PGA Golf ManagementPGA GOLF MANAGEMENTcoursework taken to remove deficiencies may be used to meet degreerequirements in CASNR.DescriptionDeficiencies in the required entrance subjects can be removed by thecompletion of specified courses in the University or by correspondence.Website: http://pgm.unl.eduThe PGA golf management program offers two options for studentsinterested in a career in the golf industry. Option one has a built-inbusiness minor in the degree program, which includes 18 credits ofbusiness courses (economics, business law, finance, management,marketing, and accounting). Option two has a built-in HRTM (hospitality,restaurant and tourism management) minor in the degree program,which includes 19 credits of HRTM coursework. While both options havebusiness components, the HRTM option has a stronger emphasis on clubmanagement, food and beverage, and event planning. To determine whichoption would be ideal for your career aspirations in the golf industry,schedule a campus visit today.PGA Golf Management For students who wish to be educated in all aspects of the golfindustry and become PGA members. One of 18 accredited PGA Golf Management UniversityPrograms in the country. Classroom instruction, a player development program taughtby PGA professionals, and structured internship experiencesprovide a basic background in managing golf facilities andrelated organizations, business and personnel management,restaurant and hospitality management, turfgrass, recreation,and golf instruction methods. PGA Golf Management Student Club conducts numeroustournaments each semester. Graduates are eligible for PGA Class A membership. Current Program course and laboratory fees can be found onthe PGM website.College RequirementsCollege AdmissionRequirements for admission into the College of Agricultural Sciencesand Natural Resources (CASNR) are consistent with general Universityadmission requirements (one unit equals one high school year): 4 unitsof English, 4 units of mathematics, 3 units of natural sciences, 3 unitsof social sciences, and 2 units of world language. Students must alsomeet performance requirements: a 3.0 cumulative high school gradepoint average OR an ACT composite of 20 or higher, writing portion notrequired OR a score of 1040 or higher on the SAT Critical Reading andMath sections OR rank in the top one-half of graduating class; transferstudents must have a 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) cumulative grade point averageand 2.0 on the most recent term of attendance. For students enteringthe PGA Golf Management degree program, a certified golf handicapof 12 or better (e.g., USGA handicap card) or written ability (MS Wordfile) equivalent to a 12 or better handicap by a PGA professional or highschool golf coach is required. For more information, please visit ( Deficiencies/Removal of DeficienciesStudents who are admitted to CASNR with core course deficiencies mustremove these deficiencies within the first 30 credit hours at the Universityof Nebraska–Lincoln, or within the first calendar year at Nebraska,whichever takes longer, excluding foreign languages. Students have upto 60 credit hours to remove world language deficiencies. College-level1The Office of Admissions, Alexander Building (south entrance), CityCampus, provides information to new students on how deficiencies canbe removed.College Degree RequirementsCurriculum RequirementsThe curriculum requirements of the College consist of three areas: ACE(Achievement-Centered Education), College of Agricultural Sciences andNatural Resources Core, and Degree Program requirements and electives.All three areas of the College Curriculum Requirements are incorporatedwithin the description of the Major/Degree Program sections of thecatalog. The individual major/degree program listings of classes ensuresthat a student will meet the minimum curriculum requirements of theCollege.World Languages/Language RequirementTwo units of a world language are required. This requirement is usuallymet with two years of high school language.Minimum Hours Required for GraduationThe College grants the bachelors degree in programs associated withagricultural sciences, natural resources, and related programs. Studentsworking toward a degree must earn at least 120 semester hours of credit.A minimum cumulative grade point average of C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale)must be maintained throughout the course of studies and is required forgraduation. Some degree programs have a higher cumulative grade pointaverage required for graduation. Please check the degree program on itsgraduation cumulative grade point average.Grade RulesRemoval of C-, D, and F GradesOnly the most recent letter grade received in a given course will be usedin computing a student’s cumulative grade point average if the studenthas completed the course more than once and previously received agrade or grades below C in that course.The previous grade (or grades) will not be used in the computation of thecumulative grade point average, but it will remain a part of the academicrecord and will appear on any transcript.A student can remove from his/her cumulative average a course grade ofC-, D , D, D-, or F if the student repeats the same course at the Universityof Nebraska and receives a grade other than P (pass), I (incomplete), N(no pass), W (withdrew), or NR (no report). If a course is no longer beingoffered, it is not eligible for the revised grade point average computationprocess.For complete procedures and regulations, see the Office of the UniversityRegistrar website at o PassStudents in CASNR may take any course offered on a Pass/No Passbasis within the 24-hour limitation established by the Faculty Senate.However, a department may specify that the Pass/No Pass status of its

