COMMUNICATIONS & IT COMMITTEEAgendaAdministration Conference Room AThursday, January 9, 20201:00 p.m.1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance2. Roll Call/Notice of Quorum3. Chairs Announcementsa. Introduction of Guests and StaffLinda Stone, GRF PresidentRandy Ankeny, Executive DirectorNataly Chigireva, Director of Communications and TechnologyDaniel Fabian, IT SupervisorKatya Lukina, Communications OPS Coordinatorb. Rules of Orderc. Chair’s Report4. Shareholder/Member Comments (Limited to 3 minutes per person)5. Approval of Minutesa. Minutes of December 12, 2019 Communications/IT Committee meeting(pp. 1-6)b. Summary of December 12, 2019 Communications/IT Committee meeting(pp. 7-10)6. Correspondence (N/A)7. Staff Reportsa. IT Supervisori. Budget Variance Report (p. 11)ii. IT Project Timeline (p. 12)iii. Wi-Fi Service Speeds (p. 13)iv.Phone Systemb. Director of Communications and Technologyi.Budget Variance Report & Sales Report (p. 14)ii.Publications Schedule. Update (p. 15)iii.Website Statistics (pp. 16-17)iv.On-Site Sales Clicks (Report) (pp. 18-19)

c. Executive Director8. Sub-Committee Reports (N/A)9. Unfinished Businessa. Phone System. Update (pp. 20-26)i.Superwireii.Fonalityiii.Vonageb. Wi-Fi Service Speeds. Update (Spectrum vs. Frontier) (p. 27)c. Jolli ID Cards Software. Updated. Social Media Implementation Plan. Updatee. LW Community Map. Update (p. 28)10. New Businessa. Community Guide Covers11. Governing Documents (N/A)12. President’s Comments13. Future Agenda Items14. Next MeetingFebruary 13, 2020Administration Conference Room A15. Adjournment

COMMUNICATIONS /IT COMMITTEE MINUTESDecember 12, 2019The Communications/IT Committee meeting was held on Thursday, December 12, 2019,and was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Chair Massetti in the Administration ConferenceRoom, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.ROLL CALLPresent:Mr. N. Massetti, ChairMr. S. HopewellMs. J. IsomMr. P. PrattAbsent:Mr. W. ThompsonAlsoPresent:Mr. B. Lukoff, GRF Board Member, Mutual FourteenMs. N. Chigireva, Director of Communications and TechnologyMr. D. Fabian, IT SupervisorMs. K. Lukina, Communications OPS CoordinatorOne Shareholder/MemberThe agenda actions of the committee will be limited only to the members of the committeeand will only constitute such actions in accordance with stated committee policy and/orprovide recommendations to the GRF Board of Directors at its regular Board meeting onthe 4th Tuesday of the month. GRF Board members who are not committee memberswill be allowed to comment when recognized by the Chair and only during the proscribedFoundation member comment period, not to exceed four minutes, as set forth in Policy5610, Participation by Foundation Members. The minutes of today’s committee meetingwill be presented to the Board for approval following the approval of the Committeemeeting minutes in January of 2020.CHAIR’S ANNOUNCEMENTSChair Massetti greeted and welcomed everyone to the Communications/IT Committeemeeting and introduced Foundation members, guests and staff, including the Director ofCommunications and Technology Nataly Chigireva, IT Supervisor Daniel Fabian andCommunications OPS Coordinator, Katya Lukina.Rules of OrderChair Massetti asked everyone to silence their cell phones, wait for their turn to speakand avoid side conversations.Chair’s ReportChair Massetti had no report to present at the time of the meeting.1

