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Linkus UC ClientsYeastar SME PBX System &Unified CommunicationsStay Connected Anywhere AnytimeLinkus is a unified communications client for Web Browser,Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop, iPhone and Android phones.Designed for Yeastar PBX System, it transforms your desktopand mobile phone into a fully-featured office extension, providesconvenient call experience with click-to-call, and offers powerfulcollaboration features like presence, instant messaging,contacts management, CRM integration, etc.Yeastar provides small and medium-sized businesses with powerful PBX System and complete unified communications solutions.It’s more than telephony; it brings enterprise-grade business communication capabilities to users across a wide variety of industries.Easy to use and manage, Yeastar PBX System helps SMEs get more done with less effort. Available both on-premises and in thecloud, it works seamlessly with mobile and desktop clients, IP phones, CRM, etc. as a fully open and interoperable solution.Linkus UC Clients tailor communications to fit each employee’srole and enable productivity gains through UC efficiencies.Available for Web, Windows OS, macOS, Android & iOS mobile phoneGET IT ONDownload on theApp StoreDownload foryour macOSDownload foryour PCMake and receive enterprise VoIP calls overyour business' trunks and phone systemfrom virtually any devices.Collaborate with your colleagues efficientlythrough personal chat, group chat, and filesharing.See who is available, offline, away, on a call,in a break or trip, etc. immediately. You canalso customize availability status description.Secure instant messaging withproprietary binary protocol and encryptedcommunications with TLS/SRTP.Create and manage your Company andPersonal Contacts that sync acrossLinkus clients, IP Phone, and PBX. Reachcustomers easily anywhere.Meet face-to-face with anyone in the worldinstantly via integrated video conferencingand 1:1 web video calls on Linkus WebClient.One number reach to conceal your mobilephone number and ensure a unified corporateidentity.Integrate Salesforce, Dynamics 365, andZoho CRM with Linkus to enjoy instantclick-to-call, call popup, and call journals.Future-proof communication systemYeastar PBX System delivers unified communications experience for today’s dynamic workforce. Flexible and scalable,it not only grows with your business but also boasts state-of-the-art technology thanks to continuous update.Easy configuration and effortless managementThe configuration and management are simple and intuitive with the sleek Web GUI. Whether it’s automatic phoneprovisioning, setting up call routing rules, or connecting your branch offices, everything can be performed easily.Extensive productivity-enhancing featuresYeastar PBX System boasts a lengthy list of enterprise-grade features, covering SMEs daily communication needs.Call queue, ring group, auto attendant, conference, voicemail and more are all provided at no additional cost.P-Series PBX SystemS-Series VoIP PBXYeastar Cloud PBX“PBX-Plus-More” SystemOn-premises Phone SystemHosted Phone SystemFor businesses with higherexpectations on businesscommunicationsFor businesses with entrylevel requirements on businesscommunicationsFor businesses prefer notmaintaining any hardware and apay-as-you-go modelRecent Awards and Recognition

P-Series PBX SystemLinkus Web ClientGo boundless. Converge voice, video, applications, collaboration,and more for SMEs.Voice, Video and More. Visualized Panel for Everything to Connect, EasilyBesides the Linkus Desktop and Mobile Client, Yeastar P-Series PBX System also supports Linkus Web Client that gives each user theability to maintain all aspects of communications right from the browser. Beyond just a web-based softphone, it provides at-a-glancevisibility to everything that a user needs in real time and supports robust call handling, video conferencing, operator panel, and call centerfunctionalities to make every connection a snap for every role.Purpose-built for SMEs to fulfill moresophisticated communication needs,Yeastar P-Series PBX System is aconverged system that wraps a suite ofservices around, including voice, video,applications, collaboration and more in asingle system.Beyond just a PBX, it provides SMEs withvisualized call management, advancedcall center features, anywhere-anytimeconnectivity, and everything practicalyet out performing across mobiles,desktops, and browsers.Whether making a phone systemtransition or starting from the groundup, get a