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Catalog 2020-2021  Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityTable of ContentsAdministration.3Academic Calendar.3Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City.4Services to Students.6Assistance, Resources, Policies.8Student Life.11Security.13Financial Aid.17Business Services.22Money Matters.23Admission General Information.24Registrar.28Academic Regulations.31O-Key and the Online Classroom.42Technical Education Graduate Performance Guarantee.43Center for Safety and Emergency Preparedness .44Training and Development Center (Non-credit Courses, Seminars and Training).462

Catalog 2020-2021  Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityAdministrationOklahoma State Regentsfor Higher EducationGlen D. Johnson, ChancellorJoseph L. Parker Jr., ChairAnn Holloway, Vice ChairJay HelmJeffrey W. Hickman, SecretaryAndrew W. “Andy” LesterToney StricklinSteven W. TaylorMike C. Turpen, Assistant SecretaryRonald H. WhiteBoard of Regents forOSU and the OklahomaA&M CollegesCalvin J. AnthonyBlayne ArthurDouglas E. BurnsJarold CallahanRick Davis, Vice ChairJoe D. HallTucker Link, ChairTrudy MilnerLou WatkinsJason Ramsey, Chief Executive Officerand SecretaryOklahoma StateUniversity SystemV. Burns Hargis, PresidentOklahoma StateUniversity-OklahomaCity President’sAdvisory BoardL.E. “Dean” Stringer, ChairBob AultCindy BattTerena BoyerJoeVan BullardC. Michael CarolinaArt CottonCary DeHartMiles HallRhonda HooperRodd MoeselSusan A. NelsonTim O’TooleWilmari RuizOSU-Oklahoma City AdministrationBrad WilliamsPresidentB.A., East Central UniversityM.S., East Central UniversityPh.D., Oklahoma State UniversityJoey FronheiserVice President for Academic AffairsA.A., Okaloosa-Walton Community CollegeB.A., University of West FloridaM.S.W., University of OklahomaPh.D., Oklahoma State UniversityRonda ReeceVice President for Budget and FinanceA.A.S., Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityB.S., Southern Nazarene UniversityM.S., Southern Nazarene UniversityMike WidellVice President for OperationsB.S., University of the OzarksM.B.A., University of Central OklahomaPaige LandrethExecutive Assistant to the PresidentA.A.S., Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityTracy EdwardsAssociate Vice President for Academic AffairsA.A.S., Redlands Community CollegeA.A.S., Redlands Community CollegeA.A., Redlands Community CollegeB.S., Southern Nazarene UniversityM.S., Univ. of Okla. Health Sciences CenterDar YasseriVice President for Student EngagementB.S., Oklahoma State UniversityM.A., University of MemphisAcademic CalendarFall 2020August 17. First Day of Fall SemesterSeptember 7. Labor DayCampus ClosedSpring 2021Summer 2021January 18.Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCampus ClosedJune 7.First Day of Summer SemesterJanuary 19. First Day of Spring SemesterJuly 3. Indeoendence DayCampus ClosedOctober 15-16. Fall BreakCampus ClosedMarch 15-19. Spring BreakCampus ClosedJuly 25.Last Day of Summer SemesterNovember 26-27. ThanksgivingCampus ClosedMay 16. Last Day of Spring SemesterDecember 13. Last Day of Fall SemesterDecember 24-January 1 Holiday BreakCampus ClosedMay 16. CommencementMay 31. Memorial DayCampus Closed3

Catalog 2020-2021  Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityOklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityOklahoma State University-Oklahoma Cityis a Higher Learning Commission accredited,state-assisted public college serving the technicaleducation and training needs of Oklahoma.Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, at thecrossroads of Interstate 44 and Interstate 40, thecampus enrolls full- and part-time students eachsemester. OSU-Oklahoma City has grown from onebuilding with fewer than 100 students in 1961 to acampus today of 110 acres, 15 modern buildings,331 full-time faculty and staff, and over 5,000students.Taking pride in its student-centered approachto collegiate education, OSU-Oklahoma City offers: a bachelor of technology degree program 23 associate in applied science degreeprograms with numerous areas of option, 7 associate in science degree programs, a variety of certificate programs, developmental education courses, and business and industry training.Curriculum is designed in response to currentbusiness and industry needs and with input fromprofessionals who serve on advisory committees.All energies are directed toward one goal: blendingacademic and student support services to createa collegiate educational experience that addressesindividual student goals and workforce needs.THE OKLAHOMA STATEUNIVERSITY SYSTEMOSU-Oklahoma City is one of four branchcampuses within the Oklahoma State Universitysystem. The other three campuses are OSUInstitute of Technology, OSU-Tulsa and theCenter for Health Sciences, Tulsa. The mainOklahoma State University campus is located 80miles northeast of Oklahoma City in Stillwater,Oklahoma. The chief executive officer of theOklahoma City campus holds the title of president.The Board of Regents for theOklahoma Agricultural & MechanicalColleges serves as the governing board of all fiveOSU campuses, as well as Langston University,Oklahoma Panhandle State University, ConnorsState College, and Northeastern Oklahoma A&MCollege.THE PHILOSOPHYOSU-Oklahoma City operates in the belief thateach person should be: treated with dignity and respect, afforded equal opportunity to acquire acomplete educational experience, given an opportunity to discover