DatasheetSmart Architecture:DNS-DHCP ManagementSimplify and AutomateDNS & DHCP Services DeploymentHighlights: State-of-the-Art DNS and DHCPArchitectures Templates Configuration, Deployment andManagement AutomationEven if DNS & DHCP architecture configurations have been simplified with a GUI(Graphical User Interface), it is still complex and expensive. It requires expertsto deploy and configure all servers in coherent environments of DNS & DHCPservices. There is not a process to check the relevance of your server configurations against your needs and best practices. This complexity increases the risksin term of security and availability of your network services. Best Practices EnforcementEfficientIP offers SmartArchitectureTM, a unique technology to intelligently sim- Reduced Complexity and TCOplify and automate design, deployment and management of vital DNS & DHCP Simple, Secure and Flexible NetworkServicesservices. This technology ensures: Secure and reliable architecture designs Intelligent policy-driven deployment automation for best practicesenforcement Comprehensive unified management for end-to-end control of your DNSDHCP infrastructureSmartArchitectureTM is compatible with EfficientIP’s DNS & DHCP appliances SOLIDserverTM, Microsoft Windows DNS&DHCP servers, andOpen source servers (ISC Bind and ISC DHCP) providing a smooth integration with existing

Datasheet Smart Architecture: DNS-DHCP ManagementSmartArchitecture :Secure Design and Automated deploymentof DNS & DHCPSmartArchitecture is a new approach to IPAM and DNS & DHCP ser-Based on the selected SmartArchitecture , the SOLIDserver cen-vices management designed to drastically simplify deployment andtralized management platform will automatically configure all DNS &administration of your network services. Thanks to SmartArchitec-DHCP servers belonging to the SmartArchitecture according to theirture , EfficientIP offers the capability to deploy and manage yourindividual role within the selected template. It is no longer necessaryDNS & DHCP services at the architecture manually configure each server in order to build the DNS & DHCPSmartArchitecture is a library of state-of-the-art templates of DNS &architecture; the entire process is now carried out automatically.DHCP architectures, applied on a group of Multi-Vendor servers (Microsoft , Open source, SOLIDserver ) to automatically deploy andmanage the architecture as a single entity.Select Your ArchitectureSelect the DNS or DHCP architecture template to be deployed from thecatalogue. In this example SmartArchitecture is a «Stealth DNS» architecture.Import Your DataDNSdataImport DNS data (zones and RRs) from the centralized management platform (SOLID Master) within the SmartArchitecture .HiddenDNS MasterDNS SlavePseudo MasterDNS SlaveInsert Your ServersDefine the role of each server within the SmartArchitecture (primaryhidden, pseudo master, and slaves).Your Architecture is Deployed and OperatingAll DNS or DHCP servers belonging to the SmartArchitecture are automatically configured by the centralized management platform to establish a communication path among SOLIDservers (or multi-vendor servers), securing communication flow and synchronizing data.

Datasheet Smart Architecture: DNS-DHCP ManagementSmartArchitecture CatalogSOLIDserver offers a comprehensive catalog of DNS & DHCP SmartArchitectures , allowing the selection of the appropriate DNS or DHCP architecture to be deployed and managed in the network infrastructure.DHCP SmartArchitecture CatalogDHCPDHCP Single:One DHCP server in the SmartArchitecture DHCPDHCPDHCP failover One to One:A pair of DHCP servers in activeactive failoverDHCPDHCP failover Many to One (StarDHCPDHCPfailover):Centralized DHCP failover in active-activemodeDHCPDHCPDHCP Microsoft:Microsoft DHCP split scopebetween 2 DHCP serversor Microsoft DHCP server fail-over

Datasheet Smart Architecture: DNS-DHCP ManagementDNS SmartArchitecture CatalogDNSMasterDNS Single:One DNS server is in the SmartArchitecture DNSMasterDNSSlaveDNSSlaveDNS Master Slave:One DNS server is elected asmaster and others are slavesHiddenDNS MasterStealth DNS:DNS SlavePseudo MasterDNSSlaveOne DNS server is elected as hiddenmaster, one as pseudo master andothers are slaves. The master can bedeployed as a cluster with a VIP.DNSMasterDNSMasterDNSMasterDNS Multi Master:All DNS servers are MastersDNS Farm:A load balancer is deployed in front ofLBthe DNS architecture. DNS servers arenot “visible” to DNS clients who identifythe load balancer as DNS servers.

