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PAT I E N T C A R EKICK THE HABIT. To learn moreabout Freedom From Smoking, callRebecca Russell at 559-537-0083 oremail [email protected] taste of freedom from smoking“This is anextraordinaryprogram.”— William LeasureRebecca Russell,MPH, RDPatrickHoffman, CRT2L I V I N GW E L LSPRING 2017“It took a long time to get this addiction, and it’s going to take a long timeto get rid of it,” says William Leasure,a 34-year-old Hanford resident whograduated from Adventist Health/Central Valley Network’s FreedomFrom Smoking program on Oct. 31,2016.Before discovering the program,Leasure had been addicted to cigarettesfor 20 years. He began smoking whenhe was just 14 and had tried to quit atleast five times. First he tried going coldturkey, then he tried the patch. Butnothing seemed to calm his addiction.Then, in September 2016, he heardabout the Freedom From Smokingprogram—a seven-week course taughtby Community Wellness DirectorRebecca Russell and Certified Respiratory Therapist Patrick Hoffman, whoguide and support smokers on theirjourney to quitting.“This is an extraordinary program,”says Leasure. “It did a very good job ofexplaining the science of tobacco anddidn’t make you feel as though you aredoomed if you cheat.”Following the program, Leasure discovered senses he had never felt before.“I never had a chance to developa sense of smell because I smoked somuch,” he says. “Now I can taste andbreathe, and I’m enjoying the smell offlowers so much.”The knowledge and experiences thatLeasure gained from the courses helpedhim recruit other smokers, including hismom.“I’ve noticed I’m impacting peoplearound me, as well,” he says. “My momcut down from 10 to five cigarettes aday. Between the two of us, we used tosmoke one pack a day; now she buys apack every three days. I want to get herin the program ASAP!”As of Jan. 4, Leasure was happyto report that he hadn’t smoked for91 days and was on day 31 without apatch.“I’m like the little engine thatcould,” he says. “Every day is going tobe a challenge, but I’m going to be likethat little engine that could.”

H E A LT H Y L I V I N GtraehWomen: Safeguard yourfroman advanced risk of heart diseaseBy Susan Thomas Locke, MD,board-certified internal medicine physician,Adventist Health Physicians Network–HanfordHeart disease affects not only men, but womenas well.Here are some known factsEach year, 1 in 4 deaths among U.S. women isfrom heart disease.Heart disease, stroke and other cardiovasculardiseases kill more American women each year thanthe next three leading causes of death combined.Women are less likely than men to survive aheart attack.Several factors can increase your risk of heartdisease. Among them are: Smoking. Having high blood pressure or abnormal cholesterol levels. Being overweight or having diabetes.If early heart disease runs in yourfamily or you’re older than 55, yourrisk increases, too. The age-related risein risk is later for women than it is formen. That’s partly because estrogengives premenopausal women someheart disease protection.To understand your risk and waysto lower it, have a heart-to-heart withyour doctor. You also can discuss otherfactors that may affect your heart, suchas using birth control pills if you’reolder than 35 and a smoker.Know the signsIndications of heart disease and heartattack can be different for men andwomen. A common symptom of heart disease ineveryone is chest discomfort (angina). In women,however, angina is often a sharp, burning pain thatmay be felt in other areas, such as the back, neckor jaw. Symptoms in women also include nausea,heartburn, shortness of breath and the inability todo activities that are normal for them.Pain in any of these areas also can be a signof a heart attack. Shortness of breath or nauseaare other heart attack warnings that women, inparticular, may have. Don’t ignore these signs.Call 911 right away if you have any of thesesymptoms. Even if symptoms disappear after afew minutes, seek medical help.To learn more about heart disease, visit theAmerican Heart Association website at ThomasLocke, MDCALL TODAY FOR AN APPOINTMENT.Susan Thomas Locke, MD, cares for patients at the LaceyMedical Plaza, 1524 W. Lacey Blvd., Suite 103, Hanford.She can be reached at 844-846-8197.LIVINGWELL is published as a commu nity service for the friendsand patients of ADVENTIST HEALTH/CENTRAL VALLEYNETWORK, 470 N. Greenfield Ave., Suite 305, Hanford, CA93230, telephone 559-537-1530, website The nonprofit, faithbased network cares for patients at three hospitals and more than 80 other health care sites inKings, Fresno, Tulare, Madera and Kern counties. Information in LIVINGWELL comes from a widerange of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that mayaffect your health, please contact your health care provider. Models may be used in photos andillustrations.2017 Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.Dr. Locke recently earned recognition fordiabetes care by the National Committee forQuality Assurance (NCQA)—a national,private, nonprofit organization dedicated toimproving health care quality.Quality care, close to home3

