Table of Contents04Executive SummaryA summary of Tulsa County’s ARP Planand the County’s top five areas of focus.06Project HighlightsA more in-depth look at the projects withinTulsa County’s top five areas of focus.28ARP Fund TrackingA tracking sheet of Tulsa County’s initialfunding for ARP.3

Executive SummaryTulsa County Priorities/Uses of FundsAs of May 2022, Tulsa County has received 126million ( 126,556,338) through the American RescuePlan (ARP). Since 2021, the Tulsa County Officialshave worked amongst elected officials, state andlocal leaders, non-profit organizations and others toallocate funds based on local and federal prioritiesAs of June 30, 2022, 114,022,958.38 has beenawarded to 45 separate projects and approximately 20 million of those awards have been expended.Tulsa County’s ARP Plan focuses on five priorities.The following are Tulsa County’s top priorities:Respond to COVID-19As the COVID-19 pandemic conditions persist, andrecovery efforts continue, Tulsa County continuesto respond. Expenditures in this category includeinternally and externally focused projects. Internally,Tulsa County must ensure that its employeesare able to operate critical functions and provideservices to residents safely. Externally, Tulsa Countycontinues to work with community leaders in variousindustries and sectors to support public health.The Tulsa County Board of Commissionersapproves all ARP expenditures during weeklypublic meetings. The Tulsa County ARP Committeeis an advisory group that meets nearly weekly tohear and discuss project proposals that meet ARPguidelines. The committee consists of the Chair ofthe Board of County Commissioners, two deputycounty commissioners, the Tulsa County Clerk, theTulsa County government affairs director and theTulsa County procurement director. The committeeoften requests assistance from other staff includingthose involved with budget and accounting, legaland communications.Overall, this priority includes a broad approachto public health, including support of expandedmental and physical health services; support fororganizations that provided necessities such afood and shelter; purchasing and dissemination ofpersona protective equipment; supporting accessto testing, remote working assistance and more.The committee has hosted dozens of communityleaders and evaluated many proposals to assessthe overall needs for economic recovery and publichealth in Tulsa County. Representatives havealso brought Tulsa County’s approach to externalcommunity groups, including the Tulsa RegionalChamber Board of Directors, Tulsa CommunityFoundation Funders’ Roundtable, Tulsa AreaUnited Way, Greenwood Chamber, Visit Tulsa, triballeaders, city leaders, area state representatives andsenators, and more.Several key datasets dominate this priority.Internally, Tulsa County tracks its COVID-19 ratesamong more than 1,000 employees to minimizeexposure. Externally, Tulsa County works with theTulsa Health Department to monitor and respond tocounty-wide data trends. Countywide COVID datacan be found ase-2019covid-19/tulsa-county-covid-19-data4

Build InfrastructureSupport Economic Recoveryand DevelopmentTulsa County continues to explore infrastructureneeds that fit into the objectives of ARP fundingas well as those projects that fit within the newBipartisan Infrastructure Plan.Tulsa County supports recovery from the economicdownturn that started in 2020 including economicdevelopment, tourism, workforce development andmore.Replace Lost RevenueKey metrics in the priority include long-standing localstrategies combined with post-pandemic studies,including a Tulsa County CARES funded study in2020 that examined recovery needs. A significantrecommendation focused on a need to upgradeworkforce credentials, training and certificationsacross the region.Tulsa County departments, agencies and authoritieswere negatively impacted by the loss of millions inrevenue due to the economic downturn createdby the pandemic. ARP provides for lost revenue,which Tulsa County is tracking and will balancereplacement revenue with emergency needs dueto COVID-19 within the community. Tulsa Countyhas thus far identified a loss of revenue total of 30,481,408.00.Generate Equity in UnderservedPopulations & CommunitiesMost projects, regardless of its driving priority,will include aspects that drive equity amongunderserved populations and communities. This is akey component of ARP funding and an overarchingpriority for Tulsa County.Tulsa County will shape applicable projects tofocus on improving equity among underservedpopulations and communities, including qualifiedcensus tracts (QCTs).5