COMMUNICATIONS/IT COMMITTEE MINUTES 12/12/19Page 2 of 6SHAREHOLDER/MEMBER COMMENTSThere were no comments made by shareholders/members at the time of the meeting.APPROVAL OF MINUTESThe minutes of November 14, 2019, Communications/IT Committee meeting wereapproved as submitted.CORRESPONDENCELW Weekly News Submission, Lisa Dickson, Mutual OneFollowing a discussion, the Committee concurred to send a letter of gratitude to Ms.Dickson.STAFF REPORTSIT SupervisorBudget Variance ReportThe Committee reviewed Budget Variance report for CC 934 as presented.IT Project TimelineThe Committee reviewed the IT Project Timeline report as presented. In addition, theCommittee briefly discussed the Administration building reroofing project. The ITSupervisor stated that he is working with the roofing company and FTS broadband tominimize the downtime, and not to disrupt other departments for more than a businessday.Wi-Fi Service SpeedsThe Committee reviewed Wi-Fi Service Speeds, along with the action request to upgradethe Clubhouse Two Internet provider form Frontier to Spectrum, as presented by the ITSupervisor.Following a brief discussion, Ms. J. Isom MOVED, seconded by Mr. P. Pratt –TO recommend the Communications & IT Committee approvethe implementation of a new high-speed cable network bySpectrum for 99 (installation) and 65 (monthly costs) inClubhouse Two to be charged to 6422000-679 (Telephone –Community Facilities) as non-budgeted expenses.The motion was carried unanimously by Committee members present.2

COMMUNICATIONS/IT COMMITTEE MINUTES 12/12/19Page 3 of 6It was the consensus of the Committee to have the IT Supervisor provide an update onthis item at the next scheduled Committee meeting.Phone System UpdateThe IT Supervisor provided the Committee with a brief update on current phone system.The Committee concurred to have the IT Supervisor provide a further update on this itemat the next scheduled Committee meeting.Director of Communications and TechnologyBudget Variance Report & Sales ReportThe Committee reviewed Budget Variance and Sales reports for CC 236 as presented,and briefly discussed common digital marketing channels to be potentially utilized in thefuture.Publications ScheduleFollowing a review of the Publications Schedule, it was the consensus of the Committeeto have the Director of Communications & Technology put the 2019-2020 Publicationschedule and 2019-2020 Projects schedule in one spreadsheet and present it for theCommittee’s review at the next scheduled meeting.In addition, the Committee discussed 2020 Community Guide, and concurred to haveMs. J. Isom and the Director of Communications & Technology review cover options andthe draft of 2020 Community Guide (Mutual/Shareholders-related content), for afeedback, and present cover options for Committee’s review at the next scheduledmeeting.Website StatisticsThe Committee discussed Website Statistics report as presented. It was the consensusof the Committee to have the Director of Communications & Technology present it in aneasier to read format at the next scheduled meeting, along with the On-site Sales websiteclicks report.New On-Site Sales Contract. Potential Impact to BudgetThe Committee discussed new On-Site Sales Contract, Potential Impact to Budget, aspresented.Executive DirectorThe Executive Director commented on agenda items throughout the meeting.3

COMMUNICATIONS/IT COMMITTEE MINUTES 12/12/19Page 4 of 6SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS (N/A)PRESIDENT’S COMMENTSPresident Stone was absent.UNFINISHED BUSINESSGRF Board Goals. UpdateThe Executive Director stated that GRF Board goals are on track.Use of LW Live by Health Care CenterThe Executive Director stated that the only HCC LW Live messages administered byGRF may be regarding health risk warnings or urgent public service announcements.Windows 10 UpgradesThe IT Supervisor provided the Committee on Windows 10 upgrades as presented.Elevator Phone System UpdateThe IT Supervisor stated that all the elevators were tested and are working.Jenark Fields for Community DemographicsThe Committee reviewed Jenark Fields report as presented by the IT Supervisor. Noaction was taken on this matter at the time of the meeting.Jolli ID Cards SoftwareFollowing a brief discussion, it was the consensus of the Committee to have the ITSupervisor provide an update on this item at the next scheduled meeting.Social Media Implementation PlanThe Director of Communications and Technology spoke of the Social MediaImplementation Plan as presented, with suggested content including calendar ofupcoming events, featured content that is relevant to the residents, and submissionsform GRF partners and clients, with the goal to increase social media engagement.Following a discussion, it was the consensus of the Committee to have the ExecutiveDirector seek approval of the Executive Committee in terms of a license to use certainnames for LW social media accounts and provide the update on this matter at theCommunications/IT Committee meeting once the name rights have been resolved.4

