May 2019Pierce Distribution Services CompanyKevin Hogan Writes.May is upon us and mostof the country is experiencing the usual heavySpring storms. In thestate of Washington, wehave had up and downweather. One day it issunny and 80 degreesand the next day it iscloudy with the high of 59degrees.No rain thisspring. I have not traveled much in the first partof 2019. We put off the1st Quarter ManagerMeeting because everyone is super busy. TheRipley operation is busybecoming familiar withthe new computer system. Work continues onthe new plant in Memphis, Tennessee. Columbia, Las Vegas, Rockford,Houston and ICP arebusy with day to day business. I am planning onmaking two trips back toIllinois in July. One forthe Rockford Pro Am, ourICP Writes.biggest fund raiser of theyear. It might be our lastPro Am because of lackof support from theRockford area businesses.Very sad as wehave been a major sponsor for many years. Actually, we are now theoldest sponsor of thisevent. My second trip isfor a very special occasion which I will sharemore about in the JuneNewsletter.Let’s continue to do“Whatever it Takes” tokeep our customers happy and attract new business that will open doorsfor everyone.I would like to wish everyone celebrating a birthday in June a HappyBirthday.There arethree Milestone Anniversaries in June: On June16thDanielTannerSeungChheung(right) celebrates 15years, while MannyHernandez(left)celebrates 12 years.Congratulations!!(Rockford) celebrates5years,SeungChheung (ICP) celebrates 15 years onJune 7th and TonyStrawn (Ripley) celebrates 15 years onJune 28th. There aresome notable Anniversaries in June; ManuelHernandez (ICP) 12years on June 26th,Stephanie Gill (Ripley)13 years on June26th, Raul SanchezJr.(Rockford)16years on June 17thand Jose Ramirez(Rockford) 24 yearson June 19th.Iwould like to thankeveryone celebratingService Anniversariesin June for their yearsof dedication andcommitment to ICPand Pierce.KEVIN HOGANRussell’s WordsOf Wisdom.“The mostimportantthing to doin solvinga problemis tobegin.” Frank Tyger

2Pierce Distribution Services CompanyICP Continues.ICP just completed a significant equipment upgrade installing a secondHendrick vertical panelsaw, shown here withsawyer Antonio Damian.RANDY CANTONWINEWELLNESS GARDENLast year, ICP associates“shared” a lot of vegetableswith a local family of blacktaildeer. This year we have afence. Sorry guys Rockford Writes.In the month of May, we had 20 employees with perfect attendance. They were at workon time every day. Hussein AlThajil, Christine Blazer, Joseph Brown, Brenda Chandler,Crystal Cooksey, Keyshla “Marie” Diaz Rivera, Israel Galvan, Bertha Gonzalez, ChadHada, Todd Johnson, Leticia Medrano, Maria Medrano, Jose Ramirez, Raul Sanchez,Richard Strocchia, Daniel Taylor, Calvin Wainwright, Melody Wallace, Lolita Walton andNarcissus Williams. Way to set a good example. Keep it up!Eric Chapman, Bertha Gonzalez, Kyle Key, Christina Gamoneda and Amy Holmquisthave June birthdays. Happy birthday to each of you!Daniel Tanner will celebrate his 5 year service anniversary on June 16th. Congratulations, Dan, and thank you for your service. Other associates with June service anniversaries: Amy Holmquist, Christie Tennant, Eric Chapman and Raul Sanchez.LOIS PATMYTHES

3Pierce Distribution Services CompanyRockford Continues.Believe it or not, we had snow here in May. Yes,snow. S.N.O.W. You know that nasty, white stuff thatfalls from the sky. The snow blower is still in my garage and I have 120 pounds of ice melt, just in case.We had visitors from Komatsu at Plant 2 this month.Anthony Rizzo, Jr., Brian Wysocki and Alex Zavertkinventured out from Rolling Meadows. It was a first visitfor Anthony and Brian, so Larry gave them a tour.Anthony, Brian and Alex were here to inspect andevaluate some of the older inventory. It was a productive meeting and we enjoyed their visit.LOIS PATMYTHESGOTTA HAVE FAITH!!I am one proud mama! My daughter Faith won two goldmedals in the Spring Games qualifying meet for theSpecial Olympics Illinois. She competed in the 30 MMotorized Wheelchair Slalom and the Tennis BallThrow.This is her first year competing and it was really amazing! With both of her gold medals in tow she will becompeting in the 2019 Summer Games in southern Illinois at the beginning of June. The weekend will bepacked full of fun events for all of the athletes and families. We can’t wait to be a part of it.My daughter also just had her 8th grade promotion. It isso hard for me to think of my baby as a young lady, butthat she is. She is a teen in every sense of the word;she is sassy, smart, funny, kind, caring, happy and loving. Way to go Faith, we are so proud of you!BETH FUTRELLSOME NEW HATS!!Our Komatsu friends gifted us with new hats.Crystal Ruiz, Christina Gamoneda, CrystalCooksey and Andrea Scott model the latest hats.I opted to wear my “special” pink edition. A bigthank you to Komatsu for the wardrobe addition.