2PGA Golf Managementcourses be limited to non-majors or may choose to offer some coursesfor letter grades only. Central Community CollegeGPA Requirements Mid-Plains Community CollegeA minimum cumulative grade point average of C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale)must be maintained throughout the course of studies and is required forgraduation. Some degree programs have a higher cumulative grade pointaverage required for graduation. Please check the degree program on itsgraduation cumulative grade point average.Transfer Credit RulesTo be considered for admission, a transfer student, Nebraska resident ornonresident, must have an accumulated average of C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale)and a minimum C average in the last semester of attendance at anothercollege. Transfer students who have completed less than 12 credit hoursof college study must submit either ACT or SAT scores.Ordinarily, credits earned at an accredited college are accepted by theUniversity. The College, however, will evaluate all hours submitted onan application for transfer and reserves the right to accept or rejectany of them. Sixty (60) is the maximum number of hours the Universitywill accept on transfer from a two-year college. Ninety (90) is themaximum number of hours the University will accept from a four-yearcollege. Transfer credit in the degree program must be approved bythe degree program advisor on a Request for Substitution Form tomeet specific course requirements, group requirements, or course levelrequirements in the major. At least 9 hours in the major field, includingthe capstone course, must be completed at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln regardless of the number of hours transferred.The College will accept no more than 10 semester hours of C-, D , D, andD- grades from other schools. The C-, D , D, and D- grades can only beapplied to free electives. This policy does not apply to the transfer ofgrades from UNO or UNK to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.Joint Academic Transfer ProgramsThe College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources hasagreements with many institutions to support joint academic programs.The transfer programs include dual degree programs and cooperativedegree programs. Dual degree programs offer students the opportunityto receive a degree from a participating institution and also to completerequirements for a bachelor of science degree in CASNR. Cooperativeprograms result in a single degree from either the University ofNebraska–Lincoln or the cooperating institution.Dual Degree ProgramsA to B ProgramsThe A to B Program, a joint academic program offered by the CASNR andparticipating community colleges, allows students to complete the firsttwo years of a degree program at the participating community collegeand continue their education and study in a degree program leadingtoward a bachelor of science degree.The A to B Program provides a basic knowledge plus specializedcoursework. Students transfer into CASNR with junior standing.Depending on the community college, students enrolled in the A to BProgram may complete the requirements for an associate of science atthe community college, transfer to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln,and work toward a bachelor of science degree.Participating community colleges include: Metropolitan Community College Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture Nebraska Indian Community College Northeast Community College Southeast Community College Western Nebraska Community College3 2 ProgramsTwo specialized degree programs in animal science and veterinaryscience are offered jointly with an accredited college or school ofveterinary medicine. These two programs permit CASNR animal scienceor veterinary science students to receive a bachelor of science degreefrom the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with a degree in animal scienceor veterinary science after successfully completing two years of theprofessional curriculum in veterinary medicine at an accredited veterinaryschool. Students who successfully complete the 3 2 Program, mustprovide transcripts and complete the Application for Degree form viaMyRED. Students without MyRED access may apply for graduation inperson at Husker Hub in the Canfield Administration Building, or by mail.Students should discuss these degree programs with their academicadvisor.Cooperative Degree ProgramsAcademic credit from the University and a cooperating institutionare applied towards a four-year degree from either the Universityof Nebraska–Lincoln (University degree-granting program) or thecooperating institution (non University degree-granting program). All haveapproved programs of study.UNL Degree-Granting ProgramsA University of Nebraska–Lincoln degree-granting program is designedto provide students the opportunity to complete a two-year program ofstudy at one of the four-year institutions listed below, transfer to CASNR,and complete the requirements for a bachelor of science degree.Chadron State College. Chadron State College offers a 2 2 programleading to a grassland ecology and management degree program anda transfer program leading to a bachelor of science in agriculturaleducation in the teaching option.Wayne State College. Wayne State College offers a 3 1 program leadingto a bachelor of science in plant biology in the ecology and managementoption and a 3 1 program leading to a bachelor of science in AppliedScience.University of Nebraska at Kearney. Transfer programs are available forstudents pursuing degree programs leading to a bachelor of sciencedegree.University of Nebraska at Omaha. Transfer programs are available forstudents pursuing degree programs leading to a bachelor of sciencedegree.Non University of Nebraska–Lincoln Degree-Granting ProgramsCASNR cooperates with other institutions to provide coursework that isapplied towards a degree at the cooperating institution. Pre-professionalprograms offered by CASNR allow students to complete the first two orthree years of a degree program at the University prior to transferring andcompleting a degree at the cooperating institution.

