SAFETYSOLUTIONSProducts and Services to Keep People SafeWerner Electric Supply is dedicated to promoting, training, and supporting safety. In everycompany, the most important commodity is people. Without them the business simplywouldn’t be successful. Our goal is to keep those people safe and productive.1WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONS

Connectingwith youSince 1948.Table of ContentsSafety Services . 3Safety and Facility Assessment . 4Training and Services . 5First Aid / CPR / AED Training . 6Inventory Management . 7-8At Werner Electric Supply, we have grown to serve theneeds of our loyal customers and valued partners sinceour modest beginnings in 1948. We provide diverse,high quality products, and services from our locationsthroughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.Arc Flash Protection Services and Training . 9-10Today, we offer convenient access to over 30-million ininventory made up of 24,000 SKUs in our state-of-the-art,250,000-square-foot warehouse and headquarters. As akey partner to our customers in all areas of business,Werner Electric strives to provide service that goes aboveand beyond expectations. Our engineers and productspecialists are able to provide services such as technicalsupport, training, inventory management, engraving,custom assemblies, modified enclosures, lighting design,and much more!Eye Protection . 16Arc Flash Protection Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) . 11-12Testing and Measuring Equipment . 13-14Disposables . 15Fall Protection . 17-18Hand Protection . 19-20Head Protection . 21-22Respiratory Protection . 23-24Lockout / Tagout . 25-26Heat Stress . 27Cold Stress . 28High Visibility . 29Hearing Protection . 30Safety Cabinets and Spill Containment . 31Ergonomic Matting . 32First Aid . 33WERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER2

Not just products.Services to Createa Safer FacilityLockout/TagoutArc FlashConfined Space V isual LockoutProcedure Writing (VLOP) A nnual Audits Training And More. A rc Flash RiskAssessments C ompliance Reviews Infrared Thermography Training I nventory and Classification Hazard Assessments TrainingSoftware to SustainCompliance3WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONS

Safety and FacilityAssessmentDetermine whatresources arenecessary to improveday-to-day operationsand safety needs ofyour facility.The purpose of the Safety and Facility Assessment is to initiallydetermine what resources are necessary to improve day-to-dayoperations and safety needs of your facility.One of the “root causes” of workplace injuries, illnesses andincidents is the failure to identify or recognize hazards that arepresent or could have been anticipated. A critical element of anyeffective safety program is an ongoing and proactive process toidentify and assess hazards.To identify and assess hazards,employees need to: Collect and review information about hazards present orlikely to be present in the workplace. Conduct periodic workplace inspections to identify new orrecurring hazards. Train employees regularly with updated safety and facilitychanges.The Safety and Facility Assessmentconsists of: A fifteen-minute pre-assessment meeting with managementand team members to discuss objectives and details of theassessment procedure. A one hour ( /-) walk through of the facility resulting in adetailed checklist of documented findings. A fifteen-minute ( /-) post assessment meeting with theinitial team to discuss assessment findings and the best wayto proceed.WERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER4

Training and ServicesArc FlashHazard Based Eyewear A rc Flash Risk Assessments C ompliance Reviews N FPA 70E Electrical Safety Seminars R ubber Glove, Blanket and Hot Stick TestingHearingFall Protection/At Heights C apital Block Repairs F all Protecting ABCD Awareness Demonstration F all Protection Inspections T ool Tethering and Drops at HeightsFirst Aid/CPR/AED TrainingSee following page.Hand Protection Glove Audit and Application Survey- Glove Recommendations- Risk Assessment- SKU Consolidation Training and Hazard Awareness E-A-Rfit Validation Hearing Conservation Seminars Noise Indication & Sound Detection EquipmentLockout/Tagout A nnual Audits Authorized, Affected and General Training V isual Lockout Procedure Writing (VLOP)Respiratory Respirator Fit Testing Respirator Program TrainingVendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Job Trailers and BoxesVendor MachinesVMI AssistantVMI ProTo register for an upcoming training at a Werner Electric Supply location,visit ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONS

First Aid/CPR/AED TrainingGO WITH THE EXPERTNot all First Aid and CPR courses are created equal. Manyproviders don’t offer the comprehensive training neededto meet OSHA First Aid Standard 29 CFR 1910.151.Don’t put your employees’ safety at risk. Go with theexperts in occupational First Aid and CPR training.CONSIDER THESE FACTS: 2 5% of all emergency room visits can be avoided withbasic First Aid and CPR certification S udden cardiac arrest represents 13% of all workplace deaths2 yearNSCCertification 7 5% of all out-of-hospital heart attacks happen at homeSession 1 - Standard First Aid and Choking (3 hours)I.III.V.VII.IX.XI.Acting in an EmergencyCheck the VictimBleeding and Wound CareBurnsHead and Spine InjuriesPoisoning, Bites & StingsII.IV.VI.VIII.X.XII.Preventing Disease TransmissionRecovery PositionShockBone, Joint & Muscle InjuriesSudden Illness: Cardiac, Stroke, Respiratory, Seizures, DiabetesHeat, Cold & Environmental EmergenciesSession 2 - CPR/AED and Choking (2 hours)XIII. CPR and AEDXV. ChokingCourse Materials: All participants are issued an instructionaltraining manual and First Aid Quick Guide.Course Completion Certificate: Participants who successfully completethe course are issued National Safety Council Certificates of Completion.Both First Aid and CPR/AED certification are valid for 2 years.CUSTOM ON-SITE TRAININGContact Werner Electric’s Electrical Safety Product Specialist for more information. Set up a customizedtraining at your location or join us at one of our Werner Electric Supply locations. On-site First Aid Training* On-site CPR/AED Training* On-site First Aid CPR/AED Training* First Aid CPR/AED Training at a Werner Electric Supply location***Prices based on 10 students/class.**Maximum 10 students/class.WERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER6

Inventory ManagementWerner Electric Supply has more than 25 years of experience managing our customers’ inventory!Let us help you maximize cost-savings and efficiency by managing your inventory. Choose from our manydifferent levels of service.VMI AssistedVMI ProYou maintain control. We assist.We take care of it all.Werner Electric Supplyunderstands that someof our customers need tomaintain control of whatgets replenished andordered. We offer thisprogram to make theordering process asstreamlined andaccurate as possible. We organizeyour inventory. We order yourinventory. We deliver andput away yourinventory. We monitoryour inventory. We generateusage reports.Benefits of thisprogram: You maintain control of which productsare ordered and how often. We makesuggestionsbased on yourusage history. Werner Electric assists with organizingand labeling your products.Benefits of this program: All orders are placed easily and electronically. Improve inventory accuracy Reduce the amount of time your staff spendson the ordering process. Reduce downtime Place orders as often as you need. Reduce P.O. costs Orders are delivered the next day, someexceptions apply. Usage reports are available at the touch ofa button. Reduce stock-outs Reduce inventory Increase productivityWerner Electric does not believe in the practice of OVERSTOCKING.We take pride in our relationship with our customers and vow tonever overstock our VMI customers’ inventory!7WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONS

Vending MachinesJob TrailersVending machines can provide secure, convenient accessto high-value, fast-moving, and critical supplies.Let us set up the best vending solution for your facility. Restassured, we can provide the service and expertise you havecome to expect from Werner Electric Supply.Keep your job materials under lock and key until you need them.Your trailer will be delivered to your job site complete with yourinitial order. A Werner Electric Inventory Specialist can helpcompletely manage the inventory in your job trailer. Once yourinventory is checked in, you will be given a key for job traileraccess at any time. Improve accountability Central storage of materials Improve access Protection from the elements Reduce loss Secure storage on the job site Cut overuse Materials easily accessiblewhen and where youneed them Save money!Suggested Items: Inventory specialistsavailable to manageyour inventory levels Safety glasses Hearing protection On-site storage trailerswith shelving Gloves Batteries Electrical andcommunication hookups Tape Planning table Drill bits Cable ties Flashlights Items custom to your operationsJob BoxesMoving materials fromroom to room has neverbeen easier with a WernerElectric job box. Move theserolling storage boxes withyou from site to site.Our VMI team will makesure your job boxes are fullystocked and ready to go!WWW.WERNERELECTRIC.COMWERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER 866-4-WERNER8