leg up on competition withthe “PBX Plus More” system thatallows uninterrupted, future-proofcommunications at all times.All Tools You Need in One InterfaceEasier Call Managementfor ReceptionistExtensions & ContactsWeb Audio/Video CallAdvanced Call HandlingVideo ConferencingSuperior Capacity that Powers Digital FutureAlways-on connectivity with high-performing Unified Communications. Talk, meet, and connect with teams andcustomers effortlessly in one single server, with the devices you love.Hassle-free deployment with a set of the high-tech meshing together. Speed up the installation with advanced plug-and-playcapacity, fast NFC Read/Write IP settings, and IP phone auto-provisioning.Instant Video CommunicationsOperator PanelComprehensive Call LogsVoicemails & RecordingsPreference SettingsEasy management with cutting-edge hardware and software design. Breeze through the point-and-clickweb configuration, role-based granular control, graphical system auto-monitoring, etc.Excellent Interoperability with 3rd-party communication resources. The P-Series works perfectly with SIP endpoints,CRM, collaboration tools, etc. to fuel productivity and for your ultimate ease of use.Enhanced multiexperience collaboration that crosses platforms, touchpoints and modalities.P-Series PBX System is highly-integrated, adaptable, and evolutionary to future digital workplace.With the all-in-one Operator Panel, your receptionists geta holistic view and complete control of your companycall activities. The dynamic panel design allows you toaccess simultaneously the real-time caller info, employeeavailability, company-wide Ring Group/Queue/Parkingstatus, and advanced call control functions such asdrag-and-drop routing, call transfer, call park, etc. in a singleinterface.Leveraging the integrated 1:1 web video call and videoconferencing features, you get to meet face-to-face withanyone in the world instantly and securely right on theweb browser. With a simple click of mouse, remote teammeetings and customer conferences can get simple andengaging with instant link invitation, screen sharing, andin-meeting team chat.

Remote Access ServiceP-Series PBX System PlansSet your team up for anywhere-anytime productivity instantly, securelyBring more values to customers and grow with recurring revenuesRemote Access Service is a turnkey remote working solution developed specially for P-Seriesappliance. It provides an easy-to-access domain name, safeguards PBX remote web access, andallows the remote workforce to enjoy a consistent in-office unified communications experiencewith Linkus UC Clients anywhere on any device.*The Basic Plan is included with the appliance. The Enterprise Plan and the Ultimate Plan require additional subscription.Yeastar-supplied domainname for you to customizethe PBX URLRemote and secureweb access to P-Seriesadministrator/user portalRemote Access ServiceYeastar P-Series PBX System provides an economical call center solution that includes all the essential features—ACD queuing anddistribution, IVR, visual call management, call recording & monitoring, real-time wallboards, reports, and more—to power customer servicesophistication, operational efficiency, and help SMEs impress their customers, empower their agents, and elevate their business.Customizable Wallboard to monitorup to 16 key performance metricsin real time.SLAAdvanced SLA function for you todefine and auto-monitoring callcenter service level.Real-time & historical reports fortargeted analysis based on agent,queue, timeframe, etc.Administration & SecurityConsistent in-officeexperience with all extensionand UC features at fingertipsDeliver exceptional customer service with maximized agent efficiencyUltimate PlanTelephony FeaturesUnified CommunicationsCall CenterEnterprise PlanBusiness FeaturesOne-click remote connectionfor your Linkus Desktop/Mobile/Web ClientsEliminated risky portforwarding, complex networkand server configurationsSwitchboard-type Queue Panel withall the effective tools in one webbased interface.Basic PlanCall CenterVideo ConferencingWeb Video CallFeatures Included with the ApplianceBusiness FeaturesTelephony FeaturesAdministration & SecurityUnified CommunicationsBLF SupportCall ForwardingWeb-based User PortalLinkus Mobile ClientBusiness Hours & HolidaysCall MonitoringDashboardLinkus Desktop ClientCall Allow/Block ListCall ParkingGranular User RoleLinkus Web ClientCall RecordingCall PickupBulk Import & ExportClick to Call Chrome ExtensionCustom PromptsAttended Transfer(Extension, Trunk, Route, Contacts) Linkus Select & Dial with HotkeyDNISBlind