Woody Paige: Mile highs and lows athome for Broncos' ManningWoody PaigeThe Denver PostAugust 19, 2012The start for the Broncos' No. 1 offense Saturday night was more suspicious thanauspicious.It wasn't a grand opening at home — because of two interceptions, a fumble, adropped ball in the end zone, an untimely unnecessary roughness penalty, tippedpasses and sloppy, shoddy, slapdash play.And all those mistakes happened in the first half.Yes, somehow, the Broncos led 10-9 at the break.Peyton Manning finished his two quarters with 16 completions on 23 passes for 177yards, but he was picked off twice (with no help from his friends) and only drovethe Broncos into the end zone once.Orange slush offense. Good thing the game was a "friendly" and not for real.Manning's multitudes had streamed into the stadium, to sing lyrically ofShakespeare's Sonnet 18.But Manning and his first-team offense still have much work to do before theregular season.The last possession of the first half was a thing of beauty and ugliness.Manning was engineering a perfect two-minute offense until the Broncos, who weresuffering with chippiness throughout the first half, were backed up 15 yards on apenalty after gaining a first down. Manning moved them again and had tight endJacob Tamme free and clear at the goal in the closing seconds, but Tamme did abig gulp — and didn't make the reception.Even though the Broncos had one more chance and one more timeout, coach JohnFox made his own error — electing to kick a field goal with six seconds left.At halftime Fox said of the Broncos' three turnovers: "That's why we havepreseason games. There's obviously some things we need to work on, but to havethree giveaways in the first half and have the lead, that's a good sign."

"No parking zone" is a bad sign.However, Manning seems to fit in nicely in Denver — despite the three interceptionsagainst the Bears and the Seahawks in two preseason games.A former NFL defensive back told me recently that the only ways to stop Manningare "disguise your defense, lock him in the locker-room shower or have him sit outfor a year with an injury."The latter is what happened in 2011.Here's a statistic to consider from 2010: When Manning threw the football fewerthan 20 yards, he completed 77 percent. Although he enjoys flinging farther than20 yards, Manning was accurate a mortal-like 30.5 percent of the time on thoseattempts the last season he played.Also, be aware that the Colts, with Manning at quarterback, acted like they had themost complicated offense in football. In reality, the Colts usually relied on a halfdozen pass plays (with myriad variations) and three basic running plays. And theBroncos likely will be very similar. It is well to remember that after Tim Tebow tookover at quarterback last season, the offense was simpler than the two-step.With Manning and Broncos coordinator Mike McCoy, there are differences betweenthe Indianapolis and Denver offenses. But the Broncos have incorporated plays,formations, routes and concepts the Colts utilized. And, of course, there is thehurry-up-and-wait offense — with the team huddling quickly, close to the line ofscrimmage, breaking, Manning checking the defense, then ordering the ballsnapped with three to six seconds remaining on the play clock.The run plays likely will include Willis McGahee off tackle (the first play Saturdaynight), the draw play (McGahee or another back rushing up the middle) and thestretch play the Colts ran with effectiveness. (Manning will sprint to his right andhand off, possibly to Ronnie Hillman. The triple run-option plays are gone.The pass plays generally will work off a one running back, one tight end, three widereceiver set, or two tight ends and two wide receivers with a running back. Twowide receivers also will line up outside, and the third will be in the slot.Off the three-and-one set, a popular Colts play would have the tight end turn in at5 yards, a wide receiver cut in at 10 yards, and the other wide receiver run a go orpost pattern. The wide receivers, depending on the safety's position and help, cango deep or turn inside or toward the sideline.Manning will have two plays prepared, read the defensive coverage and signal thefirst play or check off to his second choice. That's the reason for Manning's gyrationand barking at the line, or, as one opposing coach has said, most of what Manningdoes is just theatrics.

So far the Broncos have faced straight-forward defenses, and have shown littlemore than vanilla plays.But Manning has proven he is virtually the same quarterback as before — with astrong arm, a quick release, a complete understanding of the offense andcomprehension of the defenses and a grasp of the game at hand — and arm.The first half Saturday night, though, for Manning and Co. was Jekyll and Hyde.