Arc Flash ProtectionWhat is an arc flash?Simply put, an arc flash is a phenomenon where a flashover of electriccurrent leaves it's intended path and travels through the air from oneconductor to another, or to the ground. The results are often violent.When a human is in close proximity to the arc flash, serious injury andeven death, can occur.STANDARDSWhy is electrical safety important?The following standards play a key rolein promoting electrical safety. Be sure toreview all electrical safety standards whendeveloping your electrical safety program.1. T he human factor: An arc flash incident can cause serious injuryor even death as the direct result of arc flash characteristicsNFPA 70E 2018 B urns (non FR clothing can burn onto skin)Standard for Electrical Safetyin the Workplace F ire (could spread rapidly through the building) F lying objects (often molten metal) B last pressure (upwards of 2,000 lbs. / sq. ft.) S ound blast (noise can reach 140 dB – loud as a gun) H eat (upwards of 35,000 F)2. The economics: Direct and indirect costs of an incident can significantly impact a company’s bottom line and employee morale. Medical, legal,and insurance fees can accumulate quickly. Productivity is lost andfines can reach staggering levels.Who is responsible for safety?The employer is responsible for: safety related work practices, employeetraining, and informing contract employers of known hazards. Theemployee is responsible for implementing and complying with establishedprocedures. Contract employers are responsible for instructing employeesof hazards communicated by the host employer, for the compliance ofemployees to safe work practices and for advising the host employer ofviolations and hazards.What does an electrical safety solution look like?An electrical safety solution is integrated and comprehensive. Itaddresses the mechanical and human elements of the workplace.Hazards are identified through safety audits. Safety experts helpengineer the hazards out of your workplace. Additional personalprotection is determined and the appropriate training curriculum isdeveloped for your specific needs. Finally, the solution is communicatedto all parties with the intent of reducing hazards and preventing incidentsin the future. E ngineer the hazards out of your workplace- safety audits and system design PPE selection and supply Equipment testing T raining – NFPA 70E/OSHA 1910 Electrical Safety Seminar NFPA Article 130: Work InvolvingElectrical Hazards N FPA 70E 130.7: Personal andOther Protective EquipmentOSHA 1910.333(C)(2)Work on energized equipment. Onlyqualified persons may work on electriccircuit parts or equipment that have notbeen de-energized under the proceduresof paragraph (b) of this section. Suchpersons shall be capable of workingsafely on energized circuits and shall befamiliar with the proper use of specialprecautionary techniques, personalprotective equipment, insulating andshielding materials, and insulated tools.OSHA 1910.332Training. Scope.The training requirements containedin this section apply to employees whoface a risk of electric shock that is notreduced to a safe level by the electricalinstallation requirements of 1910.303through 1910.308.Note: Employees in occupations listedin Table S-4 face such a risk and arerequired to be trained. Other employeeswho also may reasonably be expectedto face comparable risk of injury due toelectric shock or other electrical hazardsmust also be trained. Communication of safety processes9WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONS

Arc Flash ProtectionServices and TrainingRubber Goods TestingType of equipmentWhen to testRubber insulating line hoseUpon indication that insulating value is suspectRubber insulating coversUpon indication that insulating value is suspectRubber insulating blanketsBefore first issue and every 12 months thereafter1Rubber insulating glovesBefore first issue and every 6 months thereafter1Rubber insulating sleevesBefore first issue and every 12 months thereafter1If the insulating equipment has been electrically tested but not issued for service,it may not be placed into service unless it has been electrically tested within the previous 12 months.1 What is included?Additional services Glove pickup Automatic replacement Glove testing Retest notification Certification date ink stamp Vendor Managed Inventory Glove delivery after testing Fail notification N o freight charges(excluding hotsticks)Arc Flash Safety Training: NFPA 70E/OSHA 1910Learn what causes arc flash, reasons for performing an arc flash analysis, NFPA 70E andOSHA regulations and standards, the steps and skills necessary to recognize electricalsafety hazards, and information required for accurately performing an arc flash analysis.What you will learn What causes an arc flash Regulations and standards Steps required to performan arc flash hazards analysis Methods to reduce arc flash,arc blast, and shock hazards How to comply with NEC, NFPA 70E, H ow to select the proper PersonalProtective Equipment (PPE) C are of personal protective equipment W hat is the proper procedure forlockout/tagout Tools to use when workingon energized equipmentand OSHA requirementsVisit for a schedule of upcoming seminars,or contact us to set up a custom on-site class.WERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER10

Arc Flash ProtectionPersonal Protective EquipmentAccessoriesCotton Glove LinerIDEAL 9 Piece Electrician’sInsulated Tool Kit100% cottonOne size fits all 9 " Insulated Side Cutterwith Crimp (30-9430) 8 " Insulated DiagonalCutting Pliers withAngled Head (35-9029) 8-1/2" Long Nose Plier (35-9038) Insulated T Wire Stripper (45-9120) Slotted 7/32" x 5" Screwdriver (35-9147) Slotted 1/4" x 4" Screwdriver (35-9150) Slotted 1/4" x 6" Screwdriver (35-9151) Phillips #1 x 3-3/16" Screwdriver (35-9193) P hillips #2 x 4" Screwdriver (35-9194)Catalog # West Chester 705Salisbury Glove Inflator KitGlove inflator for inspecting rubber gloves.The easy-to-use design features a non-slipbase and doesn't require straps or bandsfor fast, thorough visual inspections, whichare REQUIRED prior to each use of theinsulating gloves.Catalog # PIP 9010-5120Catalog # IDEAL 35-9108Glove DustChicago ProtectiveApparel Duffel Bag5 oz. squirt bottleAbsorbs moisture whenwearing rubber glovesCatalog # 909-ARCCatalog # Salisbury 10-4Shock ProtectionShock GloveKits - 11 inchElectrical InsulatingRubber Gloves - 11 inchLeatherProtectorsClass 00Class 0ColorIRG0011B8IRG011B8BlackClass 00IRG0011B8KClass 0IRG011B8KColorBlackClass 00 500 VoltsClass 01000 B9KIRG011B10KBlackBlackClass 1Class 27500 Volts1700 RG011B11KIRG011B12KBlackBlackClass 3Class 426500 Volts36000 011R16WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONSGloveStorageAFW GLB11

HRC 2 ComplianceHead/Face ProtectionBody ProtectionSalisbury 12 cal/cm2 Face Shield UnitDeluxe Coverall - 7ozWeight Balancing Arc Flash Protection Face Shield stowsin a balanced, compact position when not needed.ATPV 10.1 cal/cm² (navy) N anotechnology providesa clearer window One-piece bi-swing action back One-piece, top-stitched, lay-flat collar Two-way concealed, Nomex tape, brass,break-away zipper, concealed snap at top ofzipper at neck D esigned to be easilyreplaced without tools Ventilation ribs reduce fogging Elastic waist inserts in backCatalog # Salisbury AS1200HAT-SPLCatalog # Bulwark CMD6NVCanvas Storage Bag: ASBAGChicago Protective Apparel12cal/cm2 Jacket3PHASE Lift-front Face ShieldsCatalog # SWJ-12-SizeChicago Protective12 cal/cm2SWH-12H3PChicago Protective Apparel12 cal/cm2 Bib OverallChicago Protective 12 cal/cm2 with cooling fanCatalog # SWH-12H3P-FANCatalog # SWB-12-SizeNeck ProtectionKnit Nomex Blend Hood Made from 7 oz. knit Nomex Long style Two-ply ATPV of 10.1 cal NFPA 70E compliantCatalog # KN-51HRC 4 ComplianceHead/Face Protection3PHASE Lift-front Face ShieldsChicago Protective 43 cal/cm2 with cooling fanCatalog # SWH-43H3P-FANChicago Protective 43 cal/cm2Catalog # SWH-43-BSD-HCBody ProtectionUltra Lightweight 40 CalJacket & Bib KitChicago Protective AG40-size-NGChicago Protective AG40-size-NG-FAN - with cooling fanWERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER12