Pierce Distribution Services CompanyALYSON MCNABB, VALEDICTORIAN OFBELVIDERE NORTH CLASS OF 2019My daughter AlysonMcNabb graduated twoweeks ago and wasValedictorian of the Belvidere North 2019 graduating class. My wife(Kerstin) and I are soproud of Alyson for thistremendousachievement. Alyson just recentlyreceivedanawardfromACES(Academic ChampionsExcelling in School).She has been a straightA student throughouther entire academic life.She is also receivingoutside scholarships foracademic excellence.Alyson’sacademicawards were as follows: Alyson also played Basketball & Softball in highschool. She is an outstanding athlete and student thatwe couldn’t be more proudof. Alyson has many interests but is focusing in themedical field for a career.Her future is bright andhopefully she will achieve allof her dreams of becominga doctor.Her mother and I will support her no matter what shedecides to do as long as itmakes her happy and isproductive. She is our prideand joy and we couldn’thave asked for a betterdaughter. I love her with allmy heart.2019 Valedictorian Good luck in the future, yourHighestHonor mom and dad are veryproud of you!AwardNational HonorDINO MCNABBSocietyACES Award –Top 5% of seniorclassAcademic Wall ofFame – SAT of1240 or higherwith a GPA of 4.0State ScholarL to R: Gabby, Alyson, and PaigeMcNabb4

5Pierce Distribution Services CompanyColumbia writes.Carli RutkowskiSAFETY WEEK MAY 13-17 AT PLANT4, COLUMBIAOn Monday, May 13, the guest speaker wasfrom Richland Country Sheriff Department whohad a presentation on Active Shooter. Tuesdayguest speaker was from Lexington Medical Center who talked about Health and Wellness.Wednesday Metso had Jason Hall talk aboutWho are we? Thursday there was a guestspeaker from South Carolina Highway Patrolwho talked about Driver Safety. Everyone hadthe opportunity to attend each session and get aticket to enter a drawing for a Family 4 pack tothe Columbia Fireflies along with a parking passand 40 in “Glow Dough” which could be spenton anything in the stadium. The grand prize winner was Carli Rutkowski, Metso Operational Procurement. Second place winner was Christopher Leneau, Pierce Inbound Supervisor. JeffRobinson presents Carli and Christopher with aMetso cap, t-shirt, plus tickets. On Friday theMetso/Pierce Engagement Committee providedlunch for everyone in the facility. They fried fish,chicken tenders, French fries, onion rings, andhushpuppies. It was a great week for everyone!SARAH HINCHEEChristopherLeneauGIRL SCOUTS CAMPING TRIP!I arrived home from a couple ofdays of great corporate humanresource meetings on Thursday 16May and Friday attended the lastday of Safety week 13-17 May atPlant 4 for the Metso/Pierce Engagement Committee luncheon.After work around 5:30pm left to gocamping for the weekend with GirlsScout Troop 690, where I am aleader for the Senior group 9th &10th grade girls. We left to go up toChimney Rock. Chimney Rock is avillage in Rutherford County, NorthCarolina about 2 1/2 hour car ridewith girls singing the whole way up.We had great weather for tentcamping. We arrived when it wasdark out but we all got to work toget the four tents up, beds ready,and brushed our teeth to get tobed. Saturday started with mecooking cheesy grits, shrimp &sausage, potatoes, and of coursecoffee. We rolled up our sleepingbags and challenged ourselves toclimb as much as we could thatday. My cellular phone capturedover 10,000 steps by mid-day butit was worth me challenging myself to keep up with those girls.Lunch time we just had sandwiches, chips, and water. I put myhead on the picnic table and tooka nap to only wake up to my nameabout a half an hour later to getready to take the girls to the waterfall. The water was freezing butwell worth it to cool my inner coredown. Everyone had a great time.Dinner I made mac n’ cheese,pulled chicken sandwiches or thekids made chicken tacos. Nighttime we had a wonderful fire toroast marshmallows and singingsongs. I fell asleep first but wokenup to my two girls asking for money to play games. Sunday morning came quicker than I wanted itto. I got ready to get things prepared before everyone started towake up. Breakfast time we hadpancakes, bacon, yogurt, andfresh fruit. After we packed everything up and went to town to walkaround a couple hours beforeheading home.(PICS ON NEXT PAGE)SARAH HINCHEE