Mark Kiszla: Play along to get ticketedfor cheap Broncos seats with KizMark KiszlaThe Denver PostAugust 19, 2012OK, let's get straight to the bottom line. What quarterback would you rather payyour good money to see play football: Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning?In the NFL, it's all straight cash, homey. The salary cap. Your fantasy football entryfee. Money quarterbacks with the game on the line.That's precisely why Manning has so quickly allowed Denver to get over its bigorange crush on Tebow. This city loved Tebow. But, to tell the truth, does anybodyreally miss him?Training camp at Dove Valley broke attendance records. The practice sessionsattracted more than 40,000 spectators squeezing through the gates. Manning is thebiggest thing to hit town since Ikea.On the resale market, ticket brokers are profiting from the dreams of what Manningcould do for the Broncos. You want to purchase a decent seat for the home openeragainst Pittsburgh? Better be prepared to pay in excess of 500.So did Manning kill Tebow- mania? Or is it merely sleeping until the first time thenew hero in town shows the first hint he might have feet of clay or a creaky neck?Give me a good answer and you could go see Manning play for free. Of coursethere's a catch: You have to sit with me.My favorite Broncos weekend of the season is the game I hang with the real peepsin the nosebleed seats. This year, it will be Sept. 23, when Houston hits town. Wantto tag along?In the past, contest entries have been received from lands as faraway and strangeas Bangladesh and Nebraska.All you have to do is tell me: Is 18 so much greater than 15 that you tossed thatTebow jersey in the trash? Brevity earns bonus points. Humor is honored.Send entries to [email protected]. The winner will be notified no later thanSept. 2.

Peyton Manning shows Denver Broncosthat he's still pretty goodMike KlisThe Denver PostAugust 19, 2012Having just been slammed to the ground by a pair of Seattle Seahawks, new Broncosquarterback Peyton Manning was getting himself back on his feet when he heard theweirdest sound.Cheers.Loud, enthusiastic cheers from the knowledgable crowd at Sports Authority Field at MileHigh. Manning smiled in amusement. He couldn't believe what he was hearing but sureenough, he heard it."I might have," he said. "I've never heard a crowd cheer for an incompletion before."The Broncos lost to Seattle, 30-10 in a preseason game Saturday night primarilybecause talented rookie quarterback Russell Wilson and the second-string Seahawkscrushed Denver's backups in the second half.Consolation for the home team was Manning who had his first-team up 10-9 athalftime. The story of the first half wasn't that the Broncos outscored Seattle, but thatthe starters played every minute. They played so much, Manning wound up attempting23 passes. He completed 16, two were intercepted and only five were incomplete.Two of those incompletions were drops. One was on purpose. The hit everyone seemedto be waiting for had been struck. And Manning lived to laugh about it. Not only chucklebut on the play after he became the meat to a Bruce Irvin-Greg Scruggs' sandwich,Manning threw his best pass of the game — a 22-yard completion to slot receiverBrandon Stokley down the seam."I told you I was going to do that," Manning said, referring to his Thursday pressconference when he was asked for the umpteenth time if he needed to take a hit beforerealizing he was fully recovered from last year's dastardly neck injury.With Scruggs and Irvin zeroing in on their quarterback during a 2-minute drill near theend of the half, Manning threw the ball away just as he was getting hit. Manning thendrilled the pass to Stokley that gave the Broncos a first down at the Seattle 17."Great ball," Stokley said. "Great anticipation. Right when I passedthe defender the ball was there, on time. It needs to be quick that play and it was."

So this is how Manning won all those games with the Indianapolis Colts. The prizedquarterback showed his new team, the Broncos, the hurry-up is best played withpatience.With 2:39 left in the half, the Broncos were down 9-7 with the ball at their 20. Hurry!Hurry! Manning methodically went to work. He completed a quick slant to DemaryiusThomas for 7 yards, a checkdown to Lance Ball for 6 and another quick slant to Thomasfor 9.At the 2-minute warning, the Broncos were up to their 42 yard line. No hurry. There'stime."For the most part Seattle sank back in some zone coverage and the underneath stuffwas there most of the night," Manning said.He was only supposed to play one series into the second quarter, but a fumble by Ballearly in that possession caused Broncos coach John Fox to send his No. 1 offense outfor one more series. Then Manning badly overthrew intended receiver Joel Dreessen,the pass landing in the gut of Seattle safety Jeron Johnson.Fox and Manning didn't want to end on a miss. So the first team went back out for onemore drive. After the 2-minute warning, Manning connected with Eric Decker for 19yards, moving the ball to the Seattle 39. No huddle, up to the line."You're trying to put some pressure on the defense - they're having to hurry up theircommunication and their calls," Manning said. "Obviously, there's more pressure on theoffense. There's no time to huddle and breathe. You're staying aggressive."After the Stokley catch to the 17, Manning would have completed the no-huddle, hurryup drive for a touchdown, but tight end Jacob Tamme dropped a fastball just as hefound an opening a couple yards inside the goal line.With 6 seconds left, Fox wanted reward. He sent in Matt Prater for a field goal.The Broncos were up 10-9, but unlike their first preseason game at Chicago last week,their depth failed them. The Seahawks started the second half with a ridiculously long,14-play drive that resulted in a touchdown.Brock Osweiler, the Broncos' second-round rookie, was the only Denver quarterback notnamed Peyton Manning who played. Itwas impossible for Osweiler to get in a rhythm with the Seahawks chewing up the firsthalf of the third quarter and then when the Broncos finally did get the ball, their firstplay was a holding call. Osweiler finished 5-of 11-for 38 yards."Without seeing the tape it's really hard for me to give a great evaluation," Fox said ofOsweiler.