TransferExtension GroupAudio ConferencingEmergency NumberCall WaitingBuilt-in SMTP ServerCompany & Personal ContactsEmergency NotificationsCaller IDEvent LogsUnified MessagingMobility ExtensionCID-based Call RoutingEvent NotificationsOperator PanelMusic on HoldDID-based Call RoutingNetwork DriveUnlimited UsersMOH PlaylistConference RoomsBackup and RestoreDispatch Active CallsMicrosoft Teams IntegrationDial by NameOperation Logs(Redirect, Transfer, Hang up,Remote ExtensionsDID (Direct Inward Dialing)SRTP & TLS EncryptionRecord, Park, Monitor)Speed DialDOD (Direct Outward Dialing)TroubleshootingMonitor Call StatusT.38 FaxDND (Do Not Disturb)Security(Inbound, Outbound,Fax to emailDISAPassword Policy EnforcementExtension, Parked Calls,VoicemailIVRAuto DefenseRing Group, Queue)Personal Voicemail GreetingQueueStatic DefenseUnified PresenceVoicemail to emailRing GroupIP BlocklistSwitch Presence StatusWebRTC Audio CallCDR & Basic ReportsSecurity Alerts via EmailSwitch Business Hours

S-Series VoIP PBXLinkus Cloud ServiceEntry-level On-premises Business Phone System for SMEsLess setup hassle. More efficient communication.ChallengeDon’t Let Network Settings Stop Usersfrom Using LinkusRemote workforces and WFH employees need toconnect to the company's communication system andstay connected to their co-workers and customers. Butcommunications with Linkus client or any othersoftphones outside of company networks requirescomplicated network settings: port forwarding, NATsettings, and network issues are simply nightmares.The cloud-enabled Linkus no longer requires portforwarding and frees the PBX administrator fromtricky server and network settings; Linkus setup isnow a breeze. Eliminating the need for exposing portsto the Internet, Linkus Cloud Service also strengthensthe network’s security.SolutionBetter Call Quality and User ExperienceThanks to the cloud technology, we are now able toprovide Linkus Cloud Service to clear all the obstaclesand create an effortless configuration process. It won'ttake 1 minute to configure Linkus server and portforwarding, NAT issues, and misconfiguration will be athing of the past.Modular and ScalableAbundant FeaturesSecure CommunicationsThe unique modular design allowsusers to customize the interfacesand scale readily; the choices areextensive: FXS, FXO, GSM/3G/4G,BRI, and PRI modules.From flexible call routing, IVR, tocall conferencing and recording,etc. increase efficiency and lowercost of ownership with all-inclusivefeatures in a single server.Protect the system withencrypted signaling and media, IPallowlist & blocklist, Firewall, VPNServer, and advanced callpermission settings.The quality of a VoIP call is heavily dependent onthe environment that the call is running in. LinkusCloud Service stops NAT issues from happening andprovides a reliable call environment to improve the callquality.Natural UC Experience Now a Reality forOn-premises PBXLinkus Cloud Service is a valued-added service designedto make remote working easier and more accessiblefor Yeastar S-Series PBX users. Freeing you from ITheadaches, it avoids the necessity of port forwardingwhen using Linkus outside of the company and offerssecure, uninterrupted Linkus remote connection in notime, so your teams can work and collaborate with clear,reliable calling and secure unified communications,irrespective of locations.Linkus Cloud Service brings collaboration featuresto users of S-Series VoIP PBX as handling instantmessaging and file-sharing on S-Series is inconvenientand infeasible. The advantage of cloud technologyis best positioned to provide IM and file sharing forS-Series users.LinkusCloud ServiceEasy ManagementQuick ProvisioningReliable PerformanceThe S-Series features fastinstallation with plug-and-playcapability and an intuitive Metro UIdriven by point-and-clickconfiguration, from any location.Automatically provision IP phonesfrom Yealink, Fanvil, Cisco,Snom, Polycom, Gigaset,Grandstream, Htek, etc. and enjoythe great interoperability.Powered by industrial grade CPUprocessors, cutting-edgehardware design and softwaredevelopment, S-Series VoIP PBXis trustworthy and reliable.On-premises S-Series VoIP PBXBenefitsHassle-free Remote WorkingEffortless Linkus Server SetupPrivate and Secure TunnelBetter Call Quality and Experience

