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The INSEAD GEMBA AdvantageMultiple PerspectivesClass of itiesAverage work experienceAverage age ch class has an unparalleleddiversity of nationalities andbusiness backgrounds. In a GEMBAclassroom environment, youwill maximise your learning bychallenging your assumptions andbroadening your perspectives.The GEMBA programme offers aconvenient schedule that allowsyou to study while you work. Themodular format enables you tomake an immediate impact.Working outside homecountryMain Industry Sectors:Financial ServicesTechnology, Media & TelecomHealthcareEnergyRetails, Consumer & Luxury GoodsConsultingManufacturing & cal Diversity by Work Region:Asia PacificEuropeMiddle East & -classFaculty & ResearchThe bonds fostered withone another during theprogramme often translate tolifetime friendships and businessopportunities. You will join theINSEAD family of over 58,000influential alumni in more than170 countries.With a combinationof experience and talent,our faculty creates top-notchprogrammes and cutting-edgeresearch that influencesbusinesses around the world.Lifelong Learning& SupportRedefine theLeader in YouYou will be able to participatein electives and Key ManagementChallenges (KMC), and receiveprofessional developmentsupport from INSEAD’s CareerDevelopment team evenafter graduation.The unique LeadershipDevelopment Programme (LDP)combines a wide range ofinnovative learning methods tohelp you develop an authenticleadership style.GEMBA programmeConsistently ranked amongst the top Executive MBA programmes in the world by the Financial Times,there is a myriad of reasons why INSEAD’s Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) programme stands outfrom the rest:02

A Holistic Learning ExperienceThe GEMBA curriculum will expand your core skills and expose you to new management areas. The programmetakes place on our INSEAD campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. There are also opportunities to travelto off-campus locations.Programme StructureAsia SectionMiddle East SectionEurope SectionCampusSingaporeAbu DhabiFontainebleauLength17 months15 months14 monthsDays Out of OfficeApproximately 55 – 60 daysOn-Campus Classes12 weeksAddaemChandranMilenaBowmanMalaysianFounder & CEOProf Muhaya Eye & LASIK CentreGEMBA 2017BulgarianExecutive Manager(Airspace, Systems andProcedures a.i.)EUROCONTROLGEMBA 2016DurationDurationDurationAug 20201.5 weeks--Oct 20201 week1.5 weeks-Nov 20201 week1 week2 weeksJan 20211 week1.5 weeks1.5 weeksFeb 20211 week1.5 weeks-Mar 20211 week1 week2 weeks0.5 weeks1.5 weeks1.5 weeks0.5 weeks--May 20212 weeks (Fontainebleau)Aug/Sep 20211 week (Fontainebleau)**3 Key ManagementSep 20211 week (Singapore)**Challenges*Oct 20211 week (Abu Dhabi)**Dec 20212 weeks (Singapore)CommencementDecember 2021Submission of Final Degree Requirements & Degree Conferment – January 2022Programme schedule is subject to change* EMBA alumni may also attend electives and KMCs (Subject to availability)** Select any two locations, with one KMC per locationTsinghua-INSEAD EMBAIf you would like to pursue an Executive MBA with bothglobal perspectives as well as insights into Asia, youmight want to consider the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA(TIEMBA). The TIEMBA is a 22-month dual-degreeprogramme designed by INSEAD and China’s prestigiousTsinghua University in Beijing.The programme is delivered across five campuses(Beijing, Shenzhen, Singapore, Fontainebleau, Abu Dhabi),providing you global exposure as well as deepeningyour understanding of emerging markets such as China.For more information, visit: tsinghua.insead.eduGEMBA programmeGEMBA programme03“Halfway through the programme,I was asked to become the leader ofa cultural change project. I couldn’thave considered that without theGEMBA. It has also enabled meto pass on some of my INSEADlearnings to my team.”MonthsJul 20214 Elective Courses*“The exposure I gained at INSEADhas helped me to strengthen mybusiness. I was able to use theframework I’ve learnt in the class toarticulate and formulate businessideas for implementation.”Career Development11 Core CoursesLeadership Development ProgrammeCourses04

