Toilet Partition HardwareWindowAndDoorParts.USCONCEALED AND SURFACE MOUNTED LATCHESADA91-8ADA91-330Used with 91-129 Housing91-84Used with 91-129 HousingAMERICAN METAL91-130For 1" Laminated DoorSANYMETAL91-131With Flat Tip Bar. For 1"Steel DoorADA91-19891-209For 1" Steel Door900-18069With Red and Green Indicator.For 1" Steel Door91-12991-18791-292For 1" Laminated DoorZinc Die Cast - UnplatedZinc Die Cast - UnplatedFor 1" Steel Door91-8391-7991-4Part #Finish91-80 Chrome Plated Brass91-80SSStainless SteelCHROME PLATED DOOR PULLS, HOOKS AND DOOR STOPS900-2048091-125Includes Keeper91-7JMounting Holes Tapped 8-32Part #91-691-6SSHeavy Duty. 7/32" Hole Diameter91-90Mounting Holes Tapped 10-24FinishChrome PlatedStainless SteelCoat Hook with Bumper7/32" Hole Diameter91-9Mounting Holes Tapped 10-2491-2551/4" Hole DiameterQuestions? email: [email protected] 727-786-1450Part #91-791-7BP91-7SSFinishChrome PlatedBrass PlatedStainless Steel91-102" High473

Toilet Partition HardwareWindowAndDoorParts.USCHROME PLATED KEEPERS AND STRIKES FOR 1-1/4" ROUND AND SQUARE POSTSADA91-290Inswing/Outswing for ConcealedLatch with Flat Bar91-5Inswing/Outswing for ConcealedLatch with Round Bar91-13491-87Inswing/Outswing for ConcealedLatch with Flat BarInswing/Outswing forConcealed Latch91-253Inswing for Throw Latch.Emergency AccessADA91-137Outswing for Slide Latch900-10535Inswing for Slide Latch, Chrome91-89Inswing for Slide LatchSANYMETAL91-88Inswing/Outswing Strike91-14191-140Outswing for Slide LatchInswing/Outswing forConcealed LatchSANYMETAL91-81Inswing for Throw LatchEmergency Access91-135Inswing for Slide Latch91-82Inswing/Outswing for Slide Latch91-78Outswing for Slide LatchADA91-133Inswing/Outswing forConcealed Latch91-26Inswing for Slide Latch91-132Inswing for Throw LatchEmergency Access91-217Outswing for Slide Latch91-55Inswing/Outswing for ConcealedLatch with Round BarCHROME PLATED WRAP AROUND GRAVITY PIVOT HINGES FOR 1-1/4" ROUNDAND SQUARE POSTS91-237Outswing for Slide LatchPart #91-2A1-5/64"FLUSHMETAL474Part #91-3A1-5/32"Part #91-85FLUSHMETALQuestions? email: [email protected] 727-786-1450A1-1/16"SANYMETAL

Toilet Partition HardwareWindowAndDoorParts.USCHROME PLATED WRAP AROUND GRAVITY PIVOT HINGES FOR 1-1/4" ROUND AND SQUARE POSTSPart #91-86A1-1/16"SANYMETALPart #91-24Part #91-183A1-25/64"Part #91-182GENERAL/KNICKERBOCKERA1-17/64"Part #91-25A1-25/64"GENERAL/KNICKERBOCKERA1-17/64"Part #91-240Part #91-186A1-1/16"Part #91-185A1-7/64"AMPCO/METPARAMPCO/METPARUse: 91-85Use: 91-86A1-19/64"Top and Bottom HingeSURFACE MOUNTED GRAVITY HINGE91-2891-173Round Barrel Hinge set forLH Inswing or RH Outswing.Chrome Plated. Includes 8 OneWay Screws and 8 Barrel NutsSquare Barrel Hinge set for RHInswinging or LH Outswinging. CastStainless Steel. Satin Finish91-2991-199Round Barrel Hinge set forRH Inswing or LH Outswing.Chrome Plated. Includes 8 OneWay Screws and 8 Barrel NutsSquare Barrel Hinge set for LHInswinging or RH Outswinging. CastStainless Steel. Satin FinishCHROME PLATED WALL BRACKETSPart #ABC91-15 1" 2-1/2" 2-21/32"91-16 1-1/4" 2-1/2" 2-3/4"91-288 1-1/4" 3-1/2" 2-3/4"One EarPart #AB91-323 3/4" 2-1/2"91-367 1-1/4" 3-1/2"Two EarsCHROME PLATED URINAL BRACKETSCPart #3"4"91-17 1" 2-1/2"91-97 1" 3-1/2"91-18 1-1/4" 2-1/2"ABCPart #4"4"4"91-160 1" 3-1/2"91-161 1-1/4" 3-1/2"ABCPart #4"4"91-159 1"12"7"91-11 1-1/4" 6" 6-1/4"Screen BracketsABCWing BracketsTwo EarsQuestions? email: [email protected] 727-786-1450475