Peyton Manning's impact on Denver feltnot just on football fieldMike KlisThe Denver PostAugust 19, 2012The impact of Peyton Manning is not limited to the Broncos.At the intersection of Arapahoe and Peoria in Centennial, Manning should get freelunches for life with the business he helped bring to the eating establishments downthe road from the Broncos' training camp."We ran out of food orders three times," said Charles Eckhardt, manager ofChipotle. "I had to borrow like 700 worth of food from stores around the area justto keep up with the orders. Our lunch rush normally goes from 11 to 1, and it'sbeen going all the way to 2 o'clock, 2:30."Nearby is a Subway, an Einstein's Bagels, Starbucks, Noodles and Company.They've been doing a brisk business for years, anyway."But that first week (of training camp), we were out the door," said Michael Young,manager of Subway. "And then we had some trouble with our credit card machine. "OK, so maybe Manning only gets free lunch for a year.It's possible that virtually all businesses within proximity of the Broncos haveboomed not because of Manning, but the team. But it's not likely.The impact of Peyton Manning may not be monopolized by the Broncos, but noentity benefits more.Utilizing a no-huddle attack that Manning mastered during his 13 previous playingseasons with the Indianapolis Colts, he led the Broncos on one long touchdowndrive to end the first quarter in a preseason game Saturday night against theSeattle Seahawks, then artistically engineered a hurry-up drive to end the first halfthat resulted in a field goal.Manning's first home performance was mixed as he threw two interceptions. Thosetwo errors, plus a fumble by running back Lance Ball, caused the perfectionistManning to play longer than expected.On the touchdown drive, Manning was 4-of-4 for 48 yards. On the field-goal drive,he was 8-of-11 for 77 yards. There were two drops, including one by tight end

Jacob Tamme that would have been a touchdown with six seconds remaining in thehalf.It had been a while since the crowd at Sports Authority Field at Mile High witnessedthis type of passing precision. Manning wound up completing 16-of-23 passes for177 yards in the half, which ended with the Broncos up 10-9. It wasn't perfect, butit was promising.While the Broncos typically draw 60 percent to 65 percent of their pre- paid crowdto preseason games, Sports Authority Field was much closer to capacity Saturdaywith the Seahawks in town.About 80 percent of the stadium was filled when Manning ran out as the anchor topregame player introductions. The crowd erupted.The team averaged 17,388 fans for its first three free-admission scrimmages at thestadium from 2009-11. Manning showed up, and the scrimmage Aug. 4 drew anastounding 41,304.For the training camp practices at Dove Valley, the record attendance beforeManning had been 33,071 over 23 practices in 2007. Manning's first camp packedin 43,076 fans with only 16 practices."When you have the most popular sport in America, and a fan base that is aspassionate and enthusiastic as our fan base is, and now you bring in one of thegame's most popular, if not the most popular player, obviously that combinationhas had a positive impact on the Denver Broncos," said team president Joe Ellis. "Ithink a lot of that is how Peyton is as a person. They see how he carries himselfwith style and grace. I think that's an appealing part of his per- sona that so manypeople in Denver admire."And not just here. Manning's new orange-and-blue No. 18 was the NFL's top-sellingjersey from April 1 through July 31. Tim Tebow's No. 15 New York Jets jerseyranked No. 3.Premium importanceIt's fairly well known that the Broncos have sold out every home game since 1970,a streak of 325 regular- season games. Not as well known is those sellouts pertainonly to the 65,081 seats in the stadium bowl. The 11,044 premium seats availablein the club sections and luxury suites have not always been hot-ticket items inrecent years.But team officials say there has been a significant uptick in premium seating salesand corporate sponsorships this year.

