Oak Hill HerndonA bicyclist goes by new light posts installed along theW&OD trial near Station Street. There are currently34 light posts installed along the W&OD trail.Lights Go UpAlong W&OD TrailPhoto by Ryan Dunn/ The ConnectionOpinion, Page 6 Entertainment, Page 7 Sports, Page 8 Classifieds, Page 10News, Page 4Silver LineOfficially OpensNews, Page 3Oak Hill Resident in‘Shrek the Musical’News, Page 4July 30 - August 5, rndonwww.connectionnewspapers.comConnection July 30 - August 5, 2014 1

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NewsPhotos by Reena Singh/ The ConnectionPeople rushing to get on the first public Silver Line rail cars on Saturday,July 26, at Weihle-Reston East Silver Line station.Local, state and national officials at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for theSilver Line on Saturday.Silver Line Officially OpensBy Reena SinghThe Connectionfter the speeches, after the ribbon-cutting, there was a madrush to board the first publiclyopen rail cars that rolled on theSilver Line heading towards Tysons Corner.“Step back. Doors closing.”Those inside the eight new rail carscheered. Those outside were visibly - andAsome vocally - disappointed.After years of promises, history was being made. Local residents wanted to be apart of it.THE SILVER LINE grand opening ceremony, attended by energetic local, stateand national dignitaries, was held Saturdayat the Wiehle-Reston East Station, a stationthat was only one part of the 2.9 billionproject known as Phase I.Weihle-Reston East toLargo Town Center.“Welcome aboard the Silver Line!” saidWashington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority CEO Richard Sarles. “It’s time toride.”WMATA expects 37 percent of current railriders will experience shorter wait timesthanks to the new project.“The Silver Line is not just a transportation project,” said Fairfax County Board ofSupervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova. “It’sa major transformative initiative.”Tysons Welcomes MetrorailShe and other officials, including Gov.Terry McAuliffe and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, rode the very firstrail cars to the W-RE station before the ceremony.“I just rode the car from Tysons,” said Gov.McAuliffe. “It was smooth, it was right ontime, it was perfect and soon, we’ll all beon it.”See Metrorail, Page 5Arrival of Silver Line to Tysons set toencourage residential development.By Ryan DunnThe Connectionive Silver Line Metro stations located in Reston and Tysons Corner opened to the public on Saturday, July 27. According to a report provided by the WMATA, approximately32,147 people entered or exited at oneof the five new Silver Line stations thatday. The first phase of the Silver Line is a1.7-mile extension from East Falls Churchin Arlington to Wiehle Avenue in Reston.It includes five Metrorail stations:McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro,Spring Hill, and Wiehle-Reston East.FTHE PHASE 1 of the Silver Line cost 2.9 billion to construct. The Metro lineextension in Virginia is planned to expand an additional 11 miles by 2018,connecting the rail system to Dulles International Airport. Many riders seemedrelieved the Silver Line is finally in operation. “I think the Silver Line will betransformative, it is great,” said Restonresident Roz Rakoff who rode the SilverLine out to the Spring Hill metro stationin Tysons.“I think the Silver Line will bring morecorporate business to the area,” saidHerndon resident and retiree Charles E.Walker. “My nephew bought a parkingspace at the Reston station garage.” Thewww.ConnectionNewspapers.comLoudoun County.Costs are expected toexceed 2.7 billion.