Pierce Distribution Services CompanyColumbia writes.6

7Pierce Distribution Services CompanyHR CORNER401K – A PrimerSpenders and savers: which oneare you? When it comes to retirement, we should all be savers. Inthis article, I’m going to explain themany advantages of the valuablebenefit known as the 401K. Someof you are already participating inthe program, while others are notbecause a) they are new toPierce, b) they don’t understand it,or c) they have misunderstandingsabout this benefit. Here’s a simpleexplanation of how it works, whatits many advantages are, anddispel some of the misconceptions.First off—I think we all realize thatthe days of social security beingyour only form of retirement income are gone. If social security isstill around when you’re ready toretire, it certainly will not beenough to support you as you’dlike. That’s where having a secondretirement income comes in veryhandy, and in this case we’re talking about the money from your401K.What is a 401K? A 401K programis a benefit that Pierce Distributionoffers its employees who havebeen here over 90 days that helpsyou save money for retirement.After that three month waiting period, you can enroll on the first dateof the month. Then, every week,money is taken out of your checkand placed in your 401K, helpingyou save for retirement.Here are a few common questions:How do I enroll? You can enrollonline, over the phone, or requesta paper application from your HRrepresentative. You can also callthe corporate office and ask forassistance. Employees hired after1/1/19 are automatically enrolled.I worked somewhere else before, and I have a 401K there.How do I transfer my old 401Kto my new Pierce one? You canfill out a form and turn it over toTransamerica, and they do thefootwork for you to get your 401Ktransferred over for you.How do I figure out what stocksI should pick? Good question,because you want to make choices that are best for you. A stockthat I like might not be the one foryou. When you enroll, you aregiven the chance to read a little bitabout each 401K stocks or bondsthat Transamerica is offering soyou can make the right choice foryourself.What if I didn’t start saving forretirement when I was young?You still can get ahead! You areable to choose a “catch up” policy,which allows you to contributeextra money to your 401K plan up to an extra 6000 per year.I’m young; I don’t understandstocks and bonds but want tostart saving; is there an optionthat works for me? Absolutely.There’s a “set it and forget it” typeof choice called the “retirementdate fund”. You choose the yearyou see yourself retiring. Basedon your retirement year, the planfigures for you is what will bepulled out of your check eachweek. Remember, though, theearlier you start saving for retirement, the better off you’ll be.Does the money in my 401Kstay mine? Yes. After one year,you’re 20% vested. From there,you have an additional 20% vest-WELLNESS CORNERing each year so after year five,it’s all yours.Is this money taken out beforetaxes, or after taxes? It’s yourchoice. If you have it taken out pre-tax now, you’ll pay tax on it laterwhen you cash it in. If you have ittaken out post-tax, you pay no taxon it once you start using it.I’m going through a rough financial patch. Can I get a loanthrough my 401K? Yes, you can.Loans through 401k are available,but not encouraged. Repaymentarrangements are made shortlyafter your loan is approved anddeducted from your check untilyou have completely repaid yourself.Does Pierce Distribution matchmy contributions to my 401Kplan? Although Pierce does notmatch your contributions exactly,the Company does make frequentand generous contributions toyour 401K. It’s as if free money isappearing in your account and itadds up fast. Remember, youdon’t have to save alone; Piercehas a strong history of awardingannual contributions to participating members. THAT’S FREEMONEY!Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to contacteither your local HR rep, ChrisCacciatore at the corporate office,or our Transamerica rep, NedGillette. Any one of us will be ableto help you figure out how to getenrolled and start working towardyour retirement income. It’s nevertoo soon, or too late, to start!CHRISTINECACCIATORE