Toilet Partition HardwareCHROME PLATED U BRACKETSWindowAndDoorParts.USREPLACEMENT PILASTER SHOESSquare Edge1-1/4" Thick Pilaster ShoesOpen Front w/Holes. 22 Gauge Stainless Steel. Satin FinishPart 1-5/32"1-1/4"1-1/2"Round Edge1-1/4" Thick Pilaster ShoesOpen Front w/Holes. 22 Gauge Stainless Steel. Satin FinishPart #"A"Part 4"DOOR INSERTS91-72Top -for 1" Square Edge DoorChrome Plated91-117Bottom -for 1" Square Edge DoorChrome Plated91-252NS900-14906Bottom for 1" Round Edge Metal Door.Chrome PlatedBottom for 1" Round Edge Metal Door.FLUSHMETALAMPCO/METPARCAMS, PINTLES AND HINGE PINS91-102BUsed with 91-114 and 91-19191-113White Plastic. Fits Insert 91-11791-102Set91-189White Plastic91-14891-191Used with 91-113, 91-190and 91-189White Plastic. Fits Insert 91-7391-19091-313White PlasticNylonHADRIAN47691-114White Plastic. Fits Insert 91-153Questions? email: [email protected] 727-786-145091-314HADRIAN

Toilet Partition HardwareWindowAndDoorParts.USCAMS, PINTLES AND HINGE 61Hinge Bracket for PlasticLaminated PilastersGENERALCHROME PLATED ALCOVE CLIPS, HEAD RAIL, END PLUGS AND BRACKETS91-32891-264For 1" to 1-1/4" Post. Right AngleCurved MoldingAlcove Right AngleCurved MoldingFLUSH METALMETPAR91-201-3/4" Nylon Square Post Cap91-70Alcove 1-1/4" Offset (1/8" perside). For all Size Posts91-1161-3/4" Nylon Square Post Plug91-22Floor Bracket91-1391-21Headrail BracketPilaster Shoe for 1-3/4"Square Tube91-2391-63Spring ClipAnti-Grip End Plug for all SizeHandrailsONE-WAY SCREW REMOVER91-64Rectangular End plugfor 1" HandrailIf you've tried to remove One-Way Tamper-Proof Screws from toilet partition, locks, fixtures and assemblies. you know the frustrationinvolved. NO MORE DRILLING, POUNDING, PULLING, OR CHISELING. that wastes time, bruises knuckles and causes costly hardwaredamage. Highly praised by thousands of locksmiths, maintenance and service personnel, contractors and other professionals as aVALUABLE TOOL NEEDED FOR YEARS!Part # Screw SizeEasy to Use59-156-8Works like an ordinary59-168-10screwdriver. "No slip"59-1712-14tip design providesmaximum holding powerThree sizes available to fituntil screw is removed.all one-way screws.CHROME PLATED TOILET PARTITION FASTENERSPart #20-29120-18720-185Screw Size10-24 Thread x 15/16" Long10-24 Thread x 1-3/16" Long8-32 Thread x 1-3/8" LongOne Way ScrewsPart #20-29320-18620-186USScrew Size10-24 Thread x 5/8" Long10-24 Thread x 1/2" Long8-32 Thread x 1/2" Long (Not Slotted)Barrel NutPart #20-36620-20420-362Screw Size#10 x 3/4" Long#10 x 1" Long#10 x 5/8" LongSelf Tapping ScrewsQuestions? email: [email protected] 727-786-1450477

59-15 6-8: 59-16 8-10: 59-17 12-14: Three sizes available to fit all one-way screws. If you've tried to remove One-Way Tamper-Proof Screws from toilet partition, l