COMMUNICATIONS/IT COMMITTEE MINUTES 12/12/19Page 5 of 6LW Seal Beach Community Online ReputationThe Committee reviewed LW Seal Beach Community Online Reputation as presentedby the Director of Communications & Technology. No action was taken on this matter atthe time of the meeting.NEW BUSINESSLW Community MapThe Committee discussed current Seal Beach Leisure World map and ways to improveit. Following a discussion, it was the consensus of the Committee to have the RecordingSecretary collect a feedback on map redesign from Communications/IT Committeemembers and provide the results at the next scheduled meeting.The Director of Communications and Technology also stated that she will work with Ms.J. Isom on LW map before the next scheduled meeting, and the community can lookforward to an improved Community Guide in 2020.GOVERNING DOCUMENTSAdopt:Policy 20-2806-2 (Fees Policy)Ms. S. Hopewell MOVED, seconded by Ms. J. Isom –TO approve Policy 20-2806-1, Service Fees, as presented,and forward it to the Board for approval.The motion was carried unanimously by Committee members present.Amend (N/A)Rescind (N/A)Review:Policy 20-2841-2, Graphic Design ServicesMs. S. Hopewell MOVED, seconded by Mr. P. Pratt –TO accept Policy 20-2841-2, Graphic Design Services, asamended, after it is formatted.The motion was carried unanimously by Committee members present.ADJOURNMENTChair Massetti adjourned the meeting at 2:53 p.m.5


COMMUNICATIONS/IT COMMITTEESUMMARY REPORTThursday, December 12, 20191:00 p.m.Action/Request1. CORRESPONDENCELW Weekly News Submission,Lisa DicksonThe Committee concurred tosend a letter of gratitude to Ms.Dickson.2. STAFF REPORTSIT SupervisorWi-fi Service SpeedsThe Committee moved torecommend the Communications& IT Committee approve theimplementation of a new highspeed cable network bySpectrum for 99 (installation)and 65 (monthly costs) inClubhouse Two to be charged to6422000-679 (Telephone –Community Facilities) as nonbudgeted expenses.The Committee concurred tohave the IT Supervisor providean update on this item at the nextscheduled Committee meeting.Phone System UpdateThe Committee concurred tohave the IT Supervisor providean update on this item at the nextscheduled Committee meeting.3. STAFF REPORTSDirector of Communication &TechnologyPublications ScheduleThe Committee concurred tohave the Director ofCommunication & Technologyput the 2019-2020 PublicationSchedule and lFCBODCommentsITSupervisorDirector ofComm. &TechnologyPage7 1 of 4

COMMUNICATIONS/IT COMMITTEE4.5.6.7.Projects Schedule in onespreadsheet and present it forreview at the next scheduledmeeting.The Committee also concurred tohave Ms. J. Isom and theDirector of Communication &Technology review cover optionsand the draft of 2020 CommunityGuide (Mutual/Shareholdersrelated content), for a feedback,and present cover options forCommittee’s review at the nextscheduled meeting.Website StatisticsThe Committee concurred tohave the Director ofCommunications & Technologypresent website statistics in aneasier to read format at the nextscheduled meeting, along withthe On-site Sales website clicksreport.New On-Site Sales Contract.Potential Impact to BudgetNo action was taken on thismatter at the time of the meeting.UNFINISHED BUSINESS:GRF Board Goals. UpdateNo action was taken on thismatter at the time of themeeting.UNFINISHED BUSINESS:Use of LW Live by HealthCare CenterNo action was taken on thismatter at the time of themeeting.UNFINISHED BUSINESS:Windows 10 UpgradesFollowing a brief discussion, noaction was taken on this matterat the time of the meeting.UNFINISHED BUSINESSElevator Phone SystemUpdateNo action was taken on thismatter at the time of ervisorITSupervisorPage8 2 of 4