S-Series & P-Series PBX SpecificationsTelephony ModuleMODELS412S20S50S100Users202050100 (up to 200)Max Concurrent Calls81025Max FXS Ports124Max FXO/BRI Ports4Max GSM/3G/4G Ports2P550P560P570300 (up to 500)50100 (up to 200)300 (up to 500)30 (up to 60)60 (up to 120)2530 (up to 60)60 (up to 120)816248816481624881614664462312100100200500Max E1/T1/J1 PortsVoIP Trunks420501 (10/100 Mbps)LANWANTransport ProtocolS3001001 (10/100/1000 Mbps)1 (10/100/1000 Mbps)1 (10/100/1000 Mbps)1 (10/100/1000 Mbps)UDP, TCP, TLS, SRTPUDP, TCP, TLS, SRTPAudio CodecG711 (alaw/ulaw), G722, G726, G729A, GSM, Speex, ADPCM, iLBCG711 (alaw/ulaw), G722, G726, G729A, GSM, Speex, ADPCM, iLBCVideo CodecH263, H263P, H264, MPEG4H263, H263P, H264, MPEG4, VP8In-band, RFC4733, RFC2833, SIP INFOIn-band, RFC4733, RFC2833, SIP INFODTMFAutomatic Call 4128Voicemail10000 min (expandable)5000 min (expandable)YesYesYesCall CenterYesYesYesVideo 00FirewallYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesT.38 FaxYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNFC Read/WriteTF Card (Micro SD Card)External StorageSD Card and 2.5inch SATA HDDSD CardUSB1DC 12V 3.33ADC 12V 1AAC 100-240V50/60Hz 0.6A maxSize (L x W x H) (mm)290 x 180 x 33160 x 160 x 30340 x 210 x 44440 x 252 x 44440 x 252 x 44340 x 210 x 44440 x 252 x 44440 x 252 x ktop & Wall-mountForm FactorEnvironmentAC 100-240V50/60Hz 0.6A maxRack-mountAC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A maxOperation Range: 0 C to 40 C, 32 F to 104 F; Storage Range: -20 C to 65 C, -4 F to 149 F; Humidity: 10-90% non-condensingExpand System CapacityOperation Range: 0 C to 40 C, 32 F to 104 F; Storage Range: -20 C to 65 C,-4 F to 149 F; Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing224812448GSM/WCDMA/4G LTE21466446424Expandable D30 DSPEX08: 4 Module Slots and 8 Interfaces on the PanelEX30: 1 Onboard E1/T1/PRI Interface1U RackmountS2/O2/B2MAXOnboard Module SlotsModuleSupportEX08/EX30 BoardExpansion Board1 (Up to 2TB)PowerWeightGSM: 1 GSM ChannelWCDMA: 1 WCDMA/3G Chanel4G LTEL: 1 4G LTE Channel1 SATA (Up to 2 TB)1AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A maxO2: 2 FXO PortsSO: 1 FXO and 1 FXS Port17400 min (expandable)8700 min (expandable)Operator PanelCompany ContactsS2: 2 FXS PortsB2: 2 NT/TE BRI Ports423121212D30 DSP: Add 100 VoIP Users & 30 Concurrent Calls

Yeastar Cloud PBXCloud-based Business Phone SystemSimplify Management with YeastarManagement PlaneFlexible Deployment Models:The Choice is YoursYeastar Management Plane (YMP) is a centralized service deliveryplatform, which supports multi-instance deployments capable ofdelivering premium class hosted PBX services to your customersin the most cost-efficient way. It only takes seconds to create anew PBX instance for your customers and the PBX will be liveimmediately. The number of users and concurrent calls can bescaled up or down with just a few clicks.With flexible purchasing and deployment models, you caneither use YMP without preparing any server or reside YMPin your data center or the cloud service platforms. Regardlessof the entry price and level of experience, you will find a newway into the market and take advantage of the recurringrevenue stream. If you’d like to sell under your brand, thewhite label option is also available.Overview in DashboardReal-time status of CPU, network,and memory is displayed in intuitivegraphics.PBX ListComprehensive information aboutyour devices. Easy installation andconfiguration.1In the OpEx Model, there is no need for you to prepare theservers, and it requires minimal technical knowledge. Youwill have access to YMP without any setup time and startto sell right away, ensuring the fast time-to-market andquick ROI.Low Upfront CostsShort Time-to-marketInstant AlarmRapid Return of InvestmentNo Infrastructure to MaintainCustomized system and PBX eventswill trigger alarms for specifiedcontacts.Combine a cloud PBX and unified communications service delivery platform with flexible businessmodels to accelerate channel success and deliver optimal business phone service.Satisfy Customers with Optimal User ExperienceYeastar Cloud PBX provides users with optimal communication experience and empowers channel partners to deliver exceptionalvalue to their customers. By satisfying the customers with flexible and reliable cloud communication services, channel partnerswill ultimately enhance their opportunities in the steadily growing UCaaS market.Features like Auto Attendant, Queue, Conference, and more are all included in our cloud PBX solution without extra costs.Linkus UC Clients delivers consistent communication experience across multiple devices.New users can be added as needed. Your customers will have a business phone system that grows with them.Yeastar Cloud PBX is compatible with worldwide SIP trunks and mainstream IP phones.Multi-site organizations can unify