“It is so exciting to finally see this critically-important raillink become a reality,” remarked U.S.Rep. Gerry Connolly(D-11). “You cansense the excitementin Reston and Tysonsas residents and creative-thinkers lookforward, envisioningbold projects incorporatingsmartgrowth and transitPhoto by Ryan Dunn/ The Connectionoriented economicAn elevator and stairs lead up to metrorails at theand housing develSilver Line Spring Hill metro station. Both Loudounopment.”County Transit and the Fairfax Connector have bus“I think the Silverroutes to Spring Hill metro.Line will make transReston garage was built as a public-private portation issues easier for commuters,” saidpartnership by Comstock Partners and Alex Horwitz, a resident of Fairfax andFairfax County. The county owns the com- middle school teacher. “Although the lackmuter garage, and Metro will collect park- of parking at some of the metro locations ising fees. Rates will be the same as at other bit unusual.” There are no parking garagesMetro garages in the county: 4.85 per day; at the metro station in Tysons, but there are 65 a month for reserved parking; and 75 bike racks and bike lockers. Wiehle-RestonEast is the only Silver Line station with aa year for using the secure bike room.Ultimately the Silver Line will extend to parking garage. “I think the Silver Line willthe Dulles International Airport and into bring a lot of great opportunities,” saidFairfax resident Steven Tricarico, anevents coordinator with Comstock Partners.HOUSING DEVELOPERS are testingto see if metro accessible Tysons willbring in more tenants. Home to twoshopping malls and the corporate headquarters of numerous companies, Tysonscurrently has more stores and jobs thanresidents. Tysons is effectively FairfaxCounty’s central business district and acommercial center with a population of19,627 as of the 2010 census. In June2010, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors adopted a Comprehensive Planfor a Metro-accessible, urban Tysons with100,000 residents. The Plan is designedto take advantage of the new Metro stations and by the year 2050 transformTysons into a walkable urban center.In April, The Ascent, a 25-story highrise on 8421 Broad Street welcomed itsfirst tenants. A second building designedby R2L Architects of Georgetown will beconstructed by the Spring Hill Metro Station. This location will add another 400housing units. The project is one of sevenplanned towers which will be part of the7.8 million-square-foot Spring Hill Station development.For more information on the SilverLine, visit Hill/Herndon Connection July 30 - August 5, 2014 3

NewsPhoto by Bonnie Hobbs/The ConnectionFrom left areGlynnCosker,JenniferLePaige andDevynTinker, whoportrayShrek,PrincessFiona andDonkey,respectively.Oak Hill Resident in‘Shrek the Musical’R.E. Lee Electric Co., Inc. was contractedto install lights along the W&OD trail inthe Town of Herndon. There are 39 lightpoles being installed with this phase ofthe project. A potential future phase oflighting is from Ferndale Avenue toCrestview Drive.By Bonnie HobbsIn July work was done on the historicHerndon depot building to replaceweather damaged board. The depot building was added to the National Register ofHistoric Places in 1979.Lights Go Up Along W&OD TrailConstructionprojectsunderway indowntownHerndon.By Ryan DunnThe Connectionn downtown Herndon construction has been occurringat several locations includingthe Vinehaven townhouse projecton Vine Street. On Spring Streetutility improvements are expectedto continue through mid Augustto replace the existing waterline,install a new sewer line, and install utility conduits and ductbanks along Spring Street, between Elden Street and LocustStreet. The historic Herndon depot building had work done toreplace weather damaged boardand batten siding and repaint therepairs. The contract for this workwas completed by Western LoudounRestoration. “We almost exclusivelydo preservation work,” said Western Loudoun Restoration presidentand carpenter Robert Sanders.IANOTHER PROJECT started inJuly was placement of light postsalong the W&OD Trail which runsthrough downtown Herndon.