anddevelop their special aptitudes and insights, provided an opportunity to equipthemselves for a fulfilling life andresponsible citizenship in a worldcharacterized by change.THE MISSIONOklahoma State University-Oklahoma Cityprovides industry-relevant higher education fora diverse student population through innovativetechnology and experienced faculty and staff;leading to personal growth, graduation, andemployment that supports the needs of amulticultural region.THE VISIONOklahoma State University-Oklahoma City willimprove lives through an educational learning community that is caring, supportive, and accessible.THE FUNCTION1. Provide general education for all students2. Provide lower division education in severalfields of technical study and a limited numberof Associate in Science degree programs asauthorized by the the Regents using criteriaoutlined in the Academic Program Approvalpolicy.3. Provide certificates and undergraduatetechnical and occupational educationaldegree programs (i.e., Associate in AppliedScience-AAS degrees) that prepare individualsfor immediate entry into the labor market,including both credit and non-creditprograms designed to enhance job skills,promote workforce readiness and provideprofessional development.4. Provide developmental education for studentswho lack required high school academicrequirements for college admission orcompetency in the basic academic skillsareas, consistent with the Student Assessmentand Remediation policy.5. Offer a limited number of bachelor oftechnology degree programs as authorized bythe State Regents that build on AAS programsand enhance workforce preparation usingcriteria outlined in the Academic ProgramApproval policy.6. Evaluate opportunities for providingeducation, service, and/or training consistentwith the statewide technical mission of theseconstituent agencies.7. Participate in programs of economic andcommunity development independently or incooperation with public and private entities.8. Perform other special programmaticresponsibilities as authorized by the State4Regents. Criteria for consideration ofprograms outside of the function describedherein are outlined in the Academic ProgramApproval policy.CAMPUS WIDELEARNING OUTCOMESOUTCOME STATEMENT:The general education curriculum is designedto help students develop math, science andcommunication skills; gain a sense of social,ethical and cultural values; and appreciatethe application of these values in a complextechnological and global society.Upon completion of the general educationcurriculum, students should be proficient indemonstrating the following competencies: CRITICAL THINKING: Students solve problemsby evaluating arguments or propositionsand making judgments that guide thedevelopment of their beliefs and actions. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Studentscommunicate effectively using organizedand coherent written and oral presentationsappropriate for the audience and situation. COMPUTER PROFICIENCY: Computerproficiency includes a basic knowledge ofoperating systems, word processing andInternet research capabilities. CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY: Students engagein the community through activitieseffecting positive change in society and theenvironment. GLOBAL AWARENESS: Students displaysensitivities to cultures across local, national,and global communities.EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION To be a complete equal opportunityuniversity in all phases of operations,toward the end of attaining theuniversity’s basic mission and goals. To provide equal employment and/oreducational opportunity on the basisof merit and without discriminationbecause of age, race, color, religion, sex,sexual orientation, genetic information,gender identity or expression, nationalorigin, disability, protected veteran status,or other protected category. To subscribe to the fullest extent to theprinciple of the dignity of all persons andtheir labors; in support of this principle,sexual harassment is condemned in therecruitment, appointment, and advancement

Catalog 2020-2021  Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma Cityof employees and in the evaluation ofstudents’ academic performance. To apply equal opportunity in therecruitment, hiring, placement, training,promotion, and termination of allemployees; and to all personnel actionssuch as compensation, education,tuition assistance, and social andrecreational programs. The universityshall consistently and aggressivelymonitor these areas to ensure that anydifferences which may exist are theresults of bona fide qualification factorsother than ge, race, color, religion, sex,sexual orientation, genetic information,gender identity or expression, nationalorigin, disability, protected veteran status,or other protected category. To ensure that each applicant who is offeredemployment at the university shall havebeen selected on the basis of qualification,merit, and professional ability. To provide and to promote equaleducational opportunity to students inall phases of the academic program andin all phases of the student life program;and shall consistently and aggressivelymonitor these areas to ensure that anydifferences which may exist are theresults of bona fide factors other thange, race, color, religion, sex, sexualorientation, genetic information, genderidentity or expression, national origin,disability, protected veteran status, orother protected category.TRAINING ANDDEVELOPMENT CENTEROSU-OKC