Chapter 1010EIR/EIS DistributionEIR/EIS DISTRIBUTIONThe distribution of this Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report/Environmental ImpactStatement (EIR/EIS) emphasizes the importance of providing the documents in a number ofdifferent formats to ensure the information is fully accessible to members of the public. Thisincludes the use of electronic media to ensure cost-effective, broad availability to the public andinterested parties. The entire Fresno to Bakersfield Locally Generated Alternative (F-B LGA) DraftSupplemental EIR/EIS (Volumes I - III) and the supporting technical reports are available on theCalifornia High-Speed Rail Authority’s website. In addition to providing the documents inelectronic format, the F-B LGA Draft Supplemental EIR/EIS (Volumes I-III) is also available inhard copy at the repositories listed below. Electronic copies of the Draft Supplemental EIR/EISdocument and the supporting technical reports are available on compact disc upon request at theoffice of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, 770 L Street, Suite 800, Sacramento, CA95814.All persons, agencies, and organizations listed in this chapter have been informed of theavailability of, and locations to obtain, the Draft Supplemental EIR/EIS, as well as the timing ofthe 60-day formal comment period. Notice of availability of the Draft Supplemental EIR/EIS hasbeen included in the Federal Register. Repositories and cooperating federal agencies were sentboth hard and electronic copies of this Draft Supplemental EIR/EIS. Copies were filed with theCalifornia State Clearinghouse. Other federal agencies, state agencies, and selected interestedparties listed below have received summary chapters and electronic copies of this DraftSupplemental EIR/EIS. Federal, state, and county elected officials, mayors of cities with possiblestations, and the potentially affected local agencies listed below were mailed an informationalbrochure and instructions on how to obtain a copy of this Draft Supplemental EIR/EIS. Additionallocal elected officials and agency representatives and all others on the project mailing list havebeen mailed a notification that includes information about how to access this Draft SupplementalEIR/EIS; the timing of the formal comment period; and public hearing dates, times, and locations.10.1F-B LGA Repository LocationsThis section lists the repositories in alphabetical order by location.Bakersfield: Kern County Clerk, 1115 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 868-3588Contact: Mary Bedard, County ClerkBakersfield: Kern County Library, Beale Memorial Library, 701 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 868-0701Contact: Jacob Cairns, Branch SupervisorBakersfield: Kern County Library, Rathbun Branch, 200 West China Grade Loop, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 393-6431Contact: Melissa Mejia, Branch SupervisorFresno: California High-Speed Rail Authority Regional Central California Office, 1111 HStreet, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 445-5157Contact: Cheryl LehnShafter: Kern County Library, Shafter Branch, 236 James Street, Shafter, CAPhone: (661) 746-2156Contact: Chelsea Tonneslan, Branch Supervisor10.2Fresno to Bakersfield FEIR/EIS Repository LocationsThis section lists the repositories in alphabetical order by location.Allensworth: Allensworth Community Services District, 3336 Road 84, Allensworth, CAPhone: (661) 849-3894California High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EISNovember 2017Page 10-1

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionAllensworth: Allensworth Community Center, 8123 Avenue 36, Allensworth, CAPhone: (661) 849-2708Contact: Kayode Kadara, Allensworth Community CouncilmemberArmona: Kings County Library, 11115 C Street, Armona, CAPhone: (559) 583-5005Contact: Mary Diaz, Library AssistantBakersfield: City of Bakersfield Planning Department, 1715 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 326-3733Contact: Jacquelyn R. Kitchen, Planning DirectorBakersfield: Community Action Partnership of Kern, 300 19th Street, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 336-5236Contact: Amanda Norman, Assistant to the Executive DirectorBakersfield: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, 1000 S Owens Street, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 322-9874Bakersfield: Greenacres Community Center, 2014 Calloway Drive, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 392-2010Contact: Lisa Gonzalez, Recreation SupervisorBakersfield: Kern County Library, Baker Branch, 1400 Baker Street, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 861-2390Contact: Josie Salas, Branch SupervisorBakersfield: Kern County Library, Beale Memorial Library, 701 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 868-0701Contact: Jacob Cairns, Branch SupervisorBakersfield: Kern County Library, Northeast Branch, 3725 Columbus Street, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 871-9017Contact: Matt McCoy, Branch SupervisorBakersfield: Richard Prado East Bakersfield Senior Center, 2101 Ridge Road, Bakersfield, CAPhone: (661) 323-8624Contact: Patty CortezClovis: Fresno County Public Library, Clovis Regional Library, 1155 Fifth Street, Clovis, CAPhone: (559) 299-9531Contact: Wendy Eisenberg, Branch SupervisorCorcoran: City of Corcoran Planning Department, 832 Whitley Avenue, Corcoran, CAPhone: (559) 992-2151Contact: Kevin Tromborg, Assistant Community Development Director, Corcoran, CACorcoran: Kings County Library, Corcoran Branch, 1001-A Chittenden Avenue, Corcoran, CAPhone: (559) 992-3314Contact: Joseph Zamora, Head LibrarianDelano: Kern County Library, Delano Branch, 925 10th Avenue, Delano, CAPhone: (661) 725-1078Contact: Paula Einstein, Branch SupervisorFresno: California High-Speed Rail Authority Regional Central California Office, 2550 MariposaMall, Suite 3015, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 445-5162Contact: Cheryl LehnFresno: City of Fresno Planning Department, 2220 Tulare Street #6, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 600-4078Contact: Jennifer K. Clark, Development and Resource Management DirectorNovember 201710-2 PageCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EIS