Testing and MeasuringEquipmentThe right tools for the jobMeasuring live voltages andcurrent in today’s high energyenvironments can result ina severe hazard to equipmentand users if proper precautionsare not applied. Given therisk of transients, surges,and old-fashioned humanerror, it always pays to followsafe work practices and usetest instruments rated forthe voltage or current you’remeasuring.Whenever possible, work onde-energized circuits and followproper lockout/tagout procedures.If you must work on live circuits, following the steps below willimprove your measurement practices and help reduce any hazard.Best Practices1. Measure at the lowest energy point.2. Keep your eyes on the area you’reprobing and keep both hands free asconditions require.3. For single phase, connect neutralfirst — hot second.4. Use the three point test method.(Request Fluke applicationnote for details)5. Use test probes with a minimumamount of exposed metal such as.12 inch (4 mm) metal tip probes.6. Keep one hand in your pocket unless you must use both handsfor a good measurement.* This information is part of a Fluke application note entitled,“Safety Considerations for Live Measurements.”STANDARDSNFPA 70E 2012 110.4(A)(3)Test instruments, equipment, and theiraccessories shall be designed for theenvironment to which they will beexposed and for the manner in whichthey will be used.FLUKE UPDATESWhen was the last time you had aFluke update? Schedule a local Fluke representativevisit to your facility, to provide your teamwith the latest Fluke technology updates Learn how to get more out of the Fluketools you already own Learn how Fluke predictive maintenancetools can help you manage downtimeand improve efficienciesContact your local Werner Electric representative to schedule a Fluke update today.13WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONS

See It. Save It. Share It.Fluke Connect assets enable maintenance managers to build and sustainsuccessful maintenance programs. Whether you are looking to establishpreventive or condition-based practices or simply maximize uptime, youcan now do it with minimal investment and setup. Improved collaboration, no matter where you are. Remote issue resolution because your data is easy to access, view, and share from anywhere. Visualize multiple measurements, including mechanical, electrical, andthermal, organized by piece of equipment. Quick return on investment. Designed for easy installation and setupwithout involving your IT team. Paper-free, wireless one-step measurement transfer reduces error andrecaptures time spent searching for records.Get the test tools and software needed to simplifyyour preventive maintenance practices.When using the Fluke Connect wireless test tools and software together, youhave the flexibility to start a preventive maintenance program with a single tooland expand at your pace.Infrared CamerasVibration MetersVoltage MetersTi400 Infrared CameraTi300 Infrared Camera805 FC Vibration Meterv3000 FC Wireless True-rms AC Voltage Meterv3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage MeterTi200 Infrared CameraTiS65 Infrared CameraDigital MultimetersTiS60 Infrared CameraTiS55 Infrared Camera3000 FC Series Wireless Multimeter289 True-rms Industrial Logging Multimeter(with ir3000 FC Connector)TiS50 Infrared CameraTiS45 Infrared Camera287 True-rms Electronics Logging Multimeter(with ir3000 FC Connector)TiS40 Infrared CameraTiS20 Infrared CameraCurrent MetersTiS50 Infrared CameraTiS10 Infrared CameraTiX1000 Infrared CameraTiX660 Infrared CameraTiX640 Infrared CameraTiX560 Infrared CameraTiX520 Infrared CameraTemperature Meterst3000 FC Wireless K-Type Temperature MeterProcess Tools789 ProcessMeter (with ir3000 FC Connector)a3000 FC Wireless AC Current Clampa3001 FC Wireless iFlex AC Current Metera3002 FC Wireless AC/DC Current Clampa3003 FC Wireless DC ClampAccessoriesir3000 FC ConnectorFluke Connect Wireless SD Carda3004 FC Wireless DC ClampTiX640 Infrared CameraTiX560 Infrared CameraTiX520 Infrared CameraMake easy product purchase decisions by selecting a Fluke Connect kit.To get more details contact your local Werner Electric representative.WERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER14