Training and Development Centerserves as a resource for business and industryclients within the OKC Metro. Our mission is todeliver targeted programs consisting of seminars,conferences and workshops that respond to theworkforce needs of the public and private sector.OSU-OKC Training and Development Center hasa host of partners from academia and industrywho serve as trainers and consultants for specificbusiness and industry training needs.OSU-OKC Training and DevelopmentCenter strives to be the resource of choice forimproving job skills, professional and technicalcompetence, business and industry contracttraining and community service seminars,based on a reputation for credibility, quality andresponsiveness. Training can be conducted on theOSU-OKC campus or onsite at your organization.For more information, please call (405) 945.3383or email [email protected] For a list of currentclasses, visit: TECHNOLOGYPARTNERSHIPSUnder the leadership and guidance of theOklahoma State Regents for Higher Education,OSU-Oklahoma City has partnered with variousOklahoma career technology centers to forge apartnership that allows high school and adultstudents in various programs the opportunityto earn college credit through Prior LearningAssessment and Cooperative Agreements.The partnership has multiple goals: (1) getmore high school students into college, (2) getmore adults to continue their education or begincollege, (3) expand access to postsecondaryeducation, and (4) efficiently use federal, stateand local resources. The driving principle is to bestudent-centered, not institution-centered.ACCREDITATIONOklahoma State University-Oklahoma City andthe academic programs offered to students striveto achieve and maintain the highest standards ofaccreditation. For students, accreditation speaksdirectly to the quality and reputation of thedegrees and programs they seek. Accreditationfacilitates the transferability of credits from thisuniversity to other colleges and universities bothinside and outside the state of Oklahoma.Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City isaccredited by the Higher Learning Commission( The universityis also fully accredited by the Oklahoma StateRegents for Higher Education ( Several academic programs have receivedadditional accreditation status from theircorresponding professional boards, councils orregulatory groups. For more information, pleasevisit IS A LIST OF OSUOKLAHOMA CITY’S ACCREDITINGAGENCIES:Accreditation Commission for Educationin Nursing (ACEN)3343 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 850Atlanta, GA 30326(404) 975-5500www.acenursing.org5American Veterinary Medical Association Committee on Veterinary TechnicianEducation and Activities (CVTEA)1931 N. Meacham RoadSchaumburg, IL 60173(800) 248-2662http://www.avma.orgCommission on Accreditation of AlliedHealth Education Programs (CAAHEP)25400 US Highway 19 NorthSuite 158Clearwater, FL 33763(727) 210-2350Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP)8301 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 111Rowlett, TX 75088(214) 703-8445www.coaemsp.orgCouncil on Law Enforcement Educationand Training (CLEET)2401 Egypt RdAda, OK 74820(405) 239-5100 Review Committee on Education inDiagnostic Medical Sonography6021 University Boulevard, Suite 500Ellicott City, MD 21043(433) 973-3251http://www.jrcdms.orgHigher Learning Commission (HLC)230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500Chicago, IL 60604-1411(800) 621-7440 Board of Nursing (OBN)2915 N. Classen, Suite 524Oklahoma City, OK 73106(405) 962-1800 State Department of Health:EMS Division (OSDH)1000 Northeast 10th StreetOklahoma City, OK 73117(405) 271-4027 Health/Emergency Systems/EMS Division/index.html

Catalog 2020-2021  Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityServices to StudentsAcademic AdvisementAcademic advisors are available to provideguidance, support and coaching to prospective,new and current students. Academic advisors arelocated on the first floor of the Student Center.For more information call (405) 945-8678, [email protected] or visit us online at andSupport Resources forStudents with DisabilitiesDisability Services and Diversity OfficeStudent Center, Room 136(405) Oklahoma City partners with studentswith disabilities to provide equal access to educational opportunities through individualizedaccommodations. A variety of academic supportaccommodations and resources are availableto students in compliance with Section 504 ofthe Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americanswith Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and the ADAAmendments Act of 2008.The Disability Services and Diversity Officeassists students who experience a wide range ofchallenges or disabilities, including but not limitedto: Chronic Medical Cognitive/Learning Mental Health Neurological/Neuromuscular/Mobility SensoryStudents will be asked to provide documentation of their disability as part of the accommodation process. Once accommodations are approved,the Disability Services and Diversity Office willwork with the student to develop a Notification ofStudent Disability Accommodations Letter (Accommodation Letter) which will be given to coursefaculty. The Disability Services and Diversity Officewill then coordinate with the student, faculty, orother campus departments as needed to fulfill theaccommodations. Students need to request andobtain new Accommodation Letters from the Disability Services and Diversity Office for each