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“We’ve moved from a position of fire-fighting to being able to make informed,forwarding looking decisions about the business. Our staff are motivated becausewhen targets are achieved now, we’re able to reward this—and quickly. At the sametime we’ve made incredible savings and are more profitable. The business is in bettershape than it’s ever been—we’re delighted.”— David BibbyFinance DirectorSports and Leisure Management

People drive business successRegardless of your industry or the size of your organization, it’s your people who drive results.Business success depends on providing everyone in your organization—from the CEO tomanagement and teams to individuals—with ready access to the information, systems, and toolsthey need to work at peak performance.But you know that. And we know it, because we’ve worked directly with our customers to designMicrosoft DynamicsTM GP, a solution that bridges the gap between business process automationand the way people really work.For smaller organizations, Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials offers a solution built forrapid installation and ease of use, packaged and priced for companies on a growth path. Designedto help people accomplish more from the start, it works like and with the familiar Microsoft Office system and utilizes proven Microsoft technologies to streamline and connect information,processes, and reporting capabilities across your entire business. And as your organizationchanges and grows, Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials offers a cost-effective path foradding functionality and users.Grow your business with confidence.

The Role Center delivers apersonalized home page thatenables people to work withthe information and tasks mostrelevant to their jobs.Empower people to work fasterand smarter with the ActionPane, an intuitive, graphicalcommand bar that appearsacross all navigation lists.Help ensure quickerimplementation with setupchecklists that offer clear,step-by-step instructions.SIMPLIFY

Give Your People a Solution They’llWant to UseGet Started Fast and Move Easily intothe Future Get the look and feel of Microsoft Office inMicrosoft Dynamics GP. Whether employeesare working in Microsoft Dynamics GP or theMicrosoft Office system, they’ll have a smooth,familiar user experience that reduces trainingtime and costs. Count on smooth installation and fast setup.Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentialsdelivers built-in tools, including setup checklistsand step-by-step wizards, to help you get yoursolution up and running quickly. Quickly sort and filter records and performtasks with the Action Pane, an intuitivecommand bar inspired by Ribbons in the 2007Microsoft Office system. Deliver access to relevant information andtasks with the Role Center, a tailored homepage that helps people to focus on their keyresponsibilities, reduce time spent chasinginformation and reports, and increase personalproductivity. Save valuable time with smart tags thatenable quick access to Microsoft DynamicsGP data from Microsoft Office systemapplications, including access to customer,vendor, inventory, general ledger account, andemployee information. Tight integration with the Microsoft Officesystem—including Office Excel , Office Word,and Office Outlook —makes it easy for peopleto find, use, and share information within theapplications they use every day. Gain easy entry into Microsoft SQL ServerTMtechnologies with SQL Server 2005 ExpressEdition, which is included with MicrosoftDynamics GP Business Essentials. SQL ServerExpress offers robust data storage andmanagement and a stable platform for growth. Enhance your total solution with powerfulnetworking and collaboration capabilities andremote user access by combining MicrosoftDynamics GP Business Essentials withWindows Small Business Server 2003. Grow your business with a solution built on aproven, innovative Microsoft platform. As yourbusiness needs evolve, you can rest assuredthat your solution will fit with your current andfuture investments in Microsoft products andtechnologies.

“Together with Excel, Microsoft Dynamics GP allows us to highlight ourfinancial information in a vivid, easily understood format. The AddisonAvenue executive team has a greater insight into the position and healthof the credit union.” — Elizabeth ChegeControllerAddison Avenue Federal Credit UnionDrive Productivity by ConnectingBusiness Information and ProcessesEmpower All Your People to MakeSmart, Fast Decisions Gain agile control over your financials byautomating critical accounting tasks andconnecting information for general ledger,payables and receivables, and fixed assets.Efficiently manage requirements for multiplecurrencies, intercompany transactions, fixedassets, encumbrance management, and more. Take full advantage of Office Excel to reportand analyze information from across all areasof your business. Whether you’re working inMicrosoft Dynamics GP or Excel, you can usespreadsheet analyses, budgeting templates,PivotTables , and more to transform businessdata into decision-driving information. Help ensure people work at peak efficiencywith integrated functionality that connectsinventory control, purchasing and sales orderprocesses, and financial management. Monitor all operations, revenues and spending,and sales trends with built-in inquiry andreporting capabilities. For example, you canquickly retrieve data from Microsoft DynamicsGP and create context-specific Office Excelreports. If you want the ability to performad hoc queries using Office Excel, MicrosoftDynamics GP includes more than 200 OfficeExcel report templates. Provide customers with fast, accurate answersand improve overall productivity. Integrateddata and rich drill-down capabilities equipeveryone in your organization to locate precise,real-time information from wherever they’reworking in the system. Provide access to real-time data that caneasily be analyzed in familiar tools such asOffice Excel or Microsoft FRx and exported toindustry-standard file formats. Our reportingtools include a wide range of standard reportsand more than 75 SQL Server ReportingServices reports. Deliver personalized report navigation thatprovides easy access to the reporting optionspeople use most often. Users can select everytype of report from the Microsoft Dynamics GPReport List—including SQL Server ReportingServices and Office Excel reports—customizethem as needed, and then store them for oneclick access.