DisposablesDisposable PPEUse in clean rooms or food and beverage environments to protect against contamination.Beard CoverNitrile GlovesKeystoneSempermed INIPFTPolypropyleneBeard CoverWhite (100/bx)INIPFT-102-S (Small), INIPFT-103-M(Medium), INIPFT-104-L (Large),INIPFT-105-XL (X-Large)Catalog # Keystone 112NWI-WHITESempermed SUNF20 SeriesSempersure Nitrile Industrial GradeGloves - 5.0 mil powder free purpleHairnetSUNF202 (Small), SUNF203 (Medium),SUNF204 (Large), SUNF205 (X-Large)KeystoneGlobal Glove 705BPF24" - PolypropyleneBouffant Cap / HairnetWhite (100/bx)ONYX Nitrile Exam Glove - 5.0 mil powderfree black (100ea/bx)Sizes: 705BPF-M (Medium),705BPF-L (Large), 705BPF-XL (X-Large),705BPF-2XL (XX-Large)Catalog # Keystone 110NWI-10-24-WHITEKeystone24" - PolypropyleneBouffant Cap / HairnetBlue (100/bx)Catalog # Keystone 110NWI-10-24-BLUEFor VisitorsShoe CoversKeystoneWhite laminated polypropyleneshoe cover with non-slip tread(200/bx)Keystone24" - PolypropyleneBouffant Cap / HairnetRed (100/bx)Catalog # Keystone SC-NWPI-AQKeystoneBlue cross linked polyethylene water resistant(150pr/cs)Catalog # Keystone 100NWI-10-24-RBGCatalog # Keystone SC-CPELab CoatKeystoneWest ChesterPPSB knit collar and safety cuffwith 4 snap closure, no pocketWhite (30/cs)Keystone LC0-WENWSizes: M-4XL15WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONSSBP light blue non-skid shoe cover(200/bx)Catalog # West Chester 3518BNS

Eye Protection3M SecureFit ProtectiveEyewear, 400 series, takescomfort to the next levelSoft adjustablenose padsfor greaterpersonalizationThe experience of putting on 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear is game-changing.Polycarbonatelenses absorb99.9% of UVA &UVB. Meets therequirements ofANSI Z87.1-2010Duel-injected,padded templetouchpoints foradded comportover the earsNow Available in Readers!The 400 series features 3M pressure diffusiontemple technology, soft adjustable nose pads,and dual-injected temples.ClearMotion-inspired,contoured pipingin a bold, moderncolor palette for aninfusion of styleFeatures proprietaryself-adjusting 3M Pressure DiffusionTemple TechnologyGrayCatalog #Product Description3M SF401AF3M SecureFit - Clear Anti-Fog Lens3M SF402AF3M SecureFit - Gray Anti-Fog Lens3M SF410AS3M SecureFit - Indoor/Outdoor Anti-Fog Lens3M SF415AF3M SecureFit - Clear Anti-Fog Lens, 1.5 Diopter3M SF420AF3M SecureFit - Clear Anti-Fog Lens, 2.0 Diopter3M SF425AF3M SecureFit - Clear Anti-Fog Lens, 2.5 Diopter3M SF-FOAM3M SecureFit - Replacement Foam GasketIndoor/OutdoorVirtua CCS Safety GlassesFoam gasket, clear anti-fog lensSTANDARDSOSHA’s eye and face protectionstandard, 29 CFR 1910.133 requiresthe use of eye and face protectionwhen workers are exposed to eye orface hazards such as flying objects,molten metal, liquid chemicals, acidsor caustic liquids, chemical gasesor vapors, or potentially injuriouslight radiation.OSHA 1910.132Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) General Requirements(General Industry)OSHA 1910.133Catalog # 3M 11872-00000-20PPE Eye and Face Protection(General Industry)Solus 1000 SeriesOSHA 1926.102Scotchgard anti-fog coatingContact Werner Electric for availableproduct optionsLens Cleaning TowelettesPersonal Protective and Life SavingEquipment-Eye and Face Protection(Construction)OSHA 1915.153PPE Eye and Face Protection(Shipbuilding)Individually packaged lens cleaningtowelettes with anti-fog solution (100/bx)Catalog # PIP 252-LCTI00WERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER16

