Dana McPeek Memorial Drive to Julian February 9th Conclave PlanningFor Austin Healey Conclave 2008FebruaryDavid CoyoteIn This Issue:‘08

From The Editor:Another Healey Hearsay year is about to begin andhere I am.again. And I promised myself ‘06 wouldbe my editor that is. I hope being editor thisyear is not part of my “bucket list.” I’ve got to seethe that movie! I’m trying to think if this is my 9th10th, or maybe even 11th year. Whatever year it is, itshould go smoothly with my new 24-inch iMac, scanner, Microsoft Office and Verison Broadband connection. Lets wait and see.From time to time I may be including gear head typearticles, as space permits, that are not totally focusedon Healey’s. I hope you will not find these too far outof the Healey road ruts.I did the Dana’sDriving Club graphic for Dana McPeekafter he started his well known (or infamous if youwere trying to keep up) club drives several years ago.The graphic reflected his “drive to drive”, hence theobvious speed lines and red the color of his Jensen.Little did I know it would be part of his club obituary. I went on a few drives with Dana and he certainlyenjoyed them. Dana had a PC repair business calledComputer Solutions. We argued about Mac’s vs PC’smuch too much. Looking back on this, I’m trying tofigure out why? I would like to say either one of usmade much sense, even at the time. However, I dowish he could have seen my new 24-inch iMac. And Iheard through the grapevine that Dana let his daughterpurchase a Mac for school work. Gotcha Dana. I shallmiss you.Regards,WarrenFebruary Meetings Saturday, February 9, 9:00am-Noon Conclave2008 Planning Meeting at San Diego Yacht Club,Spinnaker Room, 1011 Anchorage Ln in PointLoma (TG 1288-B3) Wednesday, February 13, 6:30PM AHCSDMonthly Meeting at Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, 5353Kearny Villa Rd in Kearny Mesa (TG 1249-C1) Wednesday, February 20, 6:30PM AHCSDBoard Meeting (if needed, location will be announced)HEALEY HEARSAY is the official monthly publication of theAUSTIN HEALEY CLUB OF SAN DIEGO. Monthly members’ meetingsare held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm. The location varies, and is announced by email, in this newsletter, and on ourweb site, .Membership InformationMembership in the Austin Healey Club of San Diego is open to all owners of Austin Healey, Jensen Healey, or any other Healey vehicles, andto anyone else who is interested in the Healey marque. Annual dues forthe Austin Healey Club of San Diego are 30 per household. Visit ourweb site,, or contact our Membership Coordinator,Vice President Rick Snover ([email protected]) for details and2008 AHCSD Board MembersPresident- Terry Cowan (619) 475-7937 [email protected], Membership- Rick Snover (858) 689-9340 [email protected] Susan Virden-Kwiat (619) 922-9315 [email protected] Susan Virden-Kwiat (619) 922-9315 [email protected] Rick Snover (858) 689-9340 [email protected] Editor-Warren Voth (619) 445-3156 [email protected] StaffRegalia Queen-Jan Schmidt- (858) 453-3864 dj [email protected] Recorder- Gisela Putzke (858) 486-3870 [email protected] Martin (760) 758-1611Web Master- Rick Snover sdhealey [email protected], Austin Healey Club of AmericaMike Williams (858) 496-0546 [email protected], San Diego British Car Club CouncilTerry Cowan (619) 475-7937 [email protected], Car Club Council of Greater San DiegoGerry Kwiat (619) 922-2581 [email protected], Conclave 2008 CommitteeMike Williams (858) 496-0546 [email protected] InformationClassified Ads (Market Place) are free to members. Classifieds foritems wanted or small items for sale are free to nonmembers, too.Ads may be placed any time. Submit artwork and payment to theTreasurer. Annual display ad and monthly nonmember "Car For Sale"classified ad rates are as follows:Full page 8"x 10.5" . 100.00 per yearHalf page 5"x 8". 75.00 per yearQuarter page . 50.00 per yearBusiness card. 30.00 per yearAll advertising and articles for publication must be submitted to the editorno later than the 20th of each month for publication in the next month'sissue. ([email protected])Cover: David Coyote’s very nice 1954 BN1.Visit our web site at http://www.sdhealey.Healey2Hearsay