individual semester and class in which they requestaccommodations.A student who believes they have been discriminated against based on their disability areencouraged to contact the Disability Services andDiversity Office.To request accommodations or for additionalinformation, please contact the Disability Servicesand Diversity Office at (405) 945-3385 or [email protected] Office of Admissions is located on the firstfloor of the Student Center. Students can get assistance with the application process, check the status of their application, and submit transcripts orother documents needed to finalize their admission. For more information, call (405) 945-3224or email [email protected] ServicesThe Business Services Office (Administration Building, second floor) is responsible for allfinancial transactions between students and theuniversity. Students can visit the Business ServicesOffice to pay their bill, find out information abouta refund, obtain a parking pass.Campus ToursNothing can take the place of being shownaround campus on a tour, visiting with faculty, andgetting questions answered. A tour can take 3060 minutes, depending on the size of the group.Campus tours can be scheduled Monday throughFriday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., for individuals or groups.To schedule a tour call (405) 945-9150 or email:[email protected] ServicesCareer Services offers personalized and professional employment assistance to all OSU-OKCstudents looking for a job or a career. Help isavailable with résumé writing and job interviewing techniques, career exploration, and more.For more information, visit Aid andScholarshipsLocated in Room 100 of the Student Center,the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office assistsstudents with obtaining federal, state, institutional,and private aid to help finance the cost of attending college.6Visit forimportant information on how to apply for assistance. Office hours are Monday through Thursday,8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Forfederal aid application purposes, OSU-OKC’s federal school code is 009647.InternationalStudent ServicesInternational student services are available toassist students through the admissions processand provide advisement on travel, employment,academic, and immigration status issues. For information about international admissions, call (405)945-3315 or email: [email protected] Student OrientationOSU-OKC offers a variety of new student orientations to welcome different groups to campus.Information about campus programs and servicesis highlighted during these sessions.For dates, information and to register, contactthe Office of Student Engagement, Student Center,first floor, or call (405) 945-3378 or email [email protected] ServicesCampus tours, college fairs and other studentrecruitment activities are coordinated by the collegerecruitment specialists, located on the first floorof the Student Center. To schedule a campus touror arrange for a recruiter to attend a special event,call (405) 945-9150 or email [email protected] Find out more about our recruitment team at on the first floor of the Student Center,the Office of the Registrar is where students mayrequest official transcripts, graduation applicationinformation, and various academic/student recordrequests at the Registrar window. For more information on the Officer of the Registrar call (405) 9453291 or email [email protected] IDsStudent identification cards are obtained at theAdmissions Office, Student Center first floor, during the first semester of attendance at OSU-Oklahoma City. The ID card is required when checkingout library materials, picking up financial aidchecks, making tuition payments, using computerlabs or the Wellness Center facilities and/or participating in various campus activity programs. Formore information visit

Catalog 2020-2021  Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityTesting andAssessment CenterThe OSU-OKC Testing and Assessment Center(located in the Student Center Room 104) administers a wide variety of tests including makeupexams, ACCUPLACER, ACT National and Residual,CLEP, and Health Sciences pre-admissions testing. Fee-based proctor service is also available.OSU-OKC Testing and Assessment is a PearsonVUE-Certified Test Center and is certified by theNational College Testing Association. For moreinformation, visit orcall (405) 945-8648.Veterans ServicesCenterOSU-OKC is approved to train students underall chapters of GI Bill benefits including VA Vocational Rehabilitation and the Post 9/11 GI Bill .The OSU-OKC Veteran Services Center, located inthe Student Center, Room 132, provides information and assistance in the proper completion of allforms. When all required forms and documentshave been submitted to the OSU-OKC VeteransOffice, students eligible for VA education benefitswill be certified to the VA promptly.Students must request certification for everysemester in which they enroll and want to receivetheir VA education benefits. Students may contactthe OSU-OKC Veteran Services Center in person,by phone (405) 945-8692, or by email at [email protected], or visit the website: should go to the GI Bill website( to research what benefit theymay be eligible to receive and which benefit istheir best option if they are eligible for more thanone chapter of benefits, or to find in-depth information about the various chapters.To directly contact the VA Regional ProcessingOffice in Muskogee, Okla., call (888)-GIBILL1 withquestions concerning VA education benefits, or(800) 827-1000 with questions pertaining to allother veteran benefits.*GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by the VAis available at the official U.S. government websiteat ServicesCurrently enrolled students may join any ofthe Wellness Center non-credit classes for free. Located on the first floor of the Administration Building, the center features a fully-equipped cardio/exercise room with treadmills; free weight elliptical trainers; bikes; Cybex machines; Paramountand Quantum strength training equipment; and amulti-purpose room for fitness classes. We also offer an outdoor fitness track and outdoor volleyball.Locker rooms are fully equipped with showers,restrooms and lockers for rent.First-time visitors may schedule a free fitnessorientation that covers basic exercise technique,cardiovascular and basic nutrition guidelines andbasic stretching exercises.The Wellness Center operates Monday throughThursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Friday, 7 a.m. to 5p.m. (summer and break times may vary).Many new opportunities are available to OSUOklahoma City students and the community. Callthe Wellness Center at (405) 945-8642 for thelatest program information and scheduling or goto

Catalog 2020-2021  Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma CityAssistance, Resources, PoliciesAssistanceBusiness ServicesTuition is paid, parking tags are issued andstudent account information is provided at Business Services, Administration Building, Room 222.LibraryThe Library is located in the Learning Resource Center, fourth floor, and is open sevendays a week. Students are required to have a validOSU-Oklahoma City ID card to borrow materials.Hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Holidays and interimhours may vary. An exterior book return is locatedon the west side of the LRC building.The Library provides many electronic resources with staff available to instruct students in theuse of these resources. Inter-Library Loan serviceis available for items not held locally. A selfservice, coin-operated copy machine and studyrooms are available. Two study rooms includeequipment for collaborative projects. Childrenmay be in the library as long as they have adultsupervision and are not disturbing other libraryusers. For more information, go to SOARProject SOAR provides a special environmentin which students can receive assistance in meeting academic, career, personal and social needs.Services include tutoring, academic advisement,personal counseling, study skills development,self-esteem enhancement, workshops and culturalevents. In addition, the SOAR lab is available withcomputer accessibility, a resource center, andMath, English and Science tutors, who each provide tutoring 30-40 hours a week. Project SOARis located in the Student Center, second floor. Formore information call (405) 945-8627 or go to SearchEducational Talent Search is a federally-fundedTRIO program designed to increase the numberof youth from disadvantaged backgrounds whocomplete high school and enroll in a postsecondary educational institution of their choice. TalentSearch serves 6th through 12th grade students infour school districts at the following schools: ElReno, Putnam City West, Capitol Hill, Southeast,U.S. Grant, and Western Heights high schools andEtta Dale, Mayfield, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Webster,and Western Heights middle schools. TalentSearch also can help out-of-school adults (to age27) and U.S. military veterans (of ANY age) withcareer exploration, enrollment, financial aid, andback-to-school transition. If you would like furtherinformation, please contact the Talent Searchoffice at (405) 945-9132 or view our website at BoundUpward Bound is a federally-funded programdesigned to identify and select 78 specific highschool students in order to assist them in preparing to enroll and succeed in a post-secondaryeducation program. In order to qualify, interestedstudents must meet certain federal guidelines andbe currently enrolled in one of the target area highschools: Putnam City West or Western Heights. Ifyou would like further information, please contactthe Upward Bound office at (405) 945-8623 or goto AssociationThe Alumni Association encourages alumni todevelop strong ties with each other and OklahomaState through an engaging mix of programs andactivities. Membership will provide you with opportunities to engage with fellow Cowboys, supportthe university, stay connected to OSU, and save onproducts and services across the country. Membership to the OSU Alumni Association is 35 forthe first year and 45 the second year. Go Pokes!Membership in the OSU system-wide AlumniAssociation keeps you connected to the universityand its resources. Benefits of membership includeparticipation in the OSU Legacy Program, discounts, car decals, OSU’s “STATE” magazine, “Orange Bytes” monthly e-newsletter and more. Go for more information.BookstoreThe OSU-Oklahoma City Bookstore is operatedand managed by Follett Higher Education Group,a private company that manages bookstores incolleges and universities across the coun

the OklahOma State univeRSity SyStem OSU-Oklahoma City is one of four branch campuses within the Oklahoma State University system. The other three campuses are OSU-Institute of Technology, OSU-Tulsa and the Center for Health Sciences, Tulsa. The main Oklahoma State University campus is located 80 miles northeast of Oklahoma City in Stillwater,