And to think that only seven months ago, it didn't seem possible for any athlete tobe more celebrated (or notorious) than Tebow. The Broncos' television ratingssoared 38 percent last year — albeit from the modern-era low numbers in 2010that marked the end of the Josh McDaniels disaster.The momentum of Tebow's magical season of 2011 no doubt provided theenthusiastic foundation for 2012.Give credit to Broncos fans, though. Tebow may have fascinated the masses formany reasons. But Manning has captured local imaginations primarily for thisreason: He represents realistic hope the Broncos can earn their first Super Bowltitle since 1998.A team does not sign Peyton Manning, who is a four-time league MVP yet 36 yearsold, with the idea of winning next year."I think that's the tone (Broncos owner) Pat Bowlen has set," Ellis said. "And itcarries over with John Elway and John Fox, and that trickled down. I think our fansare smart, they're loyal — and they get it."Fox finally has "the" QBThe impact of Manning sometimes hits Fox as he drives to work in the predawnmorning. Fox is 57, an NFL coach for 23 years. His teams' quarterbacks have beenStan Humphries, Neil O'Donnell, Jeff Hostetler, Jake Delhomme and Kerry Collins,all of whom have started in Super Bowls.But never has Fox had a quarterback close to the quality of Manning. Even ifManning has lost a couple of mph off his fastball, Fox has been aroundquarterbacks enough to know velocity is well down the list of requirements forgreat play."Nolan Ryan wasn't as fast later in his career as he was early," Fox said. "But hebecame a better pitcher. Joe Montana lasted as long as he did in the draft (thirdround, No. 82 overall) because of arm strength. He was pretty good."Maybe even the best all time."He's in the discussion," Fox said. "There's a lot to that position. That's why they'reso hard to find."Manning will impact all aspects of the team — the offensive line should find passblocking easier; the defense should not feel the pressure to hold the opposition to10 points — but no group has carried a perpetual smile like the receivers.Eric Decker led the Broncos with 44 receptions last year — which tied with LegeduNaanee and Mike Thomas for 85th in the league. Decker was on pace for 80 catches

through the first four full games that Kyle Orton was the quarterback, but theoffense went in another direction of Tebow, running and winning.Can Decker get 80 catches for a winner with Manning as his quarterback this year?"I used to like goal-setting," Decker said. "But when I played baseball I found goalsetting didn't work. Now my mind-set is to prepare for each game, stay healthy andsee how it comes out at the end."Decker is a better route runner in the five months since Manning became histeammate."He's helped me understand how to run them better against certain coverages,"Decker said.Turns out, the Broncos have a quarterback who could make a pretty good receiverscoach."I'm definitely a better route runner because I pay attention to smaller details thanI ever did before," said Andre "Bubba" Caldwell. "Sinking your hips, getting yourdepth, coming out of your breaks, knowing your splits and exactly where to lineup."Oh, yes, lining up. Manning has been known to wave a player into his proper spot."That's what he demands out of us, so you've got to do it," Caldwell said.Which would sound like work except in his next breath, Caldwell said this about theimpact of Peyton Manning:"Football hasn't been this fun for me in a long time."

Peyton Manning chose Broncos purely forfootball-related reasonsMike KlisThe Denver PostAugust 19, 2012Peyton Manning may have already had a big impact on the state, but it may be awhile before Colorado has much impact on him.Asked last week if he has had a chance to stop and look at the mountains, Manningpeered out in the distance from his news conference at Dove Valley as if he werelooking west for the first time."From here for a view, yeah," Manning said. "I haven't been to them. Sorry I'm notable to help with that story."Actually, he said everything about his story. The mountains and Colorado's beautyhad virtually nothing to do with Manning choosing the Broncos instead of nine otherNFL teams that bid for his services this offseason.He is here because John Elway, a former high-caliber quarterback himself, isrunning the Broncos' front office. He is here because John Fox is a proven, winningcoach. He is here because the Broncos had the league's No. 1 rushing attack lastseason, and have Ryan Clady at left tackle, a talented young receiving tandem inEric Decker and Demaryius Thomas, and Jack Del Rio as defensive coordinator.Manning is here because of football.After spending his entire previous life well east of here in New Orleans, Tennesseeand Indianapolis, his initial impressions of this part of the country?"For me, I guess it has been mostly hotel and training camp," Manning said.He then went into a thorough discourse of the physical nature of camp and howhard his Denver teammates worked. Sigh. The man is driven by his profession.Maybe in March he'll take his wife and young twins and roll his vehicle throughdowntown Breckenridge.