Project Highlights6

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-1PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-2Project title:Election Board ExpansionRecipient organization:Tulsa County/Tulsa County Election BoardTreasury expense category:Public health - 1.4Approved amount: 9.2 millionActual payment through June 30: 95,000Project title:OSU Medical Center ExpansionRecipient organization:OSU Medical CenterTreasury expense category:Public health - 1.12Approved amount: 4 millionActual payment through June 30: 2 millionProject description:The Tulsa County Election Board expansion, ledby the election board and Tulsa County Board ofCounty Commissioners, requested 9.2 million topurchase a new building to allow social distancingfor poll workers and voters in accordance withTreasury expense category 1.4 guidelines.Project description:The OSU Medical Center expansion requested 4million to support a major expansion to its existingfacility that focuses on military veterans andmental health in accordance with Treasury expensecategory 1.12 guidelines.The OSU Medical Center serves a large portion ofTulsa’s indigent population and adding veteransand mental health capacity will support equitableoutcomes throughout the community.Increased storage needs due to a significant increasein absentee ballots during recent elections and thephysical layout of the current building impededstandard COVID mitigation practices. A thirdparty evaluation is underway before the purchaseis finalized to ensure the project meets Treasuryguidelines and alternative COVID-mitigationmethods are considered.Additional information provided by recipient:The Tulsa Health Department encouraged thisproject due to the conditions in the existing TulsaCounty Election Board facility – a building that isripe for rapid spread of virus especially duringelection time frames. Tulsa Health DepartmentDirector Dr. Bruce Dart provided a letter in supportof this expansion project.The Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector’s Officeprovided guidance on this project and was satisfiedthat the expansion met Treasury guidelines.7

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-3requested funds to provide testing supplies, laborand facilities for high volume testing. Tulsa Countyawarded 500,000 to reimburse the Tulsa HealthDepartment for these expenses provided for byTreasury expense category 1.2.Project title:Expo Square HVAC Replacementon Ford Truck ArenaRecipient organization:Tulsa County Public Facilities AuthorityTreasury expense category:Public health - 1.4Approved amount: 1.2 millionActual payment through June 30: 1.2 millionAdditional information provided by recipient:Tulsa County COVID ase-2019covid-19/tulsa-county-covid-19-dataPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-5Project title:Council Oak Comprehensive Healthcare CenterMonoclonal Antibody Infusion Center OperationsRecipient organization:Muscogee Nation Department of HealthTreasury expense category:Public health - 1.6Approved amount: 500,000Actual payment through June 30: 500,000Project description:The replacement of HVAC equipment in the largestbarn/arena facility at Expo Square, led by the TulsaCounty Public Facilities Authority, requested 1.2million to replace and update heat, air and ventilationequipment in the Ford Truck Arena, the largestand most utilized barn/arena facility at the TulsaFairgrounds. This building hosts a variety of differententertainment and livestock shows. Expo Squareis the busiest equestrian facility in Oklahoma. Thisproject was necessary to operate this facility with aslittle risk of virus spread as possible for exhibitorsand livestock show participants and spectator. Thisproject was awarded in accordance with Treasuryexpense category 1.4 guidelines.Project description:Council Oak Comprehensive Healthcare CenterMonoclonal Antibody Infusion Center Operations,led by the Muscogee Nation Health Department,requested 500,000 to support an operationsexpansion to open a monoclonal antibody infusioncenter to treat COVID patients in accordance withTreasury expense category 1.6 guidelines.PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-4Project title:Tulsa Health Department Testing ReimbursementRecipient organization:Tulsa Health DepartmentTreasury expense category:Public health - 1.2Approved amount: 500,000Actual payment through June 30: 350,095Project description:COVID-19 testing by the Tulsa Health Departmentwas crucial to the response of the pandemicin Tulsa County.Health Department officials8