“The W&OD trail goes rightthrough the heart of our down-The ConnectionPhotos by Ryan Dunn/ The Connectiontown and is well utilized by bothresidents and visitors,” saidHerndon Vice Mayor JenniferBaker. “Lighting the trail will encourage extended daily use andmake it safer for all who use it.”The Northern Virginia RegionalPark Authority enabled this projectby entering into an operatingagreement with the Town ofHerndon, and is the first trail lighting project along the W&OD. TheHerndon Parks and RecreationDepartment had the lead on theproject, and submitted a grantapplication to the Department ofConservation and Recreation,which provided 200,000 inmatching funds to this first phase.The Herndon Department of Public Works oversaw the design andconstruction of the project. “Wetoo are excited for the lights to goon, and expect there will be a ribbon cutting in August,” said CindyRoeder, director of the HerndonParks and Recreation Department.A total of 39 lights have beeninstalled, but they have not yetbeen energized. Dominion Powerwill be supplying the electricity.“This first phase has three sectionsto it, from Ferndale to CenterStreet, from Center Street to Station Street, and from Elden Streetto Van Bureun,” said Randy Schell,a chief of Programs & Project Management at Town of Herndon. TheW&OD Trail is classified as a regional park, maintained by theNorthern Virginia Regional ParkAuthority. It includes 45 miles oftrail from the Shirlington section4 Oak Hill/Herndon Connection July 30 - August 5, 2014of Arlington County to Purcellville,in western Loudoun County.“There are some parts of theW&OD trail which I cannot commute in the dark even with a bikelight,” said Arlington residentKaren Palino, a patron of theGreen Lizard Cycling in Herndon.“I think the lights will be helpful.”A second, future phase of the electric lights will run from FerndaleAvenue to Crestview Drive. Thisphase has not yet received approval by the northern VirginiaRegional Park Authority and Dominion Power.DESIGN OF THE LIGHTS tookinto consideration the concerns ofnearby neighbors, and the lightsare designed to throw light downand onto the trail, not ambientlighting that could intrude intopeoples homes and backyards. TheTown of Herndon will be monitoring the lights and adjust asneeded.“We are delighted to see thelights go up on the trail, this wasa project approved by the priorcouncil in cooperation with theNVRPA,” said Town of HerndonCouncil member Grace H. Wolf.“These lights will provide additional lighting in the early evenings and dusk hours for primarily special events such as theHerndon Festival or Friday NightLive. The lights will increase safetyand allow folks to get home afterour signature events and not haveto walk or bike in the dark! I’mexcited to see them go up.”big green ogre, a princess, a wisecrackingdonkey and a lovestruck dragon – they’ll all beonstage when The AllianceTheatre’s Summer Stars program presents “Shrek the Musical.” And in the title role isOak Hill’s Glynn Cosker.The cast and crew of nearly100 have been working on theshow since May and, when thecurtain rises, they’ll be joined bya 13-piece pit orchestra. Helming his fourth Alliance show,Director Scott Olson says thingsare going really well.“I’ve got an insanely talentedcast,” he said. “My leads arespot-on for their characters, and30 members of our SummerStars theater camp – from thirdthrough eighth grade – are inthe show, too. They’re doingreally high-level dances, tightchoreography and even marching.”Olson said special prostheticswere created to transform actors into ogres and fairytalecharacters, and the costumesand make up will be “amazing,”as will the 26-foot-long, lightup, dragon puppet that exhalessmoke. The scenes take place ina swampy forest, a castle, adragon’s lair, a church and atShrek’s house – an oversizedtree stump.There’s also a moral to thestory. “This show’s about understanding and appreciating others’ differences and acceptingand appreciating yourself forwho you are,” Olson said.Cosker, complete with Scottish accent, portrays Shrek.“He’s an ogre who likes livingby himself in a swamp,” saidCosker. “So he’s surprised to oneAday find dozens of fairytalecreatures there. But he’s notimmune to adventure. Yetwhen he falls in love with Fionaand forms a friendship withDonkey, you see a different sideof him and learn that he actually has a big heart.”Cosker’s been in 30 shows,but calls Shrek one of thefunnest roles he’s ever played.