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionFresno: Dickey Development Center, 1515 E Divisadero Street, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 621-2953Contact: Kyle Jeffcoach, SupervisorFresno: Einstein Neighborhood Center, 3566 E Dakota Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 621-6600Contact: Kyle Jeffcoach, SupervisorFresno: Frank H. Ball Community Center, 760 Mayor Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 488-1502Contact: Kyle Jeffcoach, SupervisorFresno: Fresno County Public Library, Betty Rodriguez Regional Library, 3040 N Cedar Ave,Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 600-9245Contact: Joy Sentman-Paz, Branch SupervisorFresno: Fresno County Public Library, Central Branch, 2420 Mariposa Street, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 600-7323Contact: Nance Espinosa, Special Collections Librarian/Government Documents CoordinatorFresno: Fresno County Public Library, Fig Garden, 3071 W Bullard Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 600-4071Contact: Penny Hill, Branch SupervisorFresno: Fresno County Public Library, Mosqueda Center, 4670 E Butler Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 453-4072Contact: Joy Sentman-Paz, Branch SupervisorFresno: Fresno County Public Library, Senior Resource Center, 2025 E Dakota Avenue,Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 255-3383Contact: Penny HillFresno: Fresno County Public Library, Sunnyside, 5566 E Kings Canyon Road, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 600-6594Contact: Wendy Eisenberg, Branch SupervisorFresno: Fresno County Public Library, West Fresno, 188 E California Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 455-6066Contact: Penny Hill, Branch SupervisorFresno: Fresno County Public Library, Woodward Park, 944 E Perrin Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 600-3135Contact: Sally Gomez, Branch SupervisorFresno: Fresno County - Clerk to the Board, 2281 Tulare Street #301, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 600-3529Contact: Bernice E. Seidel, Clerk to the BoardFresno: Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries (F.I.R.M.), 1940 N Fresno Street,Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 487-1500Contact: Tony Bouthapayana, BookkeeperFresno: Lafayette Neighborhood Center, 1516 E Princeton Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 621-2900Contact: Kyle Jeffcoach, SupervisorFresno: Mary Ella Brown Community Center, 1350 E Annadale Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 621-6729Contact: Kyle Jeffcoach, SupervisorCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EISNovember 2017Page 10-3