COMMUNICATIONS/IT COMMITTEE8. UNFINISHED BUSINESS:Jenark Fields for CommunityDemographicsFollowing a discussion, noaction was taken on this matterat the time of the meeting.9. UNFINISHED BUSINESS:Jolli ID Cards SoftwareThe Committee concurred tohave the IT Supervisor providean update on this item at thenext scheduled meeting.10. UNFINISHED BUSINESS:Social Media ImplementationPlanThe Committee concurred tohave the Executive Directorseek approval of the ExecutiveCommittee in terms of alicense to use certain namesfor LW social media accountsand provide the update on thismatter at theCommunications/IT Committeemeeting once the name rightshave been resolved.11. UNFINISHED BUSINESS:LW Seal Beach CommunityOnline ReputationNo action was taken on thismatter at the time of themeeting.12. NEW BUSINESS:LW Community MapThe committee concurred tohave the Recording Secretarycollect a feedback on mapredesign from Communications& IT Committee members andprovide the results at the nextscheduled Director ofComm. &TechnologyDirector ofComm. &TechnologyRecordingSecretaryPage9 3 of 4

COMMUNICATIONS/IT COMMITTEE13. GOVERNING DOCUMENTS:Director ofAdopt:Comm. &i. Policy 20-2806-2 (Fees)Technology,XThe Committee moved to approveRecordingPolicy 20-2806-1, Service Fees, asSecretarypresented, and forward it to theBoard for approval.Review:i. Policy 20-2841-2, GraphicDesign ServicesThe Committee moved to acceptPolicy 20-2841-2, Graphic DesignServices, as amended, after it isformatted.FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS:The Committee moved/concurred to include:a. Wi-Fi Speeds Updateb. Phone System Updatec. Publications Schedule. Updated. Report on On-site Sales clickse. Community Guide Covers (Including report from Director ofComm. & Technology and Ms. J. Isom)f. Jolli ID Cards Software. Updateg. Social Media Implementation Plan. Updateh. LW Community Map. UpdateRecording Secretary10 4 of 4Page

Golden Rain FoundationITS CommitteeBudget Variance Report – November 2019IT Services - CC 934GL CodeAccount Description6100000 Salaries & Wages6140000 Employment Taxes6143000 Group Insurance - Medical6213100 Agency / Contractor Fees6422000 Telephone6438000 Other Professional FeesEquipment Repair &6472000 Maintenance6481000 Computer Maintenance &SoftwareCommittee Discretionary6951000 ExpenseTotal Explained VariancesVariance Explanation27,422 Favorable - one vacant position1,610 Favorable - one vacant position9,891 Favorable - one vacant positionUnfavorable - IT Technician position-22,803 filled by temp agencyUnfavorable - Phone services-1,176 recategorized to CC934Unfavorable - Boyer Dynamics support-17,548 & FFT overages from server issues in2018Favorable - all elevated support5,489 charged to "other professional fees" GLUnfavorable - PowerDMS policy and-10,864 ScreenConnect remote softwarecharged to CC9341,000 Favorable - funds not spent-6,979 of -6,94311

IT Project TimelineProjectStart DateComplete DateNotesUpload governingdocumentsDecember 5thJanuary 1stUpload governing documents tonew pageClubhouse 4 DigitalBillboardsNovember 14thJanuary 10thInstall digital billboards in CH4October 11thJanuary 14thUpgrade all workstations toWindows 10PowerDMS trainingDecember 18thJanuary 14thPowerDMS training session w/recording secretariesSurveillance cameraupgradesOctober 11thFebruary 1stUpgrade and replace camerasin various locationsGRF phone servicebidsJanuary 10thFebruary 13thReview GRF phone service bidsGRF network speedupgradeDecember 17thFebruary 13thUpgrade antennas & speed atall internal network locationsWindows 10upgradesSquare POSimplementationFebruary 14thMarch 12thUpgrade all point-of-sale units,create inventory, and providetrainingDraft RFP –Managed servicesMarch 13thApril 9thDraft RFP for managed serviceprovidersNEST thermostatsMarch 13thApril 9thInstall NEST smart thermostatsin all locations* Timeline is subject to change and is a proposed list of projects and completion dates12

