2021 Benefits Resource Guide

Your Health Care BenefitsMake the most of your benefitsTaking care of yourself and being healthy is important to living a happy life. Your UPS provided benefits are agreat resource in maintaining that lifestyle. The UPS Benefits Resource Center (BRC) is available to help you takean active role in your personal wellbeing. This guide provides information on how to maximize your benefits.Table of ContentsThe UPS Benefits Resource Center (BRC) is your go-to for benefits resources and information.Your health care benefits1How your medical plan works2Managing your costs3What happens at the doctor’s office4What happens at the pharmacy5Take advantage of your resources6Flexible Spending Account7Health Savings Account8UPS Wellbeing Program9Important contact information12 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

UPS BRC features Information on UPS benefits programs, including support for qualifiedlife event changes, such as marriage, divorce, or birth of a child Access to your benefit deduction information Current account balance for your Health Savings Account (HSA) and/orFlexible Spending Account (FSA) Links to your carriers’ websites Details about the UPS Wellness Incentive Program MyEvive (me) Forms and plan related documents and notices about your benefits Information about voluntary benefits, including the ability to enrollthroughout the year in automobile, home, and pet insurance.Call the UPS Benefits Resource Center at1-844-877-8588 for personalized support.Representatives are available Mondaythrough Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., ET.To access the BRC, go to the home page andclick on the Benefits Resource Center Quick Link.Review your 2021 benefits cost summary*You can view your benefit deduction information on the UPS Benefits Resource Center.To view your benefits deductions ** follow these steps: Go to the UPS Benefits Resource Center Click My Benefits Summary Click View My 2021 Dashboard Click 2021 Cost Breakdown* For active employees only.** If you miss two payroll deductions, based on a leave from UPS, you will be direct billed. Note: Amounts that have beendirect billed are due even if you return to work.1 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

How your medical plan worksUnderstanding how insurance works can be confusing, so followthe graphic below to learn more about how you — and your plan —work together to cover your medical expenses when you need care.First, you must pay the annual deductible before your planstarts paying. You’ll pay for 100% of your non-preventive medicalexpenses until you reach your annual deductible.Key benefit termsCarrier: Insurance company that managesnetworks of providers, processes claims,and provides customer service.Coinsurance: Percentage of theallowed amount of a covered expensethat your benefits plan pays once youmeet your deductible.Contribution Amount: Amount thatcomes out of your paycheck to pay foryour benefits.Once you hit the deductible, you and your plan paya portion of the costs. This is called coinsurance.Copay: Fixed cost you pay at the time youreceive care, like at the pharmacy for ageneric drug.Deductible: Amount you must payfirst before your plan pays for acovered service.You and your plan continue to pay coinsurance untilyou hit the out-of-pocket maximum. Once you hit theout-of-pocket maximum, your plan pays 100% of yourmedical (and prescription drug, in some plans) costs.Don’t forget! Preventive in-network care,like annual physicals and immunizations,is always covered 100% by your plan.Remember, each pay period you payemployee contributions towards yourmedical plan. The amount will varydepending on the plan you choose, thenetwork, and any dependents you have.Eligible Preventive Care: Check-ups,immunizations, routine screenings, andmore. All medical options cover certainpreventive care at 100% when you stayin-network.In-Network Provider: Doctor or otherservice provider who contracts with acarrier to provide services to participantsat discounted rates.Out-of-Pocket Maximum: Limit on yourout-of-pocket medical plan expensesfor the year. If what you pay reaches thismaximum amount, your medical plan willpay 100% of eligible expenses forthe rest of the plan year.Select Networks*: Includes a smallergroup of doctors, hospitals, and otherproviders than a Broad network that arechosen because they provide high-qualityand efficient care. Your premium is usuallylower if you choose a medical carrier thatoffers a Select network. Note: The AnthemSelect network does not have out-ofnetwork coverage (except for emergencycare). The other Select networks do haveout-of-network coverage.* Notwho liveliveininHawaii.Hawaii.Notavailableavailable totoparticipantsparticipants who2 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