President's February MessageHey there Healeyites,We’ve started our year off with a bang, with a great run to Julian to celebrate Dana, even if wehad a couple of wrong turns. Don’t forget the Super bowl party at Bob Kitterer’s on the 3rd.After that it’s time to knuckle down and get those Healey’s back together. It’s less that 6months to go to Conclave and we all have to turn & burn!!We will also need to get more help with committees & such to run this event. Hope to see allof you at the next meeting at Filippi’s. Until then keep the tires side down.Cheers,Terry The Pres.Conclave Planning UpdateCONCLAVE PLANNING MEETING: The nextConclave Planning Meeting of 2008 will be held at the-Please make a note on your calendar.I am schedulingConclave planning meetings every three weeks now until the big event is here. Due to the fact that it’s earlyin the month and possibly before the March newsletterwill be out, I want to announce that the March planningmeeting will be on Saturday the 1st.San Diego Yacht Club, Spinnaker Room, 1011 Anchorage Ln in Point Loma (TG 1288-B3)If you are a Committee Chair or wish to get involved asa “general help” volunteer (we can sure use you), pleaseplan on attending. In the next couple of months, we willbe holding several “weekend work parties” to prepareand construct various items needed for Conclave. Forexample, signs for the car show and other events need tobe made, ballot books need to be constructed, registration packets need to be stuffed, and various other things.Please step-up and help out your club with Conclave.We can’t make this a successful event without you, theAHCSD members. Give me a call and let me knowwhere you’d like to help out.HealeyAs always, Registration & Regalia forms are availableonline at: HYPERLINK “” you at the next planning meeting!3David CoyoteMike WilliamsConclave 2008 ChairHYPERLINK or (858) 496-0546Hearsay

January MinutesJANUARY MEETING MINUTES 2008HAPPY NEW YEARHAPPY WINTERGO CHARGERSAttendance for the January 9th Meeting (held at the Round Table Pizza, Governor Dr) :27 members were in attendance. Drove Healeys*, other British . Attending were:Gerry & Susan Kwiat’, Dick & Jan Schmidt, Rick Snover,, Terry Cowan, Mike Williams,Lou Galper , John & Mary Schermerhorn, Bob Kitterer & Jennie Kline, Udo & Gisela Putzke,David Coyote*, Chuck Sharp, Mike Dolphin, Wayne Johnson, Jim Leaverton, Gale & Martha Hess, Steve Kirby, AndrewOransky, Bob & Sue Farnsworth, and Howard & Lynn Stark.Meeting was called to order by President Terry Cowan at 7:10 pm.Call for reports from the board. Note: New board members took office January meeting.Secretary: November meeting minutes and addendum were approved.Vice President/Membership: Membership at 106,. 57 renewals and renewal notices will be sent out tothose who have not yet renewed.Treasurer: See Treasurer for treasury balance.Newsletter: Info to Warren by 20th of month. Requests for stories and pictures. Happenings with yourcars and related info to David Coyote or Lou Galper for What’s New article.Activities: Various activities to participate in: Conclave Planning Meeting Jan 12 at 9am at Bilsteins in Poway to follow with aMemorial Drive for Dana at 12:30pm to Julian; Jan 13th Annual La Jolla Motor Car Classic, La Jolla; Jan 26th Tech Session ToolCleaning at Steve Kirby’s; Jan 27th Ball Bearing Breaker Challenge Rallye; Feb 3rd Super Bowl Party, at Bob Kitterer’s new house.See newsletter for these and other listed activities.Regalia: No report.Museum/Greater SD Car Club Council: No meeting was held in January. No legal updates.SD British Car Club Council: Steve Kirby announced the 1st planning meeting for British Car Day to be held on Jan 28th atHsu’s Clairmont Mesa. New site location will be discussed.Conclave 08: Conclave 08 planning meeting to be held on Jan 12 at 9 am, at Bilsteins in Poway. Committee Chairs will need toattend will be needing help with various committees. Revised registration and regalia forms and the new 4-page color brochureare available on line. Lou also reported needing help with sponsorships.Old Business: Reports of the success of the 2007 Christmas Party at Terry Cowan’s house. And the loss of one of our members,Dana McPeek (Activities Chairman) on December 18th.New Business: Rick Snover announced that he would be taking over as Activities Chairman but emphasized that it is a “committee/group” position and that everyone can help participate in the suggesting and planning of events/drives, etc. Various abovefuture activities were discussed including the planning for the Super Bowl party at Bob Kitterer’s. Gale Hess introduced himselfand offered an event for the Club at Brown Field associated with remote controlled planes and cars; future date and activity to beannounced. COTY points for 2007, distribution of COTY bucks, and the need for a new plaque for yearly winner was discussed.The present plaque has no more space for names. Ideas were discussed and decision to be made at a future date. Locations fornext dinner meeting possibly at Milton’s in Del Mar (Mike will check into it). Board meeting will be held at 7pm on Jan 16th atSizzler, Aero Drive, members are welcome to attend also.Bob Farnsworth was the lucky dinner entrée winner.Meeting adjourned 7:50 p.m.Respectfully submitted,Susan Virden-Kwiat’, SecretaryHealey4Hearsay