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-6PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-8Project title:Expo Facility Usage and Meals for Vaccination DriveRecipient organization:Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority (Expo Square)Treasury expense category:Public health - 1.1Approved amount: 374,598.88Actual payment through June 30: 374,598.88Project title:Expo Square Cash Counting MachinesRecipient organization:Tulsa County Public Facilities AuthorityTreasury expense category:1.7Approved amount: 200,000Actual payment through June 30: 200,000Project description:The Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agencyin conjunction with the Tulsa Health Departmentutilized event space at Expo Square for monthsin support of vaccination programs and responseto the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, 374,598.88was spent to support multiple vaccination programsover a several months. These funds were awardedin accordance with Treasury expense category 1.1guidelines.Project description:Expo Square, led by Tulsa County Public FacilitiesAuthority, requested 200,000 to purchase cashcounting machines to protect workers acceptingcash from hundreds of thousands of patrons duringthe Tulsa State Fair in accordance with Treasuryexpense category 1.7 guidelines.PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-9Project title:Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office MedicalNeeds at Tulsa JailRecipient organization:Tulsa County Sheriff’s OfficeTreasury expense category:1.2Approved amount: 167,202.37Actual payment through June 30: 165,119.22PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-7Project title:Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Specialty VehiclesRecipient organization:Tulsa County Sheriff’s OfficeTreasury expense category:Public health - 1.7Approved amount: 364,790Actual payment through June 30: 325,269Project description:The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office requested 167,202.37 to support COVID-19-related medicalneeds at the Tulsa Jail, including medical supplies,materials and COVID testing equipment, inaccordance with Treasury expense category 1.2guidelines.Project description:The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office requested 364,790to purchase 10 new Ford Explorer patrol vehiclesoutfitted with a device to heat up the inside of thevehicle and make it uninhabitable for the COVID-19virus. This project was considered and approved toenhance the safety and security of both citizens anddeputies in the field responding to pandemic relatedsituations. This was awarded in accordance withTreasury expense category 1.7 guidelines.9

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-10Additional information provided by recipient:Project title:Tulsa County Engineering and Tulsa Area EmergencyManagement Agency OperationsRecipient organization:County ARP FundsTulsa County ARP FundsTulsa County Engineering on behalf of TAEMA TulsaQ4 ReportJune 29, 2022Q4 ReportTreasury expense category:The project to increaseonsite substanceabuse services and mental health servicesJune29, 20221.7began in March 2022. To date, since the project began, we have increased our onstaff number of Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists from one (1) to two (20),Approved amount:thus increasing the availability of and access to onsite substance abuse support by80 hours per week. The project to increase onsite substance abuse 125,000Additionally, we’ve doubledour offeringsonsite grouphealththerapy specificto theservicesandofmentalservicesbegan in MarchActual payment through June 30:children we serve.2022.Todate,sincetheprojectbegan,we have 123,355.44March 2022 – May 2022 our clients have voluntarily utilized the following hours ofonsite services:increased our on-staff number of Certified PeerCounselingadultRecovery Support Specialists from one (1) to two (2),Project description:480 hoursCounseling Child Groupthus increasing the availability of and access to onsiteTulsa County Engineering and the Tulsa Area35 hourssubstance abuse support by 80 hours per week.EmergencyManagementAgency(TAEMA)Peer Recovery Support Services – Substance AbuseIndividual 10 hoursrequested 125,000 to support TAEMA’s operationalGroup 24 hoursAdditionally, we’ve doubled our offerings of onsiteresponse to COVID-19 by adding message boards,therapy specific to the children we serve.barricades, traffic drums and speed bumps atLeslieorClingenpeel, groupMSSL, CDSVRPExecutiveDirectoraround testing and other pandemic related facilitiesMarch 2022 – May 2022 our clients have voluntarilyand events in accordance with Treasury expenseutilized the following hours of onsite services:category 1.7 guidelines.Counseling adult480 hoursCounseling Child Group35 hoursPROJECT HIGHLGHT 1-11Project title:The Spring Shelter Support of Mental Health andSubstance Abuse ServicesRecipient organization:The Spring ShelterTreasury expense category:1.11Approved amount: 110,900Actual payment through June 30: 110,900Peer Recovery Support Services – Substance AbuseIndividual 10 hoursGroup 24 hoursLeslie Clingenpeel, MSSL, CDSVRPExecutive DirectorProject description:The Spring Shelter requested 110,900 to supportmental health and substance abuse services inaccordance with Treasury expense category 1.11guidelines.10

