Getting the Data into Dynamics GPPeter Kwasnicki

PresenterPeter KwasnickiTechnical Specialist, Encore Business Solutions Over 6 years working at Encore Over 12 years working with Dynamics GP, specializing in upgrades,technical support, security, customizations, and integrations Over 15 years working with SQL Server [email protected]

Agenda Starting the journey What is available in your system? What is available in 3rd Party Products? Demonstration Questions and Answers

Where do you start? At the source! Basic questionsoooooWhat purpose does it solve?Where and what is the Data Source?Frequency of integration?Manual or Automated?Existing data in Dynamics GP? Updates,inserts, or both? Advanced questionsooooExample of data?Data delivery for integration?Eliminate record duplication?Changes to records after integration?

Where do you go? Dynamics GP Basic questionso New process or manual entry now?o GP Module windows being populated?o GP windows, modified, customized or third party? Advanced questionsoooooNumber of sources?Do the records map? Or is there a translation?Important/required fields populated?Error Notification?Reconciling between the source and Dynamics GP?

What you have – Here and now! Specific Purpose Toolo General Ledger Transaction Copy/Pasteo Excel Based Budgetingo Canadian Payroll Import/Export Utilities Multi-Purpose ToolsoooooooTable ImportDirect SQL queriesSQL Server Integration ServiceseConnectDynamics GP Web ServicesIntegration ManagerGP macros & Word Mail-merge macros

General Ledger Copy\PasteFinancial Transactions General

Excel Based BudgetingFinancial Cards Budgets

Canadian Payroll Import and ExportUtilitiesMicrosoft Dynamics GP Tools Utilities Payroll Canada Import and Export

Table ImportMicrosoft Dynamics GP menu Tools Integrate Table Import

Direct SQL Updates & SQL ServerIntegration Services Extreme caution advised as you can ruin your data. Make sure youhave a working database backup or test in a test environment Direct SQL update/insert scripts Good for quick minor updates (i.e. stuck batch) Requires Transact-SQL knowledge or scripts from a trusted source SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Platform for building complex data integrations and datatransformations Requires advanced knowledgeUse SQL Server Management Studio


Integration ManagerMicrosoft Dynamics GP menu Tools Integrate Integration Manager

Mail-Merge Macro

3rd Party Integration Tools &Customizations SmartConnect from eOne No-code, scalable, and configurable integrationsAllows scheduling integrations and real-time integrationsScribe Focused on integrations with CRM systems such as Microsoft CRM,SalesForce, and more Titanium GP Copy/Paste Anything is possible by customization, but feasibility will need to beevaluated. Talk to Encore about other 3rd party solutions andcustomization options.

WHAT’S INCLUDED? SmartConnect Data Integration SolutionSmartConnect Add-in for ExcelSmartConnect Web Client3 Instances of SmartConnectAll Connectors (Sources and Destinations)Access for unlimited usersAll templates (Starting points for your integrations)

Integration Tool ComparisonKey PointsInstallationSecurityIntegration ManagerSmartConnectScribeEasyEasyEasyDynamics GPUser SpecificUser SpecificLimited/ScriptsFlexible/works atedError Log FileEmailEmail4.66 hours w/GPAdapter1.5 minutesLess than 2 minutes 7,100 – w/ 18%Microsoft Renewal 267permonth/ 4,500 onpremise 279 per month 2K per SchedulingNotificationPerformance –based on 10K customer fileSoftware CostUsability

Titanium GP Copy/Paste

Tools Recap & Demos Specific Purpose Toolso General Ledger Transaction Copy\Pasteo Excel Based Budgetingo Canadian Payroll Import/Export UtilitiesMulti-Purpose Toolso eConnect, GP Web Serviceso SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Table Import, Direct SQL updates(Use extreme caution)o Mail-merge macroso Dexterity customizationsIntegration Tools Availableo Integration Managero SmartConnecto Scribeo Titanium GP Copy/Paste

Links & Blogs GL Copy/Paste:o -paste-entries-excel-gl/ Excel Based Budgeting:o ing-with-dynamics-gp/ Canadian Payroll Import and Export Utilities:o s-gp eConnect:o o Mail-Merge Macro:o ro-overview-dynamics-gp/ SmartConnect:o w/ TitaniumGP Copy/Paste:o Encore Blog:o

Your Encorites for Today’s SessionPeter KwasnickiTechnical : 204-235-23131-888-898-4330 ext. 2313Encore Care

CPE Credit Session Information Subject matter covered: Entering data into Dynamics GP for masterrecords and transactions Session objectives: Give the client options to automate dataentry for diverse systems Methods of presentation: Training Session with Accompanying SlideDeck; Demo Education and/or experienceprerequisites: Basic Level to Intermediate Level of knowledge to beattained: Basic to Intermediate Overview ofFundamentals


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3rd Party Integration Tools & Customizations SmartConnect from eOne No-code, scalable, and configurable integrations Allows scheduling integrations and real-time integrations