Broncos expecting full stadium forPeyton Manning's home preseason debutLindsay H. JonesThe Denver PostAugust 18, 2012Manning Time has arrived.Peyton Manning will make his preseason home debut Saturday night at Sports AuthorityField at Mile High, where he will quarterback the Broncos' starting offense for severalseries, likely into the second quarter.More than 41,000 fans showed up at the stadium two weeks ago to watch Manning inan open scrimmage. Saturday's game against the Seattle Seahawks is sold out."Having played here as an opponent I know how loud and emotional and passionate thecrowd is here in Denver so it'll be nice to be on the home side of it," Manning said thisweek. "I know Coach (John) Fox has talked about it all year that we've got to play wellat home. You've got to try to have that home-field advantage andI know it's important for the players to play well so the fans can be excited and make ittough on opponents."Once Manning and the starters head to the bench, rookie Brock Osweiler is expected tobe the next quarterback in the rotation. Veteran free-agent addition Caleb Hanie wentsecond last week at Chicago. Hanie and Adam Weber are expected to play in thesecond half as the Broncos try to solidify their murky backup quarterback situation."Improvement. Just like everybody else, we try to improve game to game, practice topractice," Fox said Friday when asked about what he wants to see from hisquarterbacks. "We're looking for everybody to get better."The players not expected to play for the Broncos are defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson(concussion), cornerback Tracy Porter (illness), linebackers Keith Brooking (hamstring)and Danny Trevathan (ankle), safety Quinton Carter (knee/hamstring), right guardChris Kuper (forearm) and defensive end Jason Hunter (triceps). Rookie running backRonnie Hillman, who missed last week's game and more practice time this week with asore hamstring, is a game-time decision.The game will also mark the 2012 debut for veteran wide receiver Terrell Owens, whosigned with theSeahawks this month. Owens did not play in the NFL last year.

Broncos' injury replacements pass theirfirst test of the preseasonJeff LegwoldThe Denver PostAugust 19, 2012After a difficult work week that saw Chris Kuper, Jason Hunter and Kevin Vickersonsuffer injuries, the Broncos put coach John Fox's next-man-up mantra to a sterntest Saturday night at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.Manny Ramirez started at right guard for Kuper, who suffered a fractured bone inhis left forearm earlier in the week. And with Hunter (torn triceps) expected to missthe season with his injury and Vickerson having suffered a concussion as thepractice week drew to a close, the Broncos were forced to play mix and match inthe defensive line as well."We kind of operate on a next-man-up philosophy around here," Fox has said. "Weknow injuries are going to happen; you don't want them to happen. But it's also anopportunity for someone else."Vickerson and Hunter had been taking snaps with the starting defense for much oftraining camp.Against the Seahawks on Saturday, the Broncos started Derek Wolfe at leftdefensive end. Justin Bannan started in Vickerson's place at defensive tackle.Even with Kuper's absence in the offensive line, the Broncos still showed plenty ofintent in the run game with the starters on the field. They opened in a heavier twotight end formation and by the time the first quarter was over, they had run theball nine times — eight by Willis McGahee, including a 1-yard touchdown run out ofa three-tight end, two-back look — and thrown it seven times.The Broncos also got a look at Ramirez in the no-huddle when the Broncos spedthings up in their second possession of the game. The Broncos picked up the pacefor much of their 11-play, 80-yard touchdown drive to close out the openingquarter.Defensively, with Hunter and Vickerson out, Wolfe played while the starters were inthe game, taking snaps at both ends and inside at tackle. The Broncos also usedMitch Unrein in the rotation, with the Eaton native sharing a sack of Seahawksquarterback Matt Flynn with Von Miller in the first quarter.Unrein has been the injury replacement at defensive tackle in the starting defensethroughout training camp. He also worked with the starters when Bannan suffered a

calf injury soon after camp opened and before Vickerson had been put in thestarting defense."I always try to just be ready when they put me in there," Unrein said last week."It's good they trust me; I just want to make sure I'm doing all I can to stay inthere as much as I can."

