OFFICIAL NOTICE & AGENDAA Rib Mountain Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee will meet in the meeting room of theRib Mountain Municipal Building, 227800 Snowbird Avenue on Thursday, August 20, 2020, at7:30 a.m. and is called in accordance to § 19.83 and § 19.84. The Town Board may attend forpurposes of gathering information. Subject matter for consideration and possible action follows:I.II.III.IV.CALL MEETING TO ORDERSAFETY MOMENTAPPROVE MINUTESREPORTSa. Reports from other groups Representatives.i. Metro (John Beatty / Gaylene)b. Staff Reports from Scott / Gaylenei. Trillium Trail Construction - Updateii. Swan Avenue Construction - UpdateV.NEW BUSINESSa. Trail namesb. Dedicated Officer for Rib MountainVI. OLD BUSINESSc. Bike Rack - Glass Nickel Pizza, Becca’s, Sandy’s Bark Parkd. Trillium Trail ridee. Swam Ave ridef. Trillium Trail Phase II discussion (extending off-road trail from Foxglove south)VII. REPORTS FROM MEMBERSVIII. ITEMS FOR TOWN BOARDIX. SET NEXT MEETING – Thursday, September 17, 2020, 7:30 AM.X.ADJOURNIn addition to attendance in person at the location described above, Board members and thepublic may attend by video conference. The following is the information for the video/phoneconference:Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or 996053. You can also dial in using your phone. 1 (872) 240-3311. Access Code: 195-996-053Please note that, upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabledindividuals through appropriate aids and services. For additional information or to request thisservice, contact the Rib Mountain Municipal Center at (715) 842-0983.

RIB MOUNTAIN PEDESTRIAN AND BICYCLE SAFETY COMMITTEEJULY 16, 20207:30 A.M.Attendees: Chairperson Andrea Larson, John Brauer and via video conference Mark Clark,John Beatty and Lori Woldt.Excused: Curt Deininger and Paul Clarke.Staff attendance included Administrator Gaylene Rhoden and Street/Park SuperintendentScott TurnerChair Andrea Larson called the meeting to order at 7:40 am.Minutes: Motion by Beatty/Brauer to approve the June 18, 2020 minutes. Questionedand carried 5:0.Reports:Park Commission – Andrea Larson mentioned that the Park Commission is looking at doing aminor update to the Outdoor Recreation Plan. The plan needs to include the disc golf locationat Liberty Park and the dog park expansion. Superintendent Turner will send out copies ofthe concept plan for the dog park expansion project.Metro – John Beatty said there are no updates.Staff Reports from Scott/Gaylene:Trillium Trail – Turner reported that the Trillium trail project is on schedule. They are waitingon lumber for the boardwalk. The Public Works crew assisted with widening and preppingthe northern end. There will be crosswalks at Orchid and Clover.Swan Avenue Construction- The project is anticipated to start next week. The contractor isfinishing another project. The road should be completed by mid-September. It was noted thatthe contract calls for a September 18 substantial completion date.New Business – No new business was reported.Old Business51/29 Tunnel Mural- There are no new updates.Bike Rack-Glass Nickel Pizza- The bike rack for the Glass Nickel was purchased. Turner hadreached out to Curt Deininger to see if the South Side Business Association could pay for therack. It was noted that funds could come from the Rib Mountain Community ImprovementFoundation if needed. The Committee discussed other locations for bike racks. It was notedthat Becca’s does not have one. When approached, they indicated that they could not affordit. Staff is working on requiring developers to put in bike racks with a project if feasible.Trillium Trail Ride – Andrea Larson shared the two routes. She would be reaching out to localbusinesses to see if participants could park in their lots. She wanted staff to check to see if itis okay for participants to also park at the Fire Station. The dates for the event areSeptember 22 and 27. The intent is to schedule the ribbon cutting ceremony with theSeptember 22 ride.Swan Ave Ride – The Swan ride is tied into the Trillium ride.

Trillium Trail Phase II – It was recommended that project be planned out with GPS next year.Report from Members –Andrea Larson noted the Trilithon events from Iron Bull will be held in Rib Mountain. Shestated there has been a good turnout for events that are self-paced.Administrator Rhoden noted that the new Town dedicated Deputy, Cassandra Seubert, willstart September 1. She will also be participating in the monthly Bicycle & PedestrianCommittee meetings. Deputy Paul Clarke would be stepping down.Administrator Rhoden reminded Committee members to review the Town’s draftComprehensive Plan. The Town Board and Plan Commission will be meeting next Tuesday todiscuss it. Comments should be forwarded onto Director of Community Development JaredWehner.Items for Town Board – The dates for the Trillium rides will be shared with the Board.NEXT MEETING DATE: The next meeting will be on August 20, 2020.Adjourn: Motion by Clark/Beatty to adjourn at 8:30 a.m. Questioned and carried 5:0.Submitted byGaylene Rhoden, Recording Secretary

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Bike Rack-Glass Nickel Pizza-The bike rack for the Glass Nickel was purchased. Turner had reached out to Curt Deininger to see if the South Side Business Association could pay for the rack. It was noted that funds could come from the Rib Mountain Community Improvement Foundation if needed. The Committee discussed other locations for bike racks.