Hanford’sFamily Birth Centernears itsyearmilestoneThe staff has helpeddelivermorethanbabies inside the large,state-of-the-art facility.2,0004L I V I N GW E L LS P R I N G 2 0 17The Family Birth Center at AdventistMedical Center–Hanford is preparingto celebrate its first birthday!Since the doors opened on March 6,2016, the staff has helped deliver morethan 2,000 babies inside the large,state-of-the-art facility.“The rooms are private, and it’s avery comfortable atmosphere,” saysKaila Wolfe of Hanford, who deliveredher second child, Nathan, in September2016.“When you give birth, it should besomeplace that’s nice and quiet so youcan rest afterwards,” she says, “and itwas very quiet here.”Two months after giving birth,Wolfe’s mother wrote to the FamilyBirth Center, personally thanking oneof the nurses.“This RN made my daughter’s birthexperience so wonderful,” wrote LauraTerrazas about Christine Leach, who’sbeen a nurse for 21 years. “She keptgiving my daughter instructions andwas super polite. She was also verywarm and welcoming to me and thefather.”When the family reunited withLeach for a photo, Terrazas had tearsin her eyes and thanked the center foremploying such high-quality nurses.“It was such a blessing to haveChristine as my daughter’s nurse,”Terrazas says. “We’re going to planall of our families’ babies around herschedule.”

“It was such a blessingto have Christine as mydaughter’s nurse.”—Laura TerrazasCHECK US OUT ONLINE!To learn more about touring theFamily Birth Center and to seephotos of our private labor anddelivery rooms, please receive a FREE BOOKLET aboutservices and support at the Family BirthCenter, please send an email [email protected] or call 844-825-4747.Quality care, close to home5

AWARDSAdventist Healthreceives top honorsAdventist Health has been honored with several awardsand accreditations recently in the areas of patient care,employee safety and process excellence.Patient careAdventist Medical Centers in Hanford, Reedley andSelma earned Joint Commission accreditation in 2016following weeklong surveys that evaluated our patient careand safety practices.The hospitals in Hanford and Selma also were rated inU.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” for 2016–2017 as high-performing in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failure care.In addition, the Joint Replacement Center at AdventistMedical Center–Hanford earned The Joint Commission’sGold Seal of Approval for Advanced Certification forTotal Hip and Total Knee Replacement in 2016.Healthgrades also named the Joint Replacement Center among the top 10 percent in the nation for 2017.Employee safetyThe workers’ compensationteam at Adventist Health/Central Valley Networkreceived a 2016 TheodoreRoosevelt OutstandingAchievement Award from Risk& Insurance magazine.The team was recognized for best practicesin workers’ compensation and disabilitymanagement, specifically in reducing needlesticks and improving ergonomics.Process excellenceAdventist Health/Central Valley Network also won silver in the California Awards forPerformance Excellence Eureka Awards.The designation from the California Council for Excellence (CCE) highlights the nonprofit organization for what the CCE describes as “outstanding commitment to sustainable excellence through innovation, continuous improvement and visionary leadership.”A team of CCE examiners evaluated the organization on seven areas: leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, knowledge management, workforce, processes and results.The network is scheduled to receive the award at the CCE’s annual statewide convention in March.6L I V I N GW E L LS P R I N G 2 0 17