Wi‐Fi Service SpeedsGRF Facilities (Public)LocationSpeed (Mbps DL/UL)VendorPriceAdmin90 / 90FTS Broadband 97Library (patrons)70 / 10SpectrumSecurity/On Site90 / 90Frontier 101Clubhouse 150 / 50Frontier 101Clubhouse 28/8Frontier 150Clubhouse 370 / 20SpectrumClubhouse 470 / 20SpectrumBuilding 590 / 80Frontier 163Clubhouse 690 / 90Frontier 92VendorPrice 0(free Superwire) 0(free Superwire) 0(free Superwire)GRF Staff (Private)LocationSpeed (Mbps DL/UL) 681(shared FTS) 681(shared FTS) 681(shared FTS)Admin90 / 90FTS BroadbandLibrary (staff)20 / 20FTS BroadbandYard30 / 20FTS BroadbandPool/Golf Shack30 / 30Spectrum 36Security (main gate)30 / 20FTS Broadband 681(shared FTS)RV Lot10 / 8FTS Broadband 150St. Andrews50 / 50Frontier 13613

Budget Variance Report - November 2019News - CC 236GL CodeAccount DescriptionVariance6100000 236Salaries & Wages - News6101000 236Commission - News(6,715)6143000 2366213100 2366410020 236Group Insurance - Medical - NewsAgency / Independent Contractor Fees - NewsEquipment Expense - News12,16571,0003,4686471000 236Building Repair & Maintenance - News(4,665)6483500 2366483515 2366483521 2366483525 2366483545 236Insert Distribution Labor - NewsNewspaper Printing - NewsAnnual Report Printing - NewsNavigator Book Printing - NewsMinibus Schedule Printing - News5,44923,698(5,887)11,246(6,195)6910000 236Uncollectable Customer Receivables - News(3,334)5731000 2365380450 236Classified Advertising - NewsShow Sponsorship Income - News(9,505)4,3735731100 236Insert Ad Income - News5732100 236Amphitheater Spotlight Ad Income - News5731500 236Display Advertising - News5732000 2365732400 2365732545 2365732600 236NAvigator Book Income - NewsNewspaper Front Footer Ad Income - NewsMinibus Schedule Advertisement - NewsMap Advertising Income - NewsTotal Explained 45011,4905,225(118,398)ExplanationUnfavorable - new unbudgeted position was approved for thisyearUnfavorable - overlap of commission payments due to a newcommission payment structure with the magazine managersoftware.Favorable - Insurance price was negotiatedFavorable - No contractors / Agencies usedFavorable - No equipment has been purchasedUnfavorable - More building repairs were needed thanbudgetedFavorable - Price was negotiated with contractorFavorable - Savings with the new printing companyUnfavorable - New line item, was not budgeted for 2019Favorable - Publication discontinuedUnfavorable - New line item, was not budgeted for 2019Unfavorable - Old account balances, billing mistakes, out ofbusiness clientsUnfavorable - Slower interest from residents to advertiseFavorable - High interest from new clients to advertiseUnfavorable - Raised advertising prices, still selling to the newclientsFavorable - High interest from new clients to advertiseUnfavorable - Budgeted for 4 sales people, currently workingonly 2; separated ad income for minibus in the new line itemUnfavorable - Publication discontinuedFavorable - added more space for ads on the front pageFavorable - this item was budgeted in Display Ad IncomeFavorable - New Map has more Ad spacesof (110,092)Page 1 of 214