Managing your costsNo matter what your health care needs are — big or small — you’re bound to have some expenses to manage during theyear. It’s important to understand how your benefits work. Here are some tips for keeping your costs down:Get your care in-networkMost medical plans offer in-network and out-of-networkbenefits. When you use in-network providers, you getyour care at a discount. With out-of-network care, youpay more.Please note: If you are enrolled in a Kaiser Permanentemedical plan, the Anthem Select network, or theDental DMO Plan, out-of-network benefits are notcovered except in an emergency. The other Selectnetworks do provide you with out-of-network coverage.Stay healthy with free preventive carePreventive care is often free, including annual physicals,routine screenings, immunizations, and more, whichare covered at 100% at no cost to you when you stayin-network.Even some prescription drugs are considered preventive.Prescription drugs classified as preventive by the AffordableCare Act are covered at 100% and are not subject to thedeductible. Other select preventive drugs require copays/cost share, but are not subject to the deductible.For a list of preventive drugs, go to and signin. Click on Plan & Benefits, then on Covered Drug List.Use generics instead of brand-name drugsGeneric drugs are almost always your lowest-cost option.If your doctor prescribes a brand-name medication, thereis a chance you could save money if the medication is onthe preferred drug list. Make sure you understand howyour prescriptions are classified and discuss with yourdoctor. You can find the latest preferred drug list onCVS Caremark’s website.Pay tax-free for out-of-pocket expenseswith your medical plan accountIf you enrolled in the 1,500 Deductible Plan w/HSA orthe 2,000 Deductible Plan w/HSA,* you’re eligible tocontribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). You can usemoney in your HSA to pay for out-of-pocket costs tax-freewhen you use the money on eligible expenses. You canalso pay for out-of-pocket costs tax-free if you enrolledin the Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA).**The Limited Purpose FSA is available to useon eligible dental and vision expenses. For details aboutthe accounts and how they work, see pages 7-10.* The 1,500 Deductible Plan w/HSA and 2,000 Deductible Plan w/HSA are not available to participants who live in Hawaii.** Flexible Spending Accounts are only available to active UPS employees.3 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

What happens at the doctor’s officeWhen you or a covered family member need care, just follow these steps:Make an appointment with your provider.1In-network providers are always more affordable.Show your ID card at the provider’s office.If you don’t have your medical ID card, log on to your carrier’s member website or call theirtoll-free number for a replacement. Some carriers have convenient mobile apps to access yourcard information, too. Need your carrier’s contact information? It’s on page 12.2Get the care you need.With an in-network provider, you don’t need to fill out any claims forms. If you visit an out-ofnetwork provider, you may have to submit a claim form to your medical carrier. Depending on yourprovider, you may owe your portion for the service when you get care, or you just receive a bill afteryour carrier processes your claim.3Review your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).You’ll get this after your medical carrier processes your claim. You can review it on your carrier’swebsite, or you may receive it in the mail. Your EOB provides a summary of the services youreceived, the benefits your medical plan provided, and how much you are responsible for paying.4Pay any balance you owe.5 You’ll receive a bill from your doctor if the charges for the visit are more than what your medicalplan covers. Wait for the EOB to be processed before paying the bill to ensure your medical carrierhas processed your claim and your provider discounts have been applied. You can pay any balanceowed out of your pocket or with money you may have in your Health Savings Account or FlexibleSpending Account.4 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