Streamlined functionality, with room to growMicrosoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials offers broad-based functionality at an affordableprice, yet gives you the flexibility to add users or upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GPAdvanced Management at any time.Business Intelligence and ReportingSupply Chain ManagementOffice Excel-Based ReportsInventory ControlBusiness AlertsLanded CostSmartListPurchase Order Processing/ReceivingSQL Server Reporting Services ReportsSales Order Processing with Advanced InvoicingMicrosoft FRx Desktop with Microsoft FRx ReportDesignerMicrosoft FRx DrillDown ViewerTMMicrosoft FRx Report LauncherMicrosoft FRx Currency TranslationReport WriterAdditional Components (SeparatePurchase)Additional LanguagesElectronic Banking Solutions for Managementand ReconciliationCrystal Reports ProfessionalConfiguration and DevelopmentMicrosoft Enterprise ReportingIntegration Manager–ConversionsSmartList BuilderRole Tailored SecurityFederal Magnetic MediaField Level SecurityHuman ResourcesPayroll (US and Canada)Financial ManagementPayroll Connect for ADPAnalytical AccountingPayroll Direct DepositBank ReconciliationAdvanced Human ResourcesEncumbrance ManagementAdvanced PayrollFixed Assets ManagementPTO ManagerGeneral Ledger with Advanced Financial AnalysisExtenderIntercompanyIntegration Manager–Financials and DistributionInterfund ManagementSQL Server 2005 Standard and EnterpriseRuntime EditionMulticurrencyPayables ManagementReceivables ManagementControl Account ManagementSafe Pay

Software for today and tomorrowMicrosoft Dynamics GP delivers the flexiblelicensing and support options you need to helpensure that your solution can evolve with yourbusiness over the long term. With Business ReadyLicensing and the Business Ready EnhancementPlan, you can choose Microsoft Dynamics GPBusiness Essentials now and then upgrade toMicrosoft Dynamics GP Advanced Managementwhen the time is right. Cost-effective, phaseddeployment and generous, out-of-the-boxfunctionality at a lower entry price help maximizethe value of your investment while enablingyou to enhance productivity through support,training, best practices, and product updates.By taking advantage of a flexible foundation andconvenient licensing and support options, youcan tailor your total solution to the size of yourbusiness, the way employees use data, and theinformation technology expertise available toyou. This simplified approach and predictablepath for growing your solution helps protectyour investment and minimize disruption toyour business when you upgrade your system—helping to ensure a low total cost of ownership.Microsoft FinancingWhether you need software or a morecomprehensive package that includes software,services, and hardware, Microsoft Financinghelps make technology affordable. By financingyour IT solutions and spreading payments inpredictable installments, we can help you acquirethe IT solutions you need now and free up yourcorporate credit lines for other investments.For more information,visit Global Network of MicrosoftCertified PartnersOur partners offer the industry and technicalexpertise that can help you tailor a MicrosoftDynamics GP solution that fits your specific typeof business. Your local Microsoft Certified Partnercan provide expert implementation supportand help your company benefit from a richecosystem of finely tailored, industry-specificofferings and add-on solutions.Build your business with a solution designed for growth.


Microsoft Dynamics is a line of business management solutions that automate business processes andhelp improve financial, customer relationship, and supply chain management.Delivered through a network of Microsoft partners, these integrated, adaptable solutions work likeand with familiar Microsoft software to streamline processes across an entire business.For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials, contact an authorized resellerand visit or email [email protected] and Canada: 1-888-477-7989Worldwide: 1-701-281-6500 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics, the Microsoft Dynamics logo, Drilldown Viewer, Excel, FRx, Outlook, SharePoint, Visual Basic,Windows, and Windows Server are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Functionality described hereinmay not be available in all versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials. This document is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS DOCUMENT.Part No. L7BR-0000-BE00100098-107609

Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials offers broad-based functionality at an affordable price, yet gives you the flexibility to add users or upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP . Extender Integration Manager-Financials and Distribution SQL Server 2005 Standard and Enterprise Runtime Edition.