P U B L I C AT I O N S C H E D U L E 2 0 2 0PUBLICATION NAMEPRODUCTIONDELIVERYLW WEEKLY NEWSLETTERWeeklyWednesdays2020 MINI-BUS SCHEDULENovember 26th, 2019February 5th, 20202020 LW COMMUNITY GUIDEFebruary 1st, 20202020 LW MAPSAD SALES STARTENDSOngoingNovember 1st,2019December 15st, 2019March 5th, 2020August 30th, 2019November 30th, 2019TBDAs needed1st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 20202020 ANNUAL REPORTApril 5th, 2020May 5th, 2020January 1st, 2020April 10th, 20202020 SPOTLIGHT MAGAZINE / SPONSORSHIPSMay 1st, 2020June 15th , 2020February 1st, 2020April 25th, 20202021 BUDGET COVERSept 15th, 2020Sept 30th, 20202020 ANNUAL BUDGET & POLICY STAT INSERTOctober 31st, 2020November 9th, 2020LW CALENDAR – REDESIGN, BIGGER FORMATthOctober 30 , 2020th,November 20No Advertising2020No AdvertisingstAugust 1October 20th, 20192019P R O J E C T S S TAT U S / D E TA I L SPROJECT NAMESTATUSNOTES2020 COMMUNITY GUIDE NEW FORMAT-REDESIGNIn processSales Period in progress2020 LW MAP AD NEW FORMAT & LAYOUTIn processCommittee feedback requested2020 CALENDAR NEW FORMAT & LAYOUTCompletedProduced & DeliveredBEREAVEMENT BOOKCompletedProducedWEBSITE DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN ST.1In ProcessRFP sent outSOCIAL MEDIA PROJECTIn processWaiting on the response from Randy15







Edition FeaturesYOUR SELECTIONAvailable FeaturesEssentialsProfessionalUltimate100 Phone Features Unlimited Calls Unlimited Basic Queues Auto Attendant 24/7 Gold Support Fonality Academy Training Softphone Heads Up Display (HUD) Web HUD Mobile App Click to Dial Browser Extension 3rd Party Integrations Audio Conferencing On-Demand Recording Daily Email Reports Voicemail Transcription HD Video Collaboration Advanced Call Center Agent License Customize Your SolutionDesk and Conference Phones 5* user/moRecord AllFax Services 10* line/moPlatinum Support 5* user/mo 5* user/mo 20 users/mo 20 users/mo 10* line/mo 10* line/mo 2 user/mo 2 user/moFull Service Setup 150* 150* 150*Dedicated Training 750* 750* 750**Starting price22

Deployment OptionsOur business phone solutions are designed to fit real business needs now and in the future. We buildflexible solutions that can support a business as a they grow and move, and that offer advancedcapabilities as technology adapts.This flexibility extends beyond our phone systems, though. NetFortris offers the most secure,compliant-ready options for how you want to deploy your communications solution.YOUR SELECTIONSupported FeaturesPublic CloudPrivate CloudHybrid-HostedBring Your Own Telecom-- No Upfront Capital Costs Accessible Across Any Location Dedicated Server-- IT Server Access for Full Customization-- Easy-to-Use Advanced Features Built-in Collaboration Tools Unified Communications Integration Simple Installation Scalable Solution On-Site Hardware ProvidedIP Phones Available to Buy or Rent 23

Quote #:211580Date:11/02/2018Prepared For:Leisure World, Daniel FabianQuote Good Through:11/30/2018Your NetFortris Account ExecutiveBrandon [email protected] DetailQuote Summary13001 SEAL BEACH BLVD, STE 375, Seal Beach CA 90740Unit PriceQuantityOne TimeMonthlyExtended PriceOne TimeNumber of UsersMonthlyBundleProfessional Cloud Bundle 3-Year120Features: HUD Mobile License120Features: Conference Bridge1Features: Voicemail-Only Extension10Features: Virtual Extension10Environment: Cloud1Calling Plans: Fonality Calling Plan120Phone Numbers: Local Number120Support: Gold Support120 24.99120 2,998.80Contract3 yearOne-Time Charges 936.00Add-OnsPhones: Polycom VVX 411Calling Plans: Advanced Caller IDName ServiceProfessional Installation: FonalityCertified Partner Setup 100 Seats120 10.99 1,318.801 15.00 15.00120SubtotalDiscounts 5.00 600.00 4,332.60Footnotes( -301.50)Promotion: Polycom VVX411 - Free Rental( -1,318.80)Total Discounts- 1,620.30ShippingGrand Total 2,712.30 600.00Manager DiscountUPS GroundMonthly Charges1 336.00 936.00 2,712.3011Recurring charges do notinclude taxes, fees, or usagecharges for extra services thatyou consume, such as excess faxusage or some international calls.These vary depending on yourusage and location.2Taxes and Fees are based onyour location and charges.Your first payment includes your one-time and recurring charges plus taxes and fees depending on your location.24