Fall ProtectionABCD's of a Fall Arrest SystemAnchorage DeviceAnchors are a secure point of attachment. Anchorage connectors vary by industry,job, type of installation, and structure. They must be able to support the intendedloads and provide a sufficient factor of safety for fall arrest.Body ProtectionBody support is typically a full body harness. Harnesses distribute fall forces overthe upper thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders. They provide a connection point onthe worker for the personal fall arrest system when working at heights.Connecting DeviceConnectors such as shock absorbing lanyards or self-retracting lifelines connect aworker’s harness to the anchorage.Descent and RescueThese are devices used to raise or lower a fallen, injured worker to safety or retrieveworker from a confined space.Body SupportConnecting DeviceDelta 2 HarnessExoFit Vest-Style HarnessNano 6' SRLProtecta 33' SRLUniversal SizeCatalog # 1102000Medium (1107976)Large (1107977)X-Large (1107981)2X-Large (1107982)Catalog # 3101215Catalog # 3590510Anchorage17Descent & Rescue3' Cross Arm StrapGlyder 2 Sliding Beam AnchorTrauma StrapCatalog # 1003000Catalog # 2104700Catalog # 9501403WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONS

Fall Protection ServicesSelf-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) Block RepairAs an Authorized Distributor of DBI Sala/Protecta, coordinate withWerner Electric for your SRL repairs, upgrades, and recertifications.Contact [email protected] with the equipment’smodel and serial numbers and we’ll take care of pick up, repairand return delivery. It’s that easy.Annual InspectionsOur trained staff members can makeyour annual inspections easier. WernerElectric will visit your job site to inspect,evaluate and then report our findings.Our program will provide reminders toyour team each year and convenientlykeep your inspection records on file.Contact your local Werner Electricrepresentative for details.OSHA mandates that at heights of 6 ft. or greater inconstruction and 4 ft. or greater in general industry,employers must select one of the options listed forwork operations, if a fall hazard is present:– Engineer the hazard out– Guardrail systems– Safety netting– Fall arrest system (ABCD’s)LL Length ofLanyard (e.g. 6 ft.)RD RequiredOn-site Fall Protection AwarenessDemonstrationsKey benefits of the fall protection awareness demonstration fleet Product safety trainingFall ClearanceDistance(e.g. 17-½ ft.using Typical6 ft. Lanyardwith 6 Training on-siteDD Deceleration Distance(e.g. 4 ft.)HH Height ofSuspended Worker Actual drop simulations Increase product awareness and knowledge(e.g. 6 ft.) Consulting servicesC Safety Factor(e.g. 1-½ ft.)NearestObstructionKnow your fall cle

Werner Electric Supply is dedicated to promoting, training, and supporting safety. In every company, the most important commodity is people. Without them the business simply wouldn't be successful. Our goal is to keep those people safe and productive. 1 WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY SAFETY SOLUTIONS WERNERELECTRIC.COM 866-4-WERNER