2The Department of Procurement Services is committed to Communications and Outreach,which is key to keeping citizens informed of bid opportunities, new programs, andinnovations.Also, ensure that you download a copy of our most recent Consolidated Buying Plan. Thisis a 15-month forecast including hundreds of upcoming opportunities for 12 city agencies. Todownload, go to: encourage you to follow us on our website for the latest news,updates, and our calendar of events. Go online, and click on the lettericon and sign-up for our Email Newsletter: DPS Alerts full of news that you can use.Follow us on social media to stay informed: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Youtube: NOTE: Legal advertisements for the City of Chicago Department of ProcurementServices (DPS) appear in the Chicago Tribune. Information about DPS contractingopportunities will be available at

3RESOURCE GUIDES DPS has published a four-volume set of Resource Guides,expanding on the guiding principle of transparency. The Resource Guides were divided into key areas of theprocurement process: Contract Administration Incentives and Programs Certification Compliance Download now at[email protected]

Everyone is muted upon entry for the presentationportion of the workshopToday’sWorkshop4 We ask that you hold your questions to the end ofthe presentation. You can use the chat feature totype out your question and the speaker will answerthe questions at the end of the presentation. To Send a Question: Use only the Q & A panel toask your question. Do not use the chat panel Use the Q & A panel on the right side of yourscreen. In the Send to or To drop-down list, select therecipient of the message. Enter your message in the chat text box, thenpress Enter on your keyboard.Note: If you join a meeting, session, or event inprogress, you can see only the Q & A thatparticipants send after you join.

5DEPARTMENTOVERVIEWDPS is the contractingauthority for the procurementof goods and services for theCity of Chicago. We worktogether as a team and withour customers to guarantee anopen, fair, and timely processby establishing, communicatingand enforcing superiorbusiness practices.

6The First Look Series is aimed to assistthe vendor community in learning howto navigate processes related to Cityprocurement. Our hope is that thebusiness community can garnerresources and insight into detailedrequirements needed for upcomingcontracting opportunities in citygovernment.OURGOALS ATA GLANCE

FIRST LOOK: ANIMALCARE AND CONTROL&STREETS ANDSANITATIONToday’s Workshop Presented by: Susan Cappello and Blanca Guzman, ACCErik Colon, DSS7


CACC MISSION & VISIONChicago Animal Care and Control protects publicsafety and ensures the humane care of animalsthrough sheltering, pet placement, education andanimal law enforcement.#CareIsWhatWeDoCACC is committed to increasing live outcomes,improving animal welfare and strengthening thehuman-animal bond through education,community outreach and excellence in animalcareMore ml

ABOUT CACCChicago’s largest (and only) open intake animal shelterbenefited from the “pandemic effect”CACC is located at 2741 S Western Ave., Chicago, ILCACC has staff in the facility from 7 am until 10:30 p.m. daily. Weare open to the public by appointment only to Adopt a new pet,drop off a lost pet, surrender an owned pet or look for your lostpet from 12 pm to 7 pm daily. CACC does have security in thefacility 24 hours per day.Intake 2019: 17,000 animals 2020: 11,000 (Pandemic Effect/Managed Intake) 2021: 11,988 animalsField Service Requests 2019: 40,000 2020: 37,305 2021: 35,630

CACC INTAKEAnimals are sheltered atCACC for many reasons.They might be found stray,surrendered by their owner,confiscated for animalcruelty, held for rabiesobservation, etc.More than 70% come toCACC after being foundstray or surrendered bytheir owners.

CACC LIVE RELEASE RATEDespite thousands of dogs andcats being sheltered each year,93% had a positive outcome(adopted, transferred to a rescueorg., or returned to their owner)in 2020, and the CACC LiveRelease Rate continues toincrease year after year.#ChicagoProud

ADOPTIONSAll adoptable animals receive a health evaluation, microchip,vaccinations, and spay or neuter surgery. Not all animals atCACC are available for adoption, some are only available to betransferred to a rescue org or are on stray hold and eventuallyreturned to their owners.A thorough and informative conversational adoption processhelps us to set up new pet parents for success and keepanimals in their new homes!Adoption Fees: DOGS: 65.00 – Includes health evaluation, spay or neuter,City license, rabies inoculation, other core vaccinations,microchip CATS: 65.00 – Includes health evaluation, spay or neuter,rabies inoculation, other core vaccinations, microchip(licenses are not required for cats in Chicago)

TRANSFERSHomeward Bound Transfer ProgramCACC is the central intake hub for pets (and wildlife) fromChicago. Most homeless pets in our area start their journey tonew lives at our facility.Part of our mission is to place every adoptable animal in a lovinghome. In order to accomplish this, we need to “distribute” theanimals across the entire region (and sometimes beyond!).Our HB Transfer Program has been very successful in placingthousands of animals with other agencies. We are proud of ourrelationships with over 200 shelters and rescue groups.You may think of us as the central warehouse or wholesaler andour network of private shelters and rescue groups as theboutiques. We are truly #BetterTogether!

LOST PET REDEMPTIONLost Pet Tours are provided every afternoon byappointment To redeem a lost pet at Chicago Animal Care &Control, a valid government issued photo ID isrequired to sign in at the facility and proof ofanimal ownership (veterinary records, purchasereceipt, or pictures of the pet) must be provided.Redemption fees will vary per situation. The following may be required upon redemption: Rabies vaccination City license for dogs Spay/neuter surgery Microchip for dogs and cats.