Datasheet Smart Architecture: DNS-DHCP ManagementSmartArchitecture BenefitsIncreased reliability and security of network services: Au-tomate the enforcement of best practices.Freedom from deployment complexity: Automate DNS &DHCP services architecture deployment.Ease of management: Simplify the management of yournetwork services by directly managing the architecture andautomating all server configurations.SmartArchitecture Motion: Ease of architecture migration and reorganization with “Drag and Drop” architecturechanges.1.1. SmartArchitecture Migration: It is easy and fast to migrate from one architecture to another, such as from DNSMaster-slave to a DNS stealth architecture. The migrationprocess is simplified at the highest level by editing the Master-Slave SmartArchitecture template in use and applyingthe new Stealth DNS SmartArchitecture template. All modifications required on all servers belonging to the SmartArchitecture will be carried out by the centralized managementplatform, following the new template. It is no longer requiredfor the administrator to perform the required modificationsserver by server.Select and applythe new Smart Architectureal ta ntr en me eC agnMDNSMasterDNSSlaveDNSMaster-SlaveDNSSlave2.The architecture migration iscarried out by the central applianceMal ta ntr en me eC agnHiddenDNS MasterDNSSlaveDNSStealthDNS SlavePseudo MasterSmartArchitecture Migration

Datasheet Smart Architecture: DNS-DHCP ManagementStronger and simpler disaster recovery in multi-vendorenvironments: In addition to the built-in disaster recoveryprocess based on the real-time replication of the distributeddatabase, SmartArchitecture offers an additional way toreinstate a crashed server. The crashed DNS server can be replaced in just a few minutes by a new server. The centralizedmanagement platform will detect that the new server is notcompliant with the architecture or data of the SmartArchitecture in place, and will then automatically configure and synchronize the server according to its particular role within theSmartArchitecture . No complex tasks must be performedby the administrator. Another advantage of this mechanismis that it works in multi-vendor DNS & DHCP environmentsincluding Microsoft DNS & DHCP servers.2. SmartArchitecture Modification: It is easy and fast toadd or remove a server from an architecture. For example, anadministrator only needs to select and insert a new DNS slaveserver within the Master-Slave SmartArchitecture , and thecentralized management platform will automatically configure this new member accordingly, with no additional complex tasks for the administrator. This new slave server willhave its data synchronized and be declared to the Master andvice-versa.1.Add the new slave serverin the SmartArchitectureaDNSSlaveNSMaster-SlaveDNSSlaveDl ta ntr en me eC agnMDNSMaster2.Ma Cena ntge ralmentThe Central appliance configuresall servers within the SSSmartArchitecture ModificationDNsMa

Datasheet Smart Architecture: DNS-DHCP ManagementSmartArchitecture : Global DNS-DHCPArchitecture ManagementSmartArchitecture is a breakthrough in network services manage-In addition, EfficientIP’s SmartArchitecture is fully compatible andment efficiency, delivering unmatched levels of reliability, scalabilityenables automated deployment of Hybrid DNS Architectures. Youand flexibility. SmartArchitecture enables you to perform complexcan easily design, deploy and manage a DNS architecture with ser-administration tasks easily and in just a few minutes. Migration ofvers running BIND and servers running NSD with SmartArchitectureMaster/Slave to Stealth or multi-Master is automatically done by se-templates.lecting the ad hoc SmartArchitecture to apply on the DNS servers.It is now easy to add or remove DNS servers from the architecture;the centralized management appliance will automatically manage allconfiguration file modifications.tarSCPerovilFaDHM Ca en na trge am lenttasMNSpeco erSvlitSp FailoPPCDH DCHeavSler-Drsteati-MulMNSDlthSDNaSteREV: C-190228As one of the world’s fastest growing DDI vendors, EfficientIP helps organizations drive business efficiency through agile, secure and reliable network infrastructures. Our unified managementframework for DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) and network configurations ensures end-to-end visibility, consistency control and advanced automation. Additionally, our unique 360 DNS security solutionprotects data confidentiality and application access from anywhere at any time. Companies rely on us to help control the risks and reduce the complexity of challenges they face with modern keyIT initiatives such as cloud applications, virtualization, and mobility. Institutions across a variety of industries and government sectors worldwide rely on our offerings to assure business continuity,reduce operating costs and increase the management efficiency of their network and security teams.Copyright 2019 EfficientIP, SAS. All rights reserved. EfficientIP and SOLIDserver logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of EfficientIP SAS. All registered trademarks are property of theirrespective owners. EfficientIP assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies in this document or for any obligation to update information in this document.AmericasEfficientIP Inc.1 South Church StreetWest Chester, PA 19382-USA 1 888-228-4655EuropeEfficientIP SAS90 Boulevard National92250 La Garenne Colombes-FRANCE 33 1 75 84 88 98AsiaEfficientIP PTE Ltd3 HarbourFront Place, Level 11HarbourFront Tower 2, Singapore 099254 65 6678 7752

Select Your Architecture DNS Import Your Data data Insert Your Servers Hidden DNS Master DNS Slave Pseudo Master DNS Slave SmartArchitecture : Secure Design and Automated deployment of DNS & DHCP SmartArchitecture is a new approach to IPAM and DNS & DHCP ser-vices management designed to drastically simplify deployment and