“He’s such a big, full-of-lifecharacter,” said Cosker. “Andthe whole experience – working with the kids and seeingtheir reactions to Shrek – hasbeen wonderful. It’s about 180degrees from my own, nice andintroverted personality. AsShrek, I do lots of yelling andscreaming, so it’s quite therapeutic.”His favorite song, which hesings, is “When Words Fail.” Init, said Cosker, “Shrek’s tryingto get the courage to ask Fionato spend time with him – andworrying what he’ll do if hiswords fail him. The song speaksto his humility as you see himshedding the ogre shell andbecoming more human.”Cosker said the audience willalso enjoy the show’s energyand focus, plus the singers anddancers in the ensemble. “Thechoreography and costumesare awesome,” he said. “Peoplewill step into a different worldfor two hours and have a goodtime.”“Shrek the Musical” will beperformed by The Alliance Theatre at Chantilly High, 4201Stringfellow Road in Chantilly.Show times are: Friday, Aug. 1and 8, at 7:30 p.m.; Saturday,Aug. 2 and 9, at 2 p.m. and7:30 p.m.; and Sunday, Aug. 3and 10, at 2 p.m. Tickets are 16 and can be purchased atwww.TheAllianceTheatre.orgor

NewsMetrorail Seen As‘Game Changer’COMMUNITIES OF WORSHIPWelcoming, Diverse, ProgressiveST. ANNE’SEPISCOPALCHURCH RestonFrom Page 3Several of the speakers following him commentedon the governor’s energy about the project.“Virginia, sir,” he said. “50 states. It’s only the Commonwealth that matters. Nowhere else are they doing what we’re doing today in Virginia.”Laughing, he ordered that Phase II of the SilverLine would be completed the day before his term ofoffice is over.After Phase II is completed, WMATA does not expect there will be another major project until a newstrategic plan is drawn up in 2025.“We are committed to unlocking the region,” saidGov. McAuliffe. “That’s why we’ve been so involvedwith making sure this comes to fruition.”U.S. Reo. Gerry Connolly (D-11) said the road tothe Silver Line has not been easy, however.“There were not many believers,” he said. “We weresued. Some of the people who sued us are in thisroom.”A couple of people in the audience laughed andraised their hands.“This is going to transform our corridor,” he said.U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxxspoke similarly. He likened the road to the Silver Linelike building a cathedral during the medieval era.While the builders did not know what the cathedralwould look like by the end, they finished their work.“The work of transportation is really the work ofgenerations,” he said. “Today is the day to celebratewww.ConnectionNewspapers.com8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite I10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite II5:00 p.m. Come Just as You Are Contemporary ServicePhoto by Reena Singh/The ConnectionGov.Terry McAuliffe is interviewed by themedia moments after stepping off theSilver Line rail car on the way to theextension’s grand opening Saturday.Nursery care provided at 10:00 a.m. serviceThe Rev. James Papile, RectorThe Rev. Laura Cochran, Assoc. Rector703-437-6530www.stannes-reston.org1700 Wainwright Dr., RestonbTo Highlightyour FaithCommunity,Call Karen at703-917-6468the voice of yes being stronger than the voice of no.”SUPERVISOR Catherine Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill)spoke as a WMATA board member and as a longtimeresident of Reston.“When many of us moved to Reston, we were toldthat rail was coming,” she said. “We didn’t think itwould take 48 years to come.” She said that Reston’smotto of live, work and play will be taken beyondthe town boundaries with the new Metro line.“These five stations really make a game changerfor the county,” she said.But a ribbon cutting and a train ride is just thebeginning, said Supervisor John Foust (D Dranesville). Foust was not a speaker at the event,but also had the opportunity to ride the Metro lineon the way to the event.“This will really affect the quality of life and jobshere,” he said. “It will create the opportunity todevelop new communities around the metro stopsthat will become vibrant places to live, to workand to play.”You Can Make a DifferenceCats benefit from being in a foster home. We needlong- and short-term fosters for cats of all ages,mothers with litters and kittens on their own.Consider Fosteringvisit our website, click on ParticipateAdopt/Donate/Volunteer at www.lostdogrescue.orgOak Hill/Herndon Connection July 30 - August 5, 2014 5