Our One-PagerWe believe in providing easy-to-use solutions, and that starts with an easy-to-understand customeragreement. As a customer of Fonality, your agreement with us and our agreement with you isn’tcomplicated.We strive to provide you with great service, and we know that if we do, we’ll earn your loyalty and referralsto other potential customers to help us continue to grow.We will charge you once per month for all services and send you a bill showing a summary of thosecharges. This will include recurring charges for the upcoming month, and any non-recurring charges forservices that may have been consumed or ordered in the prior month. For other charges, such asinstallations, license fees, and equipment, we will usually charge or invoice you in advance. You agree topay us, or we may have to stop supporting you and providing you with service, so please ensure yourcharges are always paid on time. The current pricing for our products and services is shown on the quoteswe provided for you. These quotes, orders, and incorporated contract terms below, form the basics of ouragreement.We hope you won’t, but with proper notice you can cancel when your contract expires and we’ll agree toport out any of your telephone numbers as required. Just make sure the numbers are ported before youdisconnect service. If you don’t cancel, we’ll continue to provide you with service and support, and willautomatically renew your agreement for an additional period of time equal to your initial term (as indicatedon any quotes or orders or in the alternative within the incorporated terms) unless you let us know twomonths in advance of the contract term end date.Because our lawyers made us add this, there are also some other things that you should know, mostlyabout how emergency services work when using a service like ours, regulatory matters, support, using theservice in a lawful way, contract term, and cancelation details. They’re incorporated by reference andlocated at the Fonality website for your review:

Vonage UC & CC Pricing Breakdown- Golden Rain FoundationMONTHLY RECURRING CHARGES - UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONSBusiness Cloud SeatsQTYPRICETotalUnlimited Extension120 19.99120Free20 4.99 99.80UC Subtotal 2,498.60 2,398.80Mobile Unlimited ExtensionMetered ExtensionAmazon ChimeAmazon Chime (Audio, Video and Web Conferencing)NumbersToll FreeFeaturesLocal Company Number (Auto Attendant)Call GroupReceptionist ConsoleVonage for SalesforceVonage for O365NON-RECURRING CHARGESQTYPRICETotalEquipment, Setup, Solution Design, Training & ConfigurationPolycom VVX 411Polycom VVX 311Polycom Soundstation IP6000CC Professional Service Days *requires Statement of Work (SOW)UC Implementation Support1 400.00 400.00Total 400.00Phone Shipping26000000Budgetary Quote000000Page 1

Windows 10 UpgradesOriginating Committee:IT CommitteeJuly 17, 2018BOD ApprovalAugust 28, 2018Action Items: Process upgrade on test machines Determine upgrade path (per department) Determine costs (free with valid Windows 7 key) Create additional W10 upgrade USB sticks usingMicrosoft’s ISO and flash drive creator toolApproved Budget: Install after-hours and on weekends per department Each workstation takes 3 hours to complete – we areupgrading 6 workstations at a time Update progress at January 9th CC/IT Committee Current progress 70/90 (78%) 8,250.00Payments to Date: 3,895.00Balance: 4,355.00Funding Source:Non-BudgetedOperationalProject Status:In progressProject Timeline:CommitteeupdateInstall & TrainDecember 12PROJECT LEADER: DANIEL FABIANCompleteJanuary 14IT DEPARTMENT27

LW Community Map Survey Results:1. Increase the font size on the building number. Go back to making the number into abubble that is larger than the roof dimension of the building and make the number blackon white;2. Return the indicator that shows which unit is the “A” unit;3. Increase the font used for the street names and increase their readability;4. Return the Mutual numbers and colors.28

Jan 09, 2020 · a. Phone System. Update (pp. 20-26) i. Superwire ii. Fonality iii. Vonage b. Wi-Fi Service Speeds. Update (Spectrum vs. Frontier) (p. 27) c. Jolli ID Cards Software. Update d. Social Media Implementation Plan. Update e. LW Community Map. Update (p. 28) 10.New Business a. Community Gui