What happens at the pharmacyCVS Caremark manages the pharmacy benefits for all plans exceptKaiser Permanente.For short-term medications, you can use any retail pharmacy in theCVS network, which includes pharmacies outside of CVS Caremark.Visit to find a participating pharmacy near you. Forlong-term medications, you may use the CVS Caremark mail orderpharmacy or get your prescriptions filled at a local CVS pharmacy.Kaiser plans have their own pharmacy network.If you enrolled in a medical plan throughKaiser Permanente, you will receiveprescription drug benefits through KaiserPermanente rather than CVS Caremark.You can find details about how KaiserPermanente covers generic, brand-name,and specialty drugs on the UPS BenefitsResource Center. The pharmacy networkis primarily Kaiser Permanente pharmacieswith additional access in some areas.Just follow these steps when filling a prescription for the first time:Get the prescription from your doctor.Be sure to talk to your doctor about whether a generic drug is available. Generic drugs are just aseffective, and they’re usually your most affordable option. Check the Advanced Control Formularyto see if your medication is on the Covered Drug List. To view the full list of medications coveredunder the plan, visit and sign in. Click on Plan & Benefits, and then on Covered DrugList. You can also call Customer Care at 1-855-282-8412.1Show your prescription drug ID card at the pharmacy.You can get up to three 30-day supply prescriptions filled of your original prescription at aretail pharmacy. After that it’s considered a long-term medication, and you need to purchase itdifferently. See below for details.2If you don’t have your CVS Caremark ID card, log on to or call their toll-free numberat 1-855-282-8412 for a replacement. CVS Caremark also has a convenient mobile app to accessyour card information.Pay for and receive your medication.You pay for whatever you owe at the time you pick up your medication. How much you paydepends on the type of medication you receive.3If you choose a brand-name drug when an equivalent generic drug is available, coverage limitsapply. You pay the cost difference between the generic drug and the brand-name drug.Long-term prescriptionsIf you take long-term medications, you can get up to three 30-day supply prescriptions filled at your retail pharmacy.After that, you’ll need to use one of your options for long-term prescriptions, which require a 90-day prescription.You can either fill them at a local CVS pharmacy or have your medication delivered to your home through mailorder. If you don’t use one of these options, you pay the entire cost of the prescription after your third supply of thesame medication received at the pharmacy.Here are the details on your two options:Mail orderPick up at a local CVS pharmacy Use convenient, reliable delivery so medicationsare mailed to your chosen location Receive your medicines safely and securelyVisit and registerto request a new prescription or call CVS Caremarkat 1-855-282-8412 to get started with mail order.You may be able to get automatic refills to makethe process even easier. Pick up your medication at a timethat’s convenient for you5 UPS Benefits Resource Guide Get your medication the same day Talk with a pharmacist face-to-faceJust bring your prescription and yourprescription drug benefit ID card to aconvenient CVS pharmacy

Take advantage of your resourcesWhen you enroll in a UPS medical plan, you have tools andresources to help save time and money. Take a quick lookthrough this section to learn how your benefits work tomake getting care more convenient and affordable.Resources for Living Sometimes you get overwhelmed by personal or workproblems and need a support system. Whether help isneeded with family counseling, finding summer camps oradult daycare, or shopping for a qualified local electrician,the Resources for Living (RFL) program is available for youand your family members. RFL is administered by Aetna.You can contact RFL for a broad range of work/life issues,including stress, anxiety and depression, marital and familyproblems, job pressures, substance use disorder, plus legaland financial issues.RFL services are completely confidential and are available24/7. You can receive up to 6 counseling sessions, per issue,per year at no cost to you. You can meet over the phone,face-to-face, through televideo, or online chat. ContactResources for Living by phone at 1-877-374-2779 oronline at UPS; Password: RFL).Expert Medical OpinionLooking for an expert medical opinion? Consider usingthe Expert Medical Opinion (EMO) program, availablethrough Teladoc. This service provides an expert reviewof all your medical records by a world-renownedphysician who specializes in your condition. The goalis to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis andeffective treatment plan. You can consult EMO for a widerange of medical conditions, including surgeries, complexmedical conditions, sports injuries, chronic diseasesand life-threatening conditions. The program also offerspersonalized recommendations for high-quality, innetwork local physicians with Find Best Doctor. EMO isavailable at no additional cost to you and your covereddependents if you’re enrolled in a UPS medical plan.Contact Teledoc’s Expert Medical Opinion by phoneat 1-855-615-8340 or online at the Teladoc app and register, or linkdirectly through your wellbeing provider, MyEvive, at health and substance use disordersupport for you and your familyYour UPS medical carrier offers behavioral health benefits toyou and your covered family members who need care andsupport for a behavioral health or substance use disorder.Both inpatient and outpatient services are covered. Formore details, review your medical carrier’s booklets postedon the UPS Benefits Resource Center website.Transform Diabetes CareThe Transform Diabetes Care program offers you a Livongoconnected meter, personal coaching, and unlimited strips/lancets — all with no out-of-pocket costs. The program isavailable to all UPSers and their dependents enrolled in amedical plan with CVS pharmacy coverage. Learn more andenroll today by visiting or bycalling Livongo Member Support at 1-800-945-4355 andmentioning code “UPS”.TelemedicineWith telemedicine, you can consult with U.S. board-certifieddoctors, 24/7 via your personal mobile device or computerfor non-emergency care. To register, visit your medicalcarrier’s website or call the number on your medicalinsurance card. You can also register for MyEvive at and link directly to your carrier.Don’t forget to visit the UPS Benefits Resource Center throughout the year whenever you needto review or manage your benefits. In addition to learning and using the online resources, youcan also make benefits updates if you experience a qualified life event, such as marriage, divorce,or birth of a child. It’s also a good idea to review your beneficiaries for life insurance coverage tomake sure they’re up to date.6 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