3PGA Golf ManagementChadron State College–Range Science. The 3 1 Program in rangescience allows Chadron State College students to pursue a range sciencedegree through Chadron State College. Students complete three years ofcoursework at Chadron State College and one year of specialized rangescience coursework (32 credit hours) at CASNR.Dordt College (Iowa)–Agricultural Education: Teaching Option. Thisprogram allows students to pursue an Agricultural Education TeachingOption degree leading toward a bachelor of science in agriculturaleducation. Students at Dordt College will complete 90 credit hours in theAgricultural Education: Teaching Option Transfer Program.ResidencyStudents must complete at least 30 of the total hours for their degreeusing University of Nebraska–Lincoln credits. At least 18 of the 30 credit1hours must be in courses offered through CASNR ( 299) includingthe appropriate ACE 10 degree requirement or an approved ACE 10substitution offered through another Nebraska college and excludingindependent study regardless of the number of hours transferred.Credit earned during education abroad may be used toward theresidency requirement if students register through the University ofNebraska–Lincoln and participate in prior-approved education abroadprograms. University of Nebraska–Lincoln open enrollment and summerindependent study courses count toward residence.1Includes courses taught by CASNR faculty through interdisciplinaryprefixes (e.g., LIFE, MBIO, ENVR, SCIL, EAEP, HRTM, ENSC) and CASNRcrosslisted courses taught by non-CASNR faculty.Online and Distance EducationThere are many opportunities to earn college credit online throughthe University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Some of these credits may beapplicable not only as elective credits but also toward the fulfillment ofthe College’s education requirements. Credits earned online may counttoward residency. However, certain offerings may not be counted towardscholarship requirements or academic recognition criteria.For further information, contact:Office of Online and Distance EducationUniversity of Nebraska–Lincoln305 Brace LabsLincoln, NE ndent Study RulesStudents wishing to take part in independent studies must obtainpermission; complete and sign a contract form; and furnish copies of thecontract to the instructor, advisor, departmental office, and the Dean’sOffice. The contract should be completed before registration. Forms areavailable in 103 Agricultural Hall or online at the CASNR website.Independent study projects include research, literature review orextension of coursework under supervision and evaluation of adepartmental faculty member.Students may only count 12 hours of independent study toward theirdegrees and no more than 6 hours can be counted during their last 36hours earned, excluding senior thesis, internships, and courses taughtunder an independent study number.Other College Degree RequirementsCapstone Course RequirementA capstone course is required for each CASNR degree program. Acapstone course is defined as a course in which students are required tointegrate diverse bodies of knowledge to solve a problem or formulate apolicy of societal importance.ACE RequirementsAll students must fulfill the Achievement Centered Education (ACE)requirements. Information about the ACE program may be viewed ( minimum requirements of CASNR reflect the common core ofcourses that apply to students pursuing degrees in the college. Studentsshould work with an advisor to satisfy ACE outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 10with the college requirements.Catalog RuleStudents must fulfill the requirements stated in the catalog for theacademic year in which they are first admitted to the University ofNebraska–Lincoln or when they were first admitted to a Joint AcademicTransfer Program. In consultation with advisors, a student may chooseto follow a subsequent catalog for any academic year in which they areadmitted to and enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Nebraska in theCollege of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Students mustcomplete all degree requirements from a single catalog year. The catalogwhich a student follows for degree requirements may not be more than10 years old at the time of graduation.Learning OutcomesGraduates of PGA golf management will be able to:1. Utilize management and leadership principles and techniques inbusinesses and organizations in the golf