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-12PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-14Project title:Tulsa County Alternative Courts Social DistancingRecipient organization:Tulsa County Alternative CourtsTreasury expense category:1.4Approved amount: 62,507Actual payment through June 30: 62,442.09Project title:Tulsa County Court Services Pretrial ReleaseSocial DistancingRecipient organization:Tulsa County Court ServicesTreasury expense category:1.4Approved amount: 30,480.63Actual payment through June 30: 29,255.25Project description:Alternative Courts social distancing program, led bythe Tulsa County District Court requested 62,507to build cubicles and separate workspaces thatwould help protect employees and clients withincongregate settings. Prior to these separatedspaces, it was common to gather many people inone crowded area. This has enhanced the healthand public safety of hundreds to people involvedin the courts system. The project was consideredand awarded in accordance with Treasury expensecategory 1.4 guidelines.Project description:Tulsa County Court Services requested 30,480.63to make individual workstations for employees at thepretrial release program at the Tulsa Jail to supportreduced jailtime for inmates in congregate settingsin accordance with Treasury expense category 1.4guidelines.PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-15Project title:TAEMA Rapid COVID 19 Testing KitsRecipient organization:Tulsa Area Emergency Management AgencyTreasury expense category:1.2Approved amount: 10,625Actual payment through June 30: 10,550PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-13Project title:Tulsa County Election Board Single-Use PensRecipient organization:Tulsa County Election BoardTreasury expense category:1.8Approved amount: 37,812.75Actual payment through June 30: 0Project description:The Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agencyrequested funds for rapid COVID-19 testing forTulsa County employees and affiliates. This projectwas awarded based on Treasury expense category1.2 guidelines.Project description:The Tulsa County Election Board requested 37,812.75 to provide single-use pens to all votersin accordance with Treasury expense category 1.8guidelines.11

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-16PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-1Project title:BA Seniors HEPA Filtration EquipmentRecipient organization:BA SeniorsTreasury expense category:1.4Approved amount: 4,500Actual payment through June 30: 4,500Project title:Crossover Community Center ExpansionRecipient organization:Crossover Community CenterTreasury expense category:2.24Approved amount: 4,000,000Actual payment through June 30: 2,500,000Project description:The City of Broken Arrow requested funds on behalfof the Broken Arrow Seniors program for air filtrationat the local Senior Center. This program supportedthe activities of senior citizens in the Broken Arrowarea and was awarded based on Treasury expensecategory 1.4 guidelines.Project description:The Crossover Community Center project isunderway in a qualified census tract in North Tulsa.The project was requested by Crossover CommunityImpact, a non-profit organization established toenhance the lives of children and families in anunderserved community. This center will house theCrossover Preparatory Academy which will workto close the education gap who reside in QCTssurrounding the location. The facility will providefree internet connectivity and a school of learningincluding food services and meals in an area thatwas highly impacted by the pandemic. This projectwas awarded funding in accordance with Treasuryexpense category 2.24 guidelines.PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 1-17Project title:TAEMA Children’s MasksRecipient organization:Tulsa Area Emergency ManagementTreasury expense category:1.5Approved amount: 2,880Actual payment through June 30: 2,880Project description:TAEMA requested funds to provide smaller, childsized masks for organizations that may not havehad direct access to such supplies. This projectwas awarded based on Treasury expense category1.5.12

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-2PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-3Project title:Airline Support ProjectRecipient organization:TCF Greater Tulsa LLCTreasury expense category:2.35Approved amount: 3,000,000Actual payment through June 30: 1,500,000Project title:Family Safety Center ExpansionRecipient organization:Family Safety CenterTreasury expense category:2.34Approved amount: 2,000,000Actual payment through June 30: 1,000,000Project description:The Airline Support Project was requested by theTulsa Community Foundation and the Tulsa RegionalChamber as an economic and tourism developmentproject but also to help aid the impacted airlineindustry which has deep roots in the Tulsa Countyregion. This project helped ensure at least two newdirect flights in and out of the Tulsa InternationalAirport, which have enhanced the abilities ofbusinesses to operate in Tulsa as well as helpedindividuals and businesses related to tourism. Thisproject was awarded in accordance with Treasuryexpense category 2.35 guidelines.Project description:The Family Safety Center, a Tulsa non-profit withthe mission of protecting families going throughdomestic abuse situations. The facility is in needof expansion for services including mental andemotional support due in large part to the pandemicconditions. This project was awarded in accordancewith Treasury expense category 2.34 guidelines.Additional information provided by recipient: NUMBER OF CLIENTSAdditional information provided by 731872410Total1626Continued on next page13