Activities - what the future bringsWHAT’S COMING UPFEBRUARY 2008By Rick Snover, Activities Committee ChairmanSunday, February 3, 1:00pm: AHCSD Super Bowl Party & Men’s Chili Cook-Off at Bob Kitterer’s new home,2576 Weldon Way, Fallbrook (1028-C7). Men, bring a potof your best chili for the cook-off. Everybody else, feel freeto bring a side dish or dessert to share. The Club will provide coffee, soft drinks, ice, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, etc.Bring your own other beverages. See page 11 for detailsand directions.This year’s Super Bowl Party & Men’s Chili Cook-Off ison February 3rd at Bob Kitterer’s new home in Fallbrook.Kick-off is scheduled for 3:18pm, and we’ll be awardingthe cook-off prizes at halftime, so your chili must be available for tasting by the end of the first quarter to be eligible.Bob says it might be a good idea for folks to bring along afolding chair or two, too. We think we’ve got the rest of thebases covered.Saturday, February 9, 9:00am: Conclave 2008 PlanningMeeting at San Diego Yacht Club, Spinnaker Room, 1011Anchorage Lane in Point Loma (TG 1288-B3, Rosecrans Stto Canon St to Anchorage Ln)For our February 13th Meeting, we’ve reserved the farback section of Filippi’s. Separate checks will be availableon request. an 18% gratuity will be automatically included.February 9-10: University of VARA – Performance driving school at Buttonwillow Raceway Park (near Bakersfield). http://www.vararacing.comMarch 1st EAA Lunch & Drive: We’ll gather at TerryCowan’s house (4028 Bardaquera Place in Bonita, TG 1310F2, see page 7 of your December Healey Hearsay for directions), leaving at 11am to caravan to meet our guide, AHCSD & EAA member Gale Hess, at the entrance to BrownField, left off Hwy 905/Otay Mesa Rd at the first stop lightafter Heritage Rd (TG 1351-D2), about 11:25. – The EAAPresident is setting aside an area on the flight line for ourHealeys – Lunch is from 11:30am - 12:30pm, by Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 14 at Hangar 1, nearthe FAA Tower at Brown Field, 3/person. – We’ll go for adrive, probably to the East and then North, after we’ve hadlunch and spent some time ogling the cool flying machines.(I doubt they’ll let us kick any tires!)Wednesday, February 13, 6:30pm: AHCSD MonthlyMeeting at Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, 5353 Kearny Villa Rd inKearny Mesa (TG 1249-C1)Wednesday, February 20, 7:00pm: AHCSD Board Meeting, if needed (Location will be announced.)February 29 - March 2: Tucson British Car Roundup atHoliday Inn Palo Verde. & BEYONDSaturday, March 1, 11:30am: AHCSD EAA Lunch &Drive – Lunch at the Experimental Aircraft Associationat Brown Field (TG 1351-E2), followed by a drive. See“What’s Coming Up” for details. the rain we’ve been getting this winter, we’re going totry another Anza-Borrego Desert Wildflowers Run laterin March. We’ll be checking the state park’s wildflowershotline, so we can schedule our run to catch the flowers attheir peak. Stay tuned for details.March 7-9: Midnight at the Oasis – Classic Car and Nostalgia Festival – Ray Kroc Complex, Yuma, AZ. Annual S.D. Rolling British Car Day, April 13th:The tour ends at the SD Automotive Museum, and they’resetting aside an area of the parking lot to display two “special” cars from each member club. If you’d like to volunteeryour Healey to be displayed for the day, instead of driving iton the tour, contact our SDBCCC rep, Terry Cowan.Late March? – AHCSD Borrego Wildflowers Drive– Date and details will be published on the web site, viaemail, and in the March Healey Hearsay.Sunday, April 6, 9AM-4PM: L.A. All British Car Show atWoodley Park in Encino. 8.htmlFurther activities may be found at http://wwwsdhealey.orgHealey5Hearsay

