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The Business OpportunityAs a 35-year-old franchise brand founded in South Africa, true passion and dedication has transformedDream Nails Beauty into one of the leading and most desirable nail franchises today! At the forefront ofthe market and consumer trends worldwide, Dream Nails Beauty salons pride themselves on their loveof creativity and fulfilling their customers’ need for sophistication, glam and individuality. Bridging theworld of fashion, beauty and glam, Dream Nails Beauty enables women to express their creativity withthe latest nail trends in their own individual way.Glamup.your beautyGlam is our favourite colour! But it’s not only about nails! Dream Nails Beauty Salons also provide a widerange of beauty treatments, from brow treatments and facials to waxing and so their customers leavetheir salons feeling truly glam and gorgeous.If you are interested in a Dream Nails franchise, let’s work together to make it happen! From the minuteyou start chatting with us, we will work with you and support you every step of the way, as we want you tobe part of our amazing Dream Nails Beauty family.If you have the following: An entrepreneurial flair. A hands-on, non-negotiable approach to business management. A beauty, marketing, or business qualification would be advantageous, but not necessary. Experience running an own business is advantageous. Strong business acumen and financial management. A love for working with women.Then read on to find out more PAGE 2PAGE 3

The History of Dream Nails BeautyThe Dream Nails brand has an incredible legacy of innovation, which started in 1983, when South AfricanNora Barnard decided to travel to the USA to research the nail industry. Determined to bring back cuttingedge techniques, she became qualified in many courses and used her new found expertise to train nailtechnicians in South Africa on the safe use of quality nail products and enhancements. And so . a nailsculpturing franchise company called Dream Nails was born.Salons - New LookFor 35 years, keeping up with market and consumer trends has been at the forefront of Dream NailsBeauty and this passion has allowed the brand to reinvent itself over time, yet with the continuedtrusted standards of excellence. Customers know that when visiting a Dream Nails Beauty salon,they can expect high-quality nail enhancements and beauty services, carried out by expert nailtechnicians, who are continously trained to ensure that they stay up-to-date with the latest nail colours,trends and techniques.In 2020, Dream Nails Beauty entered into a collaborative relationship with Alina Fox, a well-respectedinternational nail expert to train all salon staff on internationally accredited nail enhancements,thereby elevating the skills of our nail technicians across South Africa to the next level. In addition,Imbalie Beauty, the holding company for Dream Nails Beauty recently secured the distributorshipfor the well-known INNOXA skin care brand, which has been launched for retail in all Dream NailsBeauty salons. As a vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly skincare range with sustainably sourcedingredients, combined with a specially developed treatment menu for in-salon INNOXA facials, yetagain Dream Nails is at the forefront of the latest market trends and gives franchisees additionalretail income within their businesses.PAGE 4PAGE 5

The Dream Nails Beauty BrandSalon treatmentsDream Nails Beauty is glamour heaven. It is where beauty dreams come true. Here your customers cancome home to beauty freedom. This is something we’ve believed in for more than 35 years. They can beas playful, as unique and as expressive as they would like to be.We are here to help you make your Dream Nails Beauty journeya joyful and beautiful one!At Dream Nails Beauty, we do not believe in one size fits all. We believe beauty comes in every age,gender, shape, size and colour of the rainbow. And we believe your customers know best what makesthem look and feel gorgeous. So whether she wants to be polished and sleek or fierce and on fleek, we’rehere to help your customer be true to herself and make that journey a joyful and beautiful one.When you become a Dream Nails Beauty Franchisee - we walk step by step with you to assist youin getting your beautiful store set up and training you and your team through our IBLOOM Beauty &Wellness academy on all the latest nail techniques and beauty treatments. This on-going trainingalong with monthly marketing promotional support ensures upskilling of your staff to the highestlevels of service excellence, as well as happy customers.Treatments offered* include: Nails, Hands, and Feet (gel, acrylic, cured nail polishes, and overlays) Facial Treatments Massage Therapies Waxing and Threading Eyebrows Tinting Eyelash Extensions Laser Treatments Make-up Spray Tan Kiddies Treatments* Certain treatments are subject to availability.PAGE 6PAGE 7