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionFresno: Ted C. Wills Community Center, 770 N San Pablo Avenue, Fresno, CAPhone: (559) 621-6720Contact: Kyle Jeffcoach, SupervisorHanford: City of Hanford Planning Department, 317 N Douty Street, Hanford, CAPhone: (559) 585-2500Contact: Melody Haigh, Community Development DirectorHanford: Hanford Adult School, 905 Campus Drive, Hanford, CAPhone: (559) 583-5905Contact: Rosemarie Lopes-Horn, Administrative AssistantHanford: Housing Authority of Kings County, 670 S Irwin Street, Hanford, CAPhone: (559) 582-3120Contact: Bob Hoskins, Executive DirectorHanford: Kings Community Action Organization, 1130 N 11th Avenue, Hanford, CAPhone: (559) 582-4386Contact: Jeff Garner, Executive DirectorHanford: Kings County Library, Hanford Branch (Main Library), 401 N Douty Street, Hanford, CAPhone: (559) 582-0261Contact: Sherman Lee, Reference LibrarianLaton: Laton Community Services District, 6501 E Latonia Avenue, Laton, CAPhone: (559) 923-4802Contact: Joann RemppLaton: Fresno County Public Library, Laton Branch, 6313 DeWoody Street, Laton, CAPhone: (559) 923-4554Contact: Sean Aragon, Branch SupervisorLemoore: Kings County Library, Lemoore Branch, 457 C Street, Lemoore, CAPhone: (559) 924-2188Contact: Christine Baize, Branch SupervisorMadera: City of Madera Planning Department, 205 W 4th Street, Madera, CAPhone: (559) 661-5430Contact: Dave Merchen, DirectorPinedale: Fresno County Public Library and Pinedale Community Center, 7170 N San PabloStreet, Pinedale, CAPhone: (559) 439-0486Contact: Sally Gomez, Branch SupervisorSacramento: California High-Speed Rail Authority, 770 L Street, Suite 800, Sacramento, CAPhone: (916) 324-1541Contact: Mark McLoughlin, Director of Environmental ServicesSacramento: Sacramento Public Library, 828 I Street, Sacramento, CAPhone: (916) 264-2700Contact: Rivkah Sass, Library DirectorSacramento: State Clearinghouse, 1400 10th St #12, Sacramento, CAPhone: (916) 445-0613Contact: James AndrewShafter: City of Shafter Planning Department, 336 Pacific Avenue, Shafter, CAPhone: (661) 746-5002Contact: Wayne Clausen, Planning DirectorNovember 201710-4 PageCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EIS

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionShafter: Kern County Library, Shafter Branch, 236 James Street, Shafter, CAPhone: (661) 746-2156Contact: Chelsea Tonnelslan, Branch SupervisorTulare: City of Tulare Planning Department, 411 E Kern Avenue, Tulare, CAPhone: (559) 684-4217Contact: Rob Hunt, Community Development DirectorTulare: Tulare Public Library, Tulare Branch, 475 North M Street, Tulare, CAPhone: (559) 685-4506Contact: Heidi Clark, LibrarianVisalia: City of Visalia Planning Department, 707 W Acequia Avenue, Visalia, CAPhone: (559) 713-4364Contact: Josh McDonnell, Assistant Director/City PlannerVisalia: Tulare County Library, Visalia Branch, 200 West Oak Avenue, Visalia, CAPhone: (559) 713-2704Contact: Mike Drake, Deputy County LibrarianWasco: City of Wasco Planning Department, 746 8th Street, Wasco, CAPhone: (661) 758-7200Contact: Roger Mobley, Planning DirectorWasco: Kern County Library, Wasco Branch, 1102 7th Street, Wasco, CAPhone: (661) 758-2114Contact: Ernestina Garcia, Branch SupervisorWasco: Wasco Housing Authority, 750 H Street, Wasco, CAPhone: (661) 758-2746Contact: Jim Wheeler, Executive DirectorWashington, DC: Federal Railroad Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE,Washington, DCPhone: (202) 493-6368Contact: David Valenstein, Environmental Program Manager10.3Federal AgenciesThis section lists the federal agencies in alphabetical order.Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, John M. Fowler, Executive Director, Washington, DCBureau of Indian Affairs, Pacific Regional Office, Amy Dutschke, Regional Director,Sacramento, CABureau of Land Management, Joe Stout, State Director, Sacramento, CABureau of Reclamation Mid-Pacific Region, Drew Lessard, Area Manager, Folsom, CADepartment of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary, Washington, DCFederal Aviation Administration, Planning and Programming Branch, Elliott Black, DivisionManager, Lawndale, CAFederal Emergency Management Agency, Region 9, Donald Caetano, Director of ExternalAffairs, Oakland, CAFederal Highway Administration, Vincent Mammano, Division Administrator, Sacramento, CAFederal Highway Administration, Donny Hamilton, Acting Director, Program Development,Merced, CAFederal Railroad Administration, Office of Railroad Policy and Development, Sarah Inderbitzin,Acting Chief Council, Washington, DCCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EISNovember 2017Page 10-5