David Coyote’s.What’s New?He said, “If you don’t, I haunt you guys until you’ll wish youdid!”A Promise to Dana I Didn’t Have to Keep“Go ahead,” I said, “I’ll follow.”It was the last time we took that drive, but I’ll drive it everyyear until what I said at the first of this scribble comes true. I’mlucky my promise was one I didn’t have to keep.The low red roadster sped off, leaving the air filled with thesounds of a well-tuned Jensen Healey winding through itsgears. I was close behind and pulled down into second at 4,000RPM and felt tires bite asphalt. Now, music to my ears camefrom my BN1, its hungry roar twisted in the wind as we drovecountry roads, shifting quick, punching the gas, going as fastas our guts let us take narrow curves. Well into the mountains,I saw him standing next to his ride, palms upturned and shaking his head. He always looked too large for the car. I did a fastU and pulled off the road.Rick Snover’s Tri-Carb restoration project is progressingsteadily at Toy Shop Restorations. At last report, the suspension was assembled and ready to install. Sadly, Rick’s Spritelost its clutch on the way to work the other morning, and isnow back in the shop, too. Rick says, “So much for makinganother run at the CotY award this year!”Mike Dolphin is looking for a Healey daily driver. Doesn’thave to be in great shape as long as the brakes, transmissionand engine work. Mike can work on the car in his spare time.Contact Mike if you have a lead.“Ran out of gas,” he said. “I looked at the gage as we drovethrough town. ‘Get gas’, I said, and then drove on.” He climbedinto my car, a one gallon can in hand. I wasn’t sure he couldfit. It took a bit of cussing and squeezing here and there but hesaid, “Okay, let’s go. I aught-a have my brain examined. Whatwas I thinking? Not much.”Mike Dolphin - [email protected] CoyoteTen miles later he filled the can and we followed our routeback to his car.“Thank you,” he said. “This may be the last time I drive thisroad.” He poured the gas; I took a leak under an old gnarledoak. “Don’t drown the gophers, old man,” he said, gave me awink, adding his name to the critter tunneled soil. “Let’s get ussomething to eat or drink when we get to Julian.”We sat across a small table from each other at Margarita’s. Heordered a diet Pepsi and a taco.“Shouldn’t eat these damn things,” he said.I said, “They’re not going to kill you,” as the waiter took ourorders.“Well,” he said, “I’m damn near dead so I’m not going to worry . . . and if I total my car, get a back-hoe and bury me in it.”Terry Cowan and his BN2,over the hood of Lou Galper’sBN1 on the way to Julian during the Dana McPeek Memorial Drive.We didn’t talk much while we ate, but when he finished hisplate he said, “Listen, don’t let them put me in some hospitaland hook me up to a bunch of machines and tubes. Promiseme you’ll stuff a pillow over my head, I’d rather be dead.”I promised.Lou GalperHealey6Hearsay

Dana’s Driving ClubUdo Putzke.The Dana McPeekMemorial Drive To JulianHealeyleft on Wynola Road, right on Farmer and into Julian toMargarita’s Mexican Restaurant. Lunch started with a toastto Dana. Those attending included; Cass Cacciatore, TerryCowan, David “Coyote” Crawford, Bob & Sue Farnsworth,Lou Galper & Debbie Durham, Dave Grundies, Gale &Martha Hess, Bob & Barbara Humphreys, Steve & DianeKirby, Udo & Gisela Putzke, Rick Snover & Allie Casarda,Warren Voth, and Mike Williams.Gale & Martha Hess and Steve & Diane Kirby on Wynola Road.7HearsayLou GalperCass Cacciatore cruising Julain’s Main Street.David CoyoteThe drive left Bilstein on Stowe Drive at 12:30 sharp andheaded for Julian. The weather was perfect and there was anice showing of Healey’s. I think Dana would’ve approvedthe turnout. I can hear him saying, “Why did you wait solong? Don’t you know Healey’s are supposed to be driven.” The route was Dana’s favorite, Hwy. 67 into Hwy 78in the center of Ramona, right on third into the old JulianHighway, then back on 78, past Dudley’s. The drive turned