SERVICEExceptional momentsIn support of Adventist Health’s mission to share God’s love through healing, AdventistHealth team members are focused on creating exceptional moments for their patients, family members and team. That focusr–Selmaoften leads to notes and comments of gratitude.To: Adventist Medical Cented helpfulRead on for some recent stories and comments!scopy: Kind an“Pre-op for colonoprocesspartment. Smoothpeople in every delab, x-ray andit times betweenwith minimal waen working on, someone has berlyeaClG.EKeth.”customer servicenttiepa—ATo:Angie Keel gave up her lunch for a team member.To: Angie Keel, nutritional services associate,Adventist Medical Center–Hanford“I was excited to see ceviche on the cafeteria menu andwas really looking forward to trying it. When I looked,however, the bowl was empty. I asked a kitchen staffmember, Andrea Keel, if there was any more. She saidshe was sorry, but they didn’t have any more to putout. Then suddenly she asked, ‘You wanted ceviche?’I said yes. She said, ‘Hold on one minute.’ Then shewent to the back and came back with a container thathad her name on it. She had saved some for her ownlunch and instead gave it to me. It touched my heartso much that someone would do such a thing. I reallyfelt God’s love flowing through her that day and felthonored that she would do something like that forme, someone she didn’t even know. She treated melike family, and I will never forget that. In addition, Inoticed that Andrea is always smiling, always positiveand is very hard-working in the kitchen. I am just soproud of the kind of person and employee that sheis. I hope Adventist Health knows how fortunate weare to have someone like her.”—Michele Shockley, LVN,Employee Health DepartmentYour commentsRick Albert, emergency RN, andDebbie Febres Hurley, admitting associate,Adventist Medical Center–Reedley“I live on the EastCoast and was backpacking ina remote area in the Sierra when I fellill and wastaken to AdventistMedical Center–Reedley. I wasby myself and had nofamily, friends or place togo after I was released. I was very scared because Ididn’t know what was wrong with me. Ricktookgood care of me, calming me. He alsolooked up ahotel for me. Debbie helped me get tothe hotel andget food and waterand my prescription.She evencalled me the nextday at the hotel tocheck on me!What an amazing demonstration of kindness! Thankyou for going abovewhat is expected! Youall madea scary event OK and took such good careofme.”—A patientDebbie Febres Hurley and Rick Albert were honoredfor going the extramile for an ill hiker.If you have feedback for our team, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] or use theform on the Adventist Health/Central Valley Network website at care, close to home7

GIFTS THAT SAVE LIVESThe Adventist Health/CentralValley Health Foundation nowprovides needed funds for healthcare services in Hanford, Reedley,Selma and throughout the Valley. To learnhow you can make a difference, please call559-537-0760 or send an email [email protected] Medical Center115 Mall DriveHanford, CA 93230NONPROFIT ORGU.S. POSTAGEPAIDMERCED, CAPERMIT NO. 1186If you do not wish to receiveAdventist Health mailings such asthis, please call 559-537-1530 orsend an email to [email protected] EventsFacebook “f” LogoADVENTISTHEALTH.ORG/CENTRAL-VALLEYA Time to HealC MYK / .aiFOR HEALTHTIPS AND VIDEOS, GO TOAHCVLIVINGWELL.COM.Childbirth EducationGrief Support GroupA 12-week program designed to helpA four-week series, including aSecond Monday of every month.people undergoing treatment forsession on breastfeeding. 40 perContact Home Care and Hospicecancer.couple. Initial class begins theChaplain Marleny Senn at 559-##Hanford: 5:30 to 8 p.m.; Conferencefirst Wednesday of every month,537-2860 or [email protected], 115 Mall Drive, Hanford7 to 9 p.m.; Conference Center,##Selma: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.;115 Mall Drive, Hanford1141 Rose Ave., SelmaContact Rebecca Mathews atCall Julce Belo or Laurie Schirling at559-537-1710. Registration required.FREEFREE559-537-2300. Registration required.Better Breathers’ ClubDiabetes Support GroupFREEFREE##Hanford: Call Julie Azevedo atFor people with COPD and other559-537-1001, ext. 20825.lung diseases and their caregivers.##Selma: Call Maria Casanova atSecond Thursday of every month,559-856-6090. Preregistration not5:30 to 7 p.m., Central Valley Networkrequired.Support Services, ConferenceFREEAnnual Golf Classicbenefiting AdventistMedical Center–SelmaRoom 1, 450 N. Greenfield Ave.,Freedom From SmokingHanford. Contact Rebecca Russell atPlease call or email Rebecca RussellMonday, May 22, at Kings River559-537-0083 or [email protected] the next scheduled clinic andCountry Club. Call the Central class information.Health Foundation at 559-537-0760.She can be reached at 559-537-0083Breastfeeding ClassesFREEFourth Wednesday of every month,7 to 9 p.m.; Conference Center,115 Mall Drive, HanfordContact Rebecca Mathews at559-537-1710. Registration required.or [email protected]

Madera and Kern counties. 2 LIVINGWELL SPRING 2017 PATIENT "This is an . a 34-year-old Hanford resident who graduated from Adventist Health/ Central Valley Network's Freedom From Smoking program on Oct. 31, 2016. Before discovering the program, Leasure had been addicted to cigarettes . LVN, Employee Health Department. Adventist Medical .