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-3ServicesFSC 521211328.70%DA Advocate0000000.00%DV Assistance0000000.00%Forensic Nurse1521111731441136935.33%FSC Interpreter1213201713750.58%YWCA Interpreter0000000.00%Legal Assistance28614224927525212049.26%Protective Order238177319345313139210.70%9210317410.32%Law Enforcement22914425926128011739.02%CCR ysician0000000.00%Self .Total 4%DA Advocate00000000000000.00%DV Assistance00000000000000.00%Forensic %FSC Interpreter138271689189151812161691.30%YWCA Interpreter00000000000000.00%Legal 1.45%Protective %Shelter and Housing1063669244663650.50%Law 217.39%CCR f .Feb.Mar.Apr.MayJuneJulyAug.Sept.Oct.Nov.Dec.Total 2020Chaplain688090320000281051794923.78%DA Advocate00000000000000.00%DV Assistance00000000000000.00%Forensic Nurse1138868322912713213113816712812812819.85%FSC Interpreter171610626757146101060.82%Shelter and HousingTOTALJuneJulyAug.Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec.Total 2022%FSC 2021%100.00%FSC 2020%YWCA Interpreter00000000000000.00%Legal .35%Protective %Shelter and Housing494238761713151117932271.75%Law 00.00%Self 54525809762738665773749716988476.00%TOTAL

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-4Tulsa Safely, which provided resources for thetourism and hospitality industry to reopen in TulsaCounty. This marketing program was designed toenhance outreach and efforts to draw more visitors,conferences and events to the Tulsa County region,thus supporting the highly impacted travel andhospitality sector. This project was awarded inaccordance with Treasury expense category 2.35.Project title:OKPop Museum CompletionRecipient organization:OKPop – Oklahoma Historical SocietyTreasury expense category:2.35Approved amount: 2,000,000Actual payment through June 30: 1,000,000Additional information provided by recipient: description:The Oklahoma Pop Culture Museum (OKPop)project led by the Oklahoma Historical Society isa new museum facility in downtown Tulsa. Due topandemic conditions, the project lost sponsorshipsand costs increased significantly. The projectwill enhance the economy through tourism andcultural development after it opens. This projectwas awarded in accordance with Treasury expensecategory 2.35.ARPA Fund:June 29, 2022, Quarterly ReportTulsa Regional TourismProject Name:ARPA – TRT Marketing (BOCC CMF #21212573)Award Date:12/6/21Total Amount Awarded: 1,413,854Award Payment Method:3 payment installmentsPayment 1: 471,285Primary Place of Performance:Tulsa, OKAdditional information provided by recipient: HIGHLIGHT 2-5Project title:Tulsa Regional Tourism MarketingRecipient organization:Tulsa Regional Tourism/Tulsa Regional ChamberTreasury expense category:2.35Approved amount: 1,413,854Actual payment through June 30: 471,285Project Description:Q2 2022 saw continued major milestones that alignwith the primary objectives of the approved ARPAfunds noted above. This included the 1) design,creation and launch of the summer digital/printedVisitor Guide, 2) preparation for the launch ofadditional digital marketing promotional campaignincluding development of video ad creative, 3)preparations for re-launch of in-person visitor centerincluding marketing and signage graphics 4) launchof in-town traffic driving for visitors to aim to increasecommunity offerings exposure and spending.Project description:The Tulsa Regional Tourism Marketing programrequested by the Tulsa Regional Chamber andVisit Tulsa provided resources for marketing andpromotion of the Tulsa County region for tourismand destination development. Through the CARESprogram Tulsa County funded an effort calledContinued on next page15