11CoreCoursesThe first half of the programme comprises 11 core coursescovering the fundamental disciplines that all businessleaders need: Corporate Finance Financial Accounting International PoliticalAnalysis Leading People andOrganisations Macroeconomics Managerial Accounting3 Marketing Prices and Markets Process and OperationsManagement Strategy Uncertainty, Data andJudgement4ElectiveCoursesElective courses take place on INSEAD’s Fontainebleaucampus over two weeks in July. With a wide selection ofaround 20 electives to choose among, you will be able to godeeper into some of the disciplines covered in the corecourses and explore new areas, depending on your interest.Every year, GEMBA and TIEMBA alumni have the opportunityto return to campus to join in the elective courses, makingthe EMBA programme a lifelong learning experience.Sample Elective Courses: Blue Ocean Strategy Brand Management Data Science forExecutives NegotiationsKey ManagementChallengesWe recognise that real-life management does not alwaysfall neatly into business school subject departments.This is why we devised close to 20 KMCs as innovativecourses to cover broader, multi-disciplinary,company-wide issues.Sample KMC Courses: AI Strategy for Startups& C-suites CoNducting BusinessAcross Cultures Corporate Governance& LeadershipDevelop an Authentic Leadership Style EntrepreneurialLeadership Strategy & Impact Private Equity Psychological Issuesin Management Realising EntrepreneurialPotentialGEMBA programme05We offer a wide range of services from individual careercoaching sessions, to on-campus workshops, online webinarsand networking events. Throughout your programme you willINSEAD offers the LDP to help you shape your personaland professional development. Delivered by the INSEADGlobal Leadership Centre, the LDP runs parallel to youracademics throughout your time as a GEMBA participant,and combines a wide range of innovative learningmethods designed to expand your range of effectiveleadership styles.With the support of a digital holding space, the LDPaccompanies you on your lifelong development journeyboth during and after the GEMBA programme.In addition to the time spent on campus, you will need toallow time for independent study, preparation for classes,writing two essays and three reflective papers. You will alsohave a final project based on real-life experience to demonstrate your learning from the programme. These add up toabout 10 to 12 hours of homework a week.have several opportunities to develop your skills on careerplanning, CV & LinkedIn writing, interviewing techniques,networking and negotiation skills, and many more.INSEAD is well-respected by companies worldwide lookingto hire the best talent. Additionally, the extensive INSEADalumni base is represented globally in a wide range ofindustries and fields. Whether through the INSEAD careerplatform, the alumni directory, networking events and panels,or guided individual outreach, there will be plenty ofopportunities for gaining market insights and developingstrong connections throughout and beyond your programme.LDP ElementsAcademicContent Leading people and organisations Other leadership-related courses Team building experiences& simulationsExperientialLearning Leadership labs with live cases Communication workshops Peer exchanges & circlesLeadershipCoachingLiveForumsFinal Project and Independent Study TimeMaximise Your Career PotentialINSEAD’s Career Development for Working Professionals(CDWP) team understands the diverse career needs ofGEMBA participants. Whether you are looking for careeradvancement or exploring opportunities for careerprogression outside of your current organisation, our teamof professional coaches partner with you to guide andsupport you throughout your journey.Today’s leaders must strike a balance betweenself-reflection and action to help their organisationsadapt to the unknown. Just as importantly, they mustknow themselves and understand their impact on others. Individual, peer & group coaching 360 & progress feedback Meet inspiring leaders“Through the LDP, I became muchmore self-aware of my currentleadership style – its strengthsand weaknesses. It also providedme with a systematic approachto continuously develop myselfas a leader in an adaptive way tomatch the requirements of thenext step of my career.”Luidi MaiaBrazilianGeneral ManagerSchlumberger Landing StringServices North America& CaribbeanOne SubseaGEMBA 2016GEMBA programmePractical Learning06

