CAMPUS OBSERVATIONSClassrooms Some unused due to decline inenrollment Room sizes vary from inadequate to large Inefficiencies in some Art and Scienceroom layouts Two floors; DHH program only exists onsecond floor, separate from other classes Not all science rooms have sinks or areadequate for lab work Loud HVAC/high ceilings createacoustical issues in some classrooms Fine Arts rooms tightly scheduled Desire for wireless technology inclassrooms Portables are old/in bad conditionFood ServiceSupport Spaces Outdoor lunch queue has no shade orrain cover; once inside, multiple adjacentexits No delivery entrance; all deliveriesthrough office or student areas of campus Need for more adequate office space(e.g., Psych, custodial staff) Staff Lounge currently housed in vacantclassroom; if enrollment increases, willneed to accommodate elsewhere Health office & teacher workroom verysmallMulti-Purpose Room MPR and stage are undersized MPR in use every period of day forclasses; limits availability for use Additional classroom could be used formusic, but requires soundproofing Stage could be used as small classroom(moveable partition) Additional small exterior platform, nearMPR; lacks shadeCAMPUS OVERVIEWVenado Middle School is a 7-8 seasonal school situated directly adjacent to Deerfield Elementary School and DeerfieldCommunity Park in a quiet residential setting. The neighborhood in which the school resides has access to both the I-5and the 261 toll road.Classrooms line the main central hallway on two floors. The main Administration and the Media Center reside on thefirst floor of the school, nearest the parking lot, while the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) is located at the end of thehallway at the posterior side of the building.Venado supports a large DHH curriculum (Deaf or Hard of Hearing) as well as after school classes, such as HomeworkClub and other ACE (After-school Classroom Enrichment) programs. Another unique program at Venado Middle Schoolis the WEB program (Where Everybody Belongs), in which every seventh grade student is mentored by an eighth gradestudent for the duration of the school year.Venado is a California Distinguished School as well as an NCLB National Blue Ribbon School. Science, music, health, andart are important components of the curriculum. A school-wide Positive Behavior Support Plan has been established torecognize students for their positive behavior. The acronym HONOR stand for Honest, On time, Noble, On task, andRespectful/Responsible.Mission Statement: “To lead each student to recognize their greatest gifts and to reach their highest potential.”Site Analysis – Canyon View Elementary SchoolVenadoMiddle SchoolLPAGeneral Condition & InfrastructureBuilding Systems Old lighting (high pressure sodium) slowto turn on; not a lot of natural daylightthroughout Need more storage space on server andincreased bandwidth Need better ways to separate publicspaces from private when used bycommunity Graffiti is an issue on weekends/vacations Issues with air quality in Classrooms Insufficient lights in parking area Portables are old and ready forreplacement HVAC is provided by an air handler thatwas installed during 2005 modernization Chiller is 1995 vintage and in OK shape All equipment is controlled by CarrierEMS School has photovoltaic panelsLandscaping and Outdoor Spaces Central courtyard has planter walls, butnot adequate shade aside from lunchseating; may hinder use for outdoorlearning Could use more functional landscaping tosupport outdoor learning opportunities Other areas around building provideeither little shade or inadequate seating Inadequate PE facilities for inclementweatherVehicular Access/ Parking/ Drop-Off Congested parking lot due to shared usewith elementary schoolSchool Pride Foyer used to display school/ studentachievements; student work displayedthroughout first floor12025 Yale Court Irvine, CA 926204 Deerfield Avenue Irvine, CA 92604Site AnalysisLPA

CRVenado Middle SchoolSCHOOL uilding SF:Portable SF:2010/11 Enrollment:Existing CapacityYear Built:Modernization:Site Acreage:# Portables:CRDHHLEVEL 2DHH7-865,1125,9406528451976200417.36DHHCLASSROOM MIN.SHARDCOURTSComp.PARKING( /- 71)*Stage too small to be full classroom;MPR used for music classesLRLIBRARY/MEDIAPEMEASURES OF QUALITY -LRSCRCRSDCNatural DaylightingControllability (Daylight, Lighting, exibility in ClassroomsCRAccess to TechnologyCRCollaborationCRStudent DisplayLEGENDPhysical EducationSecondary tsMPRUTILIZATION LEGENDMain EntryCirculation Wayfinding/ Entry/ WelcomeLUNCHAREAComp.141408112132Science/ Art LabSpecialty ClassroomSpecial Ed ClassroomParkingPortable (Color based onProgram)TreesOther SpacesCRCSAMELRADSDCPSDHHPEShopComp.Regular ClassroomCommonsScienceArtMusicElectiveLocker RoomAdvisementSpecial EducationProject SuccessDeaf & Hard of Hearing Prog.Physical EducationShop ClassroomComputer LabLibrary/ MediaFunctional LandscapingEnergy ConsumptionGeneral Condition4 Deerfield Avenue Irvine, CA 92604CRGeneral Classroom (4 Portables)ArtScience (1 Portable)Music*Special Ed./DHH/SAI/SDCElective (1 Portable)Physical EducationComputer LabShop ClassTOTALSite Analysis – Venado Middle SchoolDHH10.20.11LPA

211864510Venado Middle School8Planters in courtyard7Covered basketball courts, lockers, outdoor sports courts1Service EntranceBasketball courts near play fieldsLunch Shelter93Parking Lot76Bike Racks41011Walkway to tennis courts4 Deerfield Avenue Irvine, CA 92604Main EntranceFront Entry53Site Analysis – Venado Middle School21Main Office910.20.11KEY MAPLPA

211512 141713Venado Middle School19Security Office18 1921Typical administrative office20Conference Room BAssistant Principal’s officePrincipal’s conference room2016Conference Room A1817Administrative Assistant’s office1522Shared teacher workroom4 Deerfield Avenue Irvine, CA 92604Teacher workroomMain Office waiting area1614Site Analysis – Venado Middle School1312Music Office2210.20.11KEY MAPLPA

2533232728Venado Middle School30Typical classroom2432Typical science classroom30 31 29MPR stageTheater OfficeInstrument storage #23132Computer Lab2928Instrument storage #12633Audiology classroom4 Deerfield Avenue Irvine, CA 92604Library workroomLibrary2725Site Analysis – Venado Middle School2423Computer stations on second floor2610.20.11KEY MAPLPA

4243374134Venado Middle School41Food Service35 38 4043View of second floor from main floor36CeramicsBoy’s Locker RoomTypical portable classroom4244Art studio4039Tech Lab3744Open area on first floor near food service4 Deerfield Avenue Irvine, CA 92604Art classroomScience classroom3836Site Analysis – Venado Middle School3534View of library from second floor3910.20.11KEY MAPLPA

Venado is a California Distinguished School as well as an NCLB National Blue Ribbon School. Science, music, health, and art are important components of the curriculum. A school-wide Positive Behavior Support Plan has been established to . Bike Racks Planters in courtyard KEY MAP 2 6 1 7 3 4 5 9 Service Entrance Main Office 5 32 4 8 1 6 7