8Pierce Distribution Services CompanyRipley Writes.HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY!Judy’s 69th birthday was May 15th! If you knowJudy, you know she does not act her age! She wasthe spirit of a 20 year old. You can catch Judy outon the floor with a smile and sometime even dancing a little. Judy also had an anniversary with Pierceon May 24th. She has been with Pierce almost allher life!!! She has worked with Pierce for 46 years!We celebrated her birthday a little differently thisyear; we had a salad lunch. Everyone brought different kinds of salads. It was yummy. We had birthday cake and just enjoyed spending our lunch withJudy. Judy will make you laugh because out of theblue, she says something that you are not expecting. She makes the best fudge I have ever tasted,and you can’t eat just one piece. Judy, we hopeyou had a Happy birthday. We wish you manymore! Stay young at heart—we love you!KRISTI TAYLORYOU CAUGHT ME SMILING.Look at this big "cheesy"smile.Excitement andappreciation is picturedwhen Plant 7's, AnthonyTurner, was announcedas our Associate of theMonth. Always happy golucky, always serious, always at work (at least 30minutes early EVERYDAY) and ready to helpout anyway he can is thebest way to describe Anthony. He has been employed full time at Piercesince December 2014.He states he worked as atemporary for two yearsbefore being hired fulltime. Officially, he is assigned to the ServiceParts department as aHeavy Pack (meaning hecan handle the big stuff).He is trained in many other areas besides workingon the pack tables. “I enjoy making the shippersand helping out in theBailer area. I like stayingbusy, don't have time totalk (or visit) and prettymuch keep to myself.” Alifelong resident of DyerCounty, he lives in Dyersburg and loves working inhis yard - keeping thegrass cut is a priority. A1990 graduate of Dyersburg High School wherehe states his major was"just getting out of highschool". I was surprised tolearn he enjoys cooking.In fact, he said his BBQchicken was "simply thebest". The family loves itwhen he cooks fish with allthe trimmings (hush puppies, fries & onion rings) makesmehungry!“Working at Pierce is a job- and I appreciate the joband the people I work withevery day. On my list ofthings to do, I would loveto return to the SmokyMountains in East Tennessee and take in the beautyof the mountains, thebeautiful mountain streamsand even a bear or two.”Congratulations Anthony!MIKE MOOREBelow, Anthony Turner

9Pierce Distribution Services CompanySALES & MARKETING ANNOUNCEMENTJUNEANNIVERSARIESThe Sales and Marketing Department ispleased to announce the hire of Brad Herr.Brad will serve in the newly created Northwest Business Manager position. Brad hasworked for over fourteen years at IndustrialCraters & Packers (ICP), where he currentlysupervises HAZMAT & MIL-SPEC packagingfunctions. Brad has also spent time with direct sales interacting with current and prospective ICP customers. Brad will cover thelocal Portland area for ICP and Pierce, butwill also sell services to an area that encompasses several states in the Northwest U.S.We are excited to bring Brad aboard.NameDayPlantJose Ramirez6/19/95Raul Sanchez Jr.6/17/032Seung Chheung6/07/04ICPTony Strawn6/28/047Stephanie Gill6/26/067Manuel Hernandez6/26/07ICPMike Moore6/2/117Susan Lovett6/13/117Daniel Tanner6/16/142Larissa Hardman6/1/155Christie Tennant6/27/162Amy Holmquist6/27/1622Congratulations!ANDY OLTREMARIMonthly Wellbeing Newsletter May 2019THEY CALL IT QUALITY TIME FOR A REASONJUNEBIRTHDAYSNameErick FoutsMartin Bautista-AngelCasey SessionsRay BrownLat LongBertha GonzalezEric ChapmanYorleyvis OchoaByron ReedTeresa PhelpsJeffery GravesKyle KeyAntonio PachecoSam AdelowoTrey SchellKimberly RobinsonJames JarrettDaphne YoungSteven ChipmanChristina GamonedaKelli ReynoldsMichelle TheusHeddie HendersonShiman YeeAmy HolmquistDarrell WhetstoneNathan AndersonLarry GlassSara SandersPatricia WallingtonVictor Bravo MoralesTONY P5C777ICP2777ICP24C777ICP

401K. What is a 401K? A 401K program is a benefit that Pierce Distribution offers its employees who have been here over 90 days that helps you save money for retirement. After that three month waiting peri-od, you can enroll on the first date of the month. Then, every week, money is taken out of you