent risk of contracting COVID-19. It isimportant to acknowledge that infection control measures are designed to minimize theprobability of exposure but cannot completely eliminate all risks.Upstate Cerebral Palsy is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all students and staffenrolled in our education programs, and recognizes and accepts its responsibility as anemployer and provider of services. Upstate Cerebral Palsy will implement procedures, basedon current best practice guidelines, to create as safe and healthy a workplace and learningenvironment for all staff and student as possible.Upstate Cerebral Palsy has implemented the following health and safety protocols, inaccordance with guidance from the New York State DOH, NYSED and CDC. The higheststandard in health and safety management will implemented and considered an integral part ofhow our schools operate. These practices will be implemented, across all work activities andacross the wide range of educational activities delivered, and at all Upstate Cerebral Palsyeducation program locations.TESTINGUpstate Cerebral Palsy will work in accordance with the CDC and NYSED guidelines to ensureany staff or student who shows symptoms of COVID-19, or has an exposure to someone whotested positive for COVID-19, is assessed by their medical provider and tested if testing criteriais met. Regular, ongoing routine testing of staff and students will not be conducted. If testing isordered by a physician or the Department of Health, staff and/or students will be directed to oneof several testing sites within our local community. Those staff and/or students who test negativewill be allowed to return ONLY if they have been symptom free for 72 hours without anymedication, and if they submit a letter of release from their Doctor. If an order of quarantine orisolation was given by the Department of Health, the staff or student must provide a letter fromthe Department of Health releasing them from quarantine or isolation allowing them to returnback to school.August 20, 20205

Aug 20, 2020 · Upstate Cerebral Palsy is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all students and staff enrolled in our education programs, and recognizes and accepts its responsibility as an employer and provider of services. Upstate