OpinionOak Hill & HerndonFinally, Marriage Rights Protected in Virginian July 28, 2014, in affirming that that ‘all men’ are created equal. Surely thisVirginia’s ban on same-sex mar- means all of us. While ever-vigilant for theriage is unconstitutional, Circuit wisdom that can come from the voices of ourJudge Henry F. Floyd writes:voting public, our courts have never long tol“We recognize that same-sex marriage makes erated the perpetuation of laws rooted in unsome people deeply uncomfortable. However, lawful prejudice. One of the judiciary’s noblestinertia and apprehension are not legitimate endeavors is to scrutinize laws that emergebases for denying same-sex couples due pro- from such roots.cess and equal protection of the laws.“Plaintiffs assert that the restrictionCivil marriage is one of the corneron their freedom to choose to marryEditorial the person they love infringes on thestones of our way of life. It allows individuals to celebrate and publicly derights to due process and equal protecclare their intentions to form lifelong partner- tion guaranteed to them under the Fourteenthships, which provide unparalleled intimacy, Amendment of the United States Constitution.companionship, emotional support, and secu- These challenges are well-taken rity. The choice of whether and whom to marry“The Court is compelled to conclude thatis an intensely personal decision that alters the Virginia’s Marriage Laws unconstitutionallycourse of an individual’s life. Denying same- deny Virginia’s gay and lesbian citizens thesex couples this choice prohibits them from fundamental freedom to choose to marry.”participating fully in our society, which is precisely the type of segregation that the Fourteenth Amendment cannot countenance.”Judge Arenda Wright Allen, on Valentine’sDay, 2014, ruled that Virginia’s ban on samesex marriage is unconstitutional, writing:“A spirited and controversial debate is underway regarding who may enjoy the right toOur 2014 Insider’s Edition Newcomers andmarry in the United States of America. America Community Guides, will publish the last weekhas pursued a journey to make and keep our of August.What tips do you have for someone gettingcitizens free. This journey has never been easy,and at times has been painful and poignant. to know your community? What do you wishThe ultimate exercise of our freedom is choice. you had discovered sooner?We’re hoping to share the special places, acOur Declaration of Independence recognizesOHelp withNewcomers AndCommunity Guidestivities, events, organizations, volunteer opportunities and more that make each community what it is. Tell us your favorite park; letus know what events are not to be missed.Give a shout out to organizations that do agreat job. Share your best volunteer experiences. Do you have tips for navigating yourPTA or your school’s front office? We’d loveto have your photos to go along with yoursuggestions.Faith organizations, nonprofit organizations,clubs, environmental groups, advocacy groups,youth sports teams and others who offer eventsopen to the public are invited to send a paragraph about your organization and how to getinvolved.We will publish a selection of local tips alongwith a plethora of information useful to newcomers and long-time residents alike, including our award-winning Insiders Guide to theParks, information on how to vote and more.See last year’s community guides by goingto scrolling down to Send inyour Insider’s Tips by Thursday, Aug. 14.For information on advertising, [email protected] or call 703778-9431.