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AGENDAThe backgroundWhat is Hosted365?What is included?Who is the target audience?What are the main benefits of Hosted365 for SMBs?How can you sell Hosted365?More tools and information2 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

The backgroundMany small businesses are using cloud applicationsand experiencing benefits never seen before7142009 201271% of SMBs are looking fortechnology to enable their staffto work anywhere anytime2015The average number of cloudbusiness applications usedby SMBs is growing fastSource: Microsoft3 . A guideline for selling Hosted365Source: Parallels80% of SMBs experiencedimprovements within six monthsafter moving to the cloudSource: CSC

What is Hosted365 ?Hosted365 is a cloud workspace which provides access anywhere to thebest cloud applications (email, calendar, collaboration, video conferencing,email marketing, documents.) across all devices through a user-friendlyhosted desktop.Hosted365 enables organizations to work from anywhere and at anytime,with professional applications, avoiding IT hassle and getting the best valueat an affordable monthly fee.4 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

What does Hosted365 include?Gateway4Cloud, the user-friendly cloud desktopto access and manage all business apps fromone point of access through a single sign-on.Fully customizable and optimized end-userexperience.MailArchiving provides an additional mailboxassociated with the users primary mailbox, andwhich appears alongside the primary mailbox inOutlook and the Outlook Web App.Microsoft Exchange, cloud-based email, 25GBmailbox, calendar, task list and contacts withalways up-to-date protection from malwareCakeMail is an email marketing tool whichenables the user to easily develop and schedulemarketing campaigns and track their results.Microsoft SharePoint, cloud-based service forcreating internal sites and websites to connectcolleagues, partners and customers. The idealcollaboration tool.Data is critical for every business. BackupAgentprovides a proper backup/recovery solution forevery day use.Microsoft Lync, instant messaging, presenceand online meetings with PC-audio an HD videoconferencing.SpamExperts strips your customers email ofspam and viruses before it gets to your server.Office Web Apps for viewing, creating andsharing MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel andOneNote documents. Full license available asan option.StopTheHacker, secure websites with reputationand blacklist monitoring and automatic malwaredetection and removal.Windows Web Hosting with Windows Web Appsand Microsoft SQL database included. First yeardomain name registration included for free(gTLD)Parallels SiteBuilder, professional site builder toeasily create and update websites. No technicalknowledge needed.5 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

Who is the target audience?The target market for Hosted365 includes small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)and small office/home office (SOHO). With tools for flexible business modeling, you canoffer a broad range of services that go from basic email up to higher value services, suchas providing additional storage, Web hosting, backup, anti-spam, web conferencing,email marketing The ideal customer profile: Is usually a decentralized business with multipleoffices, home offices and traveling sales staff Is looking for a flexible online workspace Is committed to a subscription-based pricing model Prefers to pay monthly, or yearly Aspires to strong customer support on cloud servicesand knowledge of security Prefers the added value of a real partnership andadvise (not just a vendor relationship) Is willing to pay for value6 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

How Hosted365 addresses the business challenges ofSMBs?7 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

How to sell Hosted365 to SMBs?Hosted365 is a solution specifically built to address SMBs’ businesschallenges and get the best value adopting the cloud with one of a kindtechnology. This guide is designed to help you drive your Hosted365 sales.Just follow these four easy steps:8 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

How to sell Hosted365 to SMBs?Identify customers and their biggest challenges with technologyStart the discussion asking customers what their current use of cloud applications isand what their biggest challenges with this technology are. With this information you willidentify customer’s top pain points and you can focus the discussion and showing howHosted365 can help them.What is your current use of cloud services? Email, instant messaging, hosting, storage, ?What are your biggest challenges with your current technology?9 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

