LNG Tank Cranes & Hoists

LNG Tank Cranes & HoistsA liquefied natural gas storage tank or LNG storagetank is a specialized type of storage tank used for thestorage of Liquefied Natural Gas.LNG storage tanks can be found in ground, aboveground or in LNG carriers.The common characteristic of LNG Storage tanks isthe ability to store LNG at the very low temperatureof -162 C (-260 F). LNG storage tanks have doublecontainers, where the inner contains LNG and theouter container contains insulation materials.Natural gas is composed primarily of methane (typically,at least 90%). Volume of this liquid takes up about11/600th the volume of natural gas at a stove burnertip. LNG weighs less than one-half that of water. LNGis odourless, colourless, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.The most common tank type is the full containmenttank. Tanks vary greatly in size, depending on usage.World is looking for cleaner fuel for cleaner environmentand LNG is the solution and fastest growing source ofenergy.The major LNG (liquefied natural gas) exportingcountries are Russia, Canada, Norway, Algeria, Qatar,Indonesia, USA, Malasia, Nigeria, Australia, Egypt andOman and major importing countries are Japan, SouthKorea, USA and a few European countries. Expert’sopinion is that world’s liquefaction capacity willincrease fivefold by 2030.Eilbeck Cranes, an expert in Explosion ProtectedCranes and Hoists takes consideration of sensitivity ofLNG gas and using its vast experience and capableof designing the suitable hoists and cranes for LNGTank application. Eilbeck Cranes is being worldwideacceptable by world most prestigious engineeringcompanies like Shell, Total, BP, Statoil, INPEX,PETRONAS, Qatar Petroleum Woodside, Technip,Bechtel, JGC, Chiyoda , Flour, Saipem, Akersolution.2

LNG Tank Cranes and Hoists Reference ListCatenary Festoon System¾¾ Nigeria LNG Tank Bonny Island LNG Project - SHELL - through Entrepose France.¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾ Nigeria LNG Expansion project – SHELL through CB&I.¾¾ Woodside – Australia LNG Tank- through CB&I.¾¾ Skikda LNG Algeria – Algeria - SONATRACH – through Entrepose France.¾¾ Gorgon LNG – Australia - Chevron through CB&I.¾¾ Wheatstone LNG – Australia – Chevron through Entrepose France.¾¾ JCS Yamal LNG Projects – Yamal Russia through TMSI (JV of TMSI, Entrepose Contrcating & VINICI).Special Features of LNG Tank Hoists and Cranes¾¾ Designed to the proven technology.¾¾ Built for the harsh marine costalenvironment.¾¾ Wire Rope suitable for high lifting height.¾¾ Cast iron Motor body instead of aluminium.¾¾ Cast iron Gear box body instead ofaluminium.¾¾ Special design for drum for the purpose.¾¾ Drum suitable for taking pump wire ropesDesigned and manufactured in Australia.304 & 316 grade stainless steel construction.Hazardous area Certified.Spark resistant.Resistant to chemical attack and corrosion.Suitable for carrying electrical cables, pneumaticand hydraulic lines.¾¾ Designed for use in heavy and light industrial sites,marine salt laden atmospheres, under groundmines, CHPP’s, onshore and offshore LNG and oilsites, chemical plants.¾¾ Inverted square bar track allows for automaticdispersal of dust and particulate matter whichwould otherwise damage and foul rollers andbearings. Great for dusty environments.¾¾ Strainer cables between trolleys are a standardfeature on Ex systems (optional on standard dutysystems) to ensure no force is exerted onto cablesand hoses.¾¾LNG Tank Cranes and Hoists Technologyand ferrule.¾¾ Double drum option for redundancy.¾¾ Double complete system for redundancy.¾¾ Power supply system Stainless steel squareRope drumSpecial designed machined on CNC machines high quality drum for LNG tank Hoist application with special ferrule adaptorfor connecting pump lifting wire rope.track type.GROOVE TO BE LEFT HANDPARALLELGROOVE PITCH¾¾ Manual load lowering in case of powerfailure.¾¾ Special rope attachment for hoist rope andSTART HELICAL GROOVE70mm PITCHFOR 270ºSTART HELICAL GROOVE28.5mm PITCHFOR 270ºH21. 52.5 . 52.5 .R5pump rope.¾¾ Solid Brass non sparking wheels.¾¾ Bronze coated hooks.¾¾ All electrics with Ex de IIB / IIC T4 IP66255¾¾ Cover on hoists.DETAIL H754 TURNS 45ºGROOVEAT 21mm PITCHGROOVESTARTProtection suitable for Zone 1.¾¾ Maintenance walkway / access ladderBcan be provided for hoist / cranes.¾¾ Temperature range -50 ºC to 50 ºC.¾¾ Certification ATEX, IECEX, GOST/TR,CE & various other certification option.3DETAIL BFERRULE SLOTPARALLELGROOVE PITCH52.552.5 21DETAIL FTRANSITIONPARALLEL/HELICALGROOVEF4