LOST PET REDEMPTIONCACC currently licenses four other partner agencies toaccept strays: Animal Welfare League Intake Center, 6224 S.Wabash Ave., 773.667.0088 APA Harmony House (Cats only), 3809 N. Kedzie Ave.,773.463.6667 Tree House (Cats only), 7225 N. Western Ave.,773.262.4000 Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, 5310 N. HarlemAve., [email protected] strays still go to CACC: Chicago Animal Care and Control, 2741 S.Western Ave., 312.747.1406

VOLUNTEER OVERVIEWVolunteers have a variety of roles at CACC including: walkingand one-on-one exercise, TLC and enrichment, facilitating theintroduction of pets to potential adopters or fosters, takingphotos/videos, and writing bios to help promote the pets foradoption and rescue, conducting leash tests and meet andgreets with other dogs.Volunteers, staff and other partners work together to offer freeor low-cost vaccine and microchip clinics to pets of ChicagoResidents over the warmer summer months. We perform onealmost every Saturday outside between the months of May andSeptember.

Top Priorities 2022 Continue to Develop Community Partnerships especially inthe Invest South/West Focus Communities To build a robust safety net of resources for residents andcompanion animals who need the most assistance Continued focus on ensuring equity in access to all services Whether its adoption, return-to-owner, volunteering,or any other service or program, we will ensure that allChicagoans feel welcome at CACC and view ourdepartment as a clearinghouse for animal services inthe City Everyone should be treated the same regardless ofrace, ethnicity, class, age or sexual orientation We will continue to provide Diversity, Equity andInclusion training and facilitating discussions for staffand volunteers Continue to Increase Live Outcome Rate Use Salesforce as a management tool to better prioritizeService Requests

TOP PRIORITIES 2022 Maintain Healthy Population via: Intake Diversion – Counselling and providing solutions for petguardians to keep their animals instead of bringing them to theshelter Resource Referrals – Referring residents to partner agencies toprovide them with resources to help them keep their pets healthyand at home Appointment-based services – communicating with residentsbefore they come to the shelter and scheduling visits to be betterprepared to serve them and to keep everyone safe and healthy Other evolving “before-the-door” strategies – we are alwaysinnovating to find the best ways to serve animals and theirguardians to support the human-animal bond and maintain spaceand resources for those who really need it -especially inunderserved communities Including partnerships with and referrals to community catprograms, officers carrying pet food and other supplies ontheir trucks to distribute to pet guardians in need, trainingand behavior referrals, and more

SOCIAL MEDIACACC has the following official social media pages:Chicago Animal Care and ControlChicago Animal CareChicagoACC

2022 Upcoming Contract NeedsAnticipated Ad DatesInjectable Microchips – 3rd Qtr 2022Dead Animal Cremation & Removal – 3rd Qtr 2022Animal Pharmaceutical Vaccines & Drugs – 3rd Qtr2022Compounded Animal Pharmaceutical Drugs – 4th Qtr2022

Questions?Please contact Jenny or Mamadou [email protected]


First Look:Department ofStreets andSanitation

Agenda1. Welcome2. Introduction3. DSS Organization4. Overview of each Bureau5. Potential Opportunities6. Questions/Feedback?7. Concluding Remarks26

Department of Streets and SanitationThe Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) is oneof the largest non-emergency departments with ateam of over 2,000 employees. DSS responds to anaverage of one million service request per year makinga difference in communities across the city.DSS seeks to achieve equity in the city’s servicedelivery, decision-making, and resource distribution.27

Operating BureausDSSTraffic ServicesForestryStreet OperationsRodent ControlRefuse CollectionFee/ManagementSanitation28

DSS – Forestry1. Tree Trimming and Removal2. Tree Planting3. Emerald Ash Borer Mitigation29

DSS – Rodent Control1.Rodent Baiting2.Dead Animal Recovery3.Cart Management30

DSS – Refuse Collection Fee Management1. Recycling Outreach2. Fee Collection Management3. Legislative Policy31

What are transfer stations:A transfer station serves as the link between thewaste picked up at your home or business and afinal disposal TRECYCLETransferStations32

DSS – Sanitation1. Solid Waste Collection2. Recycling and CompostCollection3. Weed Cutting33

DSS – Traffic Services1. Contractual TowingManagement2. City Towing3. Auto Pounds Management4. Vehicle Impoundment Programs5. Special Traffic Services34

DSS – Street Operations1. and SurveysVacant Lot CleaningGraffiti RemovalGarage DemolitionSheriff’s Work Alternative ProgramWinter OperationsCentral Business District OperationsStreet Sweeping35

FUTURE OF DSSWe want to partner withorganizations who share our visionof building a greener and moresustainable Chicago.Our goal is to start transformingour future contracts to incorporategreener and sustainable ideals.36


Thank YouWe encourage you to follow us on social media to learnmore about the Department of Streets and [email protected]

QUESTIONS?Do you have a question? Please use the WebEx Q&A feature as shown.39

40FOLLOW US ONSOCIAL [email protected] you find this workshop helpful? Share it onsocial media using #DPSWorkshops and spreadthe word to help the City business communitylearn about the programs and initiatives availableat the City of Chicago.

Welcome The Department of Procurement Services is committed to Communications and Outreach, which is key to keeping citizens informed