. Automobile Driving MuseumAustin Healey Association of Southern CaliforniaPr es entsHealey’sat theDriving MuseumCar ShowE l Se g un d o , Ca li f o rni aSponsored By Open to all British CarsTrophies - Dash Plaques - BBQ - 50/50 raffleProceeds to benefit The Automotive Driving MuseumREGISTRATION FORMS AVAILABLE AT:www.a us ti n- he a le y.o r gwww.a uto m o b i le d ri vi ng m us e um .o r gHealey8Hearsay

.Rolling British Car Day13TH ANNUAL ROLLING BRITISH CAR DAY& PICNIC - SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 2008Meet at FEED THE DAY CORNER BAKERY CAFÉArrive no later than 8:30am First cars out at 9:30amIf you haven’t attended our “Rolling British Car Day” yet . . . you’ve really, really missed a unique event!Last year, we had a little weather problem, so this year we will stay below the snow belt.The purpose of Rolling British Car Day is simple—to get as many folks and clubs together as possible,and to put their wonderfully different British cars on the road!! We seek to foster camaraderie and have youmeet new friends and see old ones! It’s quite a sight to see British cars as far as you can see ahead of you,and even more in your rear view mirror!!!Rolling British Car Day is a non-competitive, no stress, only-fun-allowed event. There are no fees, noapplications, no judging and no trophies . . . but we will have FREE raffle prizes at the end! WHAT ADEAL, EH?We have just become too dog gone big for any restaurant to handle us! So, bring your picnic basket andblanket or chairs—a great chance to show off that picnic basket and all the goodies you’ve been collectingall these years!To reach the starting point—From Hwy 163 go East on I-8 exit Mission Center Rd toward the WestfieldShopping Center (Mission Valley Shopping Center) turn right on Camino De La Reina and first right intothe parking lot. They will be open at 7:30am with Coffee and Pastry and hot breakfast items.We will travel through the bay and central San Diego areas and end up at the San Diego AutomotiveMuseum for our picnic and raffle. Admission is free to the museum for participants. Each SDBCCCmember club will provide two cars for a special display at the museum.More Information: Contact Jerry Craft at: [email protected] or phone 760-855-3329Healey9Hearsay

June 29 - July 4, 2008Sheraton Hotel & Marinaon Harbor Island Day One: Arrival, Registrationand Welcome Reception(Sunday, June 29th) Day Four: Rallye and HarborDinner Cruise(Wednesday, June 2nd) Day Two: Competition Events(Monday, June 30th) Day Five: Gerry Cokerand John Sprinzel Q & AAwards Banquet(Thursday, June 3rd) Day Three: Popular Car Showand Sprite 50th AnniversaryCelebration(Tuesday, July 1st) Departure or Fireworks(Friday, July 4th)For more info see: www.austinhealeyconclave.comHealey10Hearsay

.Super Bowl PartyAHCSD SUPER BOWL PARTY & MEN’S CHILI COOK-OFFSUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2008, 1:00PM – 7’ISH(Super Bowl XLII Kick-Off: 3:18PM)AT BOB KITTERER’S NEW HOME2576 Weldon Way, Fallbrook (TG 1028-C7)MEN, BRING A POT OF YOUR BEST CHILI FOR THE COOK-OFF!Prizes will be awarded for Hottest, Mildest, Most Unusual, and Best Overall chili.(To be eligible, your chili must be available for tasting before the end of the 1st quarter.)EVERYBODY ELSE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BRING A SIDE DISH OR DESSERT TO SHARE.The Club will provide soft drinks & ice – Bring whatever other beverages you want.DIRECTIONSOFF I-15, NORTHBOUND FROM ESCONDIDO1. Take the exit, go 0.4 mi 2. Turn onto , go 0.1 mi OFF I-15, SOUTHBOUND FROM TEMECULA3. Turn onto , go 0.9 mi 1. Take the exit, , go 0.5 mi 4. Turn onto , go 4.9 mi 2. Turn onto , go 4.6 mi 5. Turn onto , go 0.4 mi FROM CA-76 / MISSION RD AT BONSALLOFF I-5 AT OCEANSIDETake via , go 12.7 mi 1. Turn at the light onto (S) toward Fallbrook, go 3.8 mi 2. Turn at the light onto (Winter Haven Rd, signs along the way say both), go 0.6 mi 3. Turn to stay on , go 1.1 mi. (thru the stop sign) At the end of the sweeping right turn, just after the sign for Via del Robles and hardly a lane before Gracey Ln 4. and then onto (Winter Haven Ct), go 0.2 mi 5. Turn onto , go 0.2 mi 6. Turn onto , go 0.1 mi End at Bob’s, , about halfway down the hill, .Healey 11 Hearsay