industry.2. Exhibit excellent customer service skills in the golf industry.3. Apply their knowledge of teaching people the game of golf toenhance their students’ golfing ability and their enjoyment of thegame.4. Demonstrate ethical behavior in management and leadership in thegolf industry.Major RequirementsCore RequirementsCollege Integrative CoursesSCIL 101Science and Decision-Making for aComplex WorldCredit Hours Subtotal:33Mathematics and Statistics (beyond college algebra) (ACE 3)Select 5-6 credits from the following:1MATH 106Calculus ISTAT 218& MATH 102Introduction to Statisticsand TrigonometrySTAT 218& MATH 103Introduction to Statisticsand College Algebra and TrigonometrySTAT 218& MATH 104Introduction to Statisticsand Applied Calculus5-6

4PGA Golf ManagementSTAT 218& MATH 203Introduction to Statisticsand Contemporary MathematicsCredit Hours Subtotal:5-6PGAM 201PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 1-BPGAM 212PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 2-A3PGAM 295Professional Golf Management ExtendedInternship0PGAM 301PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 2-B3PGAM 312PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 3-A33CommunicationsWritten Communication (ACE 1)Select one of the following:3ENGL 150Writing and InquiryPGAM 401PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 3-BENGL 151Writing and ArgumentPGAM 489PGA Golf Management Integration (ACE 10)ENGL 254Writing and CommunitiesPGAM 495Internship in PGA Golf ManagementJGEN 120Basic Business CommunicationCredit Hours Subtotal:39JGEN 200Technical Communication ITotal Credit Hours47JGEN 300Technical Communication II2Oral Communication (ACE 2)Select one of the following:3COMM 101Communication in the 21st CenturyCOMM 209Public SpeakingCOMM 286Business and Professional CommunicationALEC 102Interpersonal Skills for LeadershipCredit Hours Subtotal:METR 140 (3 hrs) is recommended in addition to these 8 hours.Golf Operations Management OptionHRTM 274Introduction to Food and Beverage in theHospitality Industry3HRTM 374Guest Services Management33HRTM 475Club Management39Credit Hours Subtotal:Natural SciencesCHEM 105A& CHEM 105LBusiness (Constitutes a Business Minor)Chemistry in Context Iand Chemistry in Context I Laboratory4orCHEM 109AGeneral Chemistry I& CHEM 109L and General Chemistry I LaboratorySelect one CASNR-approved Life Sciences from the following:4Accounting for Business Decisions3Business, Government & Society3ECON 200Economic Essentials and Issues (ACE 6)3FINA 300Financial Decision Making3MNGT 300Management Essentials For ContemporaryOrganizations3Contemporary MarketingMRKT 300HORT 131& HORT 134Plant Scienceand Plant Sciences LaboratoryElectivesCredit Hours Subtotal:8Economics, Humanities and Social SciencesSelect one course each from ACE outcomes 5, 7, and 99Credit Hours Subtotal:934-35If MATH 103 is taken, only 2 hours can be counted toward thisrequirement.Specific Major RequirementsAdditional Plant and/or Natural SciencesSoil ResourcesTLMT 227 /AGRO 227 /HORT 227& TLMT 229 /AGRO 229 /HORT 229Introductory Turfgrass Managementand Introductory Turfgrass ManagementLaboratorySelect 11-12 hours12Credit Hours Subtotal:12Total Credit Hours393The above block of six courses is for non-business majors. If a studentswitches to the College of Business, these courses will not satisfyrequirements for a business major or minor.Economics, Humanities & Social SciencesECON 20044Economic Essentials and Issues (ACE 6)3Credit Hours Subtotal:6Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management(Constitutes an HRTM minor)HRTM 171Introduction to Hospitality Management3HRTM 274Introduction to Food and Beverage in theHospitality Industry3HRTM 289Introduction to the Event Industry38HRTM 374Guest Services ManagementHRTM 474Food and Beverage ManagementHRTM 475Club ManagementPGAM CoursesPGAM 101Introduction to PGA Golf Management 3.03PGAM 112PGA Golf Management 3.0. Level 1-A33Select one course from ACE outcome 8Select 9 hours from the following:Credit Hours Subtotal:318Club Management Option2AGRO 153 /HORT 153 /SOIL 1539BLAW 300Plant Scienceand Plant Sciences LaboratoryTotal Credit Hours3ACCT 200AGRO 131& AGRO 134Credit Hours Subtotal:30-15Food Service ManagementLeadership (ACE 2)139