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionFederal Transit Administration, Office of Planning and Environment, Lucy Garliauskas, AssociateAdministrator, Washington, DCFederal Transit Administration, Office of Planning and Program Development, Leslie T. Rogers,Regional Administrator, San Francisco, CANational Marine Fisheries Service, Maria Rea, Assistant Regional Administrator, Sacramento, CANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Kathy Hoxsie, Director, Sacramento, CANational Park Service, Pacific Great Basin System Support Office, Laura Joss, Regional DirectorPacific West Region, San Francisco, CANatural Resources Conservation Service, Area III, Curtis Tarver, Assistant State Conservationist,Fresno, CASurface Transportation Board, Office of Environmental Analysis, Dave Navecky, EnvironmentalProtection Specialist, Washington, DCU.S. Coast Guard, District 11, Rear Todd Sokalzuk, Commander, Alameda, CAU.S. Department of Army, Corps of Engineers, Tambour Eller, District Engineer for ProjectManagement, Sacramento District, Sacramento, CAU.S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency, California State Executive Director, Davis,CAU.S. Department of Agriculture, National Resource Conservation Service, Carlos Suarez, StateResource Conservationist, Davis, CAU.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of the Secretary, Mike Young, Acting Agricultural DeputySecretary, Washington, DCU.S. Department of Agriculture, Tony Rolfes, State Soil Scientist, State ResourceConservationist, Davis, CAU.S. Department of Energy, Dr. Grace Bochenek, Acting Secretary, Washington, DCU.S. Department of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, Secretary, Washington, DCU.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance, Michaela Noble,Director, Washington, DCU.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9, Alexis Strauss, Acting Regional Administrator,Washington, DCU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jennifer Norris, Pacific Southwest Region Field Supervisor,Sacramento, CAU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Paul Souza, Regional Director, Sacramento, CA10.4State AgenciesThis section lists the state agencies in alphabetical order.California Air Resources Board, Mary D. Nichols, Chair, Sacramento, CACalifornia Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency, Alexis Podesta, AgencySecretary, Sacramento, CACalifornia Coastal Commission, John Ainsworth, Executive Director, San Francisco, CACalifornia Conservation Corps, Bruce Saito, Director, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Boating and Waterways, Lynn Sadler, Deputy Director, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Conservation, David Bunn, Director, Sacramento, CANovember 201710-6 PageCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EIS

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionCalifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Environmental Planning Section, NancyMacKenzie, Chief, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Education, Juan Mireles, Chief, School Facilities and TransportationServices Division, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife, Central Region Habitat Conservation Planning, KristaTomlinson, Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor, Fresno, CACalifornia Department of Housing and Community Development, Ben Metcalf, Director,Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Parks and Recreation, Central Valley District, Jess Cooper, DistrictSuperintendent, Columbia, CACalifornia Department of Parks and Recreation, Lisa Mangat, Director, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Parks and Recreation, Office of Historic Preservation, Julianne Polanco,State Historic Preservation Officer, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Pesticide Regulation, Brian Leahy, Director, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), Scott Smithline,Executive Director, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Toxic Substances Control, Barbara Lee, Director, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Transportation, Malcolm Dougherty, Director, Sacramento and SharriBender Ehlert, District Director from District 6, Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Water Resources, Environmental Services Office, Dean Messer, Chief,Sacramento, CACalifornia Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Mark S. Ghilarducci, Director, Sacramento,CACalifornia Energy Commission, Robert Weisenmiller, Chair, Sacramento, CACalifornia Environmental Protection Agency, Matthew Rodriguez, Secretary, Sacramento, CACalifornia Flood Protection Board, Leslie Gallagher, Executive Officer, Sacramento, CACalifornia Geological Survey, John G. Parrish, Supervising Geologist, Sacramento, CACalifornia Health and Human Services, Diana Dooley, Secretary, Sacramento, CACalifornia Public Utilities Commission, Rail Safety Branch, Maryam Ebke, San Francisco, CACalifornia State Lands Commission, Jennifer Lucchesi, Executive Officer, Sacramento, CACalifornia State Natural Resources Agency, John Laird, Secretary, Sacramento, CACalifornia State Transportation Agency, Brian P. Kelly, Agency Secretary, Sacramento, CACalifornia Transportation Commission, Susana Bransen, Executive Director, Sacramento, CACaltrans Aeronautics Program Manager Gary Cathey, Sacramento, CACaltrans, Division of Environmental Analysis, NEPA Assignment Office, MS 27, TammyMassengate, Sacramento, CACalifornia Highway Patrol Bakersfield Area Office, William Nation, Commander, Bakersfield, CACalifornia Highway Patrol Central Division Office, N.G. Norton, Chief, Fresno, CACalifornia Highway Patrol Fresno Area Office, Malkiat Samra, Commander, Fresno, CACalifornia Highway Patrol Fresno Area Office, Dave Knoff, Commander, Fresno, CACalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EISNovember 2017Page 10-7