An Overview of your Dream Nails BeautySalon Investment:The Investment Opportunity: R100 000 franchise licence fee. 3% franchise management fee on turnover up to R150 000. A complete turnkey solution, giving you a tangible investment andability to open and start trading immediately. The right to trade under the Dream Nails Beauty Franchise Licence, a proudlySouth African and trusted salon franchise in South Africa of 35 years. Expert assistance with site selection and lease negotiations for the bestrental per square metre in the correct, approved location. A new, sustainable franchise management fee structure based on turnover. The layout, design and set up of your salon is completed by our head office teamof experts. Start-up stock. Initial training for the new owner and their qualified staff. Pre-opening and launch assistance! 3% franchise marketing fee on turnover up to R150 000. R4500 excluding VAT, on turnover from R150 001 and upwards, FranchiseManagement Fee, escalating by 6% per annum. R4500 excluding VAT, on turnover from R150 001 and upwards, FranchiseMarketing Fee, escalating by 6% per annum.Estimated setup costs for a new Dream Nails Beauty salon:DESCRIPTIONVISIT OUR WEBSITE TO APPLY TODAYSTANDARD SALON SIZE *Estimated Establishment Costs *(Design, Shopfitting, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Signage and IT) m2600 000 Continuous training for you and your team via the iBLOOM Beauty andWellness Academy.Estimated Standard and Other Beauty Equipment *45 800Estimated Stock – Professional, Retail and Consumables *20 000 Marketing promotional support, access to a Marketing portal as well associal media marketing assistance.Franchise Fee *100 000TOTAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED**765 800* Regular operational support to all franchise partners through FranchiseManagers, salon meetings, group open forum meetings, and access to HRsupport and information. Assistance and guidance with forecasts and budget planning for individualfranchise outlets. Access to better pricing on retail products due to volume purchases andexcellent profit margins.* The total investment required excludes VAT, Lease, Deposit and Working Capital.*TERMS AND CONDITIONS:1) Initial Training and Marketing fees included in Franchise fee.2) The lease deposit can vary from site to site.3) The above amounts are not guaranteed and can change without any notice.4) 50% of this amount should be available as unencumbered cash (before borrowings).5) Acceptable proof of funding will be required before final approval.6) Prices are dependent on the size of a standard salon subject to final costings and can change dependent on the size of thestore secured as well as the location of the store. A dedicated Customer Care desk and support. An integrated Point of Sale system with national Gift Cards. A world class Rewards programme with more than 54 000 loyal customers.PAGE 8ADDITIONAL NOTES:Excluded from all set up costs are:1) Air-conditioning and Extraction2) Sprinklers3) Shop fronts4) CCTV5) Alarm systemsPAGE 9

Frequently AskedQuestionsQ: What are the set up costs of a Dream NailsBeauty Franchise?A: Kindly refer to the tabulated information on page 9.Q: What type of premises are preferred orrequired?A: A 55 to 75 square metre premises within a wellsituated convenience centre within a Living StandardMeasure (LSM) region of 7 to 10 is required.Q: May I own multiple Dream Nails Beautysalons?A: Yes you may.Q: How do I apply to become a Dream Nails BeautyFranchisee?A: Please complete the application form sent to you in fulland send it back to [email protected] alongwith the following documents:1. Your ID Document or Passport.2. Company Registration documents (CIPC documents).3. A Marriage Certificate if applicable.4. A utility account not older than 3 months as proof ofaddress, or similar acceptable document from the Bankwhich has been stamped by your branch.5. Proof of funding available for the purchase of thefranchise – not your daily transactional banking accountstatement, unless the available funds show on thestatement.Please note that withholding of information canprevent your application from being approved.Contact Details: For more information, please [email protected] or visit our website to download the applicationform.We look forward to receiving your applicationand welcoming you to our Dream Nails Beautybrand!PAGE 10

Franchise Fee * 100 000 TOTAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED** 765 800* The Investment Opportunity: R100 000 franchise licence fee. 3% franchise management fee on turnover up to R150 000. 3% franchise marketing fee on turnover up to R150 000. R4500 excluding VAT, on turnover from R150 001 and upwards, Franchise