Flexible Spending Account*Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow you to contribute pre-tax money each pay period to a Health Care FSA orLimited Purpose FSA (depending on your medical plan option) and/or a Child and Elder Care FSA. The Child/Elder CareFSA is available to reimburse for the custodial care of an eligible dependent (e.g., qualifying child under age 13 or anothertax dependent who is unable to care for him/herself).EligibilityHealth Care FSALimited Purpose FSAChild/Elder Care FSAEnrolled in the 500Deductible Option, waivemedical coverage, or if youdon’t qualify for an HSA*Enrolled in eitherthe 1,500 or 2,000Deductible OptionsYou must have qualifyingdependents to participateYou won’t be taxed on money you contribute (up to federally defined limits),or money you withdraw to pay for eligible expenses.Tax Saving BenefitsYou Can Make ContributionsYou contribute pre-tax money up to theIRS limit for 2021: 2,750You can contribute pre-tax money up to theIRS limit for 2021: 5,000 2,500 if married and file taxes separatelyfrom your spouseHow You Can Use YourSpending AccountEligible medical expenseslike your annual deductible,prescription drugs, orcoinsurance, as well as dentaland vision expensesDoes Your Account BalanceRoll Over from Year-to-Year?No. You must use any money you contribute to your 2021 account by March 15, 2022, which is thegrace period after the end of the plan year. You must file all claims by May 31, 2022.Eligible dental andvision expensesEligible expenses like childand adult daycare* You don’t qualify for the HSA if you are enrolled in Medicare, for example.FSAs are easy with Via BenefitsVia Benefits makes it easy to manage your account. Whenyou access Via Benefits accounts, you can: Update your account preferencesYou can also manage your account on the go with the ViaBenefits mobile app. Use it to upload receipts and requestreimbursements for eligible expenses. Add direct deposit informationTo pay for expenses with your FSA, you can: Check your account balance Use your debit card to payfor eligible expenses Reimburse yourself or make payments to health careproviders Check the complete list of eligible expenses Order additional Via Benefits debit cards for your family Use the website topay providers Use the website toreimburse yourself bydirect deposit or checkAccess Via Benefits by visiting a debit card is available to pay for your FSA expenses, it’s important to always submit your receipts.Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines require us to ask for receipts to confirm your debit card purchases areeligible. If you don’t submit your receipts, your debit card may be deactivated for the remainder of the year, andyour FSA purchases become taxable income included on your W2. For more information and to submit yourreceipts, visit You can also call Accounts Customer Care at 1-844-877-8588.7 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

Health Savings AccountAm I eligible for an HSA?The Health Savings Account (HSA) offers you tax advantages andan opportunity to save for future health care expenses for you andyour eligible dependents.Once your balance reaches 2,000, you can invest your money. Youhave a choice of investment funds through Optum Bank. Must be enrolled in the 1,500 Deductible with HSA or 2,000 Deductible with HSA Cannot be covered by anotherhealth plan Cannot be enrolled in MedicareYou can change your contribution amount anytime during theyear on the Optum website at Cannot be a dependent onsomeone else’s tax returnIf you’re enrolled in the 1,500 Deductible Plan w/HSA or the 2,000 Deductible Plan w/HSA, you are able to open a HealthSavings Account (HSA) through Optum Bank.If you do not meet all theserequirements, you are not eligibleto open an HSA.If you didn’t open your HSA when you enrolled, it’s not toolate. You can open it any time, as long as you meet the eligibilityrequirements, by using the UPS Benefits Resource Center. You caneither go on the website or call to speak with a representative.How do I pay foreligible expenses?* Not available for employees who live in Hawaii.Your funds are easily accessible byusing your Optum Bank debit cardto access your account any time. Plus,you can also use a variety of onlinetools at to makemanaging your account even easier.How the 1,500 Deductible Option and 2,000 Deductible Option work with the HSA1You fund your account Your contributions Interest /- Investments*2You can use your HSAto pay out-of-pocketcosts during the yearYou pay 100% of nonpreventive medical servicesand prescription drugs untilyou meet your deductible3HSA dollars growover timeYour money grows overtime – for you to usetoward future health careexpenses or to save* Investments you choose to make in your HSA are not FDIC insured, not bank-issued or guaranteed, and are subject to investment risks,including fluctuations in value and the possible loss of the principal amount invested.8 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