From Dick & Jan Schmidt.De’javu 2007?years class winning Healey was present somewhere else asa display only and we didn’t even see it. Taken as a whole,the field seems to improve each year. My mantra used to bethat there are no 100 point cars however this year we had aXKE Jag that could not be faulted, at least not in the timewe had for Judging and given ourknowledge of that Marque. Second place 1 point back was anotherJag. so there are some really greatrestoration samples out there. Asan aside on this years Healey MK3, the owner mentioned he hadwon Best Picnic at British Car Dayawhile back and as you may recall,that car was parked away from thegroup and apparently left beforewe could get the owner for namecredit. Well now we know, mysterysolved. The owner is Steve Raskind from La Jolla and when I mentioned the club to him hesaid he was a member and so he is.Well the voice on the phone was the same, the “would youand Jan help judge?” was the same, but Cy promised warmer weather and for sure coffee and breakfast this time, soin the end we were won over. The factthat both things actually occurred thistime was amazing and in fact all aspectsof this years show were better. Almostthat is, judging teams consist of threemembers and our third was part of theshows ‘Solve Problems Committee’and apparently never finished solving problems. This had that fish odorthing from the start so we decided tobegin peeking and poking as soon asthe owners would have us and givensomewhat of a head start we did finishalmost on time. We volunteered to doBritish Sports again and this year it was actually all sportsand not sprinkled with the odd big Rolls etc. There were 12cars in class 6 Jags, a TR2, Sunbeams Alpine and Tiger, anMGTF, a Healey Silverstone and a 66 Healey Mk 3. LastBest of Show went to a Belgium made Minerva. New onefor me, but a fantastic restoration. Couldn’t fault that oneeither. So to wrap up, if you didn’t go, you missed a greatcross section of automotive art.Photos? Well I hope there were some club members taking snaps cause you can’t easily lug around an early modeldigital camera and do your judging thing. I have howeverincluded a shot of the current state of our 100-6. I guess youcan view it as the “before” of a re-restore which we may oneday enter in this event.Dick and Jan Schmidt.ERIC GRUNDEN1716 S. Grove Ave., Unit AOntario, CA 91761Phone/Fax [email protected]

Car Of The Year AwardIn an effort to recognize Club members who participate with theirHealeys, the Austin Healey Club of San Diego awards Car of theYear (CotY) points for various activities. Opportunities to collectCotY points include any car-related events (shows, drives, ralliesetc.) sponsored by an official organization (other car clubs, automuseum, city chambers of commerce, charities) where you participate with your Healey. These events may or may not be listedin the newsletter. The participant is responsible for providing proofof participation (entrance fee receipt, photo, corroboration from otherclub members, etc.) to the CotY recorder, Gisela Putzke (858-486-3870or [email protected]), within 30 days after the event. AHCSD events willhave a sign-in sheet that will be forwarded to the recorder. For multi-Healey families, besure to indicate which car(s) you drove.CotY points currently approved by the Board are: AHCSD Meetings & Tech Sessions 4 pts,AHCSD Driving Events, Parties, etc. 6 pts, California Healey Week 16 pts, Healey Rendezvous 16 pts, Austin Healey Conclave 16 pts, S.D. British Car Day & Rolling B.C.D.10 pts,Other non-AHCSD one-day events 2 pts, Other non-AHCSD multi-day events 4 pts, TheBoard on a case-by-case basis may award points for other events.Crowford, David 100. 16Voth, Warren BJ8. 12Cowan, Terry 100. 12Snover, Rick AN8.6Putzke, U G BT7. 6Kirby, Steve Diane BT7. 6Humphreys, B&B Jensen. 6Williams, Mike BT7.6Grundies, Dave BJ8. 6Cassiarore, Cass BJ8.6Gail Hess BJ8.6Galper, Lou Jag. 5Zoller, R. Morgan.3Williams, Mike TR6.3Healey13HearsayNew Members, Birthdays,& AnniverasriesFEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS:Mrs. Winslow 02/03Mike MacLean 02/04Terry Cowan 02/04Danny DeSanto 02/08McGee Bridget 02/09Diane Kirby 02/10Jeanne Deringer 02/10Mickey Pleasant 02/11Milan Wukadinovich 02/14Marianne Turlington 02/21Armstrong Jasen 02/25FEBRUARY ANNIVERSARIES:Michael & Denise Cooper 02/18/96Neil & Nancy Tabachki 02/25/95