headquarters, branches, and teleworkers within a single cloud PBX system.Get started in minutes. Save time and energy through multi-level user permissions.Robust Security MechanismBlacklist, Fail2ban, Limited CountryAccess, Dynamic Defense, StatisticDefense, and more.MaintenanceSystem upgrade, backup & restore,as well as system and operation logs.Turnkey SolutionZero Setup Time2Bring Your Own InfrastructureIn the CapEx model, you can reside YMP in the cloudservices platforms of your choice or your own data center.This way, you can have complete control of your telecominfrastructure and generate a recurring revenue stream asthe OpEx model.Your choice of public cloud service platforms orlocal data centerEasy Capacity ExpansionStay in complete control over YMPIncrease or decrease system capacityincluding the number of PBX, extensionsand concurrent calls.custom domainRe-branding options: place your own logo and use a

Yeastar VoIP GatewaysBest VoIP Gateways for SMEs andService ProvidersTA Series Analog VoIP GatewayTG Series VoIP GSM GatewayYeastar TA Analog VoIP Gateways connect legacy analogtelephones, fax machines and PBX systems with IP-basedphone systems. TA Series helps businesses to preserveprevious investment on legacy telephone systems andreduce communication costs significantly with the truebenefits of VoIP.Yeastar TG is a series of VoIP GSM/3G/4G gatewayconnecting GSM or 3G WCDMA or 4G LTE network to VoIPnetwork directly. It provides GSM trunking solution forIP-based telephone systems, fallback solution in case oflandlines outages, and an alternative for areas with limitedlandlines or SIP connections.Features & BenefitsFeatures & Benefits4/8/16/24/32 FXS ports or 4/8/16 FXO portsAdvanced and flexible calling rulesSupport various methods to light up the MWIWeb interface for easy configuration and managementInteroperable with a wide range of legacy and IP devicesBest for connecting analog devices to VoIP and providingSIP trunkings for legacy PBX1 to 16 GSM or 3G WCDMA or 4G LTE channlesLink up PBX with cellular trunksSave costs with mobile-to-mobile calls and SIP trunksSend and receive SMS and bulk SMS via Web GUIWork as a backup when the landline goes downEverything can be easily set up on the Web interfaceHigh compatibility with IP-PBX and softswitchesTE Series PRI VoIP GatewayTB Series BRI VoIP GatewayYeastar TE Series PRI VoIP Gateway provides single or dualE1/T1/J1 ports. It offers SMBs using legacy telephonesystems a cost-effective addition to connect VoIP networks,and bridges the gap between traditional ISDN connectionsand IP-based phone systems to provide dial tone.Yeastar TB200/400 is a compact and reliable standaloneVoIP BRI gateway offering 2 or 4 BRI ports for companiesusing ISDN BRI lines. An easy, cost-effective and flexibleintegration into any VoIP system or enabling any IP PBX tobe connected to the public ISDN network.Features & BenefitsFeatures & BenefitsUp to 60 simultaneous VoIP to ISDN PRI callsConfigurable E1/T1/J1 ports and TE/NT ModesFlexible call routings to reduce communication costsSimple management with easy-to-navigate Web GUIConnect ISDN PBX to VoIP and retain the dialing habitsBring ISDN trunks to a VoIP-only phone systemCompatible with various ISDN PBX and IP-PBXSoftware configurable TE/NT modesISDN PBX has access to VoIP networkPreserve investment on PBX infrastructureAdditional ISDN BRI trunking for IP-PBXCost savings on phone calls via VoIPISDN compliant and proven interoperabilityCompatible with your ISDN PBX, IP-PBX, and softswitch

Yeastar Remote ManagementProven Interoperability and Seamless IntegrationManage and Monitor Customer Premises Yeastar DevicesEasily and SecurelyBuilt for Yeastar Devices, Yeastar Remote Management is a robust centralized platform foreasy management and configuration of your customer-premises Yeastar PBXs and gateways.It helps you to securely monitor and manage Yeastar Devices from one single platform,giving you the power to quickly and securely take control without having to travel to theequipment.FEATURES:Yeastar PBX System works perfectly with your office infrastructure and IT services, whether it’s IP phones, SIP trunks or your CRM.Aiming to provide effortless integration and interoperability, Yeastar PBX System adopts open approaches to help you tap into theVoIP ecosystem and take advantage of the fully integrated system and uninterrupted business communications.IP Phone ProvisioningAlarm SettingsProvision IP phones in bulk, includingall user information, local phone book,firmware, and so on.SIP Trunk InteroperaibilityDashboardSupported