How much can I contribute?Read the chart below to see how much you can contribute in 2021.How much you cancontribute in 2021CoverageIndividualYou enrolled just yourself in medical coverage 3,600*FamilyYou enrolled 2 or more individuals in medical coverage 7,200*Catch-up ContributionIf you are age 55 by December 31, 2021, you can make an additional catch-up contribution 1,000*Contribution limits are subject to change year to year by the IRS.You can start using your Optum Bank HSA as soon as there’s enough money in the account to cover an eligible expense.What are eligible HSA expenses?Your HSA can be used for eligible health care expenses, including: Medical plan deductibles andcoinsurance Dental visits Acupuncture Prescription drugs Chiropractic care Mental health care Prescription vision and hearingexpenses Substance use disorderFor a complete list of eligible expenses, visit The HSA is an individual trust account that you own; it’s not a group health plan sponsored or maintained by UPS, and it’s not subject to theEmployee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).The UPS Wellbeing ProgramMyEvive* is your one-stop shop for all your benefits.The personalized benefits platform is designed to help you live better by offering health care recommendations,money-saving opportunities, and personalized tips and reminders to help you get the most out of your benefits.Available via the app or website, MyEvive links directly tobenefits that matter to you, like your medical, pharmacy, andHSA account.With MyEvive you can:1. Save time and seamlessly connect to certain benefitaccounts without having to log in again2. Gain peace of mind knowing you can find an in-networkdoctor, specialist, or urgent care facility with a few clicks3. Feel informed and inspired by personalized health andwellness tips* Only active UPS employees enrolled in a UPS medical plan, and their enrolledspouses, are eligible to receive a personalized checklist and a monetarywellness reward by participating in the MyEvive (me) wellbeing program.See the next page for more information about how to earn your wellness incentives.9 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

Get StartedDownload the MyEvive app by visiting the Apple or Google Play store or access the website through the UPS Benefits ResourceCenter or, via MyEvive direct link, or by going to eligible family member must register for their own account using the UPSer’s Employee ID.Earn your wellness incentives on MyEviveImprove your health and wellness and connect with your UPS benefits with the help of yourUPS Wellness Incentive Program on MyEvive.Complete these steps to earn your 2022 Wellness Premium Credit and a 250 Gift Card:1. Register for MyEvive Access your UPS Wellness Incentive Program plus all your other UPS benefitresources, on MyEvive.2. Take the Benefits Quiz on MyEvive It’s all about you. Based on your results, a personalizedchecklist will be created.3. Complete one Wellness Credit activity In order to earn a wellness credit toward your 2022healthcare premiums, you must also complete either your annual physical or biometric screeningby June 30, 2021.4. Complete Gift Card Checklist activities Find your Personalized Gift Card Checklist on MyEviveand complete at least three activities. You must complete your Benefits Quiz and three activitiesfrom your Gift Card Checklist by September 30, 2021 to earn your 250 gift card.The UPS WellnessIncentive Program isdesigned to supportyour health andwellbeing — andsave you money.Take a few minutesto learn how toreceive a gift cardincentive and thelowest healthcarepremium availableto you in 2022.Important! You have until June 30, 2021, to complete the activities for the UPS Wellness PremiumCredit (take the Benefits Quiz and get your annual physical or biometric screening). If youparticipate in a family/spouse plan, both you and your covered spouse must complete the BenefitQuiz and one of the screenings to qualify for the 2022 wellness credit. The wellness credit will bereflected in your 2022 medical plan contribution rates when you enroll in your 2022 benefits this Fall.What kinds of things are on my personalized checklist?Depending on your needs, you may find activities focused on:ConditionManagement Tests and screenings Disease ancialWellbeing Annual physical Cancer screenings Exercise tools HealthQuests Interactive quizzes10 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