Control Panel EnclosuresExplosion proof enclosures supplied as standardin marine grade cast aluminium box or stainlesssteel - Ex de IIB/IIC T4 IP66 with IECEX/ ATEX/GOST/TR or any applicable certificationRope DrumRope drum with slot to accommodate the rope ferrule adaptorCable GlandsDouble compression Ex d / Ex e nickel platedbrass cable glandsRope ClampQuick release rope clamp allowssmooth winding of cable around drumallows special pump rope to be safelyconnected to the hoist.Travel Limit SwitchFlameproof cast iron body suitable formarine environment5Flashing Light / HornOn operation of all cranemotions and on craneoverloadNon-sparking Solid Brass WheelsDesigned for safe operation and easymaintenance specifically for explosionproof requirementsSlack Rope Limit Switch & Rope GuideWear resistant rope guide is extremelydurable and not subject to temperaturelimitationsRotary Limit SwitchFlameproof cast iron bodysuitable for marine environmentLNG Hoists TechnologyMotorsCast iron motor body as an alternative to the standard aluminiumbody motors for surviving in a corrosive environment. Motors haveprotection type Ex de IIB /IIC T4 IP66 suitable for -50ºC to 60ºC6

JSC Yamal LNGCranes for the Arctic region to operatein temperatures dropping to minus 50 CThe Yamal LNG Project is anintegrated natural gas liquefactioncomplex with a capacity of 16.5million tonnes per year developedon the basis of gas reserves withinthe South Tambey Field.The plant site is located north of theArctic Circle on the Eastern shore ofthe Yamal Peninsular in NorthwestSiberia, Russia.Average temperatures vary from-27 C in winter to 6 C in summer,with the extreme low of -50 C.¾¾ 4 off 7.5t MRC at 17m jIb armradius and 12.5m to undersideof jib arm¾¾ LNG tank Jib Cranes locatedoutdoors on top of LNG tanks¾¾ Special Low temperature steelwith minimum V-notch impactstrength of the steel 27 joulesat -50 C¾¾ All selected componentsincluding motors, gear boxes,ropes, limit switches, electrics,lights, cables, control panels,gas detectors, exhaust fan, allsuitable for -50 C¾¾ Complete jib arm including allelectro-mechanical items such ashoists and controls are enclosed inan insulated heated enclosure¾¾ Constantly connected heatersinside the enclosure maintain the¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾internal temperature above 0 CZone 2 IIB T3 as per ATEXDesigned to European StandardsRussian certification and duallanguage documentation (Englishand Russian)The complete assembled jib armincluding hoist to be transportedon specially designed transportstandsandmechanicallyprotected by a steel sheet for seafreight, enclosure size 21m (L) x4.3m (W) x 4.7m (H)Jib crane structural steel layoutdesigned to handle loads up to 7.5Tin highest safety manner, whileoperating at temperatures thatdrop down to -50 CRedundantly designed Ex-proof LNG Wire Rope HoistFerrule SlotSolid Brass WheelsRoller Pressure Limit Switch78

Wheatstone Project - Jib CranesProject: Wheatstone LNGLocation: Onslow Western AustraliaProject Owner: Chevron AustraliaEngineering, Procurement andConstruction: Bechtel HoustonBuyer: ETJV (Entrepose France andThiess Australia)Brief description of Cranes:¾¾ 2 off LNG Tank Pump handlingJib Cranes¾¾ Capacity: 7.35t @ 17.125mradius, 5.4t @ 19.125m radius9¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾& [email protected] 20.125m radiusUnder side of jib arm to base ofthe jib crane: 11.86m & liftingheight 71mZone 2 Ex de IIB T3 IECExFully designed to projectspecificationFull maintenance access ladderand platformNon sparking features as solidbronze wheels and bronze coatedhooks¾¾ Lightening protection¾¾ Motors and gear box of castiron body suitable for corrosiveenvironments¾¾ Non-sparking diamond trackSS catenary system for powersupply system¾¾ Manual lowering in case ofpower failure¾¾ Designed for cyclonic areacomplete with manual stormlock10

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A liquefied natural gas storage tank or LNG storage tank is a specialized type of storage tank used for the storage of Liquefied Natural Gas. LNG storage tanks can be found in ground, above ground or in LNG carriers. The common characteristic of LNG Storage tanks is the ability to store LNG at the very low temperature of -162 C (-260 F).