13809 Eisenhower AvePoway CA 92064Ph & Fax USA (858-486-3870E-mail: [email protected]:putzkes-fahrspass.comBILSTEIN Shock Absorber kits for all Big Healeys & Jensen-Healeyall Big Healeys : 899 for AH100/100-6/3000 949 for AHBJ8 (Phase 2)Front and Rear, with bracketsand all hardware. Bolt on, noframe modifications requiredDrive your Healey safer,more controlledand more comfortableJensen-HealeyComing Soon! 435 for 2 front andeBugeye - Spritshocks2 rear BILSTEIN shockabsorbersPolyurethanebushingsMore Healey UpgradesPlasticCar BraCustom made forBN1 to BJ8, 255 black 305Customcolorsfor BN1 to BJ8,front, rear, lowerand upper,individuallyavailable.Knock-offHammerNo more scratches,dents or damage.Call forprices 75Electronic Ignitionfor all 4-and 6-cylinderBig Healeys, positiveand negative ground,completelyintegratedinto distributor. Custommodified to fit. 109 positive ground 96 negative groundAsk about club discount on order of three or more shock sets. 15% discount for poly bushings ordered with a shock kit.Healey14Hearsay

Market PlacePARTS FOR SALEAHCSD REGALIABJ8 PARTS (USED) - Right front fender: needs patch( 100.00); Left rear fender: hole in rear, has been bondoed( 100.00); Panel sets: right and left door and kick panel( 100.00 for full set including back); Grille: Looks good afew repaired nicks, just old ( 50.00); Long Handle Knockoff Wrench ( 20.00); Hood fitting: Surround Assembly, airintake ( 25.00); Oil sump: Original steel, Banged up butdoes not leak ( 100.00); Through door garage dual exhaustsystem (great in cold climates) ( 50.00) - Buyer pays shipping - Don [email protected] 530-542-3641.Club Logo T Shirts or Men’s & Women’s Polo Shirts 10ea or two for 15. Club Logo Sweat Shirts 20. Club LogoPins 4 each. AHCSD Car Badges 3” club logo car badges,only 25 each (club members) and 30 each (non-members). Work Smocks 5 each. Post Cards and Club LogoStickers 1 each. Personalized Club Name Tags (w/ name &car type), magnetic backing 6 ea, or pin style 5 ea.Visit for an order formand photos of some of the items. To order regalia, contactJan Schmidt at (858) 453-3864. Unless you want to pickit up at the next meeting, please add 2 for shipping andhandling or 5 for next day delivery. Make checks payableto AHCSD.SPRITE TRANS. - Stock rebuilt 1961 Ribbed case transmission for a Bugeye Sprite. Excellent condition with lessthan 10,000 mi. on rebuild. Asking 500.00. Call Bob at(714) 890-1966 or e-mail me at [email protected] Healey Concours Guidelines, 2008 - The NEW, expanded and improved 2008 edition of the Big HealeyConcours Guidelines is almost ready for shipping. Nearlyeverything you always wanted to

HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected][email protected] or (858) 496-0546 Conclave Planning Update Hey there Healeyites, We’ve started our year off with a bang, with a great run to Julian to celebrate Dana, even if we had a couple of wrong turns. Don’t