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionGovernor’s Office of Planning and Research, State Clearinghouse, Chris Ganson orMichael McCormick, Senior Planner, Sacramento, CANative American Heritage Commission, Rob Wood, Environmental Specialist, Sacramento, CAOffice of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Lauren Zeise, Acting Director,Sacramento, CAOffice of Project Development and Management, Department of General Services, JasonKenney, Branch Chief, Sacramento, CAOffice of Statewide Health Planning and Development, Robert P. David, Director,Sacramento, CAState Water Resources Control Board, Felicia Marcus, Chair, Sacramento, CA10.5Elected OfficialsIn all the subsections below, the elected officials are listed in alphabetical order by surname. Elected OfficialsU.S. SenatorsThe Honorable Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senate, CaliforniaThe Honorable Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senate, California10.5.1.2U.S. House of RepresentativesThe Honorable Paul Ryan, Speaker of the HouseThe Honorable Jim Costa, 16th Congressional DistrictThe Honorable Anna Eshoo, 18th Congressional DistrictThe Honorable Zoe Lofgren, 19th Congressional DistrictThe Honorable Sam Farr, 20th Congressional DistrictThe Honorable David Valadao, 21st Congressional DistrictThe Honorable Devin Nunes, 22nd Congressional DistrictThe Honorable Kevin McCarthy, 23rd Congressional District10. Elected OfficialsGovernorThe Honorable Edmund (Jerry) G. Brown Jr., Governor of California10.5.2.2State SenateThe Honorable Anthony Canella, 12th Senate DistrictThe Honorable Jean Fuller, 16th Senate DistrictThe Honorable Kevin de León, President pro TemThe Honorable Andy Vidak, 14th Senate DistrictThe Honorable Robert M. Hertzberg, 18th Senate District10.5.2.3Select Committee on Passenger RailThe Honorable Hannah-Beth Jackson (Chair)The Honorable Jim Beall (Vice Chair)The Honorable Anthony CannellaNovember 201710-8 PageCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EIS

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionThe Honorable Benjamin AllenThe Honorable Carol LiuThe Honorable Cathleen GalgianiThe Honorable Patricia C. BatesThe Honorable Ricardo LaraThe Honorable Richard Pan10.5.2.4State AssemblyThe Honorable David Chiu, 17th Assembly DistrictThe Honorable Kansen Chu, 25th Assembly DistrictThe Honorable Devon Mathis, 26th Assembly DistrictThe Honorable Luis Alejo, 30th Assembly DistrictThe Honorable Joaquin Arambula, 31st Assembly DistrictThe Honorable Rudy Salas, 32nd Assembly DistrictThe Honorable Shannon Grove, 34th Assembly DistrictThe Honorable Tom Lackey, 36th Assembly DistrictThe Honorable Anthony Rendon, California Assembly Speaker10.5.2.5Regional County Board of SupervisorsFresno CountyThe Honorable Andreas BorgeasThe Honorable Brian Pacheco, Vice ChairThe Honorable Buddy Mendes, ChairmanThe Honorable Henry PereaThe Honorable Debbie PoochigianKern CountyThe Honorable David CouchThe Honorable Mick Gleason, ChairThe Honorable Mike MaggardThe Honorable Leticia PerezThe Honorable Zack ScrivnerKings CountyThe Honorable Craig PedersenThe Honorable Richard Fagundes, Vice ChairmanThe Honorable Joe Neves, ChairmanThe Honorable Richard ValleThe Honorable Doug VerboonTulare CountyThe Honorable Phillip CoxCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EISNovember 2017Page 10-9