Devices:S-Series VoIP PBX, Yeastar Cloud PBX, K2 IP-PBX, TA1600/2400/3200 FXS VoIP GatewayEasy and Secure Remote ManagementProvide pre-configured templates tosimplify configuration while ensuringperfect interoperability.CRM IntegrationDevice ManagementCRM friendly and support integrationwith popular CRM solutions to makeevery call more productive.Leveraging Remote Management, you get to configure the customer’s devices regardless ofyour location while your customers get Level 2 technical support. All remote connections areHTTPS secured. Moreover, every command is double checked by device connection and rolebased access control. You can review comprehensive logs and have total traceability.Real-time Monitoring and NotificationDevice ConfigurationAn all-in-one dashboard presents you with a real-time eagle-eye overview of all your customerpremises devices from a central point. By automatically monitoring the status of the device,Remote Management takes the great burden off your shoulder. You can also get immediatealerts on critical system issues before your customers do, and react to them right away.Extend Functionality with APIsMonetize Support Services with Recurring RevenueRemote Management not only allows for efficient management but also enables you to createa recurring revenue stream by monetizing support services. Excellent technical support alwaysbears great significance in continued revenue. The ability to proactive monitoring and reactioncontributes to a more efficient, successful and profitable solution.Device MonitoringUtilize the rich APIs to integrateyour phone system with third-partyapplications or software to fulfillyour business needs.The possibilitiesare immense: intelligent call processand control, custom voice services,statistics retrieval, event notificationsynchronization, and more.Hotel PMS IntegrationMicrosoft Teams IntegrationBesides the APIs, realize easyintegration with ready solutions likethe char utile h Integration App onthe S-Series to connect char, the PMSmiddleware. As a result, the HotelPMS and Yeastar PBX systems canbe interconnected to perform billing,wakeup-call, and related operations.Yeastar PBX systems can fullyintegrate with Microsoft Teams toenable enterprise voice to Teams users.The integration helps Teams users towork as regular PBX extensions andenjoy a full set of advanced callingcapacities such as IVR, Call Forwarding,Conferencing, etc.

Bring Teams Together, EverywhereAll the tools you need for seamless UC&C experienceWork in the OfficeEnjoy the superior unified communication featuresFlexible terminals including IP phone, analog phone,desktop/mobile softphone, etc.Communicate effectively and closely with customersYeastar PBXAlways-on ConnectivityYeastar TAGatewayConsistent in-office experiencewith Linkus UC Clients anywhereon any devicesYeastar PBXRemote Managementand colleagues who might not work in the officeCentrally monitor and manageYeastar PBXs & GatewaysMultiple OfficesConvenient and secure inter-office communicationsA unified corporate number providing the branch officewith an appearance of corporate unityEasy to use system with least administrative burdensSeamless CollaborationRemote WorkingEasily call, chat, meet, or conferencethrough one integrated system,with advanced UC&C featuresProductive Call CenterGet all effective agent & supervisortools in one unified web panel andboost call center efficiencyEasy CommunicationsMeet the dynamic workforce’ needs with anywhereanytime mobility and device usage flexibilityEnhance productivity with richtime-saving features likeclick-to-call, auto attendant,operator panel, etc.Turn Web browser, PC or mobile phone into an officeextension and never miss a business callConsolidated collaborations with robust features likepresence, IM, conferencing, etc.Upgrade & MigrationMove from legacy PBX system to VoIP seamlesslyBoost team productivity with all-inclusive call featuresand cutting-edge Unified CommunicationsPreserving existing analog devices and save costsPowerful IntegrationsInterconnect your office devices andinfrastructure effortlessly: PBX,handsets, fax machines, CRM,hotel PMS, collaboration tools, etc.

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Yeastar PBX System boasts a lengthy list of enterprise-grade features, covering SMEs daily communication needs. Call queue, ring group, auto attendant, conference, voicemail and more are all provided at no additional cost. P-Series PBX System S-Series VoIP PBX Yeastar Cloud PBX "PBX-Plus-More" System On-premises Phone System Hosted Phone System