9/27/2018Importing &Exporting Data withDynamics GPSeptember 27, 2018To Receive CPE Credit Individuals Participate in entire webinar Answer polls when they are provided Groups Group leader is the person who registered & logged on to the webinarAnswer polls when they are providedComplete group attendance formGroup leader sign bottom of formSubmit group attendance form to [email protected] within 24 hours of webinar If all eligibility requirements are met, each participant will be emailed theirCPE certificate within 15 business days of webinar1

9/27/2018INTRODUCTIONSCharles AllenSenior Managing Consultant Currently in 28th year ofconsulting 10-time Microsoft MVP Holds Advanced DynamicsProCredentialImporting &Exporting Data withDynamics GPSeptember 27, 20182

9/27/2018AGENDA Integration Manager Table Import Mail Merge Macros SmartConnect Q&APOLLINGQUESTION 1Do you import or export data into or out ofGP? Yes No I don’t know3

9/27/2018IntegrationManagerINTEGRATIONMANAGER Tool used for importing data into GP Part of the Customization Pack Can connect to multiple types of data Includes the ability to write custom code Can add new records & update existing* Accessible from within GP or outside of GP Requires a license after 270 days*Some adapters do not permit update4

9/27/2018INTEGRATIONMANAGERConnectivity Text files – CSV, Tab-Delimited or Other ODBC connections – Excel, SQLdatabases, other data sourcesINTEGRATIONMANAGERConnecting to Dynamics GP Standard adapters eConnect adapters5

9/27/2018INTEGRATIONMANAGERConnecting to Dynamics GP –Standard Adapters Work like macros in GP GP login is required You must be in the correct GP companyINTEGRATIONMANAGERStandard Adapters Includes these destinations in GPAccountsPayables TransactionsBank ReconcileVendorsBank TransactionsCash ReceiptsBudgetsCustomersFixed Allocation AccountsReceivables TransactionsVariable Allocation AccountsSales TransactionsGeneral Ledger TransactionsInventory ItemsUnit AccountsInventory TransactionsPayroll Manual ChecksPayroll TransactionsEmployeesExchange Rates6

9/27/2018INTEGRATIONMANAGERConnecting to Dynamics GP –eConnect adapters Uses the eConnect service Does not require GP to be open Generally much faster than standardadaptersINTEGRATIONMANAGEReConnect Adapters Includes these destinations in GPCustomersPA – Employee ExpenseInventory ItemsPA – Timesheet EntryInventory TransactionsFixed Asset GeneralPurchase Order EntryFixed Asset BookReceiving TransactionsFixed Asset InsuranceVendorsFixed Asset LeaseSales TransactionsFixed Asset User DataGL AccountsGL TransactionsShipping Methods7

9/27/2018INTEGRATIONMANAGERSteps to Create an Integration Create an integration Add one or more sources Create query relationships, if required Add a destination Create mappings Save the integration Run the integration Review the results8

9/27/2018POLLINGQUESTION 2eConnect can be used with IntegrationManager Yes No I don’t knowTable Import9

9/27/2018TABLEIMPORT Included with GP Enables you to import directly into GPtables Fairly quick import Requires knowledge of tables to use Can only add new recordsTABLEIMPORTSteps to Use Table Import Create a table import definition Add a source Add the destination Create the mappings Run the import10

9/27/2018POLLINGQUESTION 3Table Import requires understanding tables Yes No I don’t know11

9/27/2018Mail MergeMacrosMAILMERGEMACROS Enable you to import data using macros Uses mail merge functionality in Word tocreate the data source You must ensure there are no issues in thedata12

9/27/2018MAILMERGEMACROSSteps to Create Create a macro using GP for one record (toget the steps) Create a table with your source data Copy your macro text to Word Insert variables in your document Use mail merge to create the data Run the macro in GP13

9/27/2018POLLINGQUESTION 4Mail merge macros can be run outside of GP Yes No I don’t knowSmartConnect14

9/27/2018SMARTCONNECT Available from eOne Solutions Alternative to Integration Manager/TableImport Utilizes all eConnect schemas Can utilize custom coding Does not require GP to run Includes scheduling functionality Connects to a wide variety of data sources Useful for importing & exportingSMARTCONNECTOther Features Works with SmartList Builder & Extender Node Builder enables you to create yourown destinations Integrates with Excel to create form-basedtemplates Supports multicompany importing15

9/27/2018Time for Some Q&A16

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9/27/2018Thank You!Charles Allen, Senior Managing Consultant713.499.4629 [email protected]

Dynamics GP September 27, 2018 To Receive CPE Credit . Works with SmartList Builder & Extender Node Builder enables you to create your own destinations Integrates with Excel to create form-based templates Supports multicompany importing SMARTCONNECT. 9/27/2018 16