New HiresIf you’re a newly eligible employee, your wellness incentives, which include a 2022 wellness credit (premiumdiscount) and gift card incentive, depend on your effective hire date. Review the chart below for more details.Wellness Premium Creditbetween January 1 andMarch 31, 2021If youwerehired.between April 1 andDecember 31, 2021You must complete yourBenefits Quiz and completeyour Wellness Creditactivities by June 30, 2021to earn your 2022 WellnessPremium Credit.To earn the 2022 WellnessPremium Credit, you and yourcovered spouse must bothcomplete one of the following:– Annual physical– Biometric screeningYou and your spouseautomatically receive the2022 wellness credit.Gift Card Incentiveany time between January 1and September 30, 2021You must complete yourBenefits Quiz and at leastthree activities from yourGift Card Checklist bySeptember 30, 2021 toearn your 250 Gift Card.Activities must be completedbetween January 1, 2021 andJune 30, 2021.*Important notes If your spouse is covered on the UPS medical plan, both you and your spouse must complete one of the required activities,an annual physical or biometric screening, in order to earn the wellness credit. You are not required to complete the Gift Card Activities. However, both you and your spouse are eligible to participate inthe 250 gift card program. MyEvive is a personalized online portal for you to engage with your UPS health, wealth, and work/life benefits. If you arenot a MyEvive member, you and each eligible family member must register with MyEvive to participate in the UPS WellnessIncentive Program.11 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

Important contact informationEach carrier maintains a member website to give you and your covered family members access to information and support.To access the full range of personalized support, you need to register if you’re becoming a member for the first time.Just follow the directions included with the ID cards you received at your home address or go to the home page of yourcarrier’s website and follow the instructions. Below you’ll find contact information and your carrier’s group number.CarriersMedical & Behavioral HealthAetna*AnthemCignaKaiser PermanenteUnitedHealthcarePrescription DrugsCVS ptum BankHealth Savings Account**Group NumbersWebsitesPhone Numbers 868598 881626 (International)Flex: 174572REHCP: 1745733342075California (Northern):605666California (Southern):233650Colorado: 35882Georgia: 10308Hawaii: 34847Mid-Atlantic (MAS):24785Northwest: 21221Washington: them.com1-800-435-73241-800-231-7729 lifornia (Northern): 1-800-464-4000California (Southern): 1-800-464-4000Colorado Springs: 1-888-681-7878Denver Area: 1-303-338-3800Colorado Other Areas: 1-800-632-9700Georgia: 1-888-865-5813Atlanta Metro Area: 1-404-261-2590Hawaii: 1-808-432-5955Mid-Atlantic (MAS): 1-800-777-7902DC: 1-301-468-6000Northwest: 1-800-813-2000Washington: 1-888-901-46361-844-333-2618Aetna: Flex: Rx3140 REHCP: Rx3141Anthem: Flex: Rx0702 REHCP: Rx0703Cigna: REHCP: Rx4106UnitedHealthcare: Flex: Rx3142 REHCP: 851-7822Aetna: Flex: 863206DAREHCP: 863206DRAnthem: Flex: 82801AAREHCP: 82801ARCigna: Flex: 3342075CAREHCP: 2500754CRKaiser: Flex: 101610KAREHCP: 101610KRUnitedHealthcare:Flex: 221775UAREHCP: 221775URNot ing.comUsername: UPSPassword: RFL1-877-374-2779Available -8454)Via Benefits AccountsFlexible Spending AccountsEmployee Assistance Program and Work/Life BenefitNot applicableResources for Living *Tobacco Cessation ProgramOptumNot applicable* For active employees only.** Not available for employees who live in Hawaii.12 UPS Benefits Resource Guide

Important contact information (continued)Other BenefitsVendorsWebsitesPhone NumbersSupplemental Health:Accident Insurance,*Critical Illness Insurance,* andHospital

Kaiser Permanente, you will receive prescription drug benefits through Kaiser Permanente rather than CVS Caremark. You can find details about how Kaiser Permanente covers generic, brand-name, and specialty drugs on the UPS Benefits Resource Center. The pharmacy network is primarily Kaiser Permanente