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-5 cont.Project StatusItemCostGoalQ1Media Buy:Return To Tulsa 1,142,694.00 Strategically intercept leisure travelers in drive/flymarkets to spur tourism.ExplanationQ1-4Completed lessthan 50 percentMedia Buy:TripAdvisor 50,000.00Strategically target competitive destinations tocombat ‘beige’ perception of Tulsa.Q2-3Completed lessthan 50 percentWebsite Enhancements:Root Tulsa Deals API 28, will create an API that to show Deals and Specials tied toEvents on an interactive map across Tulsa County.Q1-4Completed lessthan 50 percentWebsite Enhancements:Ongoing Website Optimizations 21,160.00Continued improvements for site performance: in- Q2-4cluding but not limited to blog support, link to RootHistoric Landmark Tours, SEO, ongoing monthlyservice hours.Completed lessthan 50 percentVisitor Guide:Interactive Visitor Guide 12,000.00Industry-leading VG which will be printable,searchable and more engaging with video,sounds and motion.Q1-4Completed lessthan 50 percentVisitor Guide:Ongoing optimizations 80,000.00Allows for optimizations over time based on newtrends and user behaviors.Q1-4Completed lessthan 50 percentAsset Creation:Graphic Design (Contractor) 10,000.00To create ads for media buys, as well as assistwith Visitor Guide and website projects.Q1-4Completed lessthan 50 percentAsset Creation:Photography (Contractor) 15,000.00To create assets for website, social media, VisitorGuide and sales collateral.Q2-4Completed lessthan 50 percentAsset Creation:Videography (Contractor) 30,000.00To create assets for website, social media, VisitorGuide and sales collateral.Q2-4Completed lessthan 50 percentContract Labor:Hire Local Project Manager (Contractor) 25,200.00To assist with the implementation of the Return toTulsa Campaign ( 35/ hr for 20 hrs/ week).Q1-4Completed lessthan 50 percentTotal 1,413,854.00Key Performance IndicatorsEffort: Visitor Guide Digital Marketing Campaigns.Goal: Digital promotion of guide for online consumption in targeted drive-/fly-in markets.Ad Buy PerformanceDigital Edition PerformanceItemDelivered ImpressionsDelivered ClicksCTRImpressionsLink ImpressionsLink ClicksSPRING ’22 Ver1,440,26713,9950.97%7,352486,886446SUMMER ‘22 Ver(only as of 6/30)TBDTBDTBD5,59948,587133Effort: Visitor Center Digital Marketing Campaign.Goal: Promote local visitor center to large in-town visiting audiences.Ad Buy PerformanceItemDelivered ImpressionsDelivered ClicksCTRPGA Social Test Ver129,6081,2100.93%PGA Display Test Ver177,807990.06%TOTAL307,4151,3090.43%16

Project HighlightsPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-6requested by Food on the Move, a local nonprofit focused on fresh food distribution as wellas programs that teach individuals and families togrow, prepare and store fresh produce. Food onthe Move will utilize these funds to help create apermanent facility for its education operations. Thisproject was awarded in accordance with Treasuryexpense category 2.1 guidelines.Project title:Oasis Market ExpansionRecipient organization:The Oasis ProjectTreasury expense category:2.1Approved amount: 1,000,000Actual payment through June 30: 500,000Additional information provided by each-add-permanent-locationProject description:The Oasis Market Expansion project requestedfunds to expand their food security programs in theNorth Tulsa community, an area that was severelyimpacted by the pandemic conditions. The OasisMarket is a full service grocery store located in aQualified Census Tract. The market has been aleader in providing local residents with healthyoptions and also with access to grants and othergovernment and non-profit assistance that allowsindividuals and families to buy fresh and nutritiousfood. This project was awarded in accordance withTreasury expense category 2.1 guidelines.PROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-8Project title:Morton Hospital Building Small Business IncubatorRecipient organization:Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC)Treasury expense category:2.32Approved amount: 1,000,000Actual payment through June 30: 1,000,000Additional information provided by recipient:Project description:The Morton Hospital Building Small BusinessIncubator project was requested by the TulsaEconomic Development Corporation (TEDC). Thisproject will utilize a historic hospital building tocreate a new business incubator in a QualifiedCensus Tract in North Tulsa, which was significantlyimpacted economically by the pandemic. Thisfacility will focus on socially and economicallydisadvantaged individuals who own businesses orare starting a new venture. Once the facility is up andrunning, it will be called Greenwood Entrepreneurialat Morton (GEM) and will help fill a hole in incubatorspace in Tulsa by assisting individuals that havefaced barriers to access to the capital, markets andnetworks. This project was awarded in accordancewith Treasury expense category 2.32 a-grocery-store-to-offer-double-upoklahomaPROJECT HIGHLIGHT 2-7Project title:Food on the Move ExpansionRecipient organization:Food on the MoveTreasury expense category:2.1Approved amount: 1,000,000Actual payment through Jun

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Specialty Vehicles Recipient organization: Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Treasury expense category: Public health - 1.7 Approved amount: 364,790 Actual payment through June 30: 325,269 Project description: The Tulsa County Sherifs Off' fice requested 364,790