How to sell Hosted365 to SMBs?ChallengeStaying connected on the goShare and connect withcolleagues and partnersManaging ITThe cost of technologyMain concernsSell the added value of Hosted365 by addressing key pain points- Limited remote access to informationis reducing effectiveness.- Slow response to customer inquirieswhen on the go.- Failure of teams to communicate andcollaborate effectively acrossgeographic locations.- Inefficiency caused by disconnectedtechnology from multiple vendors.- Unreliable technology.- Too much time spent managingtechnology.- Using free consumer technologybecause the high cost of businesstechnology- Using old technology – too costly toupgrade.Focus on your business and not yourIT.There is no need to spend thousandson licensing fees on hardware orsoftware; get enterprise grade businesstools (optimized for SMBs) for anaffordable monthly fee.Selling pointsGateway4Cloud enables you to workfrom virtually anywhere and anytimewith access to your files and appsacross all your devices.Sign in from any PC for quick access toyour latest files, updated presentationsor schedule and measure a emailmarketing campaign.Respond quickly to customer requestsby being able to see who’s online fromyour mobile device.Improve your team productivity witheasy to use collaboration tools like MSExchange, Lync and SharePoint.Save documents in the cloud bydefault, share them withcustomers/partners and be in control ofwho gets access.Conduct professional meetings withcolleagues, customers and partners,through presence, IM, voice and videoconferencing.10 . A guideline for selling Hosted365Use easy-to-use services that help youkeep your information secure and isthere when you need it.Gateway4Cloud allows you to easilyadd and remove users as required byyour business needs.Easily manage email settings, controlaccess rights Pay an affordable one-year or monthlysubscription, without upfront servercosts.Completely managed softwareupdates, hardware and platformmaintenance and hardware upgrades.

How to sell Hosted365 for SMBs?ChallengeSimplify and overly complex ITenvironmentCloud SecurityAdapt to my business needs- Using free email accounts.- Using consumer tools for connectingonline and sharing files (Skype,dropbox )- Show a cheap business image- Manage different solutions fromdifferent URLs with different logincredentials.- Deal with different interfaces andlook and feels.- Keep data secure and available.- Control applications access and userrights.- Worry about internet threats.- Need for a solution that can growwith the business.With MS Exchange, you get access tobusiness email on your company’sdomain name and a 25 gigabytemailbox.Gateway4Cloudo offers a centralizedone-click access to all your businessapps.Selling pointsMake a professional impressionMain concernsSell the value added of Hosted365 by addressing key pain pointsHold effective online meetings throughLyncUse a professional interface that is fullycustomizable to access your businessapps, and giving a innovative image ofyour business.Easily build your own professionalwebsite with Parallels Site Builder.Primary takeaway afteraddressing all concernsAccess critical business applicationsand files through one familiar userfriendly environment with a single signon.Fully customizable desktop by the enduser with the possibility to reorder appsfor new users, easy creation of newcategories and tiles for favorite apps,links, files or folders.Access, save and share informationthrough a highly secured environmentrunning in a Tier 4 datacenter inLuxemburg. Reduce the complexity ofsecuring business information.Get always up to date protectionagainst malware, spam, phishingattacks, an other email threats.Get peace of mind that your informationwill be available with a financiallybacked uptime guarantee andautomatic backup.Easily add and remove users asrequired by your business needs.As an administrator, easily grant usersaccess to the applications they need foreveryday use.No need for additional software to beinstalled.Add additional options and pay for whatyou use.Hosted365 is the best cloud solution optimized for SMBs to help them work safely fromanywhere-anytime, looking professional, avoiding IT hassle and getting the best value at anaffordable monthly fee.11 . A guideline for selling Hosted365DEMO

How to sell Hosted365 for SMBs?Main concernsManage common objections12 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

How to sell Hosted365 for SMBs?Main concernsPlan the next stepsIdentify follow-up activities to solve possible doubts and close the sale (budget, needs,timeline, decision maker, concerns.)Send info requested and offer a sign up for a free trial – justgive away a monthly subscription for end-user test purposesEvaluate and test the customer requirements - migration ofemail, website etc.Begin customer implementation planning – ask for our help ifyou need it.13 . A guideline for selling Hosted365

More tools and informationWe offer you our knowledge and experience so you can promote awarenessthroughout your customer base. You will benefit from plenty of other Hosted365sales resources as images, logos, banners, customer presentations, product sheets,customer stories etc on myLuxCloud, our sales partner portal.Join forces and grow togetherLuxCloud can give you marketing assistance to be even more successful in sellingyour cloud services. You want to execute your own marketing campaign and benefit even morefrom our sales partnership? You do not have the right material at hand or you need specific productbenefits, email templates, website content or product banners?Feel free to contact your account manager to discuss your specific needsat [email protected] . A guideline for selling Hosted365

The essential package for a successful business.

Aspires to strong customer support on cloud services and knowledge of security Prefers the added value of a real partnership and advise (not just a vendor relationship) . LuxCloud can give you marketing assistance to be even more successful in selling your cloud services. You want to execute your own marketing campaign and benefit even more