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionThe Honorable Mike Ennis, ChairmanThe Honorable Allen Ishida, Vice ChairmanThe Honorable Pete Vander PoelThe Honorable Steve WorthleyMayorsThe Honorable Mayor Harvey Hall, BakersfieldThe Honorable Mayor Jerry Robertson, CorcoranThe Honorable Mayor Cathy Prout, ShafterThe Honorable Mayor David Macedo, TulareThe Honorable Mayor Justin Mendes, HanfordThe Honorable Mayor Steve Nelson, VisaliaThe Honorable Mayor Ashley Swearengin, FresnoThe Honorable Mayor Cherylee Wegman, Wasco10.5.2.6City Council MembersBakersfieldThe Honorable Harold Hanson, Vice MayorThe Honorable Chris ParlierThe Honorable Terry MaxwellThe Honorable Willie RiveraThe Honorable Bob SmithThe Honorable Jacquie SullivanThe Honorable Ken WeirCorcoranThe Honorable Mark Cartwright, Vice MayorThe Honorable Raymond LermaThe Honorable Sidonio "Sid" PalmerinThe Honorable Jim WadsworthFresnoThe Honorable Esmerelda SoriaThe Honorable Lee BrandThe Honorable Steve BrandauThe Honorable Paul CaprioglioThe Honorable Clint OlivierThe Honorable Sal QuinteroThe Honorable Oliver L. Baines IIIHanfordThe Honorable Russ CurryNovember 201710-10 PageCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EIS

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionThe Honorable Francisco Ramirez, Vice MayorThe Honorable David AyersThe Honorable Gary PannettShafterThe Honorable Gilbert AlvardoThe Honorable Jack “Woody” ColvardThe Honorable Eli EspericuetaThe Honorable Fran FlorezTulareThe Honorable Maritsa CastellanozThe Honorable Shea GowinThe Honorable Carlton JonesThe Honorable Craig Vejvoda, Vice MayorVisaliaThe Honorable Greg CollinsThe Honorable Warren Gubler, Vice MayorThe Honorable Bob LinkThe Honorable Amy ShuklianWascoThe Honorable Tilo CortezThe Honorable Danny EspitiaThe Honorable Carl Joe HivelyThe Honorable Gilberto Reyna10.5.2.7Agricultural CommissionersMr. Ruben Arroyo, Kern County Agricultural CommissionerMr. Les Wright, Fresno County Agricultural CommissionerMs. Marilyn Kinoshita, Tulare County Agricultural CommissionerMr. Tim Niswander, Kings County Agricultural CommissionerMr. David A. Robinson, Merced County Agricultural CommissionerMs. Stevie McNeill, Madera County Agricultural Commissioner10.6Regional/Local AgenciesThis section lists the regional and local agencies in alphabetical order.Cawelo Water DistrictCentral Valley Flood Protection Board, Leslie Gallagher, Executive Officer, Fresno, CACentral Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, Pamela Creedon, Executive Officer,Fresno, CACalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EISNovember 2017Page 10-11

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionCity of Bakersfield, Alan Tandy, City Manager, and Jacquelyn R. Kitchen, Planning Director,Bakersfield, CACity of Corcoran, Kindon Meik, City Manager, and Kevin Tromborg, Assistant CommunityDevelopment Director, Corcoran, CACity of Fresno, Bruce Rudd, City Manager, and Jennifer K. Clark Development and ResourceManagement Director, Fresno, CACity of Hanford, Darrel Pyle, City Manager, and Melody Haigh, Community Development Director,Hanford, CACity of Shafter, Scott Hurlbert, City Manager, and Wayne Clausen, Planning Director, Shafter, CACity of Tulare, Don Dorman, City Manager, and Rob Hunt, Community Development Director,Tulare, CACity of Visalia, Mike Olmos, City Manager, and Josh McDonnell, Planning Assistant Director/CityPlanner, Visalia, CACity of Wasco, Dan Allen, City Manager, and Roger Mobley, Planning Director, Wasco, CAColonel Allensworth State Historic Park, Steve Ptoney, Supervisor, Earlimart, CACounty of Kern Roads Department, Warren Maxwell, Supervising Engineer, Bakersfield, CAFresno County Administrative Office and Planning Department, John Navarrette, AdministrativeOfficer, and Alan Weaver, Public Works and Planning Director, Fresno, CAFresno County Council of Governments, Tony Boren, Executive Director, Fresno, CAFresno County Economic Development Corporation, Lee Ann Eager, President and CEO,Fresno, CAFresno County Office of Education, Larry Powell, Superintendent, Fresno, CAFresno County Parks Unit, John Thompson, Resource Manager, Fresno, CAFresno County Sheriff’s Office, Margaret Mims, Sheriff, Fresno, CAFresno Irrigation District, Gary R. Serrato, General Manager, Fresno, CAFresno Metropolitan Flood Control District, Bob Van Wyk, General Manager, Fresno, CAGreater Bakersfield Chamber of CommerceGolden Empire Transit DistrictKern Council of Governments, Ahron Hakimi, Executive Director, Bakersfield, CAKern County Cemetery District No. 1Kern County Fire Department, Brian Marshall, Fire Chief, Bakersfield, CAKern County Office of Education, Superintendent Christine Lizardi Frazier, Bakersfield, CAKern County Parks and Recreation, Robert Lerude, Director, Bakersfield, CAKern County Roads and Transit Division, Bakersfield, CAKern County Sheriff’s Office, Donny Youngblood, Sheriff, Bakersfield, CAKern Economic Development Corporation, Richard Chapman, President and CEO,Bakersfield, CAKern County Water Agency Improvement District No. 4Kings County Association of Governments, Terri King, Executive Director, Hanford, CANovember 201710-12 PageCalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Supplemental EIR/EIS

Chapter 10EIR/EIS DistributionKings County Administrative Officer and Planning Department, Larry Spikes, CountyAdministrative Officer, and Gregory R. Gatzka, Community Development Director, Hanford, CAKings County Economic Development Corporation, John S. Lehn, President and CEO,Hanford, CAKings County Fire Department Bill Lynch, Fire Chief, Hanford, CAKings County Office of Education, Tim Bowers, Superintendent, Hanford, CAKings County Sheriff’s Office, Dave Robinson, Sheriff, Hanford, CAMadera County Sheriff’s Office, John Anderson, Sheriff, Madera, CAMadera County Office of the Fire Marshal, Deborah Keenan, Fire Marshal, Madera, CAMadera County Transportation Commission, Patricia Taylor Executive Director, Madera, CAMadera County, Administrative Officer and Resource Management Agency, Douglas Papagni,RMA Director, Madera, CAMadera Irrigation District, Thomas Greci, General Manager, Madera, CAMadera Parks and Community Services Department, Mary Anne Seay, Director, Madera, CANorth Kern County Water Storage DistrictSan Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, Stacey Mortensen, Executive Director, Stockton, CASan Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Seyed Sadredin, Executive Director/Air PollutionControl Officer, Fresno, CAShafter Chamber of CommerceShafter-Wasco Irrigation DistrictTulare County Association of Governments, Ted Smalley, Executive Director, Visalia, CATulare County Chief Administrative Officer and Planning Department, Jean Rousseau, CountyAdministrative Officer, and Jake Raper, Jr., Director, Resource Management Agency, Visalia, CATulare County Economic Development Corporation, Michael C. Spata, Assistant Director Planning Branch, Visalia, CATulare County Fire Department, Joe Garcia, Fire Chief, Farmersville, CATulare County Parks and Recreation, Neil Pilegard, Manager, Visalia, CATulare County Sheriff’s Office, Bill Wittman, Sheriff, Visalia, CA10.7Organizations and BusinessesThis section lists organizations and businesses in alphabetical order.American Farmland Trush, Edward Thompson, California Director, Davis, CAAmtrak, Mayors Advisory Council, Bakersfield, CAAmtrak President and CEO Joseph Boardman, Washington, DCAmtrak, Joseph McHugh, Vice President Governmental Affairs, Washington, DCBakersfield Cotton Warehouse (Jess Smith & Sons Cotton and Almonds)Bakersfield Tea Party Administrator, Frances Morgan, Bakersfield, CABidart Brothers/Saco RanchBurlington, Northern and Santa Fe Railway, Walt Smith, General Director of Engineering,California Division, San Bernardino, CACalifornia High-Speed Rail AuthorityFresno to Bakersfield SectionDraft Suppleme

Fresno: California High-Speed Rail Authority Regional Central California Office, 1111 H Street, Fresno, CA Phone: (559) 445-5157 . Hanford: Hanford Adult School, 905 Campus Drive, Hanford, CA Phone: (559) 583-5905 Contact: Rosemarie Lopes-Horn, Administrative Assistant .