PGA Golf ManagementHRTM 484Human Resources Management in theHospitality IndustryHRTM 495Hospitality Management Study TourCredit Hours Subtotal:18ElectivesSelect 14-15 hours15Credit Hours Subtotal:15Total Credit Hours39Additional Major RequirementsGPA Requirements (related to the major)Students are expected to maintain a 2.5 grade point average, which isrequired for the College of Business courses.Internship Credit Rules (related to the major)Complete 16 months of internships in at least three settings, followingthe eligible employment guidelines outlined in the PGA Constitution.Other Requirements Participate in Playing Ability Test once in first year and twiceeach succeeding year until the PAT is passed. Complete Level 3 of the PGA Golf Management Program.PGAM 101 Introduction to PGA Golf Management 3.0Prerequisites: Acceptance into the PGA Golf Management Program(PGAM)Notes: This course is a prerequisite for PGAM 112, PGAM 295 and/orPGAM 495Description: Introduction to PGA Golf Management (PGAM) curriculumand program including an overview of PGA of America 3.0 curriculumand testing procedures and the PGAM policies and procedures. PGA 3.0curriculum modules include the Qualifying Level and Business Planning.Preparation for standardized PGA testing for PGA 3.0 Qualifying Leveland Level 1.Credit Hours: 3Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 3Grading Option: Graded with OptionOffered: FALLPrerequisite for: PGAM 112; PGAM 295PGAM 112 PGA Golf Management 3.0. Level 1-APrerequisites: PGAM 101Description: Additional learning objectives and modules from the PGA 3.0Level 1 curriculum. Preparation for standardized PGA testing for PGA 3.0Level 1.Credit Hours: 3Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 3Grading Option: Graded with OptionOffered: SPRINGPrerequisite for: PGAM 2015PGAM 201 PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 1-BPrerequisites: PGAM 112Description: Continuation of PGA 3.0 Level 1 curriculum modules.Curriculum modules covered will include Customer Relations, Golf CarFleet, Management and the PGA Introduction to Teaching and ClubPerformance. Students will attend a 2.5 day PGA 3.0 seminar provided bythe PGA of America. Standardized PGA testing for PGA 3.0 Level 1.Credit Hours: 3Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 3Grading Option: Graded with OptionOffered: FALLPrerequisite for: PGAM 212PGAM 212 PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 2-APrerequisites: PGAM 201Description: Additional learning objectives and modules from the PGA 3.0Level 2 curriculum. Preparation for standardized PGA testing for PGA 3.0Level 2 module(s). Preparation for the next internship.Credit Hours: 3Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 3Grading Option: Graded with OptionOffered: SPRINGPGAM 229 Turfgrass Management Laboratory for PGAM StudentsPrerequisites: AGRO 131Notes: Should be taken concurrently with TLMT 227. AGRO 153recommended.Description: Provide practical and scientific aspects of turfgrass growthand golf course management.Credit Hours: 1Max credits per semester: 1Max credits per degree: 1Grading Option: Graded with OptionPGAM 295 Professional Golf Management Extended InternshipPrerequisites: Sophomore standing; PGAM 101; permission of PGAMInternship Coordinator.Notes: Credit does not count toward graduation. All students in PGAMthat are participating in an extended internship may register each termwhile on the internship. Pass/No Pass only.Description: Cooperative education work in a regularly establishedinternship in the PGAM curriculum.Credit Hours: 0-12Min credits per semester:Max credits per semester: 12Max credits per degree: 24Grading Option: Pass No PassPGAM 301 PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 2-BDescription: Continuation of PGA 3.0 Level 2 curriculum modules.Additional learning objectives and modules from the PGA 3.0 curriculum.In addition, students will attend a 2.5 day PGA sponsored seminarprovided by the PGA of America. Preparation for standardized PGAtesting for PGA 3.0 Level 2 module(s). Preparation for the next internship.Credit Hours: 3Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 3Grading Option: Graded with OptionOffered: SPRINGPrerequisite for: PGAM 312