INSEAD WomenThe case for empowering women has never been stronger,not just because it is the right thing to do but because it isthe smart thing to do. A growing body of empirical workshows that improving gender balance in the workplaceboosts employee retention and organisational performance.It encourages economic growth and benefits society morebroadly. Education plays a critical role in developing genderbalance in leadership. INSEAD is committed to being a keyplayer in this space.INSEAD develops the next generation of female and malebusiness leaders who are inspired and equipped to addressgender balance throughout their careers in an integrated waythrough the INSEAD Gender Initiative (IGI). We are evidencebased, rigorous and innovative. The IGI engages faculty, staffand alumni -- male and female alike -- to positively impacteducation, businesses and society.Leading by example: To walk the talk, we are workingtowards gender balance within our own organisation,leveraging academic insights and investigating best practicesacross diverse cultures.Developing Pedagogy: We are developing our faculty toteach in a gender-balanced way across all programmesand educating students on the benefits of and the tools todevelop an inclusive environment.Engaging Alumni: To maximise our reach, we are raisingawareness and providing practical knowledge that enablesINSEAD alumni to become effective champions for genderdiversity and inclusion.Partnering with business and society: Through knowledgecreation and sharing, we are supporting organisations torealise the benefits of improved gender balance with effectiveprogrammes and policies.Find out more about Women at INSEAD at programmeSome of our GEMBA Alumnae07GrazynaPiotrowskaOliwaCEOVirgin Mobile Polskaand Virgin Mobile CEEGEMBA 2005Erin GainerIndependent DirectorBiom’upGEMBA 2008HillaryMiller-WiseFounder & CEOTulaaGEMBA 2011Linda LohTrisha NaidooGlobal Insights &Strategic PlanningManagerFonterraGEMBA 2016Metallurgy ManagerIvanhoe MinesGEMBA 2017“The events industry is theperfect place to leverage myenergy. From luxury fashionto exotic travel, my amazingteam organises more than 2500global events a year. Celebratingsuccess together, and motivatingand uniting my team in all theirpositive differences is whatdrives me.”Saskia GentilEvents Director, Humanitarian, GlobetrotterGEMBA 2016

Your Journey Starts HereOur MissionAdmissions CriteriaABILITY TO CONTRIBUTEACADEMIC CAPACITYContribute proactively and share theinsights gained from both professionaland personal experiencesUndergraduate degree and GMAT,GMAC Executive Assessment (EA) orINSEAD EMBA AssessmentINTERNATIONAL OUTLOOKPROVEN LEADERSHIPAdaptability and flexibility in multiculturalenvironments, having lived, worked, orstudied abroad or having vast exposurein an international contextProfessional experience and performancethat demonstrate potential as leadersWe bring together people,cultures and ideas to developresponsible leaders whotransform business and society.Admissions Process1Submit OnlineApplication formSupporting documents23AdmissionsReviewGMAT/EA Admissions RouteInterviewPreselection45CommitteeReview6INSEAD Assessment RouteAssessment and InterviewFinancingLanguage Requirement48% of the Class of 2019 received an INSEAD scholarship.The scholarship is awarded across all sections (Asia,Middle East, Europe).If English is neither your mother tongue nor the languagein which your university degree was taught, you will needa certification of proficiency in English such as the TOEFLor IELTS. If English is your mother tongue, you will need toprovide proof of basic-level (A2) ability in one other officiallanguage by graduation.GEMBA programmeCandidates who wish to apply for a scholarship mustbe self-funded or company-sponsored to a maximum of50% of tuition. For some scholarships, further restrictionsapply. Find out more or apply for scholarships DecisionAccepted/Rejected/WaitlistedTuition FeesAugust 2020 Asia intake: 196,000 (GST Inclusive)October 2020 Europe intake: 125,500 (VAT Inclusive)October 2020 the Middle East intake: US 135,000(VAT Inclusive)NorthAmericaEuropeMiddle EastAsiaApplication Deadlines (Year 2020 Intake)We operate a rolling admissions process, withfour deadlines for each of the three sections.We recommend applying as early as possible.RoundAsiaSectionMiddle EastSectionEuropeSection117 Jan 2015 Feb 2001 Mar 20206 Mar 2011 Apr 2010 May 20324 Apr 2013 Jun 2012 Jul 20405 Jun 2008 Aug 2006 Sep 20INSEAD does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, or infirmity.INSEAD Registration Number 199901016K CPE Registration 21 June 2017 to 20 June 2023

INSEAD Europe CampusBoulevard de Constance77305 Fontainebleau Cedex, FranceT 33 (0)1 60 72 41 91INSEAD Asia Campus1 Ayer Rajah AvenueSingapore 138676T 65 6799 5191INSEAD Middle East CampusAl Khatem Tower, Maryah IslandADGM SquareP.O. Box 48049Abu Dhabi - UAET 971 2 651 5200INSEAD Sans Francisco Hub for Business Innovation224 Townsend StreetSans Francisco, CA 94107,

The INSEAD GEMBA Advantage Consistently ranked amongst the top Executive MBA programmes in the world by the Financial Times, there is a myriad of reasons why INSEAD’s Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) programme stands out from the rest: Beyond Diversity Lifelong Learning & Support Real-time Transformation Each class has an unparalleled