Broncos' Lance Ball makes mark atrunning backJeff LegwoldThe Denver PostAugust 19, 2012As the Broncos continue to work their way toward roster decisions in the comingweeks, some players have begun to assert themselves on the depth chart.At running back, where things are crowded, Lance Ball was the second back intothe game against the Seahawks on Saturday night. Ball also ended up being theleading receiver among the starters with four receptions in the opening half.From the backfield, he had just two carries for 5 yards.At wide receiver, another spot with plenty of competition, the Broncos used theirtop four receivers — Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Stokley and AndreCaldwell — for most of the first half, while Matt Willis was the fifth wide receiverinto the game.Willis also lined up as a punt returner, which would enhance his value. Jason Hill, asixth-year veteran pushing hard to be the sixth receiver the Broncos would keep,started the second half playing with the second-team offense.Defensively, the Broncos showed a new wrinkle or two. In a limited showing of theirdime package — six defensive backs — the Broncos used cornerback Chris Harris togo with safety Rafael Bush as the extra defensive backs.Because starting right cornerback Tracy Porter did not play, the Broncos also usedHarris and Drayton Florence in Porter's spot in the base defense during the firsthalf.No T.O. impact. Though the Seahawks made a concerted effort to get TerrellOwens the ball Saturday, he did not make a catch in his return to the NFL.Seattle signed the veteran Aug. 6, and Saturday's preseason game was his firstappearance for the team.Owens was targeted by Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn five times — more thanany other Seattle receiver — but did not have a catch. Owens dropped what wouldhave been a touchdown pass and had another potential long gain knocked away byBroncos cornerback Champ Bailey.

Owens' last appearance in Denver was in 2005, when he took a short flip fromthen- Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, made Bailey miss and went 91 yardsup the Eagles' sideline for a touchdown.Injury report. In addition to Porter, safety Quinton Carter (hamstring and knee),linebacker Keith Brooking (hamstring) and linebacker Danny Trevathan (ankle) didnot play against the Seahawks.Footnotes. Linebacker D.J. Williams, who is facing a six-game, league-orderedsuspension to open the regular season for violating the NFL's policy onperformance-enhancing drugs, was in uniform on the Broncos' sideline Saturday butdid not have shoulder pads on and did not have a helmet. . Broncos safety DavidBruton tipped two Seahawks punts in the first half, to go with two special-teamstackles. . In the preseason, the Broncos' starting defense has held the Bears andSeahawks to a combined 2-of-19 on third-down conversion attempts.

Kickin' it with Kiz: Broncos' PeytonManning isn't clowning aroundMark KiszlaThe Denver PostAugust 18, 2012Sideshow gone.Well, here we go. The reason the Broncos will be better in 2012 isbecause Tim Tebow and the circus are gone. It wasn't totally his fault, but he wassuch a disruption. I hope Peyton Manning does well and stays healthy. If he getsclocked right away, however, Denver is a much better team. The whole thing lastyear was sickening.William, ready for some footballKiz: When ESPN used "SportsCenter" as an excuse to turn Tebow's 25th birthdayinto a national holiday, talented broadcasters morphed into helicopter parents. GQput Tebow on the cover of its September issue. What, Rex Grossman, T.J. Yates orsome other NFL backup QB wasn't available? Manning is so focused on improvingthe Broncos that you wonder if he even notices the Rocky Mountains while drivinghome from work. Don't know how much of a shot Denver has at winning the SuperBowl. But it's good to know the Broncos are again viewed as a football team to betaken seriously rather than a cheap excuse to exploit a novelty act.New stadium hogwash. Colorado State has absolutely no chance of getting into aBCS conference in the lifetime of athletic director Jack Graham. A new stadium forCSU is like putting a fancy dress on a pig. It still ain't going to get her in the bigdance.Wendell, LongmontKiz: OK, you ready for this future shock? Here's my prediction: The crazyconference carousel in college football is not done spinning. When it comes to astop sometime in the next 10-15 years, there will be six conferences, each with 12football members. Those six league champs and two wild-card teams will take partin a playoff to determine who is No. 1. A proposed 42,000-seat stadium and thehefty salary being paid to coach Jim McElwain doesn't mean CSU can force its wayinto that party. But if the Rams don't try, their football rivals in 2025 will beMontana and North Dakota State.Alisher and the pauper. Stan Kroenke is not the owner of Arsenal. There isanother word I would use for obtaining control of the Arsenal on the quiet, but I

Woody Paige: Mile highs and lows at home for Broncos' Manning Woody Paige The Denver Post . It wasn't a grand opening at home — because of two interceptions, a fumble, a dropped