6PGA Golf ManagementPGAM 312 PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 3-APrerequisites: PGAM 301.Description: Additional learning objectives and modules from the PGA 3.0Level 3 curriculum. Preparation for standardized PGA testing for PGA 3.0Level 3 module(s).Credit Hours: 3Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 3Grading Option: Graded with OptionOffered: FALLPGAM 391 Special TopicsDescription: Topics vary each termCredit Hours: 1-3Min credits per semester: 1Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 9Grading Option: Graded with OptionPGAM 401 PGA Golf Management 3.0 Level 3-BDescription: Continuation of PGA 3.0 Level 3 curriculum modules.Curriculum modules covered will include Advanced Teaching and ClubFitting, Player Development Programs and Teaching as a Business, Foodand Beverage, and Career Enhancement/Final Experience. Students willattend a 2.5 day PGA sponsored seminar on Advanced Teaching and ClubFitting. Standardized tests on the modules covered will be administeredduring the semester.Credit Hours: 3Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 3Grading Option: Graded with OptionPrerequisite for: PGAM 489PGAM 489 PGA Golf Management IntegrationPrerequisites: PGAM 401Notes: This is the capstone course for the PGAM major.Description: Completion of all PGA curriculum requirements. Studentswill develop and deliver an oral presentation and submit a portfolioof materials that reflects the knowledge they have gained from theacademic courses, internships and other aspects of the PGA GolfManagement Program. Standardized tests will be administered for anymodules not previously passed.Credit Hours: 3Max credits per semester: 3Max credits per degree: 3Grading Option: Graded with OptionACE: ACE 10 Integrated ProductPGAM 495 Internship in PGA Golf ManagementPrerequisites: In Level 1 of the PGA Golf Management ProgramNotes: A recommended course for any PGA Golf Managementstudent who will participate in an internship experience during her/hisundergraduate degree program at UNL.Description: PGA Golf Management internships will provide students withan opportunity to enhance their professional skills while contributingmeaningful employment and expanding their career networks andpathways in the golf profession.Credit Hours: 1-6Min credits per semester: 1Max credits per semester: 6Max credits per degree: 15Grading Option: GradedPGAM 496 Independent Study in PGA Golf ManagementPrerequisites: Sophomore standing and permissionNotes: The independent study topic is subject to approval by thecoordinator. P/N only.Description: Requires an individual or group project in research orliterature review, or extension of course work in the field during theinternship experience.Credit Hours: 1-6Min credits per semester: 1Max credits per semester: 6Max credits per degree: 6Grading Option: Pass No PassPLEASE NOTEThis document represents a sample 4-year plan for degree completionwith this major. Actual course selection and sequence may vary andshould be discussed individually with your college or departmentacademic advisor. Advisors also can help you plan other experiencesto enrich your undergraduate education such as internships, educationabroad, undergraduate research, learning communities, and servicelearning and community-based learning.PGA Golf Management - Golf OperationsMangagementPGA Golf Management - ClubManagementCareer InformationThe following represents a sample of the internships, jobs and graduateschool programs that current students and recent graduates have reported.Jobs of Recent Graduates Head Golf Professional, Conway Farms Golf Club - Lake Forest IL Head Golf Professional, Drumm Farm Golf Club - Independence MO Assistant Golf Professional, Omaha Country Club - Omaha NE Manager, Austads Golf - Lincoln NE Assistant Golf Professional, Southern Hills Country Club - Tulsa OK Owner/Operator, GolfTEC Fort Collins - Fort Collins CO Director of Golf, Beatrice Country Club - Beatrice NE Certified Personal Golf Coach, GolfTEC - Omaha NE Assistant Golf Professional, Spring Hill Golf Club - Wayzata MN Tournament Coordinator, Links Sports - Minneapolis MNInternships Intern, Pebble Beach Golf Links - Pebble Beach CA Intern, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort - Bandon OR Intern, Bellerive Country Club - St. Louis MO Intern, Quail Hollow Club - Charlotte NC Intern, Pinehurst Resort and Country Club - Pinehurst NC Intern, The Patriot Golf Club - Owasso OK Intern, Whistling Straits Golf Course - Kohler WI Intern, Cherry Hills Country Club - Cherry Hills Village CO Intern, Sand Hills Golf Club - Mullen NE Intern, Trump National Golf Course - Potomac Falls VA

PGA Golf Management For students who wish to be educated in all aspects of the golf industry and become PGA members. One of 18 accredited PGA Golf Management University Programs in the country. Classroom instruction, a player development program taught by PGA