Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager7.2.x Integration GuidePowered by Moogsoft AIOps 7.2

Table of ContentsIntegrations . 9Ticketing. 9Reporting & Dashboards . 9Monitoring . 9Monitoring - Build Your Own . 10Collaboration . 10Introduction to Integrations . 11Data Ingestion . 11LAM and Integration Reference . 13Integrations Default Ports . 22LAMbot Configuration . 23LAMs and High Availability . 27Signature . 33UI Enrichment . 36Ansible Tower . 38Before You Begin . 38Configure the Ansible Tower Integration . 38Configure Ansible Tower . 38Apache Kafka . 39Before You Begin . 39Configure the Kafka Integration . 40Configure Kafka . 40Configure the Kafka LAM . 40AppDynamics . 49Before You Begin . 49Configure the AppDynamics Integration . 49Configure AppDynamics . 49Configure the AppDynamics LAM . 51AWS . 55AWS CloudWatch . 55AWS SNS . 68CA Technologies . 74CA Spectrum. 74CA UIM . 84Cherwell Service Management . 96

Before You Begin . 96Configure the Cherwell Integration . 96Cherwell Configuration . 97Cherwell Workflow . 97DataDog . 98Datadog Polling . 98Datadog Webhook .106Dynatrace .111Dynatrace APM Polling .112Dynatrace APM Plugin .121Dynatrace Notification .127Dynatrace Synthetic .132Email .139Before You Begin .139Configure the Email Integration .140Configure the Email LAM .140EMC Smarts .150Before You Begin .150Configure the EMC Smarts Integration .151ExtraHop .151Before You Begin .151Configure the ExtraHop Integration .151Configure ExtraHop.152Configure the ExtraHop LAM .153Fluentd .157Before You Begin .157Configure the Fluentd Integration .157Configure Fluentd .157Configure the Fluentd LAM .158Grafana .162Before You Begin .162Configure the Grafana Integration .162Configure Grafana .162Configure Grafana Example .162HP .165HP NNMi .166

HP OMi Polling .175HP OMi Plugin.183JDBC .189Configuration .190Service Operation Reference .201Command Line Reference .202JIRA .202JIRA Service Desk .202JIRA Software .206JMS .208Configure the JMS LAM .210Logfile LAM .256Configure the Logfile LAM .256Microsoft Azure .259Azure .260Azure Classic .265Microsoft SCOM .270Before You Begin .271Configure the SCOM Integration .271Install the SCOM Connector .271Check SCOM Status .273SCOM Configuration .273SCOM Connector Troubleshooting .303SCOM Integration Features .306Microsoft Teams .308Before You Begin .308Configure the Teams Webhook .309Configure the Teams Integration .309Nagios .309Before You Begin .310Configure the Nagios Integration.310Install the Nagios Integration Scripts.310Configure Nagios .311Configure the Nagios LAM .312Netcool Legacy LAM .316Capabilities .317

Requirements .317IBM Tivoli Netcool Omnibus configuration .317Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager Configuration .319Default Field Mapping .325New Relic .327New Relic Insights Polling .327New Relic Polling .334New Relic Webhook .341Node.js.346Before You Begin .347Configure the Node.js Integration .347Configure Your Node.js App .347Configure the Node.js LAM .350Node-RED.354Before You Begin .354Configure the Node-RED Integration .354Configure Node-RED .354Configure the Node-RED LAM .355Oracle Enterprise Manager .357Before You Begin .358Configure the OEM Integration .358Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager .358Oracle Enterprise Manager .359Pingdom .361Before You Begin .361Configure the Pingdom Integration .361Configure Pingdom .362Configure the Pingdom LAM .362RabbitMQ LAM .365Before You Begin .366Configure the RabbitMQ LAM .366Configure SSL .370Example Events .370Remedy .371Before You Begin .371Configure the Remedy Integration .371

Configure Remedy .372Configure Remedy .372REST Client LAM .377Requirements .377Configuration .377Service Operation Reference .392Command Line Reference .393REST LAM .393Configure the REST LAM .394ServiceNow .409Before You Begin .409Configure the ServiceNow Integration .410Configure a ServiceNow MID Server .410Configure ServiceNow .410Configure a ServiceNow MID Server .411SevOne .412Before You Begin .413Configure the SevOne Integration .413Configure SevOne .413Configure the SevOne LAM .413Slack .422Before You Begin .422Configure the Slack Webhook .422Configure the Slack Integration .422Socket LAM .423Before You Begin .423Configure the Socket LAM .423Configure Your Sockets.423Configure the Socket LAM .423SolarWinds .430Before You Begin .430Configure the SolarWinds Integration .430Configure SolarWinds .431Configure the SolarWinds LAM .431Splunk.438Before You Begin .438

Configure the Splunk Integration .438Configure the Splunk Add-On .439Configure the Splunk LAM .439Sumo Logic .448Before You Begin .448Configure the Sumo Logic Integration .448Configure Sumo Logic.449Configure the Sumo Logic LAM.449Syslog LAM .454Syslog LAM Configuration .454Severity Reference .468Service Operation Reference .468Command Line Reference .468Test LAM .469Test LAM Configuration.469Tivoli EIF LAM.475Configure the Tivoli EIF LAM .475Trapd LAM .482Ingest SNMP Traps .482Configure the Trapd LAM .486MIBs.491MIB Db .495Parse MIBs for Trap Integration .498Create LAMbots from MIBs .500VMware.503VMware vCenter .503VMware vRealize Log Insight .504VMware vROps .

availability, modify the LAM configuration file instead. For each data source you can configure either the integration or the LAM, not both. A UI integration is independent from a LAM and you cannot edit it outside the UI. LAMs contain L