— Mary Kimm,[email protected] the Silver Line—Day OneNo doubt about it: The Silver Line isa game changer for Reston.By John LovaasReston Impact Producer/Hostwas kind of excited about theopening of the Reston(Wiehle-Reston East) Metrostation on Saturday. In fact, Franand I decided to take a ride on Silver—after we closed the RestonFarmers Market at noon and hadour nap, of course. We could havewalked to the station, but wedrove instead—on the groundsthat we had had our walking exercise for the day. At 3:30 parkingwas no problem. Inside, the station looked and felt new, and itwas not crowded so we easily gotto a waiting train—a long one,about half full. We noticed that ourcar looked new as well—it had theshiny new, easy to clean hard surface floors and the electronic signsindicating the stations. After acouple of minutes, a clear voiceannounced, “Welcome to the Silver Line to Largo, Maryland,” andwe were off! Soon, maybe 10 minutes later, we were in Tysons. Twoobservations about the rideIIndependent Progressivethrough the four Tysons stations.First, as I expected, it seemed likea long time to go a relatively shortdistance. This is the Silver Line’sbig design flaw—two or three stations too many. But, second,Tysons does look a lot nicer froman elevated train car than it doesfrom street level.Then, it was on to East FallsChurch where the new Silver Linetrack joins the existing OrangeLine. Note: several people haveasked us where one must changetrains to go all the way fromReston to Largo, the other end of6 Oak Hill/Herndon Connection July 30 - August 5, 2014the Silver Line. The answer is nowhere. No train changes at all. Youarrive in Largo in the same seatyou got at Reston. The trainchanges designations as it goes—i.e., it starts in Reston as the Silver Line; becomes Silver and Orange at East Falls Church; changesto Silver, Orange and Blue atRosslyn station; and, at Stadium/Armory it drops the Orange nameand proceeds on to Largo as theSilver and Blue lines. In fact, wecould have kept the same seatroundtrip! Because, when we gotto Largo, our train simply changeddirections and became the SilverLine (and Blue, etc.) to Reston!We did get off the train at Eastern Market on our way to Largo.Eastern Market is about the oldest farmers market in the metroregion, and the Reston FarmersMarket’s co-Market Masters (Franand I) could not resist the opportunity to visit one of the old classic markets. And, we got a nicesurprise there. One of our Restonvendors, Wisteria Gardens, has astand in Eastern Market. The ladytending the stand told us she’dheard Reston was a great market!Back on the train, we soon passedthe Morgan Road station, just ashort walk from the Fedex Fieldwhere we and daughter Jenni sawthe Redskins beat the Green BayPackers last season. It turned outto be their last win of that season.Then, we sat back and read thenewspaper and watched the scenery (when above ground) on theway to Largo and then headingback home. We would make onemore stop—to reward our hardwork with dinner at Coastal Flatsin Tysons Corner, a restaurant wehad not visited because Tysons issuch a hassle. But, the Silver Linechanged that. We had a nice seafood dinner at the bar and walked10 minutes back for our comfortable Silver Line ride to Reston.Love hearing the announcement aswe returned westward—“This isthe Silver Line to Reston!” Nodoubt about it. The Silver Line isa game changer for Reston. Howwe manage the change remains tobe seen. I would feel much moreconfident if we were a self-governing town or city making our owndecisions on how we grow from60,000 to twice that many. Thereis no question however that theSilver Line will enable us to see alot more of our region than wecurrently do. And, imagine walking to a comfortable train whizzing us to Dulles Airport, [email protected] independent, locally owned weeklynewspaper deliveredto homes and businesses.Published byLocal Media Connection LLC1606 King StreetAlexandria, Virginia 22314Free digital edition delivered toyour email box. Go DEPARTMENT:To discuss ideas and concerns,Call: mKemal KurspahicEditor [email protected] RehmatullaEditorial Assistant703-778-9410 [email protected] SinghCommunity mJon RoetmanSports Editor oetmanVictoria RossCounty Reporter ING:For advertising m TaiediDisplay s.comAndrea SmithClassified Advertising, bie FunkNational ditor & PublisherMary yKimmExecutive Vice PresidentJerry [email protected] in ChiefSteven MaurenManaging EditorKemal KurspahicPhotography:Deb Cobb, Louise Krafft,Craig SterbutzelArt/Design:Laurence Foong, John HeinlyProduction Manager:Geovani FloresSpecial Assistant to the PublisherJeanne [email protected]: 703-778-9426Circulation Manager:Linda

FRIDAY/AUG. 8CalendarMONDAY/AUG. 4-FRIDAY/AUG. 8Mixed Media Journey into FineArts for Young Artists.º9 a.m.-12p.m. ArtSpace Herndon, 750 CenterStreet, Herndon. Students ages 9-14will learn how to create uniquedesigns, representational artwork,and impressionistic pieces usingpencils, graphite, caran d’ache,pastels, pens, watercolors, acrylicsand other mediums.º 180. Pleasecontact the instructor, Artist MelanieZ. Stanley, to register for the class deadline is the Friday prior to the following week’s paper. Photos/artworkencouraged.TUESDAY/JULY 29 - SUNDAY/AUG. 24Riches from RAGS Exhibit. ArtSpaceHerndon, 750 Center Street,Herndon. Fine art by the 11 artists ofReston Art Gallery & Studios (RAGS) 4THURSDAY/JULY 30Herndon Farmers Market. 8 a.m.12:30 p.m. Thursdays, May 1-Nov.13. Twelve Vendors sell a variety ofproducts including kettle corn andfresh made Italian pasta. Old TownHerndon, 700 Block of Lynn Street,Herndon. mkt.htmTHURSDAY/JULY 31 - SUNDAY/AUG. 3Fairfax County 4-H Fair andCarnival. 10 a.m. Frying Pan FarmPark, 2709 West Ox Road, Herndon.Old-fashioned carnival with games,rides, 4-H exhibits, animal shows,and entertainment. Admissions: Free;Cost varies for some rides. 703-4379101.FRIDAY/AUG. 1Andre Enceneat. 8 p.m. NextStopTheatre Company, 269 Sunset ParkDrive, Herndon. An WAMMIE-awardwinning pop, jazz and R&B artist, hassung back up for George Benson andis member of the renown UptownVocal Jazz Quartet. Mr. Enceneatpresents an evening of intimate jazzstandards featuring Jazz pianist PeteFrassrand. 20/ or 866-811-4111.Friday Night Live! Laura Lea &View fine art by the 11 artists of Reston Art Gallery &Studios (RAGS) at ArtSpace Herndon from July 29 – Aug.24.Tripp Fabulous. 6:30 p.m. - 10:30p.m. Town Green Herndon, 777 LynnStreet. Enjoy a night of rock musicfeaturing covers and original songs.Free Admission. 703-481-6133.SATURDAY/AUG. 2The Divas of NextStop. 8 p.m.NextStop Theatre Company, 269Sunset Park Drive, Herndon. Aspecial night dedicated to some ofthe lovely ladies that have graced theNextStop stage! Featuring AnyaNebel (Caroline, or Change), KatieMcManus (Into the Woods, SideShow), Kristen Garaffo (tick, tick,BOOM!, Blood Brothers) and NoraPalka (Into the Woods). 20/ or 866-8114111.Series – Jeffery Broussard &the Creole Cowboys. 7:30-10 p.m.Reston Town Center Pavillion, 11900Market Street, Reston. It’s ajambalaya from the bayou withLouisiana zydeco, high-energy blues.703-579-6720.SUNDAY/AUG. 3DC Cabaret Network Showcase.6:30 p.m. NextStop Theatre Company,269 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon. TheDC Metropolitan region is home to athriving community of cabaretperformers. Listen to a few remarkablevoices that are leading the charge.Starring Cindy Hutchins, Lonny Smith,Steve Cupo, Tracy Simpson and HelenHayes Award -Winning Music DirectorGeorge Fulginiti-Shakar. 20/ or 866-811-4111.A Mixed Media Approach toCreative Expression! 5:30-8:30p.m. ArtSpace Herndon, 750 CenterStreet, Herndon. Explore your artistsvoice as you learn differenttechniques for drawing, painting,collage and mixed media on a varietyof surfaces. 30. To register emailMelanie Zucker Stanely [email protected] or call at703-471-6766.TUESDAY/AUG. 5National Night Out. Times TBD.Herndon Neighborhoods. Join theHerndon Police Department incelebrating this national event whichaims to heighten crime preventionand awareness within thecommunity. 703-435-6846.WEDNESDAY/AUG. 6Frying Pan Farm Stand. 8 a.m.12:30 p.m. 2709 West Ox Road,Herndon. The Frying Pan Farm Standwill be able to offer customers awider variety of produce such aslettuce, tomatoes, greens, squash,peaches, berries, and arm-stand/Reston Concerts on the TownDarden Purcell. 8 p.m. NextStopTheatre Company, 269 Sunset ParkDrive, Herndon. Dr. Purcell is aNorthern Virginia based jazzvocalist. She has p

bike racks and bike lockers. Wiehle-Reston East is the only Silver Line station with a parking garage. "I think the Silver Line will bring a lot of great opportunities," said Photo by Ryan Dunn/ The Connection An elevator and stairs lead up to metrorails at the Silver Line Spring Hill metro station. Both Loudoun