MD 5000 cooling tower

Marley quality, on a whole new scaleWe’re well known for our outstanding crossflow systems. So why consider a counterflow tower?Because the Marley MD tower provides another dimension of footprint and design flexibility,expanding the landscape of Marley solutions.For decades, SPX CoolingTechnologies, Inc hasbeen a leading producerof counterflow coolingtowers for large industrialinstallations. The MarleyMD takes advantageof this experience bybringing it down to size.The Marley MD is afactory assembled tower,which makes it a definitego-to solution for lightindustry and HVACapplications.

Marley MD cooling tower:the right answer in so many waysR E LIAB I LITYHeavy-duty construction, high-performance design and our five-year mechanical warrantyensures consistent, CTI-certified fully rated cooling over a wide range of flow and temperaturerequirements.S m aller f o ot p ri n tInduced draft counterflow design requires less plan area than crossflow towers for many HVACand light industrial duties. And because the tower’s size results in less steel used, its reducedweight requires less support structure.E ase o f m ai n te n a n c eSPX Cooling Technologies has worked hard to address the maintenance difficulties longassociated with counterflow towers. Our MD tower provides larger access doors, easilyremovable block fill and other features that simplify maintenance.Low e n er gy c o n s u m p ti o nInduced draft counterflow equipment minimizes energy consumption by providing lower fanenergy than centrifugal fan counterflow units.Low- S OUN DThe CTI-certified Marley MD comes standard with our low-sound fan, suitable for most noisesensitive situations. Multiple fan and attenuation options are available to meet more stringentsound requirements.S u p eri o r WaterMa n ag e m e n tTo address the “splashout” problem typicallyfound in competitivecounterflow designs,SPX introduces anindustry first: a triplepass inlet louver anddrift eliminator thatconserves waterand improves winteroperation.

Why counterflow may be your best choiceR E S T R I CT E D S I T E CON D I T I ON SCounterflow towers have different footprints from crossflow towers and offer layoutalternatives. Where space is limited or otherwise restricted, a counterflow tower may be aperfect fit. In addition to taking up less site space, counterflow towers may have a lowerinstalled weight. Plus, piping costs can be reduced since a single inlet is usually standard.OP E R AT I ON A N D M A I N T E N A NC E CON S I D E R AT I ON STriple-pass inlet louvers limit the sunlight entering the collection basin, reducing the potentialfor algae growth. Counterflow towers offer easy access to the collection basin from all sides.The wet surface is totally enclosed protection from environmental elements, and the towersutilize a corrosion-resistant spray system.VA L U E - A D D E D OP T I ON SAll This.and Green, Too exposed to circulating water (including structural members that project into the basin) andall basin options are heavy-gauge 300 stainless steel.Designed to beenvironmentally responsible, a minimum. And beingremarkably energy efficient, Electric basin heater: This electric immersion heater is used to help prevent freezingduring cold weather.the MD conserves waterby keeping splash-out to Welded stainless steel collection basin: For extra protection, all collection basin parts Basin sweeper piping: Factory-installed sweeper piping augments your filtration systemto keep your equipment running smoothly. it doesn’t waste a single Solid-state water level control package: This package monitors basin water levels withsolenoid-valve water makeup. Configurations include makeup along with high- and low-kilowatt.water level alarm and cutoff, and electric basin heater cutoff. Vibration switch: This option protects against mechanical failure should thetower experience high vibration levels by automatically shutting down the motor. Manualreset ensures inspection to correct initial vibration cause. Control systems: These range in sophistication from standard fan starters toProgrammable Logic Controllers that work in conjunction with your building or processsystem. Variable speed drive: Our variable speed drive provides the ultimate in temperature andsound control, energy management and mechanical equipment longevity. Ultra quiet fan: Wide-chord acoustic geometry fan design maximizes efficiency whilesignificantly reducing sound levels. Sound attenuation: Splash attenuation installed in the collection basin reduces fallingwater noise effectively and economically. Fan outlet attenuation is also available.

Triple-Pass Inlet LouversLow Sound FanCorrosion Resistant Distribution SystemTriple-Pass Drift EliminatorsHigh Efficiency Fill

The proof Is in the details.The MD tower is first and foremost,a Marley – and that alone speaks volumes.MOD E LTON S *WI DT HL E NGT HH E IG HTM D 50 0 68 9 - 16 66' - 0"8' - 6"12' - 10"M D 50 0814 9 - 2 5 58' - 6"9' - 0"13' - 3"M D 5010220-3608' - 6"12' - 0"13' - 8"M D 5016284-50011' - 10"12' - 0"16' - 5"M D 5018376-75611' - 10"18' - 0"17' - 9"Tower height varies depending on configuration and cell quantity†*Based on 3 GPM/Ton at 95 F HW/85 F CW/78 F WB, varies depending on configuration†

What makes the Marley counterflow towerstand out from other manufacturers? Triple-pass inlet louvers and drift eliminator for superior splash-out protectionand water conservation SPX’s position as “single source supplier” for all configurations of coolingtowers and fluid coolers The Marley reputation. Our brand name. Our service. Our position as anundisputed industry leader in product quality.The bottom lineAs a leading producer of cooling towers for over 100 years, we are committed to buildingthe best. So, when we decide to offer an improved line of towers – like the Marley MD –you can be sure that we’ve made sure it’s going to live up to our standards in every way.

Marley MD 5000additional MD COOLING TOWEROther SPX COOLING TECHNOLOGIES productspublicationsSPX Cooling Technologies offers a full line ofindustry leading products – with support andinnovation designed to help you get the most outof your cooling process. Take a look at these otherSPX Cooling Technologies products.For further information about theMD Cooling Tower – including engineeringschematics, data, layout requirements andmore – ask your Marley sales representativefor a copy of the following publications:E N G I N E E R I N G DATAU S E R M A N UA LA N D S P E C I F I CAT I O N SMarley MD 5000MD 5000 cooling towerC O U N T E R F LOW C O O L I N G TOW E RMarley NC 8400Marley MCWMarley AVC R O S S F LOW C O O L I N G TOW E RC O U N T E R F LOW C O O L I N G TOW E RC R O S S F LOW C O O L I N G TOW E RI N S TA L L AT I O N - O P E R AT I O N - M A I N T E N A N C EM2012-1248Engineering Dataand SpecificationsI SSU E D 5/2012R E A D A N D U N D E R S TA N D T H I S M A N UA L P R I O R TO O P E R AT I N G O R S E R V I C I N G T H I S P R O D U CT.IOM ManualS PX COO L I NG T E C H NO LOG I E S , I NC .7401 WEST 129 STREETOVERLAND PARK, KANSAS 66213 USAP: 913 664 7400F: 913 664 [email protected] the interest of technological progress, all products aresubject to design and/or material change without notice.ISSUED 11/2013 MD-13COPYRIGHT 2013 SPX CorporationMarley NC Cooling TowerMarley MCWCooling TowerMarley AV SeriesCooling Tower

Marley MD cooling tower: the right answer in so many ways SupERIoR wATER mA nAgEmEnT To address the "splash-out" problem typically found in competitive counterflow designs, SPX introduces an industry first: a triple